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Wisconsin schools introduce masturbation in fourth grade, everything else by sixth

By   /   August 23, 2013  /   366 Comments

By Ryan Ekvall | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON – Parents, do you know your elementary school’s masturbation education policy?

OLD ENOUGH?: Some Wisconsin school districts have authorized sexual education, including topics such as masturbation, at elementary schools.

OLD ENOUGH?: Some Wisconsin school districts have authorized sexual education, including topics such as masturbation, at elementary schools.

The Oak Creek School District developed a booklet for parents of elementary students to help them “understand how staff and outside resource people will handle these sensitive topics.”

Sensitive topics, indeed.

The elementary school booklet covers masturbation, sexual intercourse, sexual orientation, abortion and contraception.

The booklet is a complement to the Human Growth and Development curriculum that takes various forms throughout public school districts across the state.

It’s unclear how prevalent the Human Growth and Development curriculum is throughout the state. However, a 2012 law changed several requirements of school districts that do offer Human Growth and Development.

Those changes include:

  • Abstinence as the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS.
  • Medically accurate information about HIV and AIDS.
  • Pregnancy, prenatal development, and childbirth.
  • The socio-economic benefits of marriage for adults and their children.

Other topics, such as masturbation, are open to the school board’s discretion.

In Oak Creek, parents can pick up the booklet at school during registration, according to Sara Burmeister, the school district superintendent. Parents also are sent letters before specific topics are taught and can opt their children out of the curriculum, though Burmeister says that rarely happens.

School boards, too, can opt not to offer Human Growth and Development.

When it comes to a grade-schooler’s questions about masturbation, staff will first define the term “the stimulation of one’s own genitals for the purpose of achieving sexual pleasure.”

Staff, though, are advised not to answer questions of personal sexual experience.

The handbook also directs staff to explain that some people masturbate and some do not. And encourages staff to “help students understand that attitudes toward masturbation may be a strong part of family values and beliefs and opinions often vary.”

Students, according to the handbook, will “be encouraged to talk to parents in order to help them develop their own values and beliefs about masturbation.”

Burmeister said the language in the booklet doesn’t mean masturbation will be discussed with or taught to students of any grade level. Staff can decide whether they should answer a child’s questions on masturbation and other sensitive topics.

“All it does is say this is how we define these terms at the appropriate grade level when it comes up,” she said. “So parents will know if their kid asks ‘What is this?’ parents will know how our committee defines the terms as we would use them in the schools. Sometimes kids are too young and you can say to them, and I know I did with my kids, ‘That’s something you don’t have to worry about now.’”

“We are more of a conservative community,” she said.

In the McFarland School District, in addition to similar policies for discussing masturbation, an objective for third graders is to discuss suicide.

A sixth-grade objective is to “define sexual intercourse, including oral and anal intercourse.”

McFarland school officials did not return calls from Wisconsin Reporter.

How much discretion should elementary schools and school boards have regarding teaching about sexually related topics?

Is this something the schools should teach, or would you prefer the alternative: “Go ask your parents”?

Contact Ryan Ekvall at [email protected] or find him on Twitter @Nockian.


Ryan formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • concerned mom

    I am against my child attending such class. I believe its the parents place to discuss such things like that. The teachers might confuse the children.

  • Janedear

    I think forth grade is too young! But even still, why can’t they stick to the basics? “If you do S then P will happen most times, without protection”.
    Also, “If you do S without protection, A will happen”.

    Get it? It is NOT up to strangers and teachers to teach children how to get their “jollies” off.

  • ricardoh

    Maybe they can have circle jerks at recess. What the H are they thinking. Who wants to masturbate after you learn about it in school?

  • Max

    As soon as they got the gay marriage thing in the bag NAMBLA and the LGBT go after the children. The homosexual sodomites will be raping children this year. Do not send your kids to these schools.

  • Loren Due

    Since many of the children are talking about these things it is good to get a clinical view by an educator – be it parent or teacher or both. We have too many secrets as it is which is only harming the child as it grows up and learns the truth.

  • bluwaterkayaker

    I think the point of introducing explicit “sex-education” in elementary school is simply to “prove” that children have sexual feelings (which they do not) so the far-left can push pedophilia as normal. How many times has our PINO (president in name only) said “you should be able to love the one you love” or something equally idiotic. How many movies have you seen lately that portray sex between teacher and student as normal? – That’s where we’re headed.

  • bluwaterkayaker

    When I was in elementary school, NO ONE talked about masturbation. This is not normal.

  • Jerry Person

    Scott Walker remembers creating jobs as assemblyman in Wisconsin . It was easy with ALEC. 32000 UNION public sector jobs. It is not as easy this time with out using your tax dollars. Scott Walker has created ALL Wisconsin`s budget problems working for ALEC. In 1997 Walker and Prosser as state assemblymen championed for ALEC with truth in sentencing telling the legislatures it would not cost a dime it was to give judges not parole boards the control over sentencing. Then Walker filibustered to stop sentencing changes after the fact misleading ALL the legislatures. With out the sentencing changes Wisconsin`s prisons quadrupled over night. Most people sentenced to 2 years now had to serve as much as 6o years. As the Wisconsin Budget watch Blog shows . Stopping just a percentage of these long sentences Wisconsin would save 707 million per year. Wisconsin could have free tuition colleges. It shows Wisconsin has wasted 200 billion if you add the numbers to the state budget since 1997. Not including the building new or remodeling of 71 courthouses & 71 county jails & 273 police stations and dozens of prisons 28 billion plus interest. The total is over 70 BILLION plus the 100 Billion spent by social services to support prisoners families because the bread winner was a political prisoner as US Att gen Eric Holder explained. Then farming out prisoners in several states until the courts realized it was not allowed in the Wisconsin constitution. Wisconsin then hired 32000 union public sector workers to fill the jobs housing the prisoners from deputies , judges, district attorneys all owe Walker for creating there jobs. 32000 UNION PUBLIC SECTOR JOBS. This cost taxpayers over 3.8 billion or a half million per day to house these EXTRA prisoners per day in Milwaukee county alone. Wisconsin claims it has 24,000 prisoners compared to Minnesota`s 5500. Wisconsin`s corrections populatition is 104,000 with over 28,000 prisons in Milwaukee county alone . In 1995 Milwakee county had less than 1000 prisoners . Is Scott Walker moving Wisconsin forward ? This your reason for budget problems in Wisconsin. Big spender big government Scott Walker. Why does he not work for the people he is taking his check from the people ?

    Wisconsin Budget watch blog has a great article on thi

  • george

    It’s whats important to liberals, everything revolves around their genitalia

  • Loren Due

    They are going to touch themselves with or without your educating them what is happening to their bodies. I would rather they understand it is the body at work and it is not dirty as some people would like to say. Many say the Bible says Onan was killed because he was masturbating. But if you read the scripture for yourself you will discover that Onan was having intercourse with his brothers wife and he refuse to complete the intercourse with her – So God killed him for disobedience – not masturbation. Please don’t go and say God said it is a sin to touch yourself because you have no Bible for that comment.

  • bluwaterkayaker

    And #2: in regard to these “clinical views by an educator” that you find so valuable – these educators are pushing a political agenda – to hell with what is healthy for your child.

    And #3: any self-respecting psychologist will tell you that it is harmful to expose kids to sex too early, and before puberty is WAY too early.

  • Loren Due

    Would you rather they learn from their peers? Have you personally had that conversation with your children?

  • Paul Sheffield

    Loren Due, You’re exactly the type of person we are trying to protect our children from. Another voter of king obango

  • Angry Momma

    This is definitely a topic that parents alone should handle when they deem it an appropriate time to discuss it. What ever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic???? It worked for my parents, it worked for me and it worked for my now grown and married children. Somehow we all managed to figure out life without the help of teachers, especially in grade school. Children have no childhood as it is today. This will just whittle away a few more years that they will never get back. Let kids be kids!!!

  • levetts

    Oh brother..Really? When I was in 4th grade I was being told
    to turns the lights off, don’t run with scissors or don’t miss the toilet when
    you pee and now they want them to know about masturbation? Are the governing
    parties that bored or are they trying to justify their position with new ideas.
    Personally I think they where masturbating when they presented this idea.

  • Just another person

    To be honest this is what happened at my elementary school and my parents said I had the option to opt out. Why not ask your kids if they want to really learn and also let them know that it is a mature topic and they need to be adult about it? I think it is fine to have this in school especially because of the fact that Parents have the CHOICE to opt their children out of it. The point here is that school is about education. So what if it is about sexual topics. I for one would also want the schools to allow questions about LGBTA communities and such because it is part of the culture and deserves to be talked about as well. Then again I guess I am just a Liberal that doesn’t know anything except my own life circumstances and is trying to do everything to ruin the country ( Please recognize that is all sarcasm in the last statement)

  • finishstrongdoc

    It’s well known that the “Father of the Sexual Revolution” Alfred Kinsey, masturbated a baby boy over a 24 hour period, but his apologists would claim he did so “clinically.” Why is this well known? Because in HIS book, “Sexual Behavior of the Human Male”, on “Table 31 of HIS book, it describes that activity. It’s only a matter of time before anyone who thinks masturbating babies is unnatural will be shunned, fined, jailed or hanged for being against “Progress.” On Wisconsin.

  • jesus4me

    No I would rather they learn from me!!

  • finishstrongdoc

    It’s about the “Bait and Switch.” A lot like a date rape drug isn’t about the drug but the rape.

  • Loren Due

    I absolutely agree with you that they should learn from you; that is what I did to my two children – a boy and girl. Thank God they thanked me for sharing as I did to help them avoid certain pitfalls, but live life to the fullest. They are both grown and now we have beautiful grandchildren who are learning at the right time from their parents.

  • pam

    U r out of your freakn mind!

  • KenFedUpWithPC

    I wonder how soon it will be before the schools have demonstrations, and then a live “Test” to ensure the student has learned the necessary skills? Supervised by a teacher in a 1 on 1 environment, of course.

  • strayaway

    Loren, This is mostly a matter of taste but you wrote, ” the child as it grows up”. I would suggest revising that clause to, ” the child as he or she grows up”. He or she sounds more respectful of the child than calling the child an “it”.

  • rogue

    I was playing with my self by that time kids are not stumped and my parents have abstain from sex my whole life because they don’t want to have children and they believe that’s the right way to go

  • rogue


  • agadofive.leti

    I’m glad you followed up with your comment in parenthesis about sarcasm. I was getting indignant. The post does sound so crazy ridiculous that someone would think that way, but there are many crazies out there, especially now-a-days, who actually do think that way.

  • agadofive.leti

    At the right age, preferably right before marriage. Whatever happened to waiting until marriage?

  • agadofive.leti

    I’ve read some of your posts. You sound like a perv. Your poor children. 🙁

  • agadofive.leti

    Loren, you’re a perv.

  • HarryKrentz

    Clearly an attempt to sexualize children at an increasingly younger age,


    Man the world is changing way too fast for me; I’m glad that I’m older and wont be around to see much more of this garbage.

  • Dano

    Another reason to disband the NEA and also try to get parents to oust anyone school board member who endorses or allows this curriculum to be used in our schools.

  • Chubbarow

    All they need to be told is it makes you go blind.

  • jacklohman

    Yea, Lefties are bad and Righties are good. Automatically!

  • jacklohman

    I agree, though the classes can proceed but only with parental signon.

  • grammy

    I got by just fine with just a biological discussion of the human body. Schools spend too much time socially engineering our children. I wish they were as concerned about making sure our children can read comprehensively, write understandably, and make change without looking at the cash register display. Reading, punctuation and grammar, science, math, vocabulary, life skills like managing a checking account, budgeting, and shopping skills…stick to the basics and let the family deal with sexual issues as well as principles and religion.

  • Ramakrishnan

    I am from India. Our Children are not taught sexual matter in Schools.
    They learn themselves from friends and others.

