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Paul Ryan: Big government has U.S. at ‘tipping point’

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By Benjamin Yount | Watchdog Radio
It is no longer a question of how much government Americans want. The only question is how much government Americanscan afford.
And the former Republican vice presidential candidate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said the answer is becoming clear.
“I talk about this in the book,” Ryan told Watchdog Radio Monday. “About [...]

Oklahoma doctor making a run around Obamacare

Oklahoma  |  August 26, 2014

By Shalva Ginsparg | Watchdog.org
About a year before the birth of Obamacare, Dr. Keith Smith, director of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, posted all the prices for his center’s surgeries online.
Today, he’s in expansion mode, looking to build two more operating rooms. His fastest-growing group of patients? Obamacare enrollees.
Though armed with Obamacare health insurance plans, [...]

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Alabama drug case ruling could pave way for tort abuse

Alabama  |  August 26, 2014

A court ruling that increases liability for drug manufacturers solidifies Alabama’s reputation as a legally dangerous state for free markets, argue some policy experts.

Map by City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police

Pittsburgh’s hunt for a police chief drawing to a close

Pennsylvania  |  August 26, 2014

Pittsburgh’s drawn-out process to find a new chief of police – since the last one is now in federal prison – is nearly complete. After community meetings, a screening committee is now reviewing applications and the selection should be made by the end of September.

TRACKING VOTES ACROSS STATE LINES: Fairfax Election Board Secretary Brian Schoenemann has sent evidence of dual voting in Virginia and Maryland to state and federal prosecutors.

Fairfax: 17 voted twice in same election

Voter Fraud  |  August 26, 2014

Want a real-life example of voter fraud? Fairfax County election officials say they have 17 — and they’re providing names to local, state and federal authorities for prosecution.

Photo courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service's official Facebook page

IRS screwing up Obamacare tax collection, audit shows

Tennessee  |  11:25 am

By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
NASHVILLE — Internal Revenue Service officials must enforce a new Obamacare tax designed to collect money from medical device manufacturers, but they’re losing money because they don’t know which companies even qualify for the tax, a new audit shows.
On top of that, the IRS wrongly penalized more than 200 of these companies [...]

SMALL TOWN, BIG GUNS: The city of Franklin, Virginia, is home to about 8,000 people, farms, and a mine-resistant vehicle. / Photo by Franklin City Association during Christmas Open House, 2009.

Welcome to Franklin, Va., population 8,638 — and one mine-resistant vehicle

Virginia  |  10:03 am

Not too far from the Hampton Roads region and the North Carolina border, the quiet, 8.75-square mile city of Franklin, Va., is home to farmlands, 8,582 people — and one military-grade, mine-resistant vehicle.

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Pot industry flexes political muscle and politicians accept money banks won’t

National  |  August 26, 2014

By Arthur Kane | Watchdog.org
It’s probably unusual for political contributors to thank a candidate for taking their money, but that’s what Mike Elliott, executive director for the Marijuana Industry Group, did at a pot-industry fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter last month.
“We really appreciate the fact we can come here and show you how much [...]

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Not-such-chump change: Alabama’s debt equates to $14,000 per resident

Alabama  |  12:05 pm

By Johnny Kampis | Watchdog.org
CULLMAN, Ala. — Got $14,000 in your couch cushions? Then you’ll be able to pay your share of Alabama’s debt.
Truth in Accounting, a Chicago-based fiscal government watchdog, recently released its annual Financial State of the States report examining each state’s finances.
The figures aren’t pretty.
The numbers of this study are always more eye-popping [...]

LOOK OUT ABOVE:  For about $1 million, the MN Vikings new stadium could be far less lethal to migratory birds in the Mississippi River flyway.

Bird-friendly glass won’t fly on billion dollar NFL stadium

Minnesota  |  8:50 am

Minnesota Vikings bird-loving fans are flustered the NFL franchise won’t ante up a million bucks for bird-safe glass at the stadium now under construction.

