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Inmate one step closer to getting Virginia to shell out $20k for her sex-change operation

By   /   August 28, 2013  /   News  /   98 Comments

U.S District Court Judge Judge James C. Turk decided Wednesday that Ophelia De’Lonta, a 53-year-old, pre-operative transexual is entitled to get evaluated by a gender identity specialist of her choice.

U.S District Court Judge Judge James C. Turk decided Wednesday that Ophelia De’Lonta, a 53-year-old, pre-operative transexual is entitled to get evaluated by a gender identity specialist of her choice.

By Bre Payton | Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau

PURCELLVILLE  — An inmate is one step closer getting Virginia to pay for her sex-change operation.

U.S. District Court Judge Judge James C. Turk ruled Wednesday that Ophelia De’Lonta, a 53-year-old, pre-operative transexual, is entitled to get evaluated by a gender identity specialist of her choice.

The evaluation will determine whether the $20,000 sex-change operation is medically necessary for the inmate with a gender-identity disorder and a past history of self-castration attempts.

If the specialist decides that the sex-change operation is medically necessary and the court agrees, it will be funded by the Virginia Department of Corrections.

But De’Lonta will have to pay for the evaluation herself.

Turk told the Roanoke Times that it looks to him that De’Lonta’s preferred doctor will become her expert witness for future phases of the case.

De’lonta, who was born as Michael A. Stokes, is serving a 73-year prison sentence for bank robbery.

She filed a lawsuit in 2011, claiming that preventing her from getting a sex-change procedure was cruel and unusual punishment, therefore violating the Eighth Amendment.

Turk initially dismissed the self-filed lawsuit two years ago, saying that the the DOC was adequately treating her gender identity disorder. But the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that De’Lonta is entitled to a hearing on the constitutional merits of her case.

In 2010, De’Lonta was hospitalized after a self-castration attempt. She is receiving hormone treatments, psychological counseling, and has been allowed to dress as a woman in a men’s prison, according to an Associated Press report.

Watchdog.org has requested a phone interview with De’Lonta. The request is being processed by the DOC and is contingent upon De’Lonta’s acceptance of the request.

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  • grumpy old man

    No,no,no,no way…Words escape me at the moment…Just can’t believe this is even given consideration,while “O” care talks about death panels. this is really a WTF moment.

  • micah

    Just turn it loose in a population of mother rapers and father stabbers and …they will cut it off for it

  • tired of being taken

    Free lawabaiding transgender people work 2 & 3 jobs for year to pay for their surgeries. Their insurance won’t cover it. She gets it free?!!! Too bad the 8th amendment doesn’t apply to law abiding citizens. This stink royally!

  • rockymtnmama

    Absolutely not – the fact that this is even being considered is insane. “Her” attempts at self-castration are evidence of mental illness, not medical necessity. Sex reassignment surgery is NOT medically necessary, any more than a nose job is medically necessary. Yes, this person may feel better about her/himself if allowed to have the surgery, but is that really the responsibility of the state prison system? Doing time in prison is not meant to be pleasant. After he/she has done his/her time, then he/she can figure out how to pay for the surgery.

  • briggman

    She’s not a “she” even with a “sex change” operation….she’s certainly not a “she” in her pre-operative stage.

  • Bill Matteson


  • michelle

    collectively we are not to judge, man’s law, as the Almighty God states in the Holy Bible says that we must following his Commandments 1st, then follow the law of the land that are decided by man, that is why you direct these judges as your Honor, only law broken is bank robbery=Thou Shall Not Steal! It’s out of hard disrespectfully outside of that. DO NOT FORGET THAT GOD IS OF WRATH & HE IS THE ONE THAT IS ANSWER.

  • Beth Price

    Ummm, NO! I don’t care what she is in there
    for, she is an INMATE. She wants a sex change operation? Well boo-hoo!
    She should have been a law abiding citizen and she would be on the
    freeside able to work for a living and pay for her own darn surgery!
    What a load of CRAP!