  • Dante42

    Not quite. As a parent I’ve discovered that they no longer ask your permission “Can your child do….?” Instead, you have to actively send in something stating “No my child cannot…” otherwise they assume permission. I have no idea when they made this change (it was the other way back when I was a student) and I do not support this way of doing things.

  • Old fashioned

    What happened to learning about it like we all did: trial and error!

  • jacklohman

    Well, that’s what I said.

  • MadisonTaxPayer

    Hey Lib moron…are you this whacked out, you dump Scott Walker hate on a page talking about teachers telling kids how to masterbate? GET A LIFE LOSER/

  • oleinwi

    Funny, all these years the education keeps saying they need to teach it to younger and younger children because they will do it anyway, the opposite might be the case, they are doing it younger and younger because for a several decades now, we are allowing the schools to teach to younger and younger children. No children in the past questioned their “sexual orientation” until sex ed came into play. NO ONE in the 60’s and 70’s when I went to school had a gender identity problem. Read Clean Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist” from 1961, he infiltrated the communist and socialist parties in American as an FBI agent for 30 years, and wrote that book based on his findings and how they intended to transform this nation from within, using our educational system as one building block. Here’s a couple of their stated goals of the communist and socialist parties from 50 years ago! Profoundly prophetic!

    24.Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy.”

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.” (Allowing openly gay ministers has split several major churches)

    28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state”

  • Georgie Borchardt

    I’m sorry, Max, but your ideas about homosexuals are very wrong. I’m a 66 year old heterosexual grandmother — I’m an artist, a former pageant coach, and was active in high school, university, and community theater for 30 years — all communities that have high percentages of homosexual members. I have had many homosexual friends over the years, and still do. These people simply have different life-styles than what’s usually considered a “normal” traditional heterosexual life. They are intelligent, loving, caring, talented, creative, “PEOPLE”, NOT predators and they DO NOT “rape children” — you’ve confused homosexuals with child molesters! There’s a HUGE difference! You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but, based on over 30 years personal experience, and having raised two children (a boy and a girl) in these environments, a homosexual is simply a person, like you or me, but has a different perspective on sexual activities. They don’t shout that from the roof-tops not do they try to “convert” anyone to their “way of life” — they just live their lives, as we live ours. And, again, based on my experiences, and on my friends’ explanations, they didn’t “choose” to live this way — they were born that way. I believe in God and I believe he has a hand in creating each of us — He knows us in the womb — and anything He does is perfect, so how can “these people” be anything other than perfect too.

  • Georgie Borchardt

    The article didn’t say anything about “pushing pedophilia as normal”. I think you’ve confused pedophilia (a crime) with homosexuality. Please refer to my response to the post by Max, above. As for children having “sexual feelings”, it depends on the age of the child. A five year old, for example, probably doesn’t, however, one who’s 11 or 12 certainly would because their hormones have kicked in, big time!

  • sleeper

    Very well said Georgie. I agree entirely and am heartened to see a rational and compassionate voice in these posts.

  • Georgie Borchardt

    In today’s world, whether children are home schooled, attend Christian schools, or go to a public school, and no matter how careful or conservative parents may be, they are exposed to sexually oriented advertising, movies, internet sites, and even cartoons. An 11 or 12 year old has raging hormones, naturally, and the sexual thoughts and feelings need to be explained, preferably by a parent. Statistically speaking, there are VERY FEW children, today, who are sexually naive and wait to discover sexual pleasures (individually or with a partner) until marriage. I applaud those who wait, but I won’t condemn those who don’t.

  • Georgie Borchardt

    In my opinion, the schools should make the books, pamphlets, and other resources available to the children’s parents and allow the parents to choose what topics they prefer to share with their child and when. I understand some parents find it uncomfortable to visit with their children about sexual activities, so in that case, the parents should choose a trusted friend or family member to help. I feel that the way this course is described and the the materials used are much too explicit for use in a public program. I’m not at all against sexual education — I believe it can be very useful. However, I think, in school settings, information should be more “general” and “details” should be left to the parents.

  • guest

    I find it quite disturbing that liberals call our public school educators, from the highest ranking members of the school boards to the lowest ranking volunteer teachers aids heroes.

  • ricardoh

    So you hold your child out of the class so he or she can learn the next day from his or her classmates.

  • SamIamHis

    Out of this entire article there are many red flags for me. Parents are the ones who should be training up a child in the “way he or she should go”, not the school system. Parents have abdicated many responsibilities to the public education system and we are suffering the consequences in our society today.

    Parents should actively be involved in what their children are learning in school. Check the curriculum, read the textbooks, have conversations and in home education regarding choices in life. Parents should set the standards of life for their children, not rely on the school to do this. Some towns are small enough that parents know the teachers and are quite comfortable with who is educating their children. Larger cities remove that safety net. All the more reason for parents to be involved, but they should be involved no matter what. No one really knows what is in the heart of another person and placing our children in the hands of outsiders for so many hours every week is asking for trouble. There are good educators for sure, but there are many who are not or simply do not share the values of the parents.

    Perhaps the most frightening sentence (and there were many) in the article was, “The Oak Creek School District developed a booklet for parents of elementary students to help them ‘understand how staff and outside resource people will handle these sensitive topics.’ ”

    So, just who are the “outside resource people” that could come in to influence this part of the education of our children?

  • NaN

    Are these educators out of their ever loving minds!? What 9 year old even contemplates this. Are we trying to create more sexually dysfunctional adults than already exist. Isn’t sexual experiences and/or information at such a young age a common factor in serial killers and sexual offenders (look it up) Let kids mature at their own rates. Pushing info like this(most of which hasn’t even entered their minds until told about it) is a green light for “sure, have anal sex at 12….that’s perfectly normal” I am truly disappointed in humanity when I read articles like this. Shame on the warped minds of these “educators”

  • Tammy Bennett

    When my boys were young they had discussion of puberty but did not mention masturbation and at that the parents were given permission slips to allow or not allow them to attend the class. This didn’t mention if there is such a thing or not. It is not the school’s place to do so nor it ever will be.

  • Gma

    There is a bigger agenda than teaching children sex education. The tip of the spear is in absolute power in Washington. The rest of the spear sits in Chicago . How many politicians from Illinois are now in jail , or have been? Corruption breeds corruption. You’re doing great gang…go get them.

  • guest

    WOW. There is so much wrong and simply untrue with your comment that I don’t know where to start. First of all I will agree with you that your areas of interest include an abnormally high percentage of homosexuals. Its a fact that cannot be argued with. I would also agree with you that a homosexuals lifestyle is not what is considered normal. Do you know why it isn’t? BECAUSE ITS NOT NORMAL!! However. To say that homosexuals do not rape children is simply untrue. How many times have we seen news stories about men molesting young boys. Those men are not only molesters but also HOMOSEXUALS! Next, a homosexual is not “simply a person like you or me”. You, I will assume, for the sake of argument, enjoy a heterosexual life while they enjoy a abnormal homosexual life. You are also ABSOLUTELY wrong when you use the figure of speech and say that they “don’t shout that from the roof tops”. Are you kidding me!!!??? They have parades and huge rallies celebrating their sexual lifestyle! They don’t “live their lives like we live ours”. They live as homosexuals, we live ours as heterosexuals. And you know what? We all choose the life we lead.

  • Tammy Bennett

    Georgie, you are right that people have incorrect ideas about homosexuals and who they are. They don’t see their heart when they should. I also agree that God is perfect but because He is that is why He gives us each free will to choose how we act with whatever vices we are born with in our flesh. We all have “thorns”. Mine is alcoholism and I was born this way and yes He created me with it but without it I may not have come to know Him. But keep in mind that because He does know me and created me this does not mean that He condones me to live in my sin and that is why He sent Christ. He always provides a way out of temptation. If you remember the book of Leviticus it clearly warns us about pursuing such things homosexual in nature no different than everything else in the Bible does about many other sins. For me it really hits hard when I read the book of Ephesians and am warned about drinking. Satisfying the flesh separates us from God and then becomes sin. No one is perfect but we can live close to perfect when we stay near to the Lord and Savior. God bless you.

  • strayaway

    “Two roads diverged in a wood” -Robert Frost

    Meanwhile, in China, students are being taught advanced math.

  • agadofive.leti

    Your comment is incorrect about your opinion that 11 or 12 year olds have “raging hormones, naturally.” You assume that they have sexual thoughts and feelings. Not so. I and every adult around me (and I know a lot) were once 11 or 12 year olds. I can tell you, that was the furthest thing from our minds. We can explain the immoral society and that they are going to be exposed to people who want to teach them that sexual freedom is a part of normal life, when in fact, abstinence until marriage is normal. When one is in a marriage, sex is between the two people who took each other seriously enough to devote their lives to each other (so masturbation is not necessary). Masturbation is playing with oneself while getting their jollies off being a voyeur… something creepy society wants accepted. I’ve read that on some college campuses, some professors even act out sexual education. Teachers of academics, have no place living out their own sexual fantasies on children or young adults who take their classes. I don’t condemn people who don’t wait until marriage, but I refuse to view it as a right to meet people, have sex with them, and throw them away, moving on to the next self-pleasure. Women want to be loved and sex is a way to show their love. Where men sex is just sex. Women are allowing men to use them and dispose of them because they need to be loved. Most little girls dream of their wedding day with their knight in shining armor, who will love them and protect them. What happens in their lives that makes that dream perish? (Did you know that porn has been linked to violent crimes against women? and that includes most of the abduction and murders of little girls/boys recently. Look it up).

  • oleinwi

    Sorry, but you are incorrect, because God gave us inherit freedoms, you chose to drink to excess, God did not make you an alcoholic, you did. Thankfully, you have CHOSEN sobriety now. Sex is a CHOICE, it always has been and always will be, you do not die if you do not have sex, so it is a choice. The bible is unequivocal on homosexuality…and Jesus was NOT OK with sin, he loved all sinners, but would not have said homosexuality is OK…”GO FORTH AND SIN NO MORE.” He didn’t turn over the tables of money lenders in the Temple because he was OK with what they were doing, right?

    “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.” (NKJ, Leviticus 18:22)

    “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.” (NKJ, Leviticus 20:13) – death here meaning eternal death, damnation if you will.

  • oleinwi

    Yeah, we wonder why China and India and numerous other nations are burying us in math and science skills! We are letting our schools teach social values while the rest of the world teaches rote learning! It will be the end us of as a great nation, based on that alone. China will tower over us while we digress into a banana republicthird world nation…if we don’t have a 2nd American Revolution first that is….

  • Wow

    Oh, I’m sorry when did you choose to be straight again? Oh wait you didn’t. You can’t help who you are attracted to. If you don’t realize that, I’m honestly afraid for you. Your are ridiculously ignorant quoting random bible verses that conviently prove your point. Hope you don’t have piercings or wear mixed fabrics either hypocrite… Since when does homosexuality have anything to do with sex education for children anyway? Just remember Jesus is not okay with judgemental hateful people either before you post something like this again…

  • disqus_dvVGcydXaZ

    oleinwi was not commenting on this article, he/she was commenting on a comment made on the article

  • Joel0903

    Many do. An easy majority of 9-year old boys have masturbated and probably a majority, or close to it, of girls (haven’t seen a report on the numbers lately). Which is why the class is ridiculous – aside from being inappropriate for school, it’s also pointless. The issue, really, is that values aren’t being taught – so the 9 year old, who’s likely already aware of what masturbation is, isn’t being taught the importance of maturity and family and honor and self-reliance, and self-control. Yet, the belief by those who feel masturbation should be taught in school to 9 year olds is that that the topics I’ve outlined are either not appropriate for that age (though I understood honor and self-reliance and even understood the importance of them by the time I was 9 in the mid 80s) group or that they’re “quaint and out-dated”. This is the real problem.

  • Gordy

    Everyone needs to read carefully Romans chapter one.

