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Alaska trooper earnings surpass national average

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Alaska State Troopers have a difficult job: harsh terrain, remote locations and demanding hours.

The job is not without its perks, though. According to statistics from the Division of Personnel and the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Alaska State Troopers earn nearly 20 percent more than their counterparts in the continental states, not including lucrative overtime and benefit payments.

The average trooper earns an average salary of $66,000. Including overtime and “other earnings,” the number increases to an average of $86,000 per trooper.

Salaries range from $15,000 annually for recruits to more than $115,000, and troopers earned as much as $47,000 in overtime. The average annual overtime earnings totaled roughly $10,000 per trooper.

The Division of Personnel could not be reached for comment.

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Kirsten Adams