  • Beth Price

    HE, I meant HE is an inmate and HE should pay for his own darn surgery!

  • MillRun

    that was funny!!

  • Linda

    They should only get basic maintenance. I work but can not afford to
    get healthcare at all so I don’t go to the doctor, But the taxpayers are
    going to pay for an inmate to get a sex change. Give me a physical

  • bill boyd

    Why should the taxpayer pay for an inmates elective surgery? Where does a inmate get all these rights, they lose their rights when they are convicted.

  • April Bergland

    Too bad shouldn’t ave done the crime and you need to be in a male prison, I hear they let people dress up.

  • John_Westra

    Somewhere there is a village missing their idiot …. Sensitive to issues of identity reassignment, U.S. District Court Judge Judge James C. Turk answers the question of where the idiot went! #Fail

  • Paul


  • AutumnDenver

    It’s really rather simple. The 8th amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. This has been interpreted as requiring prisons to provide medical care to inmates. This is very logical and critical to a civilized society. By locking someone up, we have ended their ability to secure the resources necessary to receive medical treatment. As we are a humane culture, we understand its effectively torture to deprive a person of medical treatment. That means inmates get all sorts of treatments law abiding citizens don’t get like free dental care, free checkups, free knee surgeries, free heart transplants, free counseling and free treatment for gender dysphoria.

  • AutumnDenver

    I found that whenever someone says “sensitive to ____, but” they’re usually receiving themselves. You’re statement is patently insensitive to anyone suffering with gender identity disorder and your disclaimer is as effective as the person who says “I’m not a racist but them n-words are …”

  • AutumnDenver

    The America Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association and several other major medical organizations have all issues strong statements that treatment for gender dysphoria through hormones and surgery is medically necessary. If you are a doctor with research that suggests otherwise I urge you to put it up for peer review. If you are simply someone who enjoys offering their lay opinion on other people’s health conditions, you should get a hobby.

  • AutumnDenver

    So I take it you believe others have the right to determine your gender as well. So until I see proof that you are over 7 inches, you are a SHE and I mean SHE!

  • AutumnDenver

    The theory is that law abiding citizens are free to acquire the resources necessary to obtain healthcare on their own. This leads to all sorts of perks for prisoners including free dental care and all sorts of other non-life saving surgeries such as knee replacement surgery or shoulder surgery. Why should we have different standards for transsexuals?

  • AutumnDenver

    Gender is between the ears, not between the legs.

  • briggman

    So you’re asserting that if you think you’re a woman, you’re a woman? Horsecrap.

  • jewels

    Soooo let me get this straight, he is a man in a a mans prison, and wants to be a woman in a mans prison, she is going to be a busy lady, and she can take that to the bank.

  • Dan.

    This is something he should have thought about BEFORE he robbed a bank – if HE can pay for it – have fun! If not – oh well – suffer.

  • Kevin

    I am usually a pretty sympathetic guy But this guy does not deserve it. If he wants this elective surgery let him cover the costs. Does he have family who can fundrais for him? However he can legally raise that money. It is elective too. Will he die without it? No. Will he be unhappy without it. Yes. Oh well, don’t the crime if you can’t do the time. Get him some mental health counseling, which I think everyone in jail should get and call it a day.

    Oh, and you say gender’s not between your legs? Well, it’s certainly in your DNA and his says male.

  • AutumnDenver

    Saying you’re a sympathetic guy and calling Chelsea a “he” are diametrically opposite things. You cannot be both.

    I can only hope that you’re consistent in your belief that the prison should only pay for life saving medical care and that you oppose dental care and resetting bones and flu shots for prisoners too.

    Unless you are a doctor with peer reviewed research, your opinion on the medical necessity of treatment is as relevant as my opinion on a cancer patients condition – worthless.

  • AutumnDenver

    Do you hold similar barbaric attitudes towards a prisoner’s dental needs? Do you believe a fair and just society should deny a prisoner with severe tooth pain a root canal? Obviously not. When we incarcerate a person we deny them the ability to obtain medical care on their own and therefore have a duty to provide it. While this sometimes results in apparent unjust outcomes (I.e. a prisoner gets a free trip to the ER when he brakes his hand while a law abiding citizen gets a hefty bill), but the 8th Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment is very clear.