  • Tammy

    You are right, I did choose to drink in excess that is why I stated that God gives us free will. As far as being born – I didn’t make that statement correctly – what I should have said was He created me and I was born in sin because of Adam’s fall.

  • Jerry Person

    websters dictionary definition of perversion. To change what is norm for personal, political or religious reasons. This iis the GOP. You blaming teachers when the church spends BILLIONS on perverts annually.
    Do you blame the children in your closet when they scream. I know drunks support drinking and druggies support drugs and I know why you support the party of perversion. I hope your registered in your community MR GOP good old pervert

  • Jerry Person

    A liberal is one who supports big government and waste tax money on nothing. That is walkers life story as I have posted. Are you a paid poster like the tea party members. only the really stupid tea party members do not get Koch moneys. To stupid to read.

  • melanie

    your an idiot

  • Patrick Schuppe

    in my days i had sex ed. in 6th grade, but first the parents see it first.

  • bimbo

    if i should ever hear of a public school educator discussing masturbation with my child i would demand he or she be fired, ask the police to bring criminal charges (in texas: indecency/exposure and lewd behavior) as well as bring a lawsuit against the school district for exposing sexual materials to a minor.

  • bimbo

    there is no confusion, the next step in homosexuality advocacy is pederasty and then pedophilia… check your history

  • bimbo

    yes it is, there are two schools of thought at war on this, liberals-who believe children should express ‘sexual freedom’ and be taught to do so in public schools.. and conservatives-who believe sexuality is a privacy issue and one in which discussion belongs in the home.

  • AbnDoc

    I am sorry but your biblical knowledge is lacking. If anything God does is perfect from the womb, then that would mean that we would be born without sin where the Bible says that we are instead born with sin as a part of our makeup. We have to learn to follow Him and do away with our natural desires.

    That would also mean that your logic would by extension mean that the child molesters who are using the same argument that homosexuals used to get acceptance should also be allowed to redefine norms and be allowed to have sex with 8 year olds as well. They claim it is a sexual orientation equal to homosexuality. So, are they also made that way by God since they claim they were made that way, too?

    Your theory would also mean that God is a liar. The Bible states clearly and in several places that homosexuality is sin and an abomination. So, you are claiming that God is creating sin and creating people who are designed to act against his teachings.

    As Christians, we must accept homosexuals just as we accept anyone else that is acting in sin; but, it is never Godly to accept or promote the actual sin. We wouldn’t accept someone who is a rapist or a drunk or a drug user and tell them that it is perfectly OK that they continue doing what they are doing because God made them perfect. No, we would tell them that God loves them and doesn’t want them living in sin and we would show them what God’s love truly is. They can then decide whether to accept Him or not.

  • Jason Grant

    So any other adult that talked to a child about masturbation and sexual intercourse would end up in jail and labeled as a sex offender, but it’s ok for a teacher to do it. I’m sure the pedos will be lining up to become teachers in this state.

  • Jason Grant

    In Texas we call adults who talk to little kids about sex and masturbation without their parents consent pedophiles and put them where they belong, in jail. Not teaching in our schools.

  • Chia Chee

    Grumpy can is weighing in on this…

  • Teamski

    Hilarious! Why is this an issue?? My 6th grade sex education class in the early 1980’s also talked about masturbation. I didn’t turn out too bad. Parents don’t talk to their kids about this stuff. This is exactly why we have boys raping girls and not knowing what they are doing (refer to the Steubenville rape case).

  • Terry Spencer-Hoekstra

    You cannot stop it. Believe me I tried.

  • Terry Spencer-Hoekstra

    This stuff is being taught in Texas too.

  • Terry Spencer-Hoekstra

    Good luck with that one!

  • Terry Spencer-Hoekstra

    The truth is never hateful. It is just truth! We aren’t hearing enough of it today.

  • go go

    In America we call Texas conservatives fascist retards.

  • go go

    Yes, avoid christian schools. They are FILLED with priests and other pedophiles.

  • go go

    And by god you mean the one true god Allah!

  • go go

    The bible says rape your daughters. Think I’ll pass.

  • Chunkdog1

    First of all, that’s 8th grade, not 4th grade.

    Secondly, would you want a virtual stranger, to come up to your 8 year old, in the park, and tall them how to masturbate? Then why is it OK for a virtual stranger to do the same thing, in a classroom?

    No, you wouldn’t. Then why is it OK for a virtual stranger to do the same thing, in a classroom?

    You have no idea what parents talk to their kids about, or at what age kids are ready to hear different things. Every child is different.

    And, as for your inane Steubenville rape case argument, how do you explain the fact that those kinds of rape cases were virtually unheard of, during all the years that Sex Ed WASN’T taught in schools? Besides, those kids were in high school. If you think, for one second , they didn’t know exactly what they were doing, you must have been raised by wolves.

    It’s absolutely amazing that people have been learning about sex, teaching their children about it, procreating, and raising families, for millennia, without the need for a Common Core sex lesson.

    Schools can’t even get math and history right. No way am I going to trust them, with my 4th grader, when it come to sex.

    My child can stay home on those days.

  • go go

    You seem conflicted about your homosexuality. Have you tried counseling?

  • go go

    No, that is your mom.

  • go go

    Social engineering? You mean like the schools that teach about Jeebus Mommy Santa in the sky?

  • go go

    You must be the pivot man.

  • IzzyKiddnya

    Facts about masturbation taught in classrooms, by educators?
    Let’s either pretend that such things don’t happen — or let our kids learn the facts in the street — like we did!!

  • go go

    Christain Conservative and founder of the Mormon church/cult/corporation, Joseph Smith, thought nine years old was old enough to have sex with.

  • go go

    It is well known in your filthy imagination.

  • go go


  • go go

    Your ignorance is not normal.

  • go go

    Yes. They should have this information they are pregnant or HIV positive.

  • ricardoh

    Whatever that is. Just trying bathroom humor in a world gone mad.

  • R2D2Censored

    “…attitudes about masturbation…”???

    Morals are NOT “attitudes”!!

  • BamaG

    No, ‘WE’ do not ‘gogo’ – we call them American parents who decide WHEN their children learn about these things, and believe it is NOT up for the school district EVER to be involved

  • Progressives Rule

    Georgie, your ignorant, immature, fearful misunderstanding of homosexuals makes me think you’re a priest, trying to deflect attention from yourself. Men molesting young boys are not homosexuals, they’re pedophiles. Seems maybe you should attend these classes. You sure could use the education. And maybe a flashlight to shine some light down under that rock you’re living under.

  • BamaG

    I also do not believe that gay men OR lesbian women are out to rape our children. And I also do not believe that their lifestyle will ‘corrupt’ young children
    As adults, our concerns demand to be focused on children and how to protect them from ANY teacher or adult in authority from using and abusing that role to rape/molest our children, no matter the age – just look at how many straight female teachers are in the news for raping young males. This is not about gay/straight. This IS about f’kd up individuals who do not belong any where near any ones children.

  • Progressives Rule

    If your god created us all, including homosexuals, why would you be hating on homosexuals? And didn’t your god say “Love thy neighbor?” Or is that one of those cherry picker bible laws that you choose not to follow?

  • Progressives Rule

    God is a liar. Numerous times according to the bible. It is also mean, vindictive, insecure, homocile, vain. Shall I go on?

  • Progressives Rule

    I find it amusing how the extreme religious always jump out of their skin when they “hear” that a school is “shocking” going to educate students about sex ed. Dopes on here think it’s terrible that those kids will be taught “masturbation”. The article clearly states masturbation will be mentioned. It will not be “taught”. The article also states that all parents will get letters fully explaining the syllabus and will have the opportunity to opt their child out. The article also states that very few parents do. So, why don’t you Victorian sex phobes crawl back under your rocks and let those parents do their parenting like you whine all the time that you should be allowed to parent. Stop butting your righteous noses in everybody else’s business. The rest of the country wants their children educated, not dumb and ignorant.

  • Progressives Rule

    The reality is that the vast majority of religious parents who demand they do all the sex ed for their kids actually never do. It is their sons and daughters who come home with an STD or pregnant or run away with some online stranger because dear old mom and dad were too afraid to tell them about the world. Schools teach sex Ed because parents don’t or can’t sufficiently.

  • Progressives Rule

    In many states Sex Ed is mandatory and you either can’t take your child out or you can for only a small portion of the curriculum. In New York you can only remove your child from the HIV portion because legislators jumped on the boogie man band wagon when AIDs hit. I believe there is a bill to change that. You can’t remove your child from health, math, English, science (uh ohhh!) or any other mandated class. So, why should sex ed be any different? The states have stepped in and mandated these courses simply because parents haven’t been doing it.

  • Progressives Rule

    That kind of attitude is exactly why these classes are mandated.

  • finishstrongdoc

    ▶ The Kinsey Syndrome [3of11](The Rape of Minors) – YouTube

  • Progressives Rule

    Clearly. Oh wait, what will we tell little Johnny when the other kids are pointing and laughing at his erection popping out the front of his pants? Oh that’s right, tell him to go home and ask mommy and daddy about it. Or, am I totally wrong thinking that little Johnny can’t get an erection until he’s what, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16? Duh!

  • Progressives Rule

    Do you think this article is saying the school district is “teaching” kids how to masturbate? Read the article. It might help.

  • Mean Evil Conservative

    Of course as a liberal, you have statistics to back this premiss up??? I thought not.

  • finishstrongdoc

    This may come as a surprise to millions and millions of people, but even if millions and millions of people have a single and same wrong opinion, their opinion doesn’t somehow magically become right simply because millions and millions hold that wrong opinion. And the moment a single wrong opinion becomes thought of to be a right opinion, then those with that single wrong opinion will become millions and millions more people with millions and millions more having the same wrong opinion. Unfortunately, millions and millions of people with a single wrong opinion can subvert a culture to such an extent that total and utter destruction of everything that is right can be swallowed up by the effects the course taken by choosing the path that one wrong opinion leads. And then, male or female, young or old, right or wrong, parent, non-parent, animal, plant, fish or fowl, it makes no difference as to your opinion, right or wrong; all suffer together for that one wrong opinion being thought to be a right opinion….simply and only because “everybody said it was right.”

  • Thankful homeschooling mom

    What good is opting out if all your kids little friends will be discussing it on the playground? Can you say, “homeschool”!

  • Progressives Rule

    And yet, sometimes the majority is right.

  • Teamski

    OK, first of all, I know for a fact that I had sex ed in grade school, and I graduated in 1987. Second of all, the reason we didn’t hear about the rapes was that the news wasn’t being reported through social media as it is today. So, I would rather my child learn about sex education in a classroom rather than from their friends. It seems like most parents today aren’t. They are too busy working or having fun than actually sitting down with their kids to talk things over.

  • finishstrongdoc

    Yes; and when they’re right, they should be kept right. And when they’re wrong, they should be made right.

    In this case, it’s very easy for most people to see what’s right, but I’m of the opinion that there are very powerful manipulators of imaginations involved in this effort looking to gain some political advantage by making something that’s not good for kids to know about to be used as a weapon to gain a political advantage.

    Think of it this way: the basic “Rules of the Road” aren’t going to change over the course of time; we pretty much know what keeps people’s rights intact and a culture moving along without too much tinkering with basics. So, it stands to simple reason that if a change is being contemplated in the basics, it should have a very, very solid reason behind changing something that’s already working. If someone says these improvements are warranted, make them prove it.

    Many, many people with good common sense can tell you that it’s a very bad idea to bring a third party in between parents and children. And this subject should be left strictly alone for parents to handle.

  • finishstrongdoc

    There’s a reason those with the answers to how to handle this subject are not only not being taken seriously, but are being mocked and threatened….bullied is a good word to describe what’s going on here. When the typical response to those who have proven to successfully raise good kids to be good adults is mocking, ridicule and bullying, that should be a strong indicator that those people are just a product of bad parenting themselves, and have grown up to be dysfunctional adults who can’t play nice with others. In other words, their tactics they use to get their way shows their way won’t work.

