Seattle mayor wants businesses to go ‘gun free’

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HOLD UP: Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says businesses should be “gun free”


By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog

The push for gun control in Washington didn’t stop in the state Legislature.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is now pushing business owners to go gun free. He apparently is frustrated that lawmakers in Olympia didn’t pass gun control legislation and wants to take matters into his own hands. He teamed up with Washington Ceasefire on Monday to announce a voluntary program for businesses to become “gun free zones.”

Businesses can sign up online to participate and put a “gun free zone” sticker in their windows. Petitioners are collecting signatures for two gun initiatives that would go to the Legislature in 2014, who will then decide if the issue should go to the voters. One measure is backed by gun rights activists and would make it illegal for government to confiscate guns and create a database that goes beyond any national mandate. The other requires background checks for all gun sales, even private transactions.

Washington Ceasefire lists 28 businesses that have already signed up to be “gun free.”

Critics say it just opens the businesses’ doors to criminals.

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  • Dave

    Would you put a ‘No Guns Here’ sign on the front door of your house? I wouldn’t. And I think it’ll be equally stupid to put a gun free zone sign in the window of any business. Sort of a great way for potential criminals to narrow their list of targets.

  • Ron

    ‘Talk about a “feel good” measure that’s both useless and tells criminals which businesses to rob. They’re endangering the lives of their employees with these stickers.

  • sanderdog

    Okay: “Gun Free Zone”. I have no means to defend myself. Come on in and take my stuff. This sign should be in the yard and on the apartment door of every person who favors gun laws that violate the right of citizen to protect themselves. Think Detroit. Chicago. St. Louis inner City. East St. Louis.

  • Mercer

    Wow! You libs really don’t know just how ignorant you actually are. Pathetic.

  • xnobozos

    In Seattle, I think the mayor has been inhaling too much secondary marijuana smoke.

  • Robertz1

    Stupid is as stupid does………

  • Donny Brinson

    I lived in Washington State for over 15 years, never cared for the politics in the state, but was always happy that I could get a CCW permit to make sure that I could at least protect my family. I currently live in Illinois where we are now allowed to carry a concealed weapon (Well sort of, State still trying to figure out with what it is going to comply with) The city of Chicago has had very strict gun laws, it has proven that the strict gun laws is not the answer, it is the lack of prosecution of those carrying weapons illegally. The young lady shot and called after the inauguration, her killer had been arrested twice earlier in the past year for possession of weapon. No jail time, just released back into population.

    I met a lot of everyday hard working people on both sides of the state and the one thing I have learned after living in Illinois and Washington state, is that the population centers (Seattle and Chicago) have a thought process of controlling the every move of its citizens instead of doing the duly appointed jobs that are assigned and paid very well to do. I do not know the crime statistics of Seattle but if it is anywhere close to Chicago, please keep your business protected and the lives of your employees protected. Just my .02

  • A Bit of Thought

    “Gun Free Zone” = Opportunity Zone for Criminals

  • Paul Butler


  • Zuk00

    Merchants of Seattle, please post the “gun free zone” signs. I will then feel a lot safer knowing which shops to avoid, as you are sure to become prime targets for robberies. Also, please let us know how much your business income drops when the signs are erected.

  • Dcp5674

    Make it easer. Just post a sign that says “unarmed…..rob me”.

  • CopperheadCSA

    Serves two important functions. First it let’s criminals know exactly where it’s easy pickin’s, second it makes it easy for me to know which businesses will not get a dime of my money. Idiots.

  • waytotheright

    They should also list the times when they have the most cash on hand.

  • waytotheright

    The mayor needs a sign on his door:

  • AlphaFactor

    The mayor should lead by example and post a gun-free home sign on his front lawn. City Hall as well.

  • crashd

    VERY well stated. Bravo. Just facts stated, no emotion mixed in to confuse the truth. Thanks.

  • Legislators do their job of representing the people and so some dipstick, who is taught that he is a leader instead of a Representative of the People, decides to attempt and end run to accomplish his political agenda. That’s Treason, and the punishment is (politically unmentionable).

  • airmecher1

    Let the businesses do it. It is their right. The problem is those with a carry permit that are inside when a criminal comes in and hurts or kills them opens the business up to liability. The people and families of those hurt and killed can sue the business for denying them the right to protect themselves. The business assumes the responsibility for their protection when they deny them the right to protect themselves. Unintended consequences always gets the gun grabbers because they just do not have critical thinking skills.
    There were several businesses that I frequent that banned firearms when Texas, where I live, first implemented concealed carry. After talks with their attorney they all took down the signs and welcomed those of us who carry. And concealed carry works. The data shows it is a very good program everywhere it has been implemented. The data in Texas, required by law for the Texas DPS to compile, shows that CCW permit holders commit less than 1/2 of 1% of gun crimes. Pretty fantastic.