“Blatant refusal to replace the glass because birds will die crashing into the windows has now convinced me this project is an embarrassment and horror to our Flyway and to our State. Conceit and greed is now painfully obvious and everyone involved should be ashamed,” wrote Mary Madeco-Smith on City Pages website.

Critics flocked to post online comments on news sites following reports that $46 million in newly announced stadium upgrades will not include $1.1 million for bird-friendly glass.

US 100 dollar bill final

Your $100 goes further in Ohio

Ohio  |  8:45 am

Your $100 goes further in Ohio than in 42 other states, according to a new map from the Tax Foundation.



PLAIN ENGLISH: While Gov. Sam Brownback has been characterized as uncaring in his opposition to Obamacare, the governor says it's a simple matter of fiscal prudence for those who realize the federal government doesn't always keep its promises.

Video: Brownback states plainly why Medicaid expansion hurts Kansas

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has been on the business end of numerous barbs and critiques for taking a stand against Obamacare and Medicaid expansion in the Sunflower State.

Those with unwavering faith in the federal government have characterized the conservative governor as an uncaring obstructionist for his opposition, but in an exclusive interview with the Daily Signal, Brownback laid out the argument against Obamacare in his own words.

little free library

Leawood throws the book at Little Free Library

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The city of Leawood is using the full power of the law to protect property values from the threat of, uh, free cabinet-sized libraries.

A municipal statute designed to ban all detached structures is being levied against Leawood residents Brian and Sarah Collins after their 9-year-old son, Spencer, worked with his dad and grandpa to build the Little Free Library as a Mother’s Day gift.


 |  Connecticut

Connecticut mom Tanya McDowell will spend 12 years in prison after she was sentenced on a number of criminal charges, including “stealing” nearly $15,000 in “educational services” for her son.

Mother sentenced to 12 years for ‘stealing’ son’s education

 |  Nevada

A Bloomberg-backed group is back with a petition drive to revive a background check initiative for Nevada’s 2016 ballot.

Bloomberg takes another shot at Nevadans’ guns

 |  North Carolina

Families like the Currans that have critical needs are feeling the brunt of higher deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, co-pays and premiums from ObamaCare.

ObamaCare pushes children with critical needs to the edge

 |  Colorado

By Jackie Moreau | WatchdogWire.com
Colorado’s most recent legislative session was one of “unexpectations.”
Gov. Hickenlooper unexpectedly vetoed a finance-reform bill that kept unexpected fundraisers satisfied, Watchdog Wire’s  Joshua Sharf reports.
House Bill14-1375, which passed with bipartisan support, targeted Tax Increment Financing and developers who have been able to subvert costs of development projects from its revenue. TIF [...]

Hickenlooper’s veto may benefit unexpected fundraisers

 |  Washington

By Melissa Genson | WatchdogWire.com
Does size really matter? According to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife, it sure does.
The odd claims of state and federal officials have been enough to earn a small group of this incredibly prolific and destructive rodent an Endangered Species Act listing, based on a 36-year-old loophole in the [...]

Gopher wins ESA listing based on genitalia size

 |  Colorado

By Joshua Sharf | WatchdogWire.com
U.S. Sens. Mark Udall, D-Colo., and Michael Bennet, D-Colo., in 2011 successfully pushed for the Patent and Trademark Office to open satellite offices, including one in Denver, even as paralegals at the agency were being paid to loaf – and receiving stellar performance reviews for doing so.
As part of the patent [...]

Udall, Bennett pushed for satellite offices

 |  Washington

By Melissa Genson | WatchdogWire.com
Washington Department of Ecology’s Ben Penhale, who compares citizens to a hunter’s prey, can keep his job, benefits and authority, the department says.
The brouhaha started on Dec. 7, 2012, when Penhale was asked to clarify regulatory jurisdiction to San Juan County Planner Colin Maycock.
Instead, he wrote a bizarre, rambling email where [...]

Ecology official who sees citizens as prey can keep his job