  • joan

    Having had no experience being around gay people (that I am aware of), it seems to me that it’s the schools that are promoting an abnormal focus on sexuality in children. Teaching them how to masturbate as 9-year-olds is ridiculous because that shouldn’t even be on their minds, much less something that needs to be taught. Our kids don’t know arithmetic (how to add and subtract without a calculator) or how to read and spell words without pulling out a smart phone or using a search engine. How about letting them be innocent for as long as possible, and let their parents decide when they are ready to learn about the birds and bees.

  • HarryKrentz

    “We” won’t tell him anything. In fact, you can just keep your nose out of MY “little Johnny”‘s business.

  • Sandra Berkey May Kindred

    Well put! Also, not all gays are “flamboyant” about it. You may know several gay males and not be aware of it. Some are “flamers” and others just aren’t. I’ve had a few gay and lesbian friends in the past, and they all respected my heterosexual preference. Just as all straight men aren’t out to attack all women, and vice versa, They really aren’t monsters. And I think children should be children as long as they can! They lose their innocence far too soon as it is without pushing it!

  • smilee

    Are you blind?????????

  • smilee

    How many diapers did you change in a boys first year when he got an erection. Many times!! By 9 they have figured out more that we think.

  • smilee

    Despite what you say i firmly believe no one was taught to do it in public schools or any where in public. Conservatives are just more up tight about sexuality period. The bible belt has always been known as the biggest users of pornography.

  • haroldcrews

    There is no ‘America’. ‘America’ is no more than a social construct. It isn’t race or ethnicity. Nor is it a common religion. Considering the amount of immigration the last few decades it isn’t even a common language, history or culture anymore. It’s no more than a set of propositions the meanings of which depend upon whom you ask and when you ask them. Even worse its proponents hold these propositions out to be universal anyway. There is no ‘America’ as this article amply demonstrates. A massive group of people who have nothing in common other than mutual contempt isn’t a nation.

  • Jerry Person

    uneducated people say the dumbest post. facts are facts. walker has PERSONAL forced Wisconsin to spend over 250 BILLION on ALEC and Walker and Prossers personal just us system fraud. the facts show Walkers law in 1997 has ended liberty and justice for ALL in Wisconsin. the darn constitution is different than ALEC`s (kochs) in Russia. walker pushing ALEC`s laws that are never constitutional or have NO place in any democracy. In 1997 Walker and David prosser both became ALEC kingpins. walker has been a ALEC puppet ever since. I know the dumb party will spew lies about this. public records show walker and prosser LIED to the legisalutures to get truth in sentencing. This has cost Wisconsin billon just like everything walker odes. walker is down over 500 billion and counting with healthcare and train and all the money he has turned away. He only cares about his ALEC checks. Watch all the paid tea apraty fruit cakes post now.

  • oblivion328

    I actually agree on principle, but unfortunately, a lot of parents end up being far worse sex educators or just end up avoiding the subject altogether.

  • SoCalJeanne

    There is a reason children can’t even play in their front yards anymore. This is summer and you can drive through a housing tract and not see a single child playing. Progressives have destroyed this country and the Chicago thugs are putting that destruction on fast mode. ALLOW CHILDREN TO BE CHILDREN. Parents have a right to teach their children about sex, WHEN THEY FEEL the timing is right. Schools do not have that right. How dare them insert themselves where they have absolutely no business. Wake up America, raise your own children, some will do a good job, others won’t but it is STILL their business and not the over reaching thugs in govt.

  • SoCalJeanne

    Governor Walker, step up and stop this destruction of young minds.

  • bluwaterkayaker

    I think your own experience actually confirms my opinion – that there is big difference between homosexual people you meet and the far-left agenda. I have not confused homosexuality and pedophilia. I’m not saying that homosexuality leads to pedophilia. I’m saying the far-left is using the gay issue as a “door” to pedophilia.

  • Where does it say that?

  • southern_getn

    Satan is the liar and great deceiver.

  • “Love your neighbor” doesn’t mean accepting everything they do as being OK. It means loving the person in spite of their sin. Saying that God created homosexuals so it’s OK to engage in homosexual activity is like saying God created alcoholics so it’s OK to get drunk. Some people do have a predisposition to alcoholism. That doesn’t give them permission to get drunk every night and beat up their spouses. In the same way, being attracted to someone of the same sex does not mean that it’s OK with God to act on that impulse. We all need to practice self-control to keep from sinning, whether our weakness is sex, money, alcohol, food, or anything else.

  • Carla

    Far more heterosexuals rape children than homosexuals. How often do we hear of men raping little girls? All the freakin time!!!

  • mzungu

    Do stallions and mares have to teach their colts about sex? Do hamster parents have to talk to their hamsterettes about sex? Do savages have to teach their savage children in the mountains of New Guinea to have sex? Only a Liberal is so ignorant and meaningless.

  • gdr-contractor

    teen pregnancy and std statistics aren’t enough proof that parents are not teaching their children properly? I fully support parents teaching these things first, but what about (as it apears) the multitude of children that arent being taught these topics at home. I find it hard to believe that the school answering a question about these topics would be more harmful than good.

  • Kristen Wolski Swisher

    You are right about that George! An abortion is ALWAYS the solution for the libs too!

  • nlsnelson

    Totally agree. And with what is being taught in the name of sex education and gender confusion starting as young as kindergarten – by the schools completely usurping parents – is just another example of a government run amuck with no moral compass whatsoever. God help this world.

  • SoDakCatholic

    I can’t believe how low our public schools have sunk. Another good reason for homeschooling.

  • nlsnelson

    Hear your comments, George and have had similar experiences. It’s unfortunate that a lot of perceptions are colored by the bigger than life in your face actons of the very small percentage of LGBT folks that make lasting impressions. I’ve had experiences with these types of individuals as well. So while you might believe they were born that way (and I’m not agreeing with that comment), how they “act” is certainly within a person’s ability to control.

  • Elizabeth McClintic

    children will not grow up when they can take care of themselves. They
    will really and truly grow up only when they can take care of
    others—and want to!”

  • Jerry Person

    This is walker idea. walker knows it still works for him because he hates women.
    that’s why he is at war with women he has never had one. he has a wife and my kids.

  • Mymomchoselife


  • Mymomchoselife

    Last time I looked I didn’t see a problem with children who didn’t know anything about sex but the exact opposite. Look at what children a wearing for starters.Look at how they behave, look at how they dance….I could go on and on. It is NOT any of the “states” business!

  • Mymomchoselife


  • im4truth4all

    A couple of quotes from G. K. Chesterton:

    “Take away the supernatural and what remains is the unnatural”

    “When men cease to believe in God they do not thereafter believe in nothing; they
    believe in anything!”

    “Be careful not to be so open-minded that your brains fall out.”

    “Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God.”

    “Only a live fish can swim against the current, the dead go with it.”

    The purpose of Compulsory Education is to deprive the common people of their
    commonsense. “

    “Moral issues are always terribly complex for someone without principles.”

  • Dick Hertz

    Truly, the insanity engulfing us at the hands of Obama, Pelosi and Schumer, is punishment from God on a evil people.

  • Charles Trig Olio

    Are they going to teach those kids what the definition of a pervert is?

  • Nanaboo

    This is your COMMON CORE material being introduced in your local school. It is just another attempt at dumbing down our society. Research COMMON CORE and see what they want to teach in 11 and 12th grades. Tell your congressmen, your school board members, your governor and anybody else you can talk to what they are introducing to your children. Talk to all your neighbors, investigate COMMON CORE and decide if you want your children receiving this indoctronation that they are beginning in elementary schools. Speak up for our children. DON’T LET THEM BE INDOCTRINATED BY THIS GARBAGE. DEFEND YOUR CHILDREN. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO THAT

  • Connie C

    They are FAR over-stepping their boundaries and parents need to rise up and fight this garbage. This is the sickness that consumes the Liberals. Between this and the communist teaching of the Common Core/C-Scope curriculum our children are in trouble in America. Stand up people, stop allowing these sick individuals to indoctrinate your children. If every decent parent pulled their children out of the public school system this would stop!

  • joseph collins

    that guy would have sex with a goat he didn’t care

  • Don Hershell

    In 4th grade I was masturbating. Wasn’t everyone?

  • mally el

    This is child abuse and the perverts who are irresponsibly implementing this program should be jailed.

  • mally el

    Well said, Connie C. Obviously sick liberals and Marxists who hate the Western civilization are behind this evil exercise.

  • mally el

    The perverts will redefine the definition of pervert before they do.

  • Linda

    So masterbation in 3rd garade, sexual intercourse and perversion in the 6th grad, that leaves kamasutra for the teens?

  • JayJay

    No, you call them “Father” when you see them on Sunday in that funny building capped with the lower-case “t”

  • George R Harper

    Don’t we already have enough teachers being charged with rape ? This will be more then the perverts will be able to control.

  • Timothy J Haering

    Slightly less shocking is your use of a kindergarten teacher and student to accompany
    the shocking 3rd and 4th grade story.

  • missmissy68

    You might want to research how many public school teachers are abusers. The percentage is much higher than the ones you’re accusing. I’m sure you won’t do the research, but you really should. It’s not that hard to find the info.

  • missmissy68

    What a strange comment not based on reality or thought. Think about what you said. You’re claiming that the STD & teen pregnancy problem is because of parents not teaching their kids. But the schools have taken on this “responsibility” and have had it for a long time. So obviously, whatever the schools are doing isn’t working. Your premise could only be true if the rampant STD/teen pregnancy problem also existed before the schools took over. It seems much worse now, doesn’t it?

  • lonebear

    This is disgusting and there is no way anyone ought to be putting this crap in front of kids

  • John

    children teaching children. Teach the three R’s and forget about all the crap they learn from the world on their own. Parents are to blame to allow these creeps to teach what gets their jolly’s off. The weak drag the strong down. This is all evil and the devil is grinning with a mask of Obama on it.

  • Huffer

    To those who wonder what is going on should take time to watch this :

    AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Full Movie) FREE to watch …

    This video shows exactly what the program for America is and why the things you hear on the WEB and TV seem so foreign and strange to us. It’s like a cancer that goes un-noticed until you feel the pain.
    Sex-ed in schools are just one step in a complete process to demoralize and destroy Christian ethics in the greatest nation in all of recorded history. God is the the roadblock of socialism and this is the end goal of the “One World Order”.

    Do not remain in the dark any longer. If you do not know who the true enemies are, you have no chance of overcoming them.
    Us older citizens, and the younger ones with Godly wisdom, are the only resources for saving America. With the federally mandated public school and college curriculum’s, the children are already lost unless a parent or guardian knows who the enemy is and how they operate.

    Today’s entertainment media has distracted millions from their duties as upright citizen’s who would normally step up to challenges to our freedoms. Right now, millions are more concerned about who will play the role of ‘Batman’ in an upcoming sequel.

  • I didn’t understand the homeschooling trend at first – my kids are all grown. But the more I see what is going on in the schools… I have to recommend homeschooling for all if you don’t want your kids to be a bunch of perverted uneducated morons.

  • Sick of “Progressives”

    Go Go, you are a fool. You don’t even know what the definition of a fascist is. If anything, your Democrat Party (yes, you are a Democrat) led by the former Senator from Kenya, is trying to institute “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc.” Fascism controls all industrial output while leaving the companies themselves in private hands. Like all white Democrats, you cry like a baby when you don’t get your way and then hiss like a snake when you fight your sissy fights. My only question is: are you a lesbian or just a male homosexual, not that there’s anything wrong with that!!!

  • tagdogs

    “when it comes to a grade-schooler’s questions about masturbation”> I friends who teach grade school, some of them for over 25 years, and not one of them can ever remember a student asking them about masturbation. This is just BS by the liberal agenda that leads into acceptance of the gay life style, because next, there will be booklets on how to approach members of the same sex for for personal gradification.