  • TennesseeRedDog

    Hey now, Obama set the precedent for side stepping the legislature.

  • TennesseeRedDog

    I was born in Aberdeen and my parents were life-long hard core FDR Democrats, but they would be horrified at the people running the state now.

  • jesse

    How about this for a “litmus paper” test. Open a business that does allow concealed weapons next to a “No-Guns Here” business and see who feels safer and/or which business is less likely to be robbed at gun point?

  • Treasonous is as Treasonous does.

  • TennesseeRedDog

    Sadly it is those white-hot crazy Lib centers that drive and control the state. Wherever they are, warnings, abject failure, and collapse do not seem to deter the Liberal mindset. They are pedal-to-the-metal until they hit the bulldozer blade at 160.

  • mrvicchio

    Why do people think being unarmed is a safe thing?

  • I’m afraid our FDR parents created this monster, blindly believing the government of bureaucrats and monied elites albeit out of ignorance. Look back at the Lincoln memoirs and you will see that he even lamented the advent of this day, he didn’t understand its fullness but he saw it.

  • jaimeintexas

    The proper response is for the other businesses to post: Legally armed customers welcome, others are better off taking your chances elsewhere.

  • tom a

    This guy is to stupid and unrealistic to the mayor of any in the U.S.

  • ktc

    The Newtown school was a gun free zone. Do you want more results like that? I don’t think so.

  • Schwarrtz

    Stupidity abounds in this world…how dumb could you possibly be to say “Ok, here we are, no guns, feel free to rob us!” Government officials really are stupid!

  • Don

    I know 28 businesses that I won’t be shopping at from now on!

  • dude6

    GREAT! I think every gun store should sign up for one of these stickers!

  • theUMP45

    I’m not from Washington state, but in our state businesses can put up all the “Gun Free Zone” and *Circle/slash guns* they want and it doesn’t mean a thing from a legal perspective, pack heat all you want into them. There are specific signage laws regarding content and style for a business to actually make it illegal to carry on their premises, little ‘No guns here’ signs don’t cut it. So check the laws in your state and don’t let meaningless signs from whiny people stop you from exercising your rights.

  • dude6

    Hey, wait a minute. Why haven’t any banks or jewelry stores signed up for that sticker yet?

  • dude6

    ya, dat moran aint got no brians like you do man!

  • dude6

    that’s why it’s such a great idea, so 2nd amendment vigilante gun pushers like you don’t come in the store. you’re NOT wanted there. thank you for not shopping there.

  • Some time back the NRA created the Refuse To Be A Victim program. Now Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn has created a Choose To Be A Victim program.

    I don’t like the mayor’s plan and would not do business with any business displaying a sign of that sort.

  • Joel0903

    Hahaha. Yes, that’s just brilliant. Put a sign in the window of your business proclaiming “No one here is armed.” Absolutely brilliant.

  • tessaprn

    We need a list of stupid states so everyone knows where to stay away from. No traveling for business or fun and certainly not for living. I believe Washington would be a good one to start the stay away from list.

  • Rod

    Wait the Mayor is right! I don’t know why everyone is bashing him for wanting to protect everyone in his city. Isn’t it obvious that a “sticker” on the front door would deter those law abiding criminals from causing harm or robbing those stores?!?!
    Oh wait criminal means you don’t abide by the nations laws? Man… I was way off.

  • Sam

    Why doesn’t the Mayor lead the way, remove all guns in City Hall, ensure his body guard is not carrying, have the police put their guns away, put a gun free map on the web that list homes and businesses that are gun free. Be proud you are gun free by proclaiming to the world you are unarmed.

  • john demirjian

    Why not hang out the sign that says. “Rob us here. We have no protection”? Just another asshole for nomination into the Great American Asshole Club.

  • Rich_The_Engineer

    Dear “Village Idiot of Seattle” McGinn:

    When you useless parasites called “politicians” figure out how to get rid of the criminals, including your kind, THEN maybe we’ll get rid of our guns.

  • dave

    go gun free, I won’t do business there.

  • Kevin Lee Brooke


  • movinsound

    The people you are talking about are not the problem. It’s the criminals who create a need for protection that are the problem. These signs just advertise to them who is an easier target.

    Back when I owned a car audio business we quite often got asked what was the cheapest car alarm that would protect a car. It was always just a flashing LED on the dash. No alarm needed. If a thief wants to rob you they will. However, the majority of thieves are smart enough to know what are lower risk easier targets. A car with no flashing LED is an easy target, a business that advertises they have no protection is an easier target than a business that does not.

    Not having a firearm in your place of business is one thing, advertising it is just asking for trouble. The criminals do not care about your ideologies and politics.

  • robert gould

    Why would business want to make themselves targets for criminals. Criminal and crazies love gun free zones. I personally would avoid any business that didn’t allow the law abiding to carry a gun in there business because of risk it now to high.