  • Linda Walker

    medicaid said it was not medically necessary for a pet scan not the tumor is 5 cm but they will pay for a sex change WOW

  • kevin

    He is a he, no matter what he wants to be called. I do support medically needed care. I and most rational people don’t believe this is needed. Now if you are a Doctor with peer reviewed research I invite you to post a link in your response. In fact I expect you to if you are going to expect me too. Not other peoples research…Yours!

  • AutumnDenver

    The American Medical Association and American Psychological Association among others have issued formal statements supporting the medical need to transitional care. http://www.lambdalegal.org/sites/default/files/publications/downloads/fs_professional-org-statements-supporting-trans-health_1.pdf

    In fact, this issue was litigated in the Massachusetts case. The court found that the state could not produce a single credible physician to testify that it was not medically necessary. The state had hired three different doctors to evaluate a patient and all three concurred surgery was medically necessary. So I suppose you’ve got the secret evidence that they couldn’t find, but I doubt it. And that was a conservative judge’s opinion as he was appointed by Regan!

  • kevin

    Interesting that you posted someone else’s research. Remember you asked for mine, not someone else’s. Now for the sake of argument we will accept that the person you gave as an example did need it and the Judge said so. No once has given much evidence about this guy except that he self-harms and wants it.. Which suggests to me that he needs mental help which I support him getting and lots of it. I believe they did say he could pay to get his own evaluation. Nothing’s stopping him there, is there? Again, raise the money and prove it. One last thing, what happens if he’s not happy with the results of this procedure. Who bears the blame? The state that provided it or him? I say err on the safe side, anti-psychotic’s, no sharp instruments and constant monitoring with mental health professionals. Seems fair to provide the most good for society, not just one person who may or may not need it.

  • Tater Salad

    If gender is between the ears, why does this person want surgery between the legs?

  • Taxpayer

    You seem to be very suuportive of the idea that the TAXPAYERS, meaning, YOU AND ME, should pay for his/her sex-change surgery. I don’t give a flying-fish if he/she wants to change his/her gender, as I think most of us here agree, what we have a problem with is that WE, middle class taxpayers, can barely afford to see a doctor for our OWN medical conditions, yet, we are supposed to fund this person’s non-life-threatning medical issue? ….No, I don’t think so. If you’re so supportive, why don’t YOU offer your own personal money to pay for the entire $20,000 procedure, cause I don’t approve of my money going to something like this.

  • AutumnDenver

    I’m for providing all prisoners with medically necessary care. I don’t believe the standard should be or is “life threatening” medical issues as we routinely provide dental care to inmates. I believe we should allow medical professionals to determine a patients needs based on medical standards of care. I don’t believe prisoners medical treatment should be political or subject to your approval.

  • Princess Sheilyia

    Why would this man be able to do this on tax payer’s dime? His choices are not my responsibility…certainly not my financial responsibility. He can pay for his own troubles when he leaves prison.

  • erik

    Why do inmates feel that they are entitled to benefits? I like what the sheriff in the county where Aaron Hernandez is spending time in the slammer; “If you wanna get married (Insert anything else), here’s what you do, you stay out of jail.” It’s that simple.

    This person already robbed a bank. Now they are about to legally rob the citizens of Virginia. SICK!!

  • BK Miller

    speaking of getting a hobby, you should get out more.

  • BK Miller

    dental problem can be life threatening. I don’t see them getting free crowns or whitening, they get basic dental. So that is a bad example.
    Why are we incarcerating these people and as you say it, “deny them the ability to obtain medical care on there own”…..because the broke the law and committed a crime.
    I don’t see how denying he/she this surgery is cruel and unusual. What i will say is that this request is cruel and unusual to the taxpayer and prison system. That is crystal clear!