  • CountryBoy84

    Progressives ‘know’ best?
    That is why we have rebellions against your monarchical attitudes…tyrants across the sea? How about the the 200 tyrants in our backyard or school yard?
    Progressives do not know best for my children which is why you will not have your greedy little hooks in them.
    I refuse to be bullied or coerced by your belittling comments and name calling.

  • Dick

    So did Mohammed. So I guess that shows where you stand on this country and morals.

  • jorgaone

    And YOUR comment is exactly why you feel the need to use the screen name you do–too lazy to do any personal parenting…
    Were YOUR parents too lazy too?

  • Mike A-P

    An accurate write up detailing the background of the individuals who put this policy together should show where they are coming from.

  • The Carpathian

    No, Progressive’s parents weren’t lazy — they were incompetant. They didn’t know what to do (potty train or teach masturbation — hmmm) so they leave the decisions to their “betters” which always seem to abound.
    The attitude of “age appropriate for MY child” isn’t an invitation to Liberal (let’s drop the PC term: Progressive) meddling and indoctrination. It’s telling brain-washing liberals to keep their f****ng hands off our children and stick to academics.
    THIS is what happens when you have a Democrat / Liberal teacher’s union that tells the school board what to think and when to think it.

  • The Carpathian

    what an infantile, brainless attempt at sarcasm. Worse, though, because it just doesn’t make any sense. Hey, go go, take your meds and have a nice nap before doing this again and embarassing yourself.

  • The Carpathian

    Was that mental or physical? Most school curriculums are mental masturbation. As far as physical, perhaps if your parents taught you better, you wouldn’t have been doing that in class.

  • Jennifer Hall

    I agree. We have people on Facebook who cannot spell, use correct grammar much offer a logical argument to a post with which they do not agree. Such people deliver ad hominem attacks because that is all they know how to make when they have nothing to offer to discussions.

  • cathy

    Take your trash talk and go go away!!!

  • Jennifer Hall

    Progressives Rule and Go Go either have never read the Bible and just parrot what others said about what Scriptures say, though those people have not read it either, or maybe they did but cannot pay attention to what it was they were reading.

  • Jennifer Hall

    Judging from your tone, my attempt to show in Scriptures where you are wrong would only be “giving what is holy to dogs” and/or “tossing pearls before swine”. Matthew 7.

  • cathy

    I say no thank you to Sex Ed. Why do schools even think it is their place to teach about this? Very strange and wrong!

  • micah

    Progressive, quite simply….YOU SUCK…Get the hell out of my personal affairs….JAG OFF

  • micah

    When yo teach them with out parental guidance, they start experimenting..

  • Retired Capt

    “The rest of the country wants their children educated, not dumb and ignorant.” That explains the explosion in private academies & homeschooling!

  • nosocialism29

    Why do parents put their kids in public school???? Why do they give politicians and school boards such control? As a parent I would be at these meetings in mass keeping the board in line, not letting them shove their agenda down my kids throat.

  • Doug

    It is part of life – live with it…

  • Oldhead

    While getting a complete physical exam (which I thought was going great), my female doctor said I should quit masterbating so much. I said “Why, I enjoy it”. She said “Yeah, but I’m trying to finish this examination”.

  • Peggy

    I guess the thinking behind this is to keep those little hands active. What a shame that we are using our hard-earned taxes to send our children to gummit schools where they can learn this stuff but not learn how to read, write, spell, do math, or anything else that would gear them for living a productive life. And what a shame that so many schools are now under the direction and control of social degenerates.

  • Conservative Mom of Three

    It should NOT be the place of the school to teach students about masturbation and other sexuality issues–this should be for parents! We are allowing the schools and government to take over our parenting, choosing what is taught (sexuality, deviant behavior, etc.) and what is not (CORE subjects–it is, after all, SCHOOL people!). This slippery slope started back when I was in grade school in the late 60s when sex ed first started being taught. Why is THIS a subject any school should be teaching? Everything of value that I learned about sexuality and respecting my own body came from my parents–not from the misleading program they pushed on us at school. TAKE OUR SCHOOLS BACK or HOMESCHOOL. Quit allowing the public schools to dictate our morality.

  • OldNorthState

    Your bombastic moniker, itself, is indicative as to why the rest of us will not tolerate your ilk’s attempts to “rule” anyone, dipsquirt. We don’t care what you, or your sorry-arsed socialist friends, think you’ve “mandated”. When it comes to us and our respective families and lives, WE run the show. Got it?

  • TexasLady

    We received sex ed also… when I was in school… many years ago. But, at least, they had the decency to wait until middle school!! Of course, we also didn’t have cell phones and still didn’t get lost; drank out of garden hoses, and didn’t get sick; and played out until the street lights come on, in safety. A whole different world. What a sad place today’s children are growing up in. Sex ed in grade school but no three R’s; no phys ed, no civics, no American history..etc, etc.
    God bless the children…they are going to need it!!!

  • TexasLady

    That’s because, with their heads up their butts, their faces, their brains, and their genitalia look alike!

  • gypsyj

    This is not in the purview of the Dept of Education They are to teach Mathematics Algebra Geometry true History Geography Literature Language Sciences and bring the kids to graduation with good grades and sense of HONOUR

  • gypsyj

    Teachers these days are so efficient at successfully bringing the kids thru to graduation why we would we not want them engage in
    extra curricula social engineering and indoctrination?

  • gypsyj

    When you take away the teachings of “Fathers” from the bible ( the true love compassion truth the do unto others as you would like others to do unto you the ten commandments which are the civilized roots of our lives) you are left with what we have today perversions of every kind a Sodom & Gomorrah and the relevant evils

  • gypsyj

    Then offer parenting classes after school hours to those who desire it or need it but not to take upon the Govt to educate our kids on these non academic/curriculum subjects especially as you fail so miserably at the academics we can not expect any success with the other

  • Statistic-less Liberal
  • Deb

    I watched that on YouTube, just by listening to some of these people on here, it’s working, you can tell the difference by the statements of who are following the Bible and the Word of God and who are following Satans lies. The ones controlled by satan are sarcastic, cruel, immoral, have no idea what truth is nor do they want to hear it, this is why they don’t want to believe in the one true God of Abraham, Issac , and Jacob, cause then they would be accountable for their sins, repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for the sins of the world, only Jesus can release you from the bondage of sin. We were all born with a sin nature and yes you do have the choice of how you live but you better hope its the right choice for this world as in the days of Noah are so evil and immoral with no absolutes, all I have to say is Come Lord Jesus Come. As Hitler did, brainwash the children and you will have a generation of lost people on their way to hell unless they hear and listen to the Word of God, the Bible is a supernatural book that is God breathed into each writer filled with the Holy Spirit of God, no other book has fulfilled prophecy as the Bible or thousands of eyewitness accounts, or anyone who died for their sins as Jesus( God Incarnate) , the Word of God keeps on through archeology showing the truth of Scripture.
    Follow the Word of God take your children out of these schools, fight the good fight and always speak truth. Jesus is coming back and judgement is coming soon!

  • Joanne Bartchak Abate

    First let me say I think the word “teach” here should not be used. (last sentence) You can educate and explain this to children, but not teach it. Everyone has different opinions on sexual behavior. You may disagree with my attitude and opinion on sexual behavior; therefor I should not be explaining it to your child. You as parent are the one responsible in this department. Teachers are suppose to be academically preparing students for the world, not interfere in their personal lives to this extent. Also, some of these topics are introduced to early to students and I think this is inappropriate. Children mature, grow, and absorb knowledge at much different levels. I feel sexual content is better explained at home by a parent.

  • Jmack

    Exactly, the issue with teaching them what a definition of a pervert is. I just read recently that there is efforts being put forth to have pedophilia listed as just a sexual orientation, the same as homosexual or heterosexual, not something that is a sickness. If things go along that vein then soon there won’t be any definition of a pervert because everything is accepted.

  • Deb

    Ecclesiastes10:2″ a wise mans heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish mans heart directs him toward the left.”

  • Lets put this into perspective:

    You pull up in front of the school and wave at your child as she goes inside.

    Next thing you know the doors lock behind her because we can’t have gunmen running in, and we can’t arm the teachers for protection because, well… that’s just silly!

    Now you can’t get in to your child, and she can’t get out to you if she were to need you.

    Meanwhile, she goes to Mr. So and so’s class and she is being introduced to masturbation because the teacher feels it’s the “right thing to do.” (All the conservative teachers have fled the building by now because they are being “intolerant” about what is being taught).

    Now the innocent girl heads to the bathroom where she is surprised to find her male teacher waiting for her there. After all, they do have an open bathroom door policy.

    Over the course of the next several years, the girl is withdrawn and rarely speaks to her parents. She appears angry and sometimes out of control. Then the good government doctor convinces he parents that she must be medicated. They reluctantly agree, but they they don’t feel they have any other solutions.

    Finally, some years later the truth comes out. The girl was molested by that teacher and she blames…her PARENTS! Her question is, “where were they when she NEEDED them?”

    That my dear friends is reality.

  • Jerry Person

    honest men stay left and refuse to drink the Kool Aid. Christians stay left that is why 592 NUNS signed walkers recall. they are true Christians. They do not us God to make money.

  • John

    not the governments job , but the parents of todays world are to lazy but it is to young for that.

  • Sopater

    Thanks Huldah. This is a point that seems to be lost in this discussion. Everyone is concerned about a breech of their God-given parental rights (as well they should be), but what about their responsiblity to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children that God gave them?

    Parents have already willfully given up their rights and shirked their responsibility to protect their children when they cart them off to the government schools every day. We are already sowing the seeds of destruction and then complaining when we reap exactly what we have sown.

    God said:

    …thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. (Deu 6:5-7)

    When we give our children over to others to raise, we let them be the ones who teach them “their” ways. We will have no grounds to stand on when we have to one day give an account for how we raised our children. You get one shot at raising your child, and evil done to them cannot be undone.

  • Well put Sopater, thank you.


  • Jerry Person

    walkers new school policy is masturbation. So blame walker you moron. Walker only knows self gratification.
    It is a republican thing.

  • faythful1

    Maybe it’s time for them to concentrate on TEACHING subjects they should be teaching, instead of meddling in folks personal lives. Oh, I forgot, that’s why they have the NSA, and we wouldn’t want them to miss out on anything would we?? Of course, there was a time when parents were responsible for teaching their children social norms, as well as behavioral norms. Then again, we probably can’t allow that to happen now, could we, after all, the little one’s just might grow up and be productive, intelligent and healthy human beings! Not to mention they just might learn a thing or two about some moral values, which are sadly lacking in some schools! (Chicago being just one that comes to mind.) Remember, it’s the uneducated that care nothing about anything, or anyone! And, since some of those teachers that want to “control” our children’s thinking, aren’t any better than those! Now, we could start taking our kids out of the public schools, and sending them to private or religious schools, but am sure if D.C. hears about that, they’d pass a law against it, as well as home schooling! Eventually, we will have to “take the bull by the horns’ America, and take this country back from the illiterates running our country, and start over. For the sake or our children comes to mind! We the People do not need George Soros (the God running D.C.), nor Billie Bob Obama, since they both obviously don’t have enough sense between them to play marbles, to be running our government, or anything connected with it. States rights, means the states are in charge of the school system, not D.C., right?? Hip, hip, hurray for our getting the States back to doing their jobs, like now!!

  • NannyB

    So it looks like some LibTard has invaded this conversation. Look at all the negative votes on all the comments that make sense. To the “nay sayer” I say…get a life and don’t have kids. THEY will grow up to be America’s biggest problem!!

  • siren1873

    And that is what is coming out of the public schools! Brain dead drones.

  • Mo Mo

    If schools started teaching shopping skills then folks would get upset that the teachers are trying to tell their kids what/how to eat. Teaching that abstinence is the only way to prevent pregnancy and STD transmission is not a bad thing. You got by just fine and so will the kids of today, however, the kids of today have access to all kinds of porn and information at their fingertips in ways that you and I didn’t have when we were kids. The world is changing. We can’t shelter our kids from everything. Instead we should teach them about things so that they’re prepared for the real world — that includes budgeting, accounting, and human sexuality. While the idea of leaving parents to teach their kids about sex is a nice notion, lots of parents and children never discuss sex or sexuality. I learned from the bad kids in the neighborhood and my (good) parents didn’t know.

  • Too Much

    The booklet is for parents! Not for kids. The booklet says how the teachers will answer if a kid asks about masturbation. It doesn’t say they are going to teach kids how to masturbate, have abortions, or engage in sexual activity. Please.

  • Arnold

    Then you can have your child opt out. Simple.

  • Overreaction

    This is hardly the same thing.

  • Arlo

    Then opt out or send your kid to a Church school. Take responsibility!

  • Harold

    That’s what makes America so great. What would you prefer? We get rid of everyone who isn’t just like you?

  • Father

    Yes, send your kids over to the Catholic priests instead. They don’t have a reputation for touching the kids.

  • Father T

    You are whack. Could you imagine the outcry if someone (The school district? The government? Who?) offered classes for adults on how to talk to their kids about sex? The only ones who might get away with that in the God community is the Church. Send your kid to a Church school and stop complaining about the hand out that is public education.

  • Diddo

    And kids won’t do that if their parents teach or talk to them about sex?

  • Arlo

    If the schools have been doing this for a long time, why is it just now being reported about? Why are people in this comment thread acting like the world is ending because this new thing is happening? If parents are teaching their kids, as you are saying they are, then why haven’t teen pregnancy and STDs declined? Do you have statistics to show that there was no problem with teen pregnancy and STDs before the schools took over? And what does “before the schools took over” mean?

  • R U Liberal

    Why do you think that sending your kid to a public government run school is going to be any different? They are catering to the lowest common denominator, not to the elite Christian right. Send your kids to a private school that does things the way you want and stop complaining about the hand out that is public education.

  • Arloq

    And that’s the result of the schools and teachers? I think not. It’s the result of PARENTS.

  • PP Christie

    No other religion is as preoccupied with sex and sexuality as the Christian religion. So point your pee pee protector at someone else.

  • Marge

    What do you care? It just mean less liberals in the world. Eventually the world will be perfect because they’ll all abort themselves. Or, just maybe the aborted children are the chosen ones, the ultimate in pure. Those unborn children are being taken daily as part of the rapture while we are left here on hell to endlessly argue about God’s will. Think about that.

  • Reading is FUNdamental

    Nobody is teaching kids how to masturbate. Did anyone actually READ the article and the booklet?

  • Whack

    There is no explicit sex education. You’ve been visiting too many porn sites. The kids are learning information in an age appropriate manor, just like mommy and daddy would talk to the kids about how babies come out of mommies tummy.

  • Logicamcal

    I think your own experience actually confirms my opinion – that there is big difference between religious people you meet and the far-right agenda. I have not confused religion and pedophilia. I’m not saying that religion leads to pedophilia. I’m saying the far-right is using the god issue as a “door” to pedophilia.

    Makes about as much sense as what you wrote.

  • Gay Stuff and God

    Funny how Christians clearly see the the chain as heterosexual, homosexual, pedophile. Makes me glad they all choose to resist their homosexual urges!

  • Bows Down

    Men are the problem. Do you know how many heterosexual men rape women and young women? Does that make all heterosexual men bad? Yes it does according to your logic. So stay away from your father because next thing you know he’ll be raping you.

    What you experience as absolute truth is actually just your (and many people’s) opinion. Just as one person is fine with homosexuality, you feel it is unnatural. Lie you say, everyone chooses their life.

    Still, I wonder why God told you that you are better than everyone else. How lucky you are to be elevated above all others.

  • READ


  • Don’t Forget

    And liberals!

  • Go Ahead and Play God

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.”

    Matthew 7:1-2

  • Hi Beth

    I love you despite your habitual sin of judging others.

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.”

    Matthew 7:1-2

  • Nice

    That would be “you’re” as in YOU ARE.

  • Doug

    Nobody in the 60s and 70s had a gender problem? You mean, nobody you knew. In any case, since the perfect 60s and 70s when you grew up things have changed because your generation has obviously failed to teach their children how to be right and good at home.

  • Lana

    Christians are pretty great, aren’t they?

  • Happened

    What do you mean it’s only a matte of time? You just described a world in which a person did that and it was considered fine. That time has passed. We should all be sodomizing goats by now.

  • Annoyed

    I can’t believe how many people don’t read and assume the teachers are teaching the kids how to play with themselves. What’s even more astonishing is that all they do about it is throw their hands up and call liberals pedophiles. “God help us!”

  • Doggie

    Once the kids know how to masturbate they’ll all be doing it in the yard. I only wish more Christians would stop complaining about the government handout that is public school and would instead take responsibility and send their kids to a Bible based school. Instead they want to get angry when the government and teachers don’t cater to their every whim.

  • Fair is Fair

    Some of the folks who believe that homosexuality is wrong are happy to bully gays and tell them that they’re less than human. Take another read through. It happens on both sides.

  • Try Something Else

    Do rams teach their baby rams about sex? No, and the males sodomize each other. Do dolphins teach their babies about sex? No, and they engage in homosexual sexual acts all the time. Not a good argument for you.

  • Thanks

    Thankfully you send your kid to a private Church-based school and not to the liberal government hand out concentration camp that is public school.

  • Archie

    It never fails to impress me when “liberals” stick to backwards thought and name calling like 3-year-olds! In America we revere the Texan’s rebellious attitude and love for the constitution and country. Those who don’t like Texas would have aided the lobsterbacks and probably have tea and crumpets for lunch.

  • Saul

    Who is telling the kids to have anal sex at 12? Where did you read that? Please, provide an accurate link.

  • HarryKrentz

    By defining it, they are describing it, by describing it they are teaching it. The topics covered in the Sex Ed program go far beyond “Where do babies come from”. It is stuff that I wasn’t taught until High School, and I went to Wisconsin schools. It also includes hot button topics, such as abortion and homosexuality, that I have no trust in government to teach objectively.

  • Dorn

    Those values that you mention are being taught at home, like so many on this thread have mentioned. The kids aren’t being taught how to masturbate. Read the booklet! The booklet (for parents) says it has a uniform definition of masturbation. That’s it. You too are getting old. Don’t you recall the older folks telling your generation that you weren’t as good, smart, educated, polite? It’s a “getting old” thing.

  • FUNdamental

    I see what you’re saying. To that extent, by defining slavery they are teaching slavery. By describing history they are teaching war. By defining competition we are teaching conflict over cooperation. We shouldn’t discuss any of this stuff!

  • Arthur

    Not all liberals are name callers. By the way, what’s a “lobsterback”?

  • Pat
  • Pat
  • Guest

    We should send the parents to these classes then, not the kids! The, “We can’t shelter our kids,” fails as an argument. Why do we have rated R movies? Why not show pornography to the 4-6th graders while they talk about masturbation? Why not show the, clips of starving children in Ethiopia and the holocaust in the first grade to the 6 year olds?? Why not show them slides of mangled children from drunk driving accidents? Why not let them play by themselves down that street where vagrants like to hang out?? They’ll have to learn sooner or later right?

    Before trolls pick up on my examples and run with them.. statistics show that the effects of teaching such things (along with masturbation) would be damaging, and too influential on the developing psyche.

    The point: Children are not ready to learn about such things until they have the personal capability to understand the topic and whether they have the moral awareness and maturity to accept or reject what they are being taught as it pertains to themselves. Being taught such things as “a fact of life” forces an assumed ethical code on them that they are then apt to assimilate. It’s conditioning.

    Our job IS to shelter and protect from the world. Just because they can learn about something, doesn’t mean that they should. I do agree about teaching them about real world “tools” such as balancing a checkbook, budgeting, etc. But the boundaries of common sense are being violated.

    This guy said it pretty well..


  • Jax Pacific

    We should send the parents to these classes then, not the kids! The, “We can’t shelter our kids,” fails as an argument. Why do we have rated R movies? Why not show pornography to the 4-6th graders while they talk about masturbation? Why not show the, clips of starving children in Ethiopia and the holocaust in the first grade to the 6 year olds?? Why not show them slides of mangled children from drunk driving accidents? Why not let them play by themselves down that street where vagrants like to hang out?? They’ll have to learn sooner or later right?

    Before trolls pick up on my examples and run with them.. statistics show that the effects of teaching such things (along with masturbation) would be damaging, and too influential on the developing psyche.

    The point: Children are not ready to learn about such things until they have the personal capability to understand the topic and whether they have the moral awareness and maturity to accept or reject what they are being taught as it pertains to themselves. Being taught such things as “a fact of life” forces an assumed ethical code on them that they are then apt to assimilate. It’s conditioning.

    We should set the standard of positive behavior in teaching our future generations.. not teach them how the “real world” behaves as if it’s okay and it will help them be a “better rounded” individual. Nonsense.

    I let my child watch scary movies.. they get bad dreams, they stay scared, and it takes years for them to over come that and not react with fear to the dark. The answer being touted is: show scary movies at a younger age so they can better adjust and learn! hmm… yeah, no.. that’s backward thinking.

    Our job IS to shelter and protect from the world. Just because they can learn about something, doesn’t mean that they should. I do agree about teaching them about real world “tools” such as balancing a checkbook, budgeting, etc. But the boundaries of common sense are being violated.

    This guy said it pretty well..


  • CamasBlues

    Riiiiiiight. Cuz ignorance is bliss, and nothing bad will happen.


  • Jax Pacific

    Right for the most part. I’m a “religious” (not really but for the sake of definitions 🙂 parent.. and the first thing I’ll tell them is God made sex for to reasons, procreation, and to be awesome. 🙂 Now take my advice and don’t mess that up. Anyway.. lots and lots of non religious kids out there getting knocked up and being reckless. The problem with “religious” parents is that they lay down the law, and never say “why.” Worst strategy ever!!

  • Jane72

    I think this should be optional–if a parent feels uncomfortable talking to their children, there should be a trusted, well-trained counsellor available to talk to the children. If a parent prefers to talk to their own children, then that is their right.
    Booklets on how to talk to your child could be given out to parents early on, with the offer of assistance as needed by the counsellor in a private session.
    Unfortunately the government feels this insane need to control many things that belong to the parents under the guise of “helping”, but that kind of control leads to raising a flock of sheep instead of bright, reasoning, informed children.
    Also moral values and religion (or the absence thereof) , should not be dictated by the government. We already have too much of that!

    As a retired kindergarten teacher I can attest to the joys of supporting the both the parent and the child in positive ways to come to good moral conclusions.
    This is what makes America great and different from other countries–why would we spoil that?

  • dog491

    gogo speak for yourself and the other retards on school boards. I’m in America and I call Texas the home of smart people. I do not live in Texas either.

  • dog491

    The church schools cost are prohibitive to most working parents today.

  • ibelieveinfreedom2

    Give the parents the book and let them deal with their own kids. This is not a job for teachers. If the parents don’t want to discuss it with their kids, then let their pediatrician do it. The school has no business in this whatsoever! School is a place to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. It should be a place where they learn real American history, not the BS brainwashing material they are taught. It should also be a place where they can learn real science, not about man-made global climate change which has been proven false and the evidence of faked ‘statistic’ to prove their lies has been revealed. Sadly, children learn everything else but what they should be taught. We have generations of ignorant fools incapable of taking care of themselves for which the taxpayers have paid untold trillions of dollars, children, teachers, and parents have wasted years of their lives, and millions of graduates are in debt and unable to get a decent job. I’m not sure schools are even relevant anymore. They are nothing but propaganda mills. The nation would be better off keeping the children home and teaching them respect and some basic education.

