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White House trolls conservatives, gives Planned Parenthood money for Obamacare outreach

By   /   August 15, 2013  /   News  /   28 Comments

By Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org

At this point, the White House might just be trolling conservatives.

With Obamacare set to launch in less than three months and Republicans in Congress furiously searching for ways to stop the law, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday that three Planned Parenthood affiliates across the nation will play an integral role in helping people sign up for health coverage.

AP file photo

FORWARD MARCH: The feds announced millions in taxpayer cash for Obamacare outreach. Planned Parenthood is among the recipients.

Take that, conservatives.

Planned Parenthood partners in three states – Montana, Iowa and New Hampshire – will receive money under the HHS navigator program.

The Montana-based Intermountain Planned Parenthood will receive $214,000, the Iowa-based Planned Parenthood of the Heartland gets $214,427 and the New Hampshire-based Planned Parenthood of Northern New England will pocket $145,461.

Calls to Planned Parenthood national, Montana and Iowa offices were not returned.

Beginning Oct. 1, millions of Americans will have the power to purchase health care through government-run exchanges – something like a medical version of Amazon.com. Through the sites, buyers will purchase generously subsidized private plans or sign up for Medicaid or Medicare.

Navigators will play a massive role in providing information to residents confused about the sweeping changes. The workers, after passing some sort of training course as mandated by HHS, will work one-on-one with the befuddled, the confused and the stupefied.

Those needing assistance from Planned Parenthood navigators will be able to schedule an in-clinic appointment, call a hotline or video chat with workers.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Thursday that the navigators will aid those Americans who prefer one-on-one interaction

“We know there’s a lot of work to be done, but we’ll be ready for whatever comes up,” she said.

MO’ MONEY, MO’ PROBLEMS: Sebelius says the navigators will help aid confused Americans deal with reform changes.

Nationwide, the grants total more than $67 million which will flow to 105 organizations. Some recipients include colleges, universities and nonprofit entities.

Here are some award totals by state:

  • Kansas: More than $900,000 for three groups, including the Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved.
  • Wisconsin: Just more than $1 million will go to six groups.
  • Florida: $7.8 million, including a $4.2 million grant to the Tampa-based the Florida Covering Kids & Families program.
  • Texas: More than $10.8 million will flow to eight groups, including United Way of Metropolitan Tarrant County and the East Texas Behavioral HealthCare NetWork.
  • Missouri: Nearly $1.8 million split between Primaris Healthcare Business Solutions and Missouri Alliance of Area Agencies on Aging.
  • Illinois: More than $3 million in funding, including $600,000 for the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Inc.


Some Republicans worry that the navigators won’t have sufficient oversight for the amount of private data they will handle each day. While HHS has said that navigators will be held liable for privacy breaches, 13 state attorneys general signed a letter to the feds Wednesday asking for further protections.

“Because these navigators will be granted substantial access to Americans’ personal information – including their Social Security numbers and tax information – I am deeply concerned about privacy and the security of this very sensitive personal information,” wrote Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

While the attorneys general stew about the potential privacy violations, U.S. Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., blasted the administration Thursday for giving funding to Planned Parenthood.

“What makes this announcement even worse is that, in addition to the already announced grant to Planned Parenthood in D.C, three state-based Planned Parenthood affiliates will receive a total of about $655,000 from the federal government, despite assurances from the President when the law was passed that Obamacare would not give federal funding to abortion providers,” Black said in a prepared statement.

Black said last week that she sees the navigators as “basically community organizers,” a deep insult among conservatives.

Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp, also a Republican, wasn’t thrilled, either.

Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, a Democrat, seemed pretty content with the news.

This is hardly Planned Parenthood’s first trip to the government funding trough. The organization, a burr in the saddle of Republicans for years, received more than $542 million in government funding from 2011 to 2012, about 45 percent of its total revenue.

The District of Columbia announced late last week that Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington would receive $375,000 to assist in outreach efforts.

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  • Melissa

    Dustin, This will come as a shock to you, I’m sure. Half the population in this country and the world is female. Believe it or not, many of them use Planned Parenthood as their health care provider since it offers services to those who can’t afford to pay a private physician or anywhere from $90-175 dollars for a private practice appointment. As for your fears about “the befuddled, the confused and the stupefied.”, I believe you are referring to fear mongering groups and people like yourself, who hide your personal political and religious agenda as “news”. Having volunteered at Planned Parenthood, I can assure you that they are capable of protecting patients privacy and information. Unlike some people in the news who hit the “send” button for their religious rantings to the wrong list on their computer. Dustin, do you have a mirror?

  • Raymond James

    Not concerned about the medical insurance helpers stealing SSN ‘s. I have worked as a volunteer tax preparer for decades I have never seen it happen. I have bank account numbers as well as emails address, mailing address full name and SSN again I have not seen any problems.

