Nebraska Nuke Plant Threatened By Raging Flood

By   /   June 23, 2011  /   News  /   2 Comments

By Joe Jordan 

With Nebraska’s two nuclear power plants threatened by the raging flood waters of the Missouri River, Nebraska Watchdog has learned that the federal government’s top nuclear official is coming to the state for a firsthand look.

While the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) insists that both the Fort Calhoun plant and the Cooper Nuclear Station at Brownville remain safe, NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko will soon visit the state.

A spokesman for Senator Ben Nelson (NE-D) has confirmed to Nebraska Watchdog that Jaczko is coming, although the details of Jaczko’s visit are apparently still being finalized.

As of Thursday morning the river at Brownville, which is 70 miles from Lincoln and Omaha, had climbed to within a foot and a half from forcing the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD ) to declare an “Alert” and shut the reactor down. Earlier this week a Cooper spokesman told Nebraska Watchdog a shutdown would occur over a period of 4-10 hours although it could occur “within three seconds” if necessary. The spokesman insists that there is no fear of a meltdown because Cooper “would be operating with power from off-site sources that would run the pumps and other equipment necessary to keep the reactor and spent fuel storage facility with cooling water.”

In the last 24 hours the NRC issued a statement noting among other things that “two feet of water” are onsite in many areas of the Fort Calhoun plant, located 19 miles north of Omaha.

The NRC says it has upped its around the clock coverage at Fort Calhoun which is operated by the Omaha Public Power District. In addition to the two resident inspectors “three more inspectors and a branch chief” are now at the plant along with satellite phones for key workers and extra food and water.

Fort Calhoun and Cooper remain under what are known as “Unusual Event” declarations, the NRC’s lowest emergency level.

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  • BIll

    It doesn’t do any good to have power from another source if your electric motors are flooded. I presume they could fly some massive electric water pumps into the site and hook those up to pump any floodwater but if it overtops the dike, you’re hosed (pun intended). I imagine they could fly in tons of dirt…..

  • Paul Felix Schott

    The Chinese Know Renewable Energy is a good thing. Most of the rest of the World is still a slave to Oil, Coal and Nuclear Power. All the Governments of the World now know it is wise to use Renewable Energy it is the Local Governments that are a little slow to learn what is best for all not just there pocket book.

    They fear people going off the grid all that tax money they will no longer be able to take from you. Wind and Solar Farms are growing all over the Earth. This could have happen years ago if the greedy wicked were stopped by the Real Good.
    The Freedom to get your own Power from the Wind and Sun, Solar Energy has been there for years. Are Libraries and Schools should have been the first to have gone Solar and Renewable Energy.

    Thank GOD for the Pioneers like John Schaeffer that Started Real Goods The first and Best catalog for Renewable Energy and Scientist Bill Young at the FSEC Florida Solar Energy Center and Monica D. Key Lindbergh for many years wrote to our legislators promoting Solar and Renewable Energy and many others. These Pioneers helped put Wind, Solar And Renewable Energy in the Spotlight for all the World to see.
    The Great Scientist Albert Einstein Stared it with a Dream that the day would come that all the World would use Solar Energy. His discovery of the law of the Photoelectric Effect won him the Nobel Prize in Physics. We still do not teach this to our young.

    GOD Bless all that help tell this to the World
    The Lord’s Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott