A viable alternative to high-speed rail?

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By Joseph Perkins | Cal Watchdog

When Elon Musk talks, people listen.

He’s earned street cred — as in Wall Street — from co-founding the company that grew into PayPal; co-founding Tesla Motors, the most successful electric car start-up company; and founding SpaceX, to which NASA has outsourced future trips to the International Space Station.

On Monday, Musk shared his much-hyped plan for a so-called “Hyperloop,” a high-speed transportation system that would be a visionary alternative to California’s planned high-speed rail system.

The Los Angeles billionaire offered a hint of its design this past Thursday during a Google Hangout with British billionaire Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group. (Branson also is bullish on commercial space.)

The Hyperloop “involves a tube,” said Musk, confirming some online speculation, “but not a vacuum tube,” like those that used to be seen pre-ATM at bank drive-throughs.

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