  • John_Westra

    Isn’t it “comforting” to know how much the women of Planned Parenthood care for the poor and disadvantaged. Heil #Obama for making it possible through #Obamacare and the Navigator program!

  • Half the population of babies murdered aborted by planned un-parenthood are female, too.

    …do YOU have a mirror, “melissa”?

  • AmericanLass

    Because they entice people with some health care, you can’t see that is the “bait”. PP has the same agenda as Margaret Sanger. She was very clear on what her agenda was, google her and do your own research. The org is hiding in plain site under the same name. If they truly were about helping women they would have denounced its founder and the PP name association.

  • marcyharris92

    More than half are female. Abortion is used in several populations to kill unwanted girls and favor male offspring. Now that is a war on women.
    More than

  • marcyharris92

    Sanger’s goal was to eliminate Blacks. She founded PP. In the large cities more black babies are aborted than born alive. She is at least partially succeeding in getting rid or what she actually called those ugly black babies. She also stated Blacks are inferior mentally and was into eugenics (like Hitler). Evil seed and beginning bearing evil and very sad fruit. Sorry for those poor murdered little ones way disproportionately female and black.

  • Melissa

    As a matter of fact I do touch stone. And once again, as in so many of these post, I note that you are a man. When you allow us to legislate your reproductive issues, then you might have a say. This chart may help you, but I’m sure logic is beyond you. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/post/what-planned-parenthood-actually-does/2011/04/06/AFhBPa2C_blog.html

    The writer of this story has trouble with his own issues. Sending out his religious messages “accidentally” to people in the workplace. Like you, he’s a guy pushing his own religious, conservative agenda. Women are not going to go back to the 50’s or even 70’s on reproductive rights…and we have the votes and the voices to prove it.

  • Melissa

    American Lass, be assured that you will never have a women’s reproductive issue. You do have serious control issues. When will you guys get it that your war on women has tanked the GOP. But keep it up, it keeps us voting!

  • AmericanLass

    Pregnancy is not an issue, its a baby. Why do you guys always use phony wars, war on this, war on that. Violent nature? I have three children, they were not an “issue”. You want to destroy life and want everyone else to also, now that’s a deep control issue. Why are you so racist, because that’s what PP was founded on? If not, then it would be called by another name. Margaret would be so proud of you. Go ahead and keep voting for all the other racist like yourself. Good luck with that in the afterlife.

  • Robin C.

    Seems to me that giving navigator grants to any organization with a sound financial infrastructure, a record of reliable government reporting, and a clientele likely, almost by definition, to need and be interested in health insurance, is pretty smart. How many PP clients already have adequate health insurance?

  • Robin C.

    Speaking about paying a private physician from $90-175: I phoned by own physician’s office to ask what it would cost to get a friend (who’s working poor and has faux-insurance that will pay only $40 for a doctor’s visit) on my doctor’s roster. They told me that they can’t say in advance; the initial check-up would cost anywhere from $110 to $550, depending on how much the doctor determined that she needed to do…plus any lab or other diagnostic charges, and the doctor could not even tell the patient when she decided to do a procedure or order a test what it would cost.

    THIS IS CRAZY! And it can only be laid at the floor of government, in that government does not force transparency in the private medical care sector. We have a BROKEN and OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE private health care system. ANYTHING that makes it better should be supported, and, instead of whining about ObamaCare, we should be offering decent alternatives.

  • Robin C.

    TouchStone and others with his authoritarian position on abortion refuse to allow themselves to learn about the horrible circumstances that many women face with pregnancies gone wrong, abusive spouses, medical handicaps, existing children under great strain, etc.

    In general, women do not get abortions on a whim. It’s a difficult decision, one that TouchStone doesn’t know a thing about. Moreover, abortion is constitutional, and it seems to me that TouchStone is also ignoring Law and Order in favor of his personal, uninformed, religious opiniions.

  • So, you’re cool with continuing YOUR “war on women”, eh?

    Here’s a pin to pop the flaw in your propaganda “logic”:

    Using YOUR reasoning (not mine, I prefer logic) that “you can’t have a say on any subject unless you’ve been there” (as if your reproductive plumbing makes a damn bit of difference to the malfunction you exhibit in your head), then I – as a soldier – am qualified to voice my opinion on the conduct of warfare, while you – as, I presume, a civilian – do NOT have standing to say anything about war.

    Similarly, you are unqualified to VOTE, unless you’re a politician; you are not a preacher (if you were you would not be whining about Christians trying to preserve life) thus you have zero competence to comment on religion; you are not qualified to complain about your FOOD, since you are likely not a farmer….

    …see where this is going, buttercup?

    Finally, you have no standing to piss and moan about PRO-LIFE ISSUES, since you are PRO-DEATH.

    Now, go study some biology – starting with some sonograms of the preborn – then, perhaps you woud do the world a favor and study LOGIC, since you obviously have zero acquaintance with it.