  • BK Miller

    so if an inmate wanted breast implants or a nose job, chin lift…..ect you would support the prison system paying for these types of surgery’s? I feel the only right they, criminals, have is basic health care….that’s it. It seems like he/she is getting some care and counseling. If he wants to be a she, I am fine with that, but he/she should pay for it. It’s not political, it common sense. We taxpayers already pay the 50k+ it takes to keep them in jail each year, lets not reward them with cosmetic surgery.

  • Common Sense

    HE filed a lawsuit, not she. This is a man. We are created by God and He does not make mistakes. I don’t care what kind of surgery HE has. HE is still a man. This is outrageous that taxpayers should even possibly have to foot the bill for this insanity.

  • Veeta

    There are so many people who are not in prison for the next 73 years who cannot afford to see a doctor for any reason and this person feels entitled to elective surgery, yes it is elective, at tax payer expense? This says an awful lot about an extremely selfish person who should be treated for narcissism instead of gender issues. We are living in a lunatic world.

  • Albertabest

    No prob. Just leave he/she/it alone with the general prison population for about 15 minutes and the sex change operation will get done for free.

  • Heartland Patriot

    I agree, in a way. The person in this story might indeed get a surgeon to alter their appearance, but the person’s genes won’t lie when tested.

  • Heartland Patriot

    Oh, no…once they do the chop job, then “she” will get moved to a woman’s prison, bank on it.

  • Heartland Patriot

    You really have something wrong with you. Your ability to think and reason has been impaired in some fashion. The individual who committed the crime is responsible for being in that place; if they didn’t want to be there, they should have obeyed the law. Your thinking is exactly upside down. You are a prime example of what is wrong with our nation today.

  • Fridayschild

    Common sense does not equate medically accepted and appropriate treatment for a medical condition with a nose job.

  • Heartland Patriot

    Now you show that you are just a snarky little troll with an axe to grind. I kept scrolling through the comments guessing I would find something to confirm that, and indeed, I did.

  • Heartland Patriot

    Nope, WRONG. Whether someone is male or female is in their GENES, barring a very small number of folks who have genetic anomalies.

  • Doug Bristow

    If he thinks his life would be better without ol’ one eyed Pete thats his choice no matter how stupid it is but he can be a big boy and pay for it all by himself. Taxpayers are already on the hook for enough stupidity in this country.

  • Doug Bristow

    Have you heard about God’s son Jesus? He is the way, the truth and the life and nobody comes to the Father except by Him because He willingly and purposely died for the forgiveness of all our sins and resurrected Himself three days later just as He said He would!!!

  • TooRotten

    Funny that you say “perks”, … Perks are for those that have walked the good lines in life, made good choices and have done no harm to others. Giving huge “perks. And bonuses” to criminals king of defeats the whole aspect of PUNISHMENT don’t you think? Gee, maybe today I will go out and earn my sex change/nose jobs/breast implants by not working 2 jobs, raising my kids up right, following the laws, but instead, I can make the State pay for it by robbing a bank, slaughtering some kids in a school, murdering my spouse, shooting up some lame bar full of drunks or drunk driving and killing a carload of churchgoers. Oh wait, that’s the Welfare way. “Michelle”in MA., murdered his wife and is also suing the State/DOC for his sex change… On taxpayer money. It is ridiculous that these criminals lived “full whole lives” prior to committing these crimes but, once in jail decide “oh I am not the sex I was born, therefor someone/everybody else has to pay for the surgery”. BS!! Dental work is necessary, basic medical care is necessary, boob jobs, nose jobs, implants and growing a penis is NOT necessary! My God. Rewarding the criminals… Why bother to spend 20-30k on a sex change when they aren’t supposed to be having sex in jail anyway!!! Duh!

  • TooRotten

    That trip to the ER is not free!! Us taxpayers pay for it!! Dumbass!!! Sex reassignment surgery is not life threatening. It is optional, elective surgery. Read my earlier response to you. She/Him/Shim is already getting above and beyond what it should for medical care (drugs, therapy, coddling and pampering) for shers gender bender. The rest is just TFB for them. You want to change your sex, go right ahead, I am not a law abiding citizen just to pay for some whack job that want a Winkie or one that doesn’t want one. He can whack off himself or whack himself off for all I care but we taxpayers should not be forced to pay for his sexual desires!!

