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Can Vermont really hit a 90 percent renewable energy goal?

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Vermont just passed legislation mandating 75 percent of its electricity must come from renewable energy in 17 years. And the state wants 90 percent of all energy to come from renewables by 2050.

Situation critical: Obamacare costs set to pummel state budgets

West Virginia  |  4:00 am

States receiving federal Obamacare expansion cash will soon be hit with a share of the program’s exploding costs.

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Southern District PSC candidates skeptical of Kemper Project

Energy and Environment  |  4:00 am

The three Southern District PSC candidates are in agreement that Mississippi Power and, not ratepayers, should foot the bill for the Kemper Project.

AT&T's merger recently approved by the FCC allows the companies to expand in the face of bureaucratic restraints on spectrum supply.

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Spectrum demands driving AT&T merger

National  |  4:00 am

The wireless industry recently revealed it takes 13 years on average to make new spectrum available to the industry. AT&T’s recent merger with DirecTV appears to be a way to get the spectrum without the wait.

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Louisiana changes funding, quotas for special needs students in charter schools

Louisiana  |  4:00 am

Two new policies in Louisiana are changing how charter schools educate students with special needs.

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Judge grants ‘ghost teachers’ freedom to roam

Education  |  8:53 am

It’s OK for teachers to leave the classroom to work elsewhere —all the time drawing a school salary and benefits.

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Justice delayed by MPD video crash in toddler Bill Thao homicide case

Wisconsin  |  8:22 am

it appears that justice delayed in this homicide case has much to do with the catastrophic failure of the Milwaukee Police Department’s video-recording system in January – a malfunction that cost prosecutors untold recordings of suspect interviews and confessions.


Nanny State of the Week: Vague nuisance laws let officials mandate mowing

Ohio  |  July 27, 2015

Citing vague and ill-defined nuisance laws, local officials in St. Alban’s Township, Ohio, are trying to force two residents to mow their lawn and destroy two years’ worth of work on a small-scale nature preserve.

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ND university chancellor faces first challenge in spat between lawmakers, NDSU

North Dakota  |  July 27, 2015

North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott has an opportunity to prove his worth as a leader. How he responds to the fight between universities and lawmakers will show whether he has the mettle to lead what has proven to be an almost ungovernable collection of egos and runaway bureaucracy.

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Liquor privatization veto won’t end competition for PA beer distributors

Pennsylvania  |  8:49 am

“You’ve got to be creative,” Evert said, standing amid stacks of Bud Lite, Yuengling and Miller Lite cases. “You can’t just say (to customers), ‘Well, I’ve got a license to sell beer, come see me, woo, over here.’ There’s going to be a reason they come to your store.”

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New Jersey pensions sue Christie for $4 billion in missed payments

New Jersey  |  July 27, 2015

New Jersey’s three largest public pension plans are taking Gov. Chris Christie to court in a renewed effort to force the state to pay more than $4 billion in missed payments to retirement funds.


Memphis officials in a giving mood

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Shelby County has a little money left in its budget, and commissioners are in a giving mood.

North Dakota takes 20 years to convict man of DUI

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Jason William Gale was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol earlier this month. The rub? He was charged with that offense 20 years ago.

Houston’s debt passes Detroit’s

Houstonians know all about foundations that crack.

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According to a key measure of fiscal health, Houston’s situation is nearly as bad as that of Chicago, which is starting to collapse under its debt burdens.

McRaven trolls Dallas Morning News

UT's board of regents don't want anyone to see the data investigators dug up/

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Chancellor Bill McRaven is daring the paper to follow up on its coverage of the influence-peddling scandal at the University of Texas.

Tesla got $295M in subsidies for technology it didn’t offer

Tesla Motors

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“This isn’t a science fair. We should be paying for results,” said a California lawmaker of the Tesla Motors subsidies.

Nanny State of the Week: Lawsuit challenges Seattle trash snooping

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Seattle officials have deputized trashmen as a sort of secret police who are ordered to rat on residents’ trash habits to the nannies at the Seattle Public Utilities.


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Nanny of the Week: Bernie Sanders is coming for your deodorant

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U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, is running for president, which means we’ll get to spend the next few months enjoying the absurdity of socialist politics on the national stage.

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Nanny of the Week: Christie caves to protectionist gravestone proposal in N.J.

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By Eric Boehm |
When New Jersey’s most devout residents head for the great turnpike rest-stop in the sky, they can be memorialized with religious services, prayed over by religious men and women, buried in a religious manner and laid to rest on land owned by a religious institution.
But if their grave is marked with […]

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Secret recordings reveal Elizabeth Warren would be Regulator-in-Chief

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By Will Swaim |
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has played it cool, denying she’ll run for president in 2016 in a way that seems designed to boost expectations she will.
That has given especially liberal Democratic Party loyalists a case of the fantods. Disgusted with Barack Obama, terrified by the prospect of a President Hillary Clinton, […]