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Triple-digit oil prices may be a thing of the past, at least for a while

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Oil prices dropped more than 50 percent in eight months, and while a few energy experts expect a quick rebound, there’s a growing consensus we won’t see triple-digit prices any time soon.

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Shreveport VA chief resigns post after year of turmoil

Louisiana  |  4:00 am

By Tori Richards |
A top official at the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center is stepping down after a year of turmoil that mirrored scandals erupting at other Veterans Administration medical centers nationwide.
Patrick McGauly leaves the hospital’s chief of staff position amid allegations that hospital staff kept secret waiting lists, facing numerous Inspector General investigations and […]

CUTTING CARBON: Coal-fired plants are in the EPA's cross-hairs, and Virginia is in the line of fire.

EPA may give Virginia breathing room on air rules

Energy and Environment  |  4:00 am

Virginia lawmakers backed down to the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Power Plan.” Now the EPA is pulling back on its own … for now.

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Lawmakers scramble to fix insolvent Lottery Scholarship

New Mexico  |  4:00 am

The head of a Santa Fe think tank is accusing the New Mexico Lottery Authority of a sneaky back-door attempt to take scholarship money from college students and give it to the vendors, contractors and bureaucrats who run the New Mexico Lottery. The bigger story is whether the Lottery Scholarship, enacted in 1996 as a program that would never cost the taxpayers a cent, is on the slippery slope to becoming a new taxpayer-funded entitlement program.

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Elvis Presley’s birthplace, Jackson Zoo could get more state money

Mississippi  |  4:00 am

Without state money, a couple of tourist attractions in Mississippi may be headed to the “Heartbreak Hotel.”

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Vidalia taxpayers know nothing about $7 million project they’re funding

Louisiana  |  4:00 am

Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland, who acquired $16 million in taxpayer money for a questionable new port, apparently wants an additional $7 million of your money for another project.

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Sportsmen group targeted as ‘green decoy’ for environmentalists fires back

Minnesota  |  4:00 am

If it looks, swims and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck — especially with an All-American moniker like Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

After all, the outdoors organization with chapters in Minnesota and 15 other states, positions itself as “the sportsman’s voice for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife.”

Yet a DC-based policy group contends BHA — a grassroots organization that’s waded into Minnesota energy, land use and mining issues — not only fails the duck test, but functions as a “green decoy” on behalf of hard-core environmentalists.

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Tesla adds Idaho lobbyist, prepares for battle with auto dealers

Idaho  |  5:09 pm

Upstart automaker Telsa is officially in the game here in the Idaho Capitol after the company registered a lobbyist with the secretary of state’s office last week.

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British comedian John Oliver cheers FCC’s net neutrality regulation

National  |  March 3, 2015

After pushing Americans to contact the FCC and lobby for making the Internet a public utility under Title II, British comedian John Oliver used part of his HBO show Monday to celebrate the regulation and what it will mean for Internet consumers.

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Poll: Support for Pennsylvania gas tax focuses on jobs

Pennsylvania  |  March 3, 2015

Pennsylvanians’ support for a gas tax on production depends on the detail of the questions asked, a comparison of two recent polls show. Even a poll commissioned by the Marcellus Shale Commission finds general support of a severance tax, 49 to 35 percent. But that support falls to 29 percent if job losses would occur.

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Amid oil price concerns, North Dakota lawmakers trim $1 billion from governor’s budget

North Dakota  |  March 3, 2015

By Rob Port | North Dakota Bureau
BISMARCK, N.D. — In the next month and a half, North Dakota policymakers must make decisions about billions of dollars worth of tax and appropriation policies for the next two years based on uncertain revenue projections.
It’s sure to be a daunting task.
North Dakota’s Constitution restrains the Legislature to meeting […]




Jon Stewart obliterates ‘slimy’ Democrats over Gruber

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The Daily Show
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Remy goes hard at Obamacare, #Grubergate and Lena Dunham

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As #Grubergate continues to unfold,’s Remy offers up a new video revealing just how President Obama’s administration discussed selling Obamacare to the American people.


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