  • DaveGinOly

    It was recently announced that gun violence and deaths in Trenton, NJ, have surpassed last year’s marks. I wonder why?
    Florida, Texas, and the other states that have liberalized their concealed carry laws (now “shall issue”) in recent years didn’t turn into “the wild west” as predicted by the Chicken Littles. How is it that they continue to subscribe to such predictions when they have failed so miserably in the past? It’s apparent that “facts” have no impact on those people.

  • DaveGinOly

    Businesses are considering the liability they may have should an armed citizen injure someone while on their premises. They should also consider their liability if an armed criminal, to whom an invitation has been extended via a “no guns” sign posted on the property by the business owner, injures a patron. Which do you think is the greater threat? I would think that proprietors who allow government-licensed CCW holders to go about their business would have less liability than those who mark their premises as targets for criminals. The latter are literally inviting trouble, while the former are doing nothing to either encourage or discourage the law-abiding from patronizing their establishments. The “hands off” policy seems the safest way to go.

  • CopperheadCSA

    I’d mock you but the challenge is gone.

  • Sadie

    Which businesses are going along with this hare-brained scheme? I need to know so I won’t patronize them EVER.

  • willi

    Will you publish a list of the Gun free businesses? That will help the criminas find the business closest to home and will help save fossil fuels. You can solve Global warming and stop robbers with only one law. What a pack of fools !

  • Anoymous

    Either everyone is armed, or no one is armed. It’s very simple. If you want to have a gun free society begin by disarming the police. The UK system of Bobbies without arms worked fine for years. Carrying a gun signals the policeman is afraid and does not know how to persuade. The threat of force is not persuasion. Force and the threat of force create the very behavior that makes the policeman afraid.

  • DaveGinOly

    I’d probably agree with you on 85% of issues, but this is not one of them. “Treason” is defined in the US Constitution. “Treason” consists “ONLY” (my emphasis) of “levying war” against the States, and “adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” The Mayor’s actions do not fit this definition.

  • Dave

    The sign in front of my house reads “I don’t call 911, This house is protected by a former USMC SNIPER armed with various S&W, RUGER and COLT products” I have never had any issues with unwanted visits.

  • Dave

    You are MOST welcome.

  • Dave

    The sign in front of my house reads “I don’t call 911, This house is protected by a former USMC SNIPER armed with various S&W, RUGER and COLT products” I have never had any issues with unwanted visits.

  • Dave

    NO. It’s an invitation to be robbed and shot.

  • Dave


  • Dave

    I live in a gun free zone, I am free own anything I want, and am licensed to own. I have a sign out in my front window that reads ” this house protected by Smith and Wesson” I don’t call 911.

  • Dave


  • Olde’ Jarhead

    Let the owners post whatever sign they want, it is afterall, a free country, for how long, that’s a differant topic altogeher. I won’t do business in a gun free zone, remember the Alamo, in Sanantonio Tx and Luby’s in Killeen Tx, George Hennard shot 50 people, killing 23 people, Luby’s was a gun free zone and posted as such. No thanks, I don’t rely on the local police, their response time is way to slow and there’s just not enough of them, I rely on myself for protection, and my gun.

  • Not Falling For It

    We so-called “2nd Amendment vigilante gun pushers” would be more than happy to raise the money for you to have a window installed in your stomach so you can see where you’re going without removing your head. On second thought, forget that. The light of truth might blind you.

  • sharp

    I think the mayor has been smoking too many peyote buttons.

  • geo brecke

    Seattle Business, don’t be shy.. put your signs out today, I need not ever carry to stay away from your store…

  • Sparky Mordbrand

    Dont do Business with these people.

    The following businesses are already signed on to participate:
    2K metal Works, LLC
    5 Point Cafe
    95 Slide
    Alive and Well
    Atlantic Crossing
    Big Mario’s Pizza
    Bus Stop Espresso
    Cafe Paloma
    Cafe Racer
    Century Ballroom
    Cupcake Royale
    Elliott Bay Books
    First United Methodist Church
    Fish Fry
    Freddy’s Junior
    Lifelong AIDS Alliance
    Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge
    Ltd. Art Gallery
    Manhattan Seattle
    Moe Bar
    Molly Moons
    New Seattle Massage
    Nube Green
    Office Nomads
    Platinum Records
    Portage Bay
    Ruby Pear Woodworks
    Southern Street Kids
    Stone Turtle Health
    Sugarcomb Salon
    Sugar on Top Salon
    Sutra LLC
    Sweatbox Yoga
    The Hillside Bar
    The Saint
    UPS Store – Roosevelt
    Wallingford Chocolati

  • steve90806

    Thanks for the list, next time I visit Seattle I now know which businesses to NOT visit.

  • CannedHeat

    … cancelled vacation there, now have find somewhere else to go.. thinking North Dakota.