SCOTUS will hear Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case
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Christie promises to ‘tell it like it is,’ but hides truth in New Jersey

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Chris Christie declared his candidacy for president Tuesday, promising America that he would “tell it like it is.” But his track record in New Jersey shows the governor has often gone to great lengths to hide the truth from taxpayers.

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‘Did they get me?’: Docs reveal long-time John Doe spying operation

Wisconsin  |  June 29, 2015

“The (documents) reveal just how far they went,” the source said. “These warrants reached well beyond what could be seen as real targets.”

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Is Supreme Court EPA ruling no big deal or something much larger?

Energy and Environment  |  4:00 am

There’s plenty of discussion about the implications of the Supreme Court ruling against the EPA on Monday.

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Bad for business: Virginia’s tax structure, reliance on D.C. discourages growth

Virginia  |  4:00 am

In 2011, CNBC ranked Virginia first in the nation for business.

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Vermont business groups question $100,000 awarded to Burlington-based chamber of commerce

Vermont  |  4:00 am

Business development groups in Vermont are demanding to know how a $100,000 appropriation for fostering business with Quebec was awarded exclusively to Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, according to emails obtained by Vermont Watchdog.

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Ready for the end of affirmative action?

Texas  |  June 29, 2015

By Jon Cassidy |
When set out to examine the admissions practices at the University of Texas two years ago, we weren’t trying to bring about the end of affirmative action in higher education.
But after a surprise U.S. Supreme Court decision to hear an affirmative action case next October, that may be just what […]


With great pork should come great transparency

Ohio  |  4:00 am

Legislators call them earmarks, but taxpayers prefer to call them pork — and Ohio’s budget for the next two years contains millions of dollars for them.

Oink. Oink.

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Critics say Assembly prevailing wage reforms don’t go far enough

Wisconsin  |  June 29, 2015

“We’re disappointed by Speaker Vos’s plan to leave Wisconsin’s indefensible prevailing wage requirement largely intact,” Eric Bott, Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin, said in a statement.

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Green energy projects in Mississippi fail to meet job-creation goals

Energy and Environment  |  4:00 am

Two green energy projects in Mississippi have failed to generate the jobs that were expected when they were announced.

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No gas tax increase until Tennessee cuts wasteful spending, legislators warn

Tennessee  |  4:00 am

Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Haslam spends too much gas tax revenue on things besides roads, and he might not get a gas tax increase for that reason, two state legislators suggest.

TAPPING TALENT: A U.S. court has ruled that U.S. tech workers can challenge President Obama’s order extending the legal status of foreign employees here.

Wireless industry wants FCC help

National  |  4:00 am

Mobile data traffic is expected to increase by six times its current rate over the next four years, and the wireless industry is asking the Federal Communications Commission to help meet the demand.




Jon Stewart obliterates ‘slimy’ Democrats over Gruber

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West Rankin Utility Authority wins key battle in fight to build new treatment plant

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The West Rankin Utility Authority won a key battle Tuesday in its fight to build a new wastewater treatment plant and leave Jackson’s aging facility.