  • HarryKrentz

    Obviously you DON’T see what I’m saying, but I’m hardly surprised, given that you think you are the only one who reads. However, your take on history puts a fine point on the matter, doesn’t it? To say that history is simply teaching war lets me believe that you are unfit to teach history to my children. How much so less would I grant you permission to answer questions they might have regarding something as personal and consequential in their lives as sex ed.

  • Jerry Person

    a liar and a cheat go right. True Christians like the 952 nuns that signed walkers recall know better. Honest people go left

  • Jerry Person

    The only sex GOP get is self gratification. Like walker they only luv themselves

  • Hi Guest,

    Discussing what the scriptures say about something is not judging.

  • Mike

    The three “R”s will get you farther than learning how to play with yourself……

  • nettleman

    You will go blind.

  • Progressives Rule

    Yes it is worse now. especially in the bible belt.

  • ewljr

    Education replaced by prepping kids for brothels & prison. We can truly say that our courts have drug all of our “SCHOOLS” down to the lowest common denomination or lower. Teachers that can’t teach abuse our children for 8 hours a day or more.

  • Progressives Rule

    Parents can not be the vehicle to educate our children about Sex Ed. The proof is all over the country. My grand daughter sent me these great links. There’s probably more parents in Texas than anywhere who insist that they should be the one to teach sex ed to their kids. the proof is in the pudding. Parents are not doing the job as sex educator.

    The birthrate among Texas teens is the 3rd highest in the nation (63.4 per 1,000) with the repeat teen birth rate being the 2nd highest in the nation.

    Texas has long had a reputation as the poster child for the abstinence-only sex education movement. Much of this reputation has been well-earned. Not only has Texas received more federal abstinence-only dollars than any other state (by a significant margin1), in recent years abstinence-only programs have enjoyed a virtual monopoly over sex education instruction in Texas public school classrooms. An earlier study by the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund (TFNEF) documented that during the 2007-08 school year, fully 94 percent of Texas districts employed a strict abstinence-only message that omitted references to – or discouraged use of – condoms or other forms of contraception.2
    Meanwhile, health officials have begun referring to the sky-high pregnancy and STD rates among teens in Texas as a legitimate public health crisis.

    Here’s one young girl who bucked the abstinence only failure.

    The Education of Shelby Knox – Shelby started her fight after a friend told her she got pregnant because her boyfriend told her it was safe “the first time”. This is what happens when this education is left to parents who only want to say “Just don’t do it”. As if that worked for self righteous Nancy Reagan.

    Knox, who had joined the commission in 2001 as a 14-year-old, offered filmmakers an intriguing contradiction: a Christian teenager who had pledged abstinence from sex until marriage yet was willing to fight publicly for comprehensive sex education in schools.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3ef7oc6ltgShelby Know talks to Venderbilt University. Listen to this folks and learn something.

  • Progressives Rule

    They are the milk carton picture of “insanity”. They keep doing the same thing, getting the same failed results and keep expecting a different outcome. Like I say, Conservatives are simply scared to death of progress.

  • Progressives Rule

    Who says there is “no three R’s; no phys ed, no civics, no American history..etc, etc.”? Some girls are hitting puberty at 9 and 10 years old. Boys at 10 to 12. How long do you think we should wait before we tell them what’s going on with their body? When they go into labor? When they have herpes blisters breaking out all over their lips? They’re getting bad info from their friends, the internet, tv programs. If we don’t tell them, somebody else will. Ignorance is not effective birth control. Do you realize kids are having sex on school buses? Do you realize STDs are hitting kids at younger and younger ages? Even virgins! When TexasLady? When?

  • Progressives Rule

    So, you know all about STDs, different forms of birth control, you’re prepared to discuss masturbation, relationships, what’s “in” in their world, with your children?

  • Progressives Rule

    Care to share those mysterious statistics?
    Our job is NOT to shelter our kids from the world. It is to prepare them to be confident adults. It is clear your boundaries for common sense are a shy narrow.

  • OldNorthState

    Well, from this and other comments you’ve made, I have to say, you’re really open-minded… you’ve opened your mind so much your brain has fallen out.

  • Kevin Russell

    In fourth grade you were 9 years old. That’s too young to masturbate, fool.

  • CeceD

    The political machine always has an angle; they do one thing that – at the time
    – seems to be a stand-alone issue (it never is). Decades and one scorched earth
    later, hindsight shows us they were
    jockeying to achieve this “other, nefarious and broadly controlling thing.”

    real unemployment numbers hovering around 23.3%; with the NSA, the IRS, the
    CIA, the EPA, the FBI, the FDA, and all other departments of government committing
    repeated felonious acts of citizen intrusion, overreach and obfuscation … why
    in the hell are they focused on educating my fourth grade grandchild on the
    fact and the art of masturbation? This “sexual exposure” being imposed on
    America’s children under the guise of “education” is the darkest, most despicable … and predictable
    … activity on their secular progressive hit parade. They have taken aim, and
    are imposing the calculated, deliberate death
    of our children’s innocence. But, take
    note: the academicians claim that our children are NOT “born innocent,” but that
    this idea is a fantasy created and imposed on them by “Conservative religiosity.”

    One could call it insanity, but the
    insanity is not in the hands of the perpetrators … a snake is a snake. They are
    what they are, and they do what they do. For us to tolerate any of this, to any
    degree, on any level … THAT is where the
    insanity lies. We are not insane. We cannot allow this.

    So, let’s consider … what is it the government
    is trying to accomplish?

    far as I’m concerned, this is a thinly veiled “grooming” program that fits hand-in-glove with the other hedonistic
    movements running parallel to it … academically supported movements the general
    public has largely no clue about. Here, a small sample:

    American Psychology Association is campaigning for, and in support of
    redefining – “defining down” – pedophiles; they have decided to call pedophilia
    “multigenerational intimacy.” Don’t
    breeze by this one, people; stop and think: redefining pedophilia will remove
    all automatic court protections currently in place for children when ensnared
    by a pedophile. When an adult sexually abuses a child, it will no longer be a
    crime, or “abuse” … merely a “border violation,” if anything. And
    yes, they use “border” … not “boundary.” Further, possession of sexually
    explicit images of children will be – in legal terms – “value neutral.” In
    other words, this increasingly depraved society’s version of “normal.”

    The same group who fight for this, are driving the sex program in schools.
    The link below is vastly informative:

    Children cannot “unsee”any sexually provocative or physically sensational images they are exposed to; the experience will fundamentally change how
    they view themselves, the world, and their place in it.
    This, I submit, is the purpose of the entire government “exercise,” currently
    dubbed “sex education.”

    Dr. Judith Reisman has done 20 years of research on the celebrated sexologist Alfred Kinsey. Reisman’s research is summarized in Susan Brinkmann’s book,
    The Kinsey Corruption. Reisman testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Science, Technology and Space Nov.18, on the effects of pornography on the brain. She tells us of the potently addictive nature of pornography, how it literally changes the brain, causes a neurochemical “high,” and triggers an instant, involuntary, lasting, biochemical memory trail. This is further complicated by the fact that, along with sexual feelings, other feelings are simultaneously triggered: shame, fear, hostility. Those are the psychopharmacological emotions that are going to go off the charts. It
    is an arousal the brain cannot understand. That is one reason it so often becomes addictive. I have attached a link where Dr. Reisman is interviewed. But here’s what she says about children: From Dr. Judith Reisman:
    What’s the effect on children in our schools?
    “Now children are exposed to this in the classroom
    because all pornography is pornography, whether it’s called sex education or
    not. Children have little or no cognitive capacity even to begin to grasp the stimuli. So they are overwhelmed and captured, seduced into addiction, very quickly.” (ed. Note: this explains why children who are exposed to sexually
    explicit images, or who are sexually abused, immediately begin to exhibit
    sexually provocative behavior, and experience issues/addictions that can be
    lifelong. The violations have changed how they view themselves, and the world) “What Kinsey launched, Reisman said, is the “sex industrial complex.” That complex includes not only purveyors of pornography, but pharmaceutical companies that develop contraceptives and Viagra, abortionists, schools and the media.
    The media are developing a consumer base for this complex, Reisman said.
    “They educate these kids to see their bodies as objects, controlled with
    drugs.” The sex education done in schools has “undermined their
    natural modesty. With no modesty and no innocence, they become perfect little
    See the interview here:
    Part of who we are as humans is anchored in our sexuality. The secret is balance, wisdom, a well calibrated moral compass, and thoughtful, wise and open conversations with our children … when they are ready.
    I stand ready, as part of a grass roots movement, to be one of the “talking parents” … someone other parents can feel safe sending their children to if they are not comfortable having the conversations, or fielding the questions that children ask, age appropriately, regarding their sexuality.
    Sorry for the long post. Clearly, I am at war with the nefarious *bomb* called “sex education” that threatens to exterminate our children, as God created them. It also ravages and redefines the beautiful, tender gift of sexual intimacy. I will speak truth to perceived power, and fight this movement – this “soul murder” – till the day I die.
    You are free to disagree. But not to disrespect.

  • Progressives Rule

    You forgot, and then they stick their heads back in the sand.

  • Progressives Rule

    Hey, I asked her to share.

  • Progressives Rule

    That , my dear friend is the gist of all this. Some kids actually hit puberty that young.

  • Progressives Rule

    Your kid probably needs this education the most.

  • Progressives Rule

    Look at the occurrence of STDs and incest in your part of the country and back yard. With the proper education your kids don’t have to be doomed to repeat your mistakes.

  • Progressives Rule

    Private academies is all about showing off. Homeschooling is all about hiding from the real world, as is conservative’s m.o., and turning out social misfits.

  • Progressives Rule

    No, that’s not what I said. Kids are not getting the right information in some areas because parents are crying like a bunch of babies that teaching sex ed to their kids is 100% their responsibility. So, their cowardly school districts listen to those cry babies, or are scared of them, and teach abstinence only or nothing. Then the cry baby parents don’t hold up their end and teach their kids what they said they should.

  • Progressives Rule

    And yet, you understood it.

  • sexi_squidward

    Did anyone even read the article? These things aren’t being taught in the classroom but in a handout for the parents to help them discuss these things with their kids if the topics come up.

    Students, according to the handbook, will “be encouraged to talk to parents in order to help them develop their own values and beliefs about masturbation.”

  • Sopater
  • CeceD

    Some commentors are asking others, “Have you even read the ARTICLE?”
    As for me, I read the article several times. I’m quite sure I’lll read it again. I also downloaded and read the HANDBOOK under discussion. I will read it until I know I have absorbed what it says … and doesn’t say. That’s often the most important, and telling, part of anything.
    In the article, I find no statement that declares the topic of masturbation will *not* be taught. The article tells us the objective is to have a “discussion” with third graders about masturbation; “Instruction,” per se, is “left up to the school board’s discretion.” How beautifully written; now everyone can use their own definition of terms to decide what that all means, because there is no definitive statement or commitment – pro or con – about any of it. The other third grade “objective” is to discuss suicide. And the truth is, we don’t have a clue how they plan to meet those “objectives.”. We just know that Pandora’s box has been opened.
    A sixth-grade objective is to “define sexual intercourse, including oral and anal intercourse.”
    For the record, I’ve never known any acedemician to set out or be assigned an objective without a concrete plan to meet it. So, “objective: sixth grade – sexual intercourse; include oral/anal.”
    But we are reassured by this statement: “Staff, though, are advised not to answer questions of personal sexual experience.” So staff is being told not to talk about their personal sexual exploits in class. I mean, really, people … lights on, all hands on the table … this is what it looks like.

    Holy crap.

  • sharonmariemiller

    maybe, just maybe…Parents should pull Their children from public school and begin home schooling…there are plenty on online education systems. It seems like young children are being groomed to partake of sexual activity…and that should be the last thing on their list of things to worry about at the 4th grade level…7th grade is soon enough.