  • TooRotten

    Now if we were to pay for the psychological treatment of his victims with our tax dollars, I wouldn’t be complaining, but to pay him such a reward or “perk” for his torments of his victims is just wrong! Let his family and him pay for his pleasures, not the law abiding taxpayers!

  • TooRotten

    He/she/shim didn’t want or need the surgery prior to committing the crimes that he/she has been incarcerated for. But now it wants a sex change… Fine, YOU pay for it! Not me or others. I don’t get a/c, struggle every winter to stay warm, the heat never turned up more than 65 degrees, my kids are hot in the summer and cold in the winter in their schools, I am still paying off basic dental care from 3 years ago and am in need of several more procedures, not to mention my medical issues and bills from being disabled. I drive a 8 year old car, cut coupons and shop by sale items. I do not have cable or dish tv, I can’t afford it. I shop for clothes at goodwill and my shoes are 3.5 years old. Yet, prisoners have all of the above, plus a health gym, any and all medications are provided, tell me where I can go to sign up for their Benefits package without having to commit some atrocity against another. Boo Hoo, he wants to be a she. I am buying dresses for this man already, and his make up ( I don’t buy make up for anyone in my house, but I have to for some criminal so he can feel less depressed about being in jail?! That is SO wrong!) he gets a boob job on my busting my arse for 35 years, working 2-3 jobs then add in the tv, a/c, Levi jeans, Nike. Sneakers and every other “perk” these cretins get rewarded to them for killing, maiming, cheating, robbing those that are paying very well for their upkeep in a barred 4 star hotel.

  • Ann

    Absolutely NOT! He or she, whatever, should not reap any more benefits from our tax dollars other than a comfortable bed, bathroom facilities, & reading materials –hopefully spiritual readings.

  • muniamal

    Children in Somalia and even here are hungry, many people are homeless here in the States, but I guess one man’s (or a woman’s?) life is just as important as far as saving one’s life is concerned. God Bless America.



  • Tracey Fields

    so you have lost your marble to think something so stupid.

  • AutumnDenver

    Perhaps you missed it, but scientist have found the gentic basis for transsexuals (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7689007.stm) and that transsexuals really do have misgendered brains (http://www.journalofpsychiatricresearch.com/article/S0022-3956(10)00158-5/abstract).

  • AutumnDenver

    Because their gender doesn’t match their genitals. They haven’t found a way to change gender in the brain, but they can change the genitals.

  • AutumnDenver

    And how about dental care? Or what about blood pressure medication? Or diabetic medication?

    The court has consistently required prisons to provide medical care to all inmate. To deny medical care is torture and cruel and unusual punishment.

  • AutumnDenver

    So should nobody get appropriate medical care here because others are suffering? I don’t see your point.

  • AutumnDenver

    A civilized society provides medical care to prisoners. While this sometimes seems inequitable, it is the correct thing to do. Even though a prisoner did something wrong to end up in jail, they get free dental care while law abiding citizens have to pay. The reason is that society removed the prisoner from having access to the resources necessary to obtain care. As such, we have a duty to provide it. Thankfully, doctors decide what is medically necessary based on science and that practice does not rely u

  • AutumnDenver

    Every major medical association disagrees with your opinion that this is elective care.

  • AutumnDenver

    When tested, transsexuals genes show they are transsexuals. Their brains develop structurally like the opposite gender.

