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Miami police union to applicants: You don’t want to work here

By   /   August 27, 2013  /   3 Comments

NO NEED TO APPLY: The Miami police labor union says there's no need to apply to be an officer here.

NO NEED TO APPLY: The Miami police labor union says there’s no need to apply to be an officer here.


By Marianela Toledo | Florida Watchdog

MIAMI — Let’s face it, living in paradise has its price. Just ask the Miami Fraternal Order of Police. They’re saying wannabe police officers should apply somewhere else.

“Are you looking to advance in your career? Do not apply to be a police officer in the City of Miami” says the 16-seconds video, shown in the Fraternal Order website.


“There are not educational incentives, no promotional exams and no raises,” says the narrator images flash of officers making arrests.

The video ends with this warning: “Know the facts before you apply”.

It also says the Miami Police Department has the lowest salary compared with officers working in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Davie and Coral Springs.

The video was released just a week before the city began the negotiation with the labor union over its employment contract. It will be aired on television beginning Wednesday. A version in Spanish also will be available.

Neither the Miami Fraternal Order of Police nor the Mayor Tomas Regalado responded to our request for an interview.

The city’s 2013-14 budget proposed include hiring an additional of 33 officers. And other 200 officers will retire soon. Now the competitiveness will be a key factor to avoid an exodus of lack of employees.

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    I suggest that the police union go read the Florida Constitution, it state that any job action is punishable by firing and that you can not be rehired by any government in the state. This to me is a job action and the union member need to be fired.

  • Indy_Girl

    Another place you don’t want to work – rahcontractnow.ORG

  • jlm

    Two year degree, 45K per year – amortized over 30 years – a pretty penny, and better to start there than many municipalities 25-30 K (average for FL is 25K).