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Cook County ballot box tries to cast GOP votes for Democrats

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By Paul Miller
CHICAGO — Early Voting in Illinois got off to its typical start Monday, as votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats.
Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote Monday at the Schaumburg Public Library.
“I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for [...]

Edina Public Schools Photo.

The Un-Expendables: Superintendents retire, get rehired with pension and pay

Minnesota  |  4:00 am

They could be called “The Un-Expendables,” public school superintendents who retire for a few days before they’re lured back for a sequel at their former jobs — with full salary, benefits, incentives and pension.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?  Corrections officials confiscate cell phones smuggled into prison due to the potential for criminal activity and harassment. Government Accountability Office photo.

Anderson: Privacy caucus will probably address police cell phone data collection

Virginia  |  4:00 am

It looks as if members of the Ben Franklin Privacy Caucus have more work to do.


Public transit CEO under fire two weeks ahead of $2 billion light rail vote

Florida  |  4:00 am

Two weeks from a major sales tax vote and the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority is back in the news — for all the wrong reasons.

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Citizen’s arrest: Activist pulls over cop for driving an unmarked car

Washington  |  12:45 pm

Libertarian activist Gavin Seim pulled over a cop in his home state of Washington to draw attention to unlawful traffic stops by police impersonator.

Sen. Amanda McGill will run for state auditor.

Candidate for state auditor was a frequent flyer as senator

Nebraska  |  4:00 am

The Democratic candidate for state auditor, Amanda McGill, spent $34,000 in campaign funds and taxpayer funds traveling the world over the past eight years.

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No surprise: Bice buries the lead, Walker follows the law

Wisconsin  |  1:54 am

It was supposed to be a Democratic October Surprise. But the grand revelation following a massive document dump Tuesday was unsurprising: Gov. Scott Walker followed the law.

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ACLU vows lawsuit against PA legislation targeting offenders’ speech

Pennsylvania  |  October 21, 2014

State lawmakers fast-tracked legislation last week that would give victims the power to seek a civil injunction to silence their offenders if they believe their speech is re-victimizing them.

Darren Vann, courtesy of the Texas Department of Public Safety

Serial killer suspect got 5 years prison in plea deal

Texas  |  October 21, 2014

By Jon Cassidy | Watchdog.org
An Austin man who has confessed to the murder of at least seven Indiana women, according to police, had been arrested and convicted for sexually assaulting a Texas woman in 2008.
However, Darren Vann served just five years in prison after Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg’s office agreed to a plea [...]

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North Dakota has almost 3 job openings for every unemployed person

North Dakota  |  October 21, 2014

The latest unemployment figures from North Dakota paint a familiar picture for citizens of the oil-rich state. A rock-bottom unemployment rate, and far more jobs than available workers, have become common themes.

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High court supports California’s ban on foie gras

National  |  October 21, 2014

By Carlo Maffatt | Nevada Watchdog
LAS VEGAS, Nev. — The U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal last week to hear an appeal challenging California’s ban on foie gras is leading many to fear the ban eventually could expand to include all kinds of meat.
Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2004 signed a ban on the production and sale [...]



Jon Stewart

Even Jon Stewart thinks Obama’s reaction to world crises is terrible

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little free library

Leawood throws the book at Little Free Library

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The city of Leawood is using the full power of the law to protect property values from the threat of, uh, free cabinet-sized libraries.

A municipal statute designed to ban all detached structures is being levied against Leawood residents Brian and Sarah Collins after their 9-year-old son, Spencer, worked with his dad and grandpa to build the Little Free Library as a Mother’s Day gift.


 |  New Jersey

On Saturday, around 250 people gathered across from the New Jersey Statehouse in Trenton to protest current laws on medical and recreational marijuana.

Marijuana marchers toke up in Trenton to protest NJ laws

 |  Colorado

Adams County clerk candidate Cynthia Martinez wants to oversee the same laws she is alleged to have violated, as the local district attorney investigates.

DA investigates Colorado county clerk candidate

 |  Colorado

The Denver Post’s inaugural 2012 “Pedal the Plains” bicycle tour may have received $50,000 in Stimulus funds from Gov. Hickenlooper, unreported by the paper.

Stimulus award to Denver Post’s $50K bike tour goes unreported

 |  Texas

On Saturday, the Supreme Court allowed use of Texas’ voter identification law, SB 14, before and during the Nov. 4 election.

Supreme Court allows use of Texas’ voter identification law

 |  Ohio

By Stephanie Kreuz | WatchdogWire.com
Does Ohio play fair? Or smart? When it comes to the number of dollars spent in subsidies, Ohio ranks the 12th cronyist.
The Mercatus Center recently illustrated how states rank in providing benefits to particular companies, rather than providing better opportunity for all companies.
Ohio’s neighboring states ranked fourth (Michigan), fifth (Kentucky), seventh (Indiana), and 11th (Pennsylvania) in [...]

Ohio ranks 12th for cronyist state

 |  Colorado

‘Listening sessions’ seeking public comment on the plan to prohibit certain vehicles from Monument Road are costing taxpayers money and stifling speech.

National Parks ‘listening sessions’ cost $38,320 and filter free speech


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