    …and I’ll leave you with this little gem:
    If a woman opts to spread her knees for on of us “evil men”, then – logically – HAS SHE NOT ALREADY MADE HER OH-SO-PRECIOUS “CHOICE”?

    Chew on that one a spell, sunshine…….
    (and I can already predict your “answer”…)

  • For your edification “robin”, I lost a child to an abortion – WHICH I AGREED TO AND FULLY SUPPORTED.

    Ever hear of a “tubal pregnancy”?

    Simple, brutal REALITY, twinkles, where biology dictates you lose one, or you lose BOTH.
    We opted NOT to kill two people.

    Now take your hypocritical sanctimony and idiotic presumptions, and place them where you will…..I’m sure you can think of a suitable place for them, somewhere below your waist, near whatever it is you use for “thinking”.

    My son’s mother BORE her first child as the victim of a rape – a beautiful boy, now a fine young man.
    Medical NECESSITY?
    ….I’ve go no problem with abortion – WHEN IT IS NEEDED.
    You people who don’t mind human sacrifice seem quite incapable of distinguishing between YOUR selfish “wants”, and the physical NEEDS of a child who has done nothing to you except cause you some inconvenience.
    Your “argument” is pathetic, and lacks any REASON or LOGIC, and is based solely on rank emotion.

    Also, you, obviously are NOT familiar with the U.S. Constitution (just like your little tin god obama), since you are among those benighted ideologues who somehow manage to oh-so-conveniently ignore the “free exercise” clause of the First Amendment, and also parlay a Supreme Court ruling with being part of a document which predates that ruling by around 200 years.

    Perhaps try some EQUALITY – which you leftists whine about so much – and apply it to the unlucky human beings who have the misfortune of being created in YOUR bellies.

  • Those same ghouls who espouse murdering “inconvenient” unborn humans also tend to point to communist China as some sort of “ideal”.
    Perhaps they should go there and tell the ChiCom politbureau how “wrong” they are?

  • Mirror-time again, buttercup.
    “control issues”?!?!?

    Examine yourself – and TRY to be honest (for once) – if you dare.

  • Try aspirin.
    Place one table between your knees, and keep it there.

  • Joe the Plumber

    watchdog knows trolling

  • Joe the Plumber

    TouchStone and other right wing loons know what is best for women. That is a man’s job.

  • Dee Reilman

    The GOP has never had a ”War On Women”… The POTUS and FAR LEFT duped you to think that because of the ”Hyde Amendment” that prohibits the use of TAXPAYER MONEY to pay for abortions, but now in the ACA bill, it WILL pay for Abortions, BC pills, etc, thru the Insurance Companies, for ”FREE”… Abortions have been ”legal” for a long time as well as birth control pills… and WOMEN paid for those with THEIR OWN MONEY….The ”ISSUE” is not making Abortions illegal, it’s ”Why should strangers be paying for abortions or birth control pills for YOU?? Do you think the Health Insurance companies are going to pay for services for FREE? Of course not, that’s why Health Insurance rates are going UP, UP, UP!! So, Melissa, keep voting for LIBERALS and not looking at the ”big picture”… you’ll become a Republican sometime in the future… You’ll be tired of staying on the ”PLANTATION” and being a Low Information Voter…HEALTH CARE is NOT FREE… Why should I be FORCED to pay for your abortions, sterilization or birth control pills? The Progressives are not encouraging people to take RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions, by providing a ”safety net” for you… When all the money is gone, who will take care of you? That’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, not anyone else’s!! The takeover of Healthcare was not about Health or Care… it’s about CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE …. Wise up! This is how dictators have taken over Countries and oppressed their people… Read about Hitler, then you’ll understand…

  • Dee Reilman

    It’s very hard to get thru to the Liberals on any ”issues”.. they’ve been ”indoctrinated” by our Govt Schools…

  • You are obviously not the REAL “Joe the Plumber”, since what HE says makes sense.

    Now, care to try your hand at making a valid point?
    C’mon, it’s not that hard…
    …that is IF you can read anything more complex than an obama bumper sticker.

  • Well said.

  • Dee Reilman

    I am so ”sick & tired” of these ”LIBERALS” thinking the ”War On Women” was about taking things away from them, when it was NOT.. It was about Citizens being FORCED to pay for ”other peoples” medical choices, instead of THEM paying for it… Sadly, I guess we’ll have to keep ”getting out the crayons” to explain it to them…

  • fjwalker1959
  • You’re embarrassing yourself, twinkles.
    Read what I wrote to “robin” in the entry up a little higher.
    There ARE times where murdering an unborn child is a NECESSITY – sad, but an unfortunate reality IN SOME RARE INSTANCES.

    Get an education from some place besides the ofa website and obama bumper stickers.
    SOMETIMES an abortion may be NEEDED – but ghouls like yourself merely preach murder for convenience.

  • fjwalker1959

    Like I said angry & clueless one. Have a nice life.