  • DD

    Maybe you’re right Autumn – I guess it is in the women’s prison now. Go ahead give it the surgery – but – then it has to be sent to a men’s prison. Can’t have a new man in general population at a women’s prison. How long do you think you pet project will survive? You need to understand the difference between necessary medical coverage and elective medical coverage. If you want to personally pay for someone’s elective sex changes, you go right ahead but do not think you have the right to require the rest of the taxpayers to take care this. People are having a tough time as it is and those on the outside would have to pay for their own sex change so why would anyone have to pay for a criminals change! Has nothing to do with politics or your approval – it has to do with our money and we don’t want to give it away to criminals! You go pay for all the sex changes you want. While you’re doing it think about the kids of working parents that don’t get routine dental cleanings because the parents can’t afford it – while your little inmates do!

  • DD

    Autumn are you trying to plan for your sex change? You compare this sex change to dental work – Apples and oranges! You want to pay for go for it. This is a criminal – law abiding working citizens would have to pay for their own sex change, if they want it, so why should taxpayers have to pay for a criminals change? Let it continue to self castrate and the problems will eventually solve its self! The 8th Amendment was not written to include sex changes, no one is punishing this moron but him/her self!

  • AutumnDenver

    I agree that providing medical care to our prison population does lead to what appears to be inequitable results like you pointed out with dental care. But there is a logical justification for that. The reasoning is that when we lock up a person he or she can no longer obtain the resources necessary to obtain health care. As such, it is cruel and unusual punishment to deprive the person of medical treatment. As a society, we have a obligation to resist torturing our prisoners no matter how heinous their crimes were. I think we can agree that we must provide heart medication to inmates with heart problems and root canals to prisoners with tooth aches even though we still don’t provide free medical or dental care to law abiding citizens. If so, the decision to treat Chelsea Manning with hormones and/or surgery should be determined by doctors. Not politicians or people commenting to articles online.

  • AutumnDenver

    For the same reasons we fill prisoners cavities and treat their diabeties and other problems – the 8th Amendment to the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. If you lock someone up, they become your financial reaponsibility.

    Oh, and perhaps you missed it, but Chelsea is transsexual and prefers to be referred to as a female. Intentionally misgendering a transsexual is very hurtful not only to Ms. Manning but the entire transgender community.

  • AutumnDenver

    Do you think we should deny prisoners dental care? After all, “boo hoo”, the prisoner should have been a law abiding citizen and then able to pay for the root canal and end his suffering.

    I can only hope you are consistant in applying your draconian prison policies. However I fear you are not and believe that discrepancy is caused by a misunderstanding of the transsexual experience.

  • AutumnDenver

    Every major medical association disagrees with you. In fact, when the state of Massachusetts tried to deny a prisoner gender confirming surgery they could not find a single credible doctor to testify that surgery was not medically necessary. So I wonder how you formed your opinion that it is not medically necessary?

  • rockymtnmama

    Will the prisoner die if he/she doesn’t receive the surgery? No, he/she will not. He/she will just be unhappy, and there is no guarantee that surgery will improve his/her outlook. This person is in PRISON for ROBBERY – why should the taxpayers shell out even more money to pay for a non-essential surgery?

  • AutumnDenver

    The standard is not “life saving” nor should there be a requirement that the prisoner “guarantee” the treatments success in order to be provided medically necessary care. We provide prisoners with root canals. Will they die if they don’t get one? No. Under your approach, it would therefore be “non-essential” and the prisoner can sit in pain. Does a prisoner need to guarantee his pacemaker will prevent heart failure in order to receive treatment? No, yet your approach we would deny him care.

    Thankfully, America is not a barbaric culture and all of us are protected from such cruel and unusual punishment as that.

  • Princess Sheilyia

    Dental work and basic medical treatment is one thing; vanity surgery is quite another. Don’t presume to think that people are too stupid to see the difference because you are silly enough to buy into ridiculous and false “logic”.

    Furthermore, I do not and will not ever play into the mentally ill games that sexual pretenders like to engage in. He is a MAN. No amount of dresses, make up, hormones, bra-stuffing, and wigs are going to change that no matter how much he wishes it too. If that hurts his sensibilities, too bad…it’s called reality. Grow up.

  • rockymtnmama

    Actually, a person could die from infection if they didn’t get a necessary root canal. And obviously a pacemaker is necessary to keep a heart rhythm regular. Neither one of these procedures is comparable with a sex change operation. Give me a break.

