No ID? Maryland gins up voters, and potential fraud

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Lowering the bar for voting while raising the opportunity for fraud, a Maryland task force wants to “modernize” the state’s online registration process — and much more.

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Denver teacher pay referendum money directed outside the classroom

Colorado  |  3:10 am

The 2005 ballot language to increase Denver property taxes by $25 million a year specifically said the money would go for teacher pay, but millions of dollars is heading to non-teaching staff that may have limited contact with students.

MINIMALIST IN BLACK: This is actually the chattier of Uber's logos.

Officials quiet as police cite Uber-driving, retired Navy dad

Virginia  |  3:10 am

Sean Berry didn’t set out to break the law when he started driving for Uber to supplement his Navy retirement income and support his wife, 11-year-old daughter and newly adopted 3-month-old son.

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Sasse stumbles on NRA question days after being endorsed

Nebraska  |  3:10 am

There were few surprises during Sunday’s Senate debate, except when the frontrunner, GOP nominee Ben Sasse, seemed to stumble on a question about gun rights, just days after being endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Sam taped mouth

Appeal of false statement ruling may muzzle free speech

Ohio  |  3:10 am

U.S. Southern District Court Judge Timothy Black declared Ohio’s ‘false statement’ law unconstitutional, and now a potential appeal of that ruling may muzzle free speech

Photo courtesy of the State of North Dakota

Common Core critics fire back at Dalrymple comments

North Dakota  |  3:10 am

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple has made some of his first public comments about the controversial Common Core standards, and critics don’t like what they’re hearing.


Big Labor millionaires lead ‘income equality’ convention

National  |  8:42 am

Several of America’s wealthiest union bosses spoke at the 2014 Ohio AFL-CIO convention in Cincinnati this week. The event’s theme? “Building the movement for income equality.”

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Surveillance City: Public workers, police to wear body cameras in Miami Beach

Florida  |  8:56 am

Miami Beach has a reputation for being Florida’s fashion capital. True to form, city employees will soon be outfitted with a new accessory – body-cameras.

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders parachutes way out of a response to golden parachutes ad

Vermont  |  9:54 am

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has opted to parachute out of a response to a hard-hitting ad claiming he and his wife, Jane Sanders, benefited from a $200,000 golden parachute severance package from Burlington College.

FAMILY FARMS: Virginia is among the nation's leaders in farmer's markets, which are fed largely by family farms.

Rural county digs deeper hole for family farmers

Virginia  |  September 17, 2014

Thumbing its nose at Virginia’s Freedom-to-Farm law, a rural county moved to restrict commercial agriculture in one of its districts.

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Sheriffs in the Southwest: The border is ‘spiraling out of control’

Texas  |  September 17, 2014

A coalition of sheriffs in the Southwest have issued a three-page statement calling on tougher and better coordinated programs to address the border crisis.



Jon Stewart

Even Jon Stewart thinks Obama’s reaction to world crises is terrible

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PLAIN ENGLISH: While Gov. Sam Brownback has been characterized as uncaring in his opposition to Obamacare, the governor says it's a simple matter of fiscal prudence for those who realize the federal government doesn't always keep its promises.

Video: Brownback states plainly why Medicaid expansion hurts Kansas

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has been on the business end of numerous barbs and critiques for taking a stand against Obamacare and Medicaid expansion in the Sunflower State.

Those with unwavering faith in the federal government have characterized the conservative governor as an uncaring obstructionist for his opposition, but in an exclusive interview with the Daily Signal, Brownback laid out the argument against Obamacare in his own words.

little free library

Leawood throws the book at Little Free Library

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The city of Leawood is using the full power of the law to protect property values from the threat of, uh, free cabinet-sized libraries.

A municipal statute designed to ban all detached structures is being levied against Leawood residents Brian and Sarah Collins after their 9-year-old son, Spencer, worked with his dad and grandpa to build the Little Free Library as a Mother’s Day gift.


 |  Texas

A new study made up of water samples from Texas and Pennsylvania shows water was contaminated as a result of faulty well construction, not fracking.

Don’t drink the water, but not because of fracking

 |  Maryland

The Department of Defense has transferred more than $12.4 million worth of surplus military equipment to Maryland law enforcement agencies since 1995.

Maryland law enforcement gets $12.4M in military equipment

 |  Montana

Under the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, the agency may view Montana’s regulatory progress as a glass half-empty.

EPA’s power plan snubs Montana’s state-led improvements

 |  Ohio

Should the public get the details on threats to the governor? The Ohio Supreme Court doesn’t think so.

Ohio Supreme Court: Threats to governor exempt from Open Records Law

 |  Colorado

Gov. Hickenlooper names members of fracking commission. Does it mean more restrictions on fracking, yet protect the interests of the well-off and connected?

Colorado’s advisory fracking commission announced

 |  Ohio

Ohio legislators have joined the state in appealing a federal court ruling ordering the state to restore early voting.

Ohio early voting law hangs in balance