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Up in smoke: Colorado cities getting a bang for taxpayers’ bucks

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This Independence Day, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will literally go up in smoke.

GOZARAH, Afghanistan-Village girls wait as the Afghan National Police unload a shipment of humanitarian aid at their village, Feb. 4. Food, winter clothing and supplies were delivered to 300 villagers of Gozarah district in Herat province of western Afghanistan.  (ISAF photo by U.S. Air Force TSgt Laura K. Smith)(released)

Obama’s ‘girl power’ foreign policy boosts UN aid

National  |  July 3, 2015

The U.S. government’s ‘girl power’ foreign policy has been signed into law, boosting support for a UN aid project to empower girls in developing countries.

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Oil and gas officials scramble after feds review species protections

Energy and Environment  |  July 3, 2015

Oil and gas officials are concerned that a review by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may include species that live near drilling sites.

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Surprise: Tennessee’s own U.S. senator wants to raise your fuel taxes too

Tennessee  |  July 3, 2015

One higher fuel tax evidently isn’t enough for Tennessee’s drivers.

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Shadowy federal agency snooping in your wallet accused of discrimination

Wisconsin  |  July 3, 2015

“How can an agency founded on principles of equality and fairness carry out its mission when it can’t even protect its own employees from the very practices it seeks to abolish?” said U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wisconsin,

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Real estate expert: Vermont ‘just keeps adding more taxes and regulations’

Vermont  |  July 3, 2015

In part two of our interview with Isaac Chavez, the Vermont Realtors CEO says property taxes keep rising because lawmakers are focused on serving special interest groups, not taxpayers.

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Data breach victimizes veteran; questions whether gov’t has his back

Minnesota  |  July 3, 2015

Staff Sgt. Dave Thul thought his days in harm’s way ended when he retired from the Minnesota Army National Guard. But on Independence Day 2015, the 22-year military veteran is on the front lines of a cybersecurity war, a fight for which he never volunteered.

The Owatonna vet ranks among at least 4.2 million current and former federal employees whose personal data was compromised in a massive online attack, which some have linked to Chinese hackers.

He questions whether the government has his back.

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American patriotism is at 28 percent, study shows

Louisiana  |  July 3, 2015

While Americans show their patriotism this weekend by flying Old Glory and watching fireworks, only 28 percent of the nation thinks the United States is the best place in the world to live, according to recent study. photo

A new teacher learns that small things matter

Education  |  July 3, 2015

By 8 a.m. Monday morning, 175 students had gathered in the gymnasium at Atonement Lutheran School.

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Perks of being president: Virginia’s public university leaders get big pay packages

Virginia  |  July 3, 2015

Running a university with thousands of students and nearly as many demands isn’t an easy job, but with these kinds of paychecks it’s probably worth the trouble.

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Union cash didn’t deter top PA Senate Republican from backing privatization

Pennsylvania  |  July 3, 2015

Money talks in politics, but sometimes not loudly enough.

In March, the political action committee for the union representing employees at Pennsylvania’s state-owned wine and spirits stores cut a check for $7,000 to state Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson. Yet, just months later, Scarnati helped muscle through a bill privatizing the state stores and jeopardizing union jobs.




Jon Stewart obliterates ‘slimy’ Democrats over Gruber

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The Daily Show
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West Rankin Utility Authority wins key battle in fight to build new treatment plant

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The West Rankin Utility Authority won a key battle Tuesday in its fight to build a new wastewater treatment plant and leave Jackson’s aging facility.