  • AutumnDenver

    If untreated, gender dysphoria leads to suicide in some patients.

  • rockymtnmama

    Being in prison leads to suicide in some cases as well. Maybe we should do away with those.

  • rockymtnmama

    Speaking of which, what makes you such an expert? Please provide links to your peer-reviewed research as well. And, by the way, this forum is specifically meant for opinions from the general public, not only medical professionals, so maybe you should lose the attitude.

  • AutumnDenver

    No, we shouldn’t get rid of prisons, but we should and do provide medically necessary care to reduce suicide to our prisoners. If an inmate suffers from depression, we provide phychiatiric counseling and anti-depressent medications if prescribed by a doctor. That’s the point. We should allow doctors to practices medicine and determine what is medically necessary. It is unfair to politicize a particular illness and deny medically necessary care.

  • dragonflash

    I am tired of the crap, this is NOT dental care. she should have abided by the laws and then could have WORKED to get the money for the operation. If they need a root canal, just pull the tooth and be done with it. There are TOO many LAW ABIDING people who can’t afford decent medical care, so why should we pay for something that is NOT life threatening

  • AutumnDenver

    Certainly. Here is a link to a list of major medical associations that support transitional care for transsexuals as medically necessary. http://www.lambdalegal.org/sites/default/files/publications/downloads/fs_professional-org-statements-supporting-trans-health_1.pdf

    Plus, for those interested this issue was litigated recently in Massachusetts where the court had a trial on whether it should have to provide gender affirming surgery to an inmate. In the opinion, the court found that the state could not produce any credible evidence that this type of treatment is not medically necessary. Unless you know something the state prisons system and their lawyers were unable to find, your opinions are just that, your opinions.

    And yes, this site is for opinions and I’m glad you shared yours. But the “attitude” stems from pain your opinion causes to so many people. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I am just as entitled to mine. Thankfully, those that listen and have the power to change things are agreeing with mine these days far more than yours.

  • Doug Bristow

    He was born a he and he will die a he. That is the reality of his situation.

  • tucker1

    This person is not being punished by the state of VA not paying for her sex change operation. The state does not owe, nor should it spend, the citizens money for a sex change operation for a prison inmate. if she wants such a thing she can get funds for it however she can legally but the state should not set a president for such an action. The taxpayers would be the ones being punished by using their tax money for something that is not necessary & many would disagree with as an inappropriate use of their taxes!!

  • jtgear

    Do a surgical castration for it!!! Stop the hormone treatment and stop allowing female clothing in the male prison. Tell ‘it’ that only medically necessitated treatments will be allowed, only if the cause is not self inflicted.
    What’s is next with this mentally deranged person, wanting to be transferred to an all female prison “because” it has been surgically altered? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

  • Nameitsmyflagtoo

    No chance of a rational argument here then.

  • Nameitsmyflagtoo

    Autumn you are a true patriot. Please don’t ever stop giving reasoned arguments to people who show no compassion or true heart.
    It’s people like you that will help America stay great.
    Kill bigotry with kindness!

  • KT

    Damn 73 years for robbing a bank? Did he murder somebody in the process?

  • hudsonmom

    Listen, this should not be paid by tax payers. If she wants it, it should come out of her pocket. How insane is this crap when there are inmates who need to learn how to read. If they pass this, they might as let all the inmates who want one to get one. This will set a standard.

  • Beth Price

    You can NOT compare a sex change operation to dental care! I am very consistent in my opinion, especially on this matter. Cruel and unusual punishment would be forcing tax payers to pay for a surgery this outrageous. It is absolutely selfish and wrong of this person to expect people to pay for it. You want to help with the surgery? Start a fund and send the money, but I can just about guarantee that the tax paying citizens of Virginia will put a stop to this nonsense posthaste!

  • AutumnDenver

    Why can’t you compare it to dental care? You’re same argument of “boo hoo” applies as well as “you want help with dental care? Start a fund and send the money”.