  • JustMe

    No, I started masturbating in the 7th, and believe it or not, it was accidental. My first orgasm scared the hell out of me, but after calming down (it seemed I wasn’t going to die after all), I realized that is felt pretty good! I’ve been hooked since…!

  • JustMe

    I think a “lobsterback” is another name for “redcoat” or “loyalist”, if the tea and crumpets comment is an indication of support for British rule.

  • Retired Capt

    …and public schools are all about “dumb and ignorant”.

    I got a great laugh from the “turning out social misfits” having watched this country decline from the 1960’s forward. Bill Ayers, Anita Dunn & ilk are a part of your community, not mine.

  • CM2013

    There is no limit to this progressive or liberal attitude. Mast…is wrong and borders on creepy when schools attempt to teach it! Sex by sixth!? Kids learn things in time and some learn it sooner…Will they teach how to murder so they know to decide on whether to commit a crime or not..? The school should be punished for it really.

  • MargaretJacobson

    What happened to the parents ? That’s the parents responsibility to talk to their children !

  • jandbcinAZ

    then they get jobs at mcdonalds at min wage and demand $15@ hr because the union told them too….

  • babs

    You creep me out. Just your moniker tells it all. Parents have the responsibility of knowing their children and when the appropriate time to tell their children the basics of “sex education”. If this is going on in school buses, shame on yu for not doing something about that.

  • gatekeeper96740

    Oh of course then in fifth grade they can learn how to twerk and we
    will have a nation of Miley Cyrus’s……by all means lets sexualize
    children so the UN can implement the UN “Rights of the Child” (The RIGHT
    of a child to have sex with an adult) TOTALLY SARCASTIC voice

  • Retired Capt

    Shamefully my retort was taken down. Just as a reminder:
    showing off is a liberal thing, hiding from the real world is a liberal thing and social misfits is the caption from liberal photographs!

  • Upset Voter

    This totally sickens me. These children are way to young to hear about these topics. YES IT’S THE PARENTS OBLIGATION TO TEACH THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT THIS TOPIC BUT NOT, I MEAN NOT, AT THIS EARLY AGE.

  • 4388B

    Reading the postings here is frightening. They demonstrate the problem: Too many parents are failing to teach their children about sex education; the result, too many teen pregnancies and STDs. Teachers are best equipped to teach this important life function. Support the teachers and let them do their job without your “moral” interference.

  • mreichard7

    @missmissy68 Father – Up to 4% of Catholic priests/fathers have to accused of sexual abuse.
    Up to 10% of public school teachers have been accused of sexual abuse.
    In both cases. many times the abuse was hidden, and the “animal” transferred with no record of the abuses.
    Punishment is much too lenient for these abusers.

  • mreichard7

    And volunteer as a classroom aid, if only a few hours a week. I did, and was more aware of what was going on.

  • Soapbox Jill

    Get your filthy hands and minds off our kids, progressives. Parents rule in their own homes, not the state.

    Interestingly, Progressives Rule can only mean tyranny. Anyone who does not agree will be forced to comply. This is not supposed to be a country where a leader or biased group RULES everyone. That’s a monarchy, at best. At worst, any level of force necessary will be used to make people comply with progressive “rules.” It suddenly becomes life and death. That is the problem with forced collectivism.

  • Hilda Ward

    We see far too many kids that are in the public school system that can’t read or do basic math problems. If teachers can’t teach those basic skills (lack of parental help or lack of time) why add additional curriculum to their busy day.

  • go go

    Citation please? Wow, you right wingers love masturbation as much as propaganda!

  • go go

    You care not for facts if you are really a conservative.

  • go go

    Try reading. Abstinence programs don’t work to prevent std’s or pregnancy.

  • go go

    Yet it is right wingers here who spurt third rate propaganda and are obsessed with masturbation.

  • go go

    Clearly a creeper would think that way.

  • go go

    Yes, I believe in morals, so no I don’t believe in a magic sky man.

  • go go

    Reading? Remember, these are conservatives. They don’t even read their own bible.

  • go go

    It was a perfect analogy of your own words. Read them.

  • go go

    That is called indoctrination. It is what they do in churches and right wing propaganda.

  • go go

    You seem obsessed with child sex. It is illegal. Get help.

  • go go

    Believing in fictional characters is not normal.Delusions=mental illness.

  • go go

    Read it and I’ll buy you a real book.

  • go go

    (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)

    If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.

    What kind of lunatic would make a rape victim marry her attacker? Answer: God.

    QED: to be a christian you must not have read the bible, or you think women are just another commodity to be bought and sold.

  • go go

    Ah, a loving god.

  • go go

    Clousen was a neo nazi.

  • go go

    You seem pretty sure of yourself for someone who would pass third grade writing standards in a public school. Do you have any proof of whatever you are trying to say?

  • go go

    Yes, please pass on your willful ignorance in the age of information to your children. Great idea.

  • go go

    Read the article.

  • go go

    It was simply more wishful thinking.

  • go go

    Common Core covers Math and English language Arts. Thank you for your fine example of conservative ignorance.

  • go go

    Get help. Your fantasy is evil.

  • go go

    Where in the bible does it teach all you to lie? When I read it the ten commandments said something about that?

  • go go

    Try reading the article. If reading is too much work what type of education will you provide?

  • go go

    Lying is a sin. Common Core covers Math and English. Nothing else so far. Your lies make people dislike religion so you seem to have no respect for it either.

  • go go

    Obviously you are unemployed and hoping. Don’t bother.

  • go go

    Why do you enjoy cutting and pasting lies? Does it ease your conscience over the wretched things you do? Do you even realize the NY Post you cite is a tabloid like National ENQUIRER?

  • go go

    Correct. It has NOTHING to do with the dept of ed. It is ONE local school district. It is a good idea to actually read an article before forming an opinion. You might learn something.

  • go go

    Local school district and local school board approved. Did you even read the article?

  • go go

    That is the only reason people are foolish enough to believe in religions.

  • go go

    Religious schools (an oxymoron) exist for profit from people who want segregated schools.

  • go go

    Bill Ayers has a P.h.d and you have…. an opinion based on falsehoods.

  • go go

    Read the article. Or do you prefer telling lies?

  • Connie C

    You are calling me a liar over responding to this article about this? Get your head out of the sand and wake up. People who are blind like you are the reason America is the mess she is.

  • SoDakCatholic

    Immoral people like you are the another good reason to homeschool.

  • Jennifer Hall

    That’s exactly the sarcastic attitude I am talking about. You’re wasting my time with your hate and ignorance. And yet, you will waste your precious time responding back to me because you have a need to have the last word instead of learning anything…pity on you.

  • Jennifer Hall

    Obviously you know it doesn’t, but for those who really need to pay attention to what they are reading: Under the Mosaic Law, the woman does not have to marry rapist if her father determined that she could be provided for in a
    more suitable manner (Exodus 22:16–17). The law was not designed
    to force the rape victim into an unbearable marriage, but to secure her
    future and that of her children. Nowhere does Scripture say, “GO, and rape your daughter!”, people who say the Bible says this is a demonic liar.

  • Jennifer Hall

    Mormons are not Christian. They do not rely on the Holy Bible. They have their own books they follow faithfully. Joseph Smith was also a Freemason.

  • Retired Capt

    A Master’s. Bill Ayers also has arrest records at both state & federal levels. I didn’t help to plant bombs in police stations or federal buildings. Are those falsehoods? Yeah he’s a great guy! Certainly not a social misfit by your standards.

  • Jennifer Hall

    Read the rest of Chapter 7. Also: “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”John 7:24

    1 Corinthians 2:15 “The spiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one.”

    Proverbs 28:5 Evildoers do not understand what is right, but those who seek the LORD understand it fully.
    Matthew 7 does not condemn judging generally. It condemns hypocritical judgment, such as when you condemn and judge Christians for even talking.

  • Retired Capt

    Funny that a lot of parents (especially minority parents of kids in underperforming public schools) want their children in private schools. Remind me, where do owebama’s kids go to school?

  • Jennifer Hall

    What about Matthew 7:3-6? Cherry-pick much?

  • Yeah, I know it doesn’t. I’ve read the Bible all the way through, and I’m sure I would remember that, being a rape victim myself. I asked the question because I knew go go wouldn’t be able to provide a reference.

  • Retired Capt

    Like the owebamas?

  • Retired Capt

    A Master’s – but I don’t have a federal arrest record for participating in planning bombings, blowing up buildings & statues.

  • Retired Capt

    Funny that a lot of parents (especially minority parents of kids in underperforming public schools) want their children in private schools. Remind me, where do owebama’s kids go to school?

  • bluwaterkayaker

    Call it anything you want. Church-going people have moral values that they want to pass on to their children. They don’t want it undermined by the Fed. school system.

  • Connie C

    go go obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. Common Core covers more than Math and English. For instance:

    “CSCOPE has faced heavy criticism by parents, teachers and legislators, culminating in legislative hearings that revealed serious academic deficiencies in the areas of math, science and English, as well as what many critics believe is an agenda-driven bias in social studies content that promotes a negative view of America.”

    Feel free to read the whole article: http://www.wnd.com/2013/06/lesson-plans-for-terrorists-as-freedom-fighters-pulled/

    I agree lying is a sin and should educate yourself so you can get to the truth.

  • Retired Capt

    Oh, like owebama?

  • Retired Capt

    What I don’t have is an arrest record.

  • HarryKrentz

    Clearly a twerking lib would say such a thing.

  • HarryKrentz

    It misses the point entirely.

  • mlauzon

    When I first moved to a group home in Beaconsfield, Quebec in ’84, I was 7yrs old, and every few weeks after the Monday night residents meeting, we were taught sex education. So, I don’t see why you’re all up in arms about it!

  • go go

    Ryan Ekvall you owe the people of Oak Creek School District an apology. The booklet is not the curriculum being taught. It is simply suggestions of hoe staff are to answer questions from students, and age appropriate definitions. But truth does not stir up the right wing kooks as much as your misrepresentations does it?

  • go go
  • go go

    Lying is a moral value? Please explain.

  • go go

    I am your father.

  • go go

    Common core is not cscope. CC has gone from Math and Language to also include History. I have read the first two of them. There is ZERO about sex ed. in there. Try Google.

  • bluwaterkayaker

    You already know that Christians teach their children that lying is wrong. Please don’t respond again unless you have something intelligent to say.

  • Vee

    So true!!

  • Vee

    Some girls get their period at 11. Of course they start exploring themselves when they realise that their bodies are changing! Which means that they have to be educated about these things beforehand.

  • go go

    Then why do they incessantly lie?

  • go go

    CSCOPE is NOT Common Core.

  • go go

    YOU ARE Sick. Perhaps the objective is to teach the definition. Why do you keep imagining child sex? Why are you people sointerested in child sex? Conservatives are animals.

  • go go

    Walker, masturbation, conservative child sex creeps, it all fits.

  • Progressives Rule

    I see you just want to whine instead of answering any of my questions. Typical of coward conservatives. Parents are not experts in this area and most are not comfortable talking to kids about these topics. Teens want this info. They complain their parents won’t talk about it. Get your head out of yer backside. Your kids’ lives depend on it.

  • Progressives Rule

    Those parents who won’t talk about sex certainly won’t go to a classroom and admit it! Talk about stupid.

  • Progressives Rule

    Great example of so-called, oxymoron “Texas values”!

  • Progressives Rule

    So, you think it’s teachers’ responsibility to dress kids and teach them how to behave? Is this the right’s idea of small gov’t?

  • Progressives Rule

    For all you so-called parents who have your head firmly hidden up your butt to ignore reality, here’s an article about 10 year olds in Florida getting STDs. If 9 is too young to talk to kids about sex, and they’re sexually active at 10, just when do you think you’ll have the courage to talk to them? Grow up you Victorian thinking Conservatives. You parents aren’t talking to your kids so teachers, trained experts, have to. And thank gawd it’s the law in most states.