Experts: Civilians not ready for EMP-caused blackout

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By Josh Peterson |

Nearly half a million people would die within the first few minutes of a massive electric grid failure.


Civil rights expert: John Doe law is ‘un-American,’ like something from ‘Nazi Germany’

Wisconsin  |  4:00 am

Hans von Spakovsky is one of the nation’s premier experts on campaigns, elections and civil rights.

And so when the former member of the Federal Election Commission, describes something as “un-American,” he does so with a keen perspective and the kind of credentials that relatively few in his field possess.

LEVEL PLAYING FIELD: The Women's Law Project has alleged that nine Pennsylvania schools have fallen short of Title IX requirements.

Advocacy group: PA colleges discriminate against women’s athletics

Pennsylvania  |  4:00 am

By Andrew Staub |
Nine Pennsylvania universities have failed to provide female students with equal athletic opportunities required under Title IX, the Women’s Law Project alleged in a complaint filed Thursday with the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education.
Of the 14 schools within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Bloomsburg, [...]

MILLENNIALS: Florida's young and healthy have so far not embraced the state's Obamacare health exchange.

Florida: A younger population is pushing the state left

National  |  4:00 am

Florida is getting younger, and thus a bit more politically liberal.

Cyber charter schools could be funded by state instead of school districts.

PA cyber charter schools could be funded by state, not districts

Pennsylvania  |  4:00 am

Instead of relying on payments from each of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts, one state lawmaker says cyber charter schools should be funded directly by the state.


Keep your promise, IL policy group tells lawmakers

Illinois  |  4:00 am

When Illinois lawmakers return to the Capitol in late April they will begin, in earnest, work on a new state budget.

DENVER'S CAMERAS SLAMMED: A 2011 audit found lots of problems with Denver's red light camera program. A follow up audit last year found nothing had changed.

Effort to ban red light cameras in CO not slowing down

Colorado  |  8:55 am

Red light cameras are really all about the green, says Colorado state Sen. Scott Renfroe.

GAME ON: Vermont 'doubling down' to compete

Chamber leader denies Shumlin’s rosy jobs outlook, warns of death spiral

Vermont  |  4:00 am

Despite Vermont Gov. Shumlin’s rosy economic outlook, the leader of the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce warns of a possible death spiral due to skyrocketing taxes and regulations.

“If you look at job creation, there hasn’t been any,” said George Malek, president of the chamber located in the town of Berlin. “The workforce is leaving along with the jobs.”

Malek told Vermont Watchdog in an interview that the chamber’s more than 300 members are being hurt like never before by taxes and regulations.

Chatzidakis 206x300

NJ Gov. Christie’s crew helps ex-lawmaker double his pension

New Jersey  |  8:05 am

By Mark Lagerkvist | New Jersey Watchdog
Larry Chatzidakis needed a favor from Gov. Chris Christie’s administration.
Nearing his 62nd birthday, the former New Jersey assemblyman never held a full-time public-sector job.
Based on his 11 years as a legislator, plus other part-time government posts, Chatzidakis might qualify for a modest state pension of roughly $19,000 a year.
Then a new executive [...]


New TN law will impose taxes on large railroads to benefit smaller ones

Tennessee  |  9:20 am

By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
NASHVILLE — A new Tennessee law will impose higher taxes on large railroads to pay for the needs of short-line railroads.
The language of what is known as the Transportation Fuel Equity Act doesn’t seem to explicitly say as much. Taxing large railroads, however, is the law’s primary intent, said Tausha Alexander, [...]

ALWAYS WATCHING: The Prairie Village Police Department has maintained a vehicle with automatic license plate scanning capabilities since April 2013.

Police won’t discuss innocent driver flagged by license plate reader error

Kansas  |  4:00 am

The Prairie Village Police Department doesn’t want to talk about the automatic license plate reader error that led to an innocent driver being pulled over by law enforcement, gun unholstered, during rush hour traffic a week ago. Capt. Wes Lovett, PVPD patrol commander, acknowledged that he did exchange emails with the Prairie Village Post about the matter early last week, but said he didn’t like the tone of Publisher Jay Senter’s article. Since then Lovett said he has declined to speak with other media about the traffic stop, and believed it wouldn’t be fair to discuss the matter with Kansas Watchdog.




Is the mainstream media being unfair to Obamacare?

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By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter
MADISON, Wis. — Need a good laugh?
Check out what MSNBC host Ed Schultz had to say Monday about the mainstream media’s handling of Obamacare.
Trust me, you’ll want to sit down for this one.

Contrary to Schultz’s claims, a major Gallup survey released Monday indicates that sign-ups through the Affordable Care Act are [...]


By Kenric Ward | Virginia Bureau
ALEXANDRIA, Va. – State Delegate Barbara Comstock is inflating her energy record to pump up her congressional bid.
The McLean Republican’s congressional campaign webpage declares that she “authored Virginia’s law to allow for offshore exploration of energy.”
In fact, Comstock’s “major legislation” did no such thing. Her 2010 bill, HB 900, [...]