    The citizens of Wisconsin tried to stop it years ago and ran into a little legal problem called the consitution and its prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. So, please go “posthaste” to the store to buy some tissues to dry your eyes, because Virginia will pay for it.

  • Beth Price

    Because being born one sex and then deciding you’d rather be another is not life threatening! And the Constitution has nothing to do with sex changes for prisoners. When a person is in prison for committing a crime, they can expect BASIC rights, not government issued sex changes for crying out loud! This person is not in some spa resort. They are being punished because they thought themselves above the law…which, by the way is in place to protect people’s Constitutional rights. So, they SHOULD be miserable in prison. It’s punishment, not a vacation.

  • AutumnDenver

    A cavity is certainly not “life threatening” nor is routine dental cleanings, yet you seem ok with providing them. Shouldn’t prisoners with toothaches be miserable in prison as well? What other ailments should we subject a doctors opinion to political oversight?

    The consitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Reckless disregard for a prisoners health is cruel and unusual punishment. Gender dysphoria is a medical condition that is well documented and accepted among medical professionals. Transitional care is medically necessary and must be provided to prisoners under the constitution.

  • Beth Price

    One more time, as someone else already mentioned to you, a cavity can most certainly become life threatening. If infection sets in that close to a person’s brain, it can kill them. It can also cause blood poisoning. A sex change operation is not something a prisoner MUST have in order to survive. Now, if they try to do it themselves…well that’s a whole other story. The fact is that are more people who, like me, don’t see this as medically necessary for this person to live. I will go one further and bet that these same people who don’t view it as medically necessary, would see it as a criminal being rewarded for breaking the law.

  • AutumnDenver

    And gender dysphoria can cause people to commit suicide or self mutilate which could lead to infection and then death.
    I thought conservatives didn’t want government to interfere with health decisions between a doctor and patient. Why should we give knee surgeries to inmates? Or reset broken bones? Because to lock someone up and deprive them of access the medical care is inhumane. Fortunately, unless you are a doctor treating patients, your opinion as to its medical necessity is meaningless and irrelevant. You don’t get to vote on other people’s medical care. Nor do you get to deprive prisoners of medical care their doctors (who are employed by the prison mind you) say is necessary. Sorry.

  • Beth Price

    I’m not a troll and I am done with this argument. Being in prison depresses people also, but we don’t pat them on the head and give them whatever they want. And you are correct, I don’t vote on it, however, neither do you, which is great considering your distorted view of what is medically necessary. If I can’t afford a $20,000 surgery this idiot shouldn’t get one at the tax payers expense. I am sure it will not happen as the tax payers of Virginia will make sure it doesn’t. That is all.

  • AutumnDenver

    We most certainly prescribe anti-depressants and offer mental health treatment to all inmates. I don’t need to vote on it, I know what the medical establishment says about it. All the recent cases on this issue come down the same way – prisons must provide treatment for transsexuals as their doctors deem necessary. They had trials in Wisconsin and Massacusettes on this issue and both found that treatment for transgender inmates is medically necessary and required under the constitution. Think what you want, this is gonna happen and very soon.

  • Beth Price

    That’s fine IF the tax payers in the area decide it should happen However, if they (the tax payers) were of a mind to, they could tie this disgusting little bit up in the courts for a very long time. Someone else made a very valid point. The crime HE committed was committed while HE was a man, he should have to serve his time AS A MAN! Of course, the other person was using the word “IT”.

  • AutumnDenver

    It looks like they are trying to tie it up in the courts and that’s terribly sad. Not only does it add to the suffering of another human being, it needlessly wastes the states resources. In the Massachusetts case, the state paid over $160,000 on 3 expert witness doctors to evaluate the prisoner. All three determined that SRS was medically necessary and recommended surgery. When you’re spending $160,000 on experts alone to stop a $25,000 surgery, you’re clearly not motivated by costs. It’s interesting to see that money really isn’t the issue for you, which makes me wonder why you would care…