What’s he got to say? Kemper Project manager remains muzzled
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How much oil does world consume a day? This much

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The world’s consumption of oil is the equivalent of draining an Olympic-size swimming pool every 15 seconds.

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Dueling tax-cut plans set up showdown in Mississippi Legislature

Mississippi  |  4:00 am

Three Mississippi tax cut plans are competing for passage, with one of them phasing out the state’s income tax and the other the corporate franchise tax.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

NJ Watchdog sues Christie to disclose $800,000 in credit card records

New Jersey  |  4:00 am

A New Jersey Watchdog reporter is suing Gov. Chris Christie for records of nearly $800,000 in expenses charged to American Express credit cards for the travel costs of the governor’s state police security detail.

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Tennessee legislator wants to close online charter school

Tennessee  |  4:00 am

By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
NASHVILLE — Each school day, 12-year-old Lily Painter of Franklin wakes up and prepares for class, in a school that’s some 220 miles away in Union County.
Lily has a computer and a web cam, so she’s all set.
Lily is a student at the Tennessee Virtual Academy, a charter school that her mother Christy says is […]

MANDATE? Sen. Mark Warner and Gov. Terry McAuliffe won their elections with less than a majority. Virginia used to have a runoff law to prevent that from happening.

Runoff elections ensure majority rule

Louisiana  |  4:00 am

Democrats don’t like them. Republicans buried them. Election officials complain they cost more. How to put a price on a democratic republic?

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Idaho could soon require open union negotiations

Idaho  |  February 27, 2015

Interested Idahoans could soon have access to all negotiations for pay, benefits and other perks for government workers.

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What’s he got to say? Kemper Project manager remains muzzled

Mississippi  |  February 27, 2015

“From a layman’s standpoint, it seems to be one of those things that raises a few eyebrows,” Louie Miller, president of the Sierra Club of Mississippi, told Mississippi Watchdog. “What’s going on here? If I was sitting on the Mississippi Public Service Commission, I’d be certainly interested in what this man has to say.”

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Steelers may be ‘free rider’ in Pittsburgh transit spat

Pennsylvania  |  February 27, 2015

Pittsburgh’s beloved football team has decided to punt on renewing an agreement that provides fans with free rides to its front door. If the Steelers do not continue to underwrite these fares, ironically, they are the free rider. A “free rider” is an economics term for someone who receives a benefit without contributing to the costs of producing the benefit.

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Report: Pennsylvania governor considering sales tax increase

Pennsylvania  |  February 27, 2015

Just days before Gov. Tom Wolf gives his budget address, Pennsylvanians are riding a seesaw of tax policy announcements and rumors.

City of Akron

Ohio House adds, deletes ban on local hiring quotas

Ohio  |  February 27, 2015

Frst it was there. Then it wasn’t. What seemed like a minor provision in the Ohio biennial transportation budget turned into a big to-do when supporters and opponents learned about it.

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Democrat-led witch hunt into ‘climate change deniers’ picks up force

National  |  February 27, 2015

By M.D. Kittle | Watchdog.org

In the left’s latest assault on the First Amendment, three Democrats on the Senate’s Committee on Environment and Public Works have sent out 100 letters to free-market think tanks and energy companies asking them to turn over funding records related to any research they’ve conducted on climate change.




Jon Stewart obliterates ‘slimy’ Democrats over Gruber

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The Daily Show
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Remy goes hard at Obamacare, #Grubergate and Lena Dunham

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As #Grubergate continues to unfold, Reason.com’s Remy offers up a new video revealing just how President Obama’s administration discussed selling Obamacare to the American people.


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