Comstock goes overboard with offshore energy claim

 |  Texas

While taxpayers were picking up the tab for intensive, outpatient care for mentally ill patients, those patients were playing games and watching movies.

Medicare fraud: $97 million for mentally ill patients to watch movies, play games

By Josh Peterson |
State public utilities regulators are calling for an easy way for consumers to compare complaints against the nation’s phone companies.
Currently, consumers can file complaints about their telecommunications service with the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, but those complaints aren’t publicly available in an online format for consumers.
On Wednesday, Chris [...]

Regulators push for public database of complaints against phone companies

 |  Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has saved almost $2 billion staving off welfare fraud, waste and abuse under Gov. Tom Corbett, said Beverly Mackereth, the secretary of the state’s Department of Public Welfare.

DPW chief: PA saves billions fighting welfare fraud

 |  Montana

By Dustin Hurst |
For some, ignorance is bliss, but for Democrat Jon Tester, it’s an important campaign tactic.
Sure, the second-term senator from Montana isn’t up for re-election until 2018, but that won’t stop him from using disingenuous attacks on the wealthy to scare his constituents into sending him campaign cash.
“Today, it looks like the billionaire Koch [...]

Tester launches disingenuous attack on the Koch brothers

 |  Pennsylvania

With no debate and a nearly party-line vote, the state House passed a bill that eliminates a loophole in the law state defining the crime of stalking.

PA House approves ‘stalking’ bill

Section 7


By Rick Brundrett | The Nerve
The reality cable television shows “Southern Charm,” “Welcome to Myrtle Manor,” and “Party Down South”were each produced in South Carolina without direct handouts from S.C. taxpayers, according to the state’s tourism agency.
Not so with “Army Wives.”
The fictional Lifetime Television show, which was produced in Charleston and ran for seven seasons before [...]

SC taxpayers tab for ‘Army Wives?’ More than $37 million

By Tom Gantert | Michigan Capitol Confidential
A retired school teacher with 30-plus years of service says he has to choose between food or medicine due to a law repealing tax exemptions for some pensions.
But James Pearson, a 66-year-old retired teacher from Milford High School with 33 years of service, is likely collecting enough compensation from [...]

Retired MI teacher who’s face of ‘pension tax’ collects generously

By Kathy Hamilton | Cal Watchdog
Skepticism took center stage as the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee held hearings on Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to use cap-and-trade revenues to fund the project. The committee reviewed the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s 2014 Draft Business Plan and evaluated the project’s potential for success.
Committee Chairman Mark DeSaulnier, D-Walnut Creek, grilled CHSRA CEO Jeff Morales about getting [...]

California senator grills high-speed rail CEO on funding

By Mike Denison | Capital News Service
Maryland government entities have suffered at least six cyberattacks since the beginning of 2013, according to incident reports from the Department of Information Technology.
The heavily-redacted reports, obtained by Capital News Service through a Maryland Public Information Act request, reveal that data-hungry hackers and scammers aren’t only going after retailers like [...]

Cyberattacks threaten Maryland agencies

By Maxford Nelsen | Freedom Foundation
The frenetic push for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle has some sensible observers asking the question: Why not $14 or $16? And if increasing the minimum wage is good for the economy, why not boost it to $50 an hour?
At this juncture, minimum wage advocates typically chuckle nervously and [...]

Why ‘$15 now’ has nothing to do with productivity or a ‘living wage’

By Tom Gantert | Michigan Capitol Confidential
After failing to get its teachers’ evaluations done in time, one school district’s solution to simply lay off the least-experienced educators may be against the law.
MLive reported that Concord Community Schools Superintendent Terri Mileski and School Board President Brian Philson supported a proposal to lay off the “least senior staff [...]

MI school district may violate state law in removing teachers on seniority

By Scott Roberts | for Freedom Foundation
Last week, using officers dressed up like soldiers going into combat, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management sought to confiscate one Nevada ranch family’s cattle. In response, neighbors, other citizens, and state legislators from across the West stood with the Bundy family against the federal action. The situation rapidly [...]

Big Government stares down Cliven Bundy, feds flinch first

By Sarah Tincher | for Maryland Reporter
ANNAPOLIS – With the Maryland gubernatorial election approaching at the end of the year, the seven major candidates are taking a stance on one of the state’s hot-button issues: taxes.
In response to a Capital News Service questionnaire, the gubernatorial hopefuls expressed their thoughts on the state’s current estate tax and [...]

MD gubernatorial candidates divided on how to handle state taxes

By James Poulos | Cal Watchdog
As the last blanket deadline extension arrived, late signups slowed down on Covered California, the state’s Obamacare exchange.
Difficulties brought on by the website’s inability to process a wave of applicants gave officials an opportunity to push back the original March 31 deadline. That, in turn, caused exchange administrators to require applicants to [...]

Covered California gains only modest sign-ups at deadline