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One bill at a time: PA man pays school property tax — all $7,143 of it — in $1 bills

By   /   September 6, 2013  /   News  /   118 Comments

By Melissa Daniels | PA Independent

HARRISBURG —  One, two … 6,999, 7,000 …

An Easton, Pa. man, frustrated over property taxes, visited the local tax office and paid in dollar bills – all $7,143 of it.

One bill at a time.

Local news reports identify the man as Robert Fernandes of Forks Township.

The scene, posted on YouTube, has generated more than 15,600 views — in less than a week.

In the video, Fernandes carries a duffel bag filled with bundled bills, which he proceeds to stack on a counter. He brings doughnuts, offered to “anyone who is inconvenienced here today.”

The tax collector tells Fernandes his protest should probably be directed elsewhere, toward the school board, maybe, which is in charge of setting property tax rates.

“I’m not doing this to make anybody’s life more difficult,” Fernandes tells the collector. “Unfortunately, I wish the same could be said, you know, for me and many others whose lives are more difficult for having to pay property taxes.”

Fernandes wants the tax collector to count every dollar bill. As Fernandes opines, the collector accepts checks from people paying in a more traditional manner.

“In the land of the free, which is supposedly where we live, you would expect that property rights were respected here,” he says, “and obviously they’re not because we are never truly property owners in this country. We are merely renters.”

Fernandes said he wanted to create the visual so “people can actually see how money is being taken from me.” He makes it clear it’s not voluntary – Fernandes says he’s paying out of the fear someone will take his house. He said he homeschools his children and doesn’t use the school system.

The collector, rather than count each bill, asks that, together, they make a trip to the bank. To Fernandes and his video team, this seems ironic.

“They take money from people and they can’t even count it,” Fernandes said.

Fernandes said the point of the exercise was to get people to think, not about how tax rates, necessarily, but why property should be taxed in the first place.

Fernandes got a response, of sorts. In The Express-Times, a newspaper in the Lehigh Valley, the respective school superintendent said true reform should come from state lawmakers.

The discussion is a perennial one, and this fall legislative session will be no different.

A proposal from Rep. Seth Grove, R-York, would allow schools to decide whether they want to move away from property taxes and institute other taxes on income or businesses to make up the difference. Proposals such as the Property Tax Independence Act would create a statewide shift from school property taxes to increases in sales and income taxes.

The latter idea has widespread support among taxpayer advocates in Pennsylvania, who will head to the Capitol on Sept. 24 to rally for it.

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This file was originally posted Sept. 5 at 10:36 a .m.


Melissa formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Pat Frederickson

    He could move if he doesn’t want to pay taxes.

  • Sandra Amador

    It’s sad that we have to pay so high taxes. Even, if someone says that you could move. The truth is , no matter where you go to buy a house there is still a very high bill of taxes. I hope, lawmakers could balance this society much better!!!

  • Jackie Alnor

    My taxes doubled here in Allegheny County – I will have to sell my house and move across the border because I can’t afford the rent on a house I own free and clear – or not so free and clear.

  • VLJ2890

    Here in Florida, we don’t have income tax, so you all come down here. However, we do have school and roads impact fees on new construction to help pay for schools and infrastructure, but homebuilders squeal and want the funding to be switched to ALL property taxes or sales taxes.

  • JBrenes

    If he does not like paying taxes to keep schools open, he should not be part of the society either. He should just move to the mountains where he does not need to pay taxes.

  • eaz

    sorry, even in the mountains you have to pay taxes. if you own land in this country, you pay taxes. at least in PA

  • BigRed962

    Property taxes were started, and impact folks, similar to income taxes. To redistribute wealth from those with more money to those with less money. The bigger more expensive house you own, the more you pay (even though you may send less kids to school than someone else, and all share equally in the benefits of the same parks, fire protection, police etc).

    It’s not about being fair, it’s about taking our money to support those who didn’t wish to work at school, work at a job, etc and we have to support those who not necessarily can’t support themselves, but WON’T support themselves and their families and/or simply want more without working for it.

  • FedUp

    “If he does not like paying taxes to keep schools open, he should not be part of the society either.” What kind of idiotic logic is this? Why should property owners be responsible to educate kids? Why is it someone like me, who owns a home, pay school taxes while a family of 4 living in an apartment pays nothing. The responsibility of educating children should be the burden of the parents of said children. END OF DISCUSSION!!! If you cannot afford to have a child without public assistance then you should not have that child. Your accidents should not become my responsibility.

  • rwee2000

    But the landlord does pay property taxes, which are included in the cost of the rent. So they are paying, but they give the money to the landlord first.

    I’m more than willing to bet you use a lot of services that are pay for by property taxes. The police and fire departments, maintain roadways, and to fund schools are part of that. Are you saying YOU should have to hire a police officer yourself, or pay the fire department to come to your house and put out the fire yourself.

    “Well, we need $xx.xx to come and put out the fire, cash please.” “Sorry your house was broken into but it’ll cost you $xx.xx for use to try and get your stuff back.” “Sorry that some guy beat you up give us $xx.xx and we’ll look into for you.”

    You see at some point most people have children, so as a community we fund our schools through a property tax knowing that it’s far better to educate our children then to let them run wild in the streets. Of course we could just increase you income tax, to pay for the schools, but then the money would be used in your town. Or we could just not fund education at all in which case you’d better be willing to give even more money to the police and fire departments. Unless you decide you did want to have any tax, in that case have a lot a cash ready, because I’d be willing to bet the police and fire departments won’t take your check.

  • Stan D Mute

    I agree completely except for the point of fact that renters DO pay property taxes. The property owner gets a tax bill and that cost is rolled up in the rent rate he sets. The exception to this is mobile home parks which are set up differently in most states by comparison to renting a house or an apartment.

    Originally, socializing the cost of children made some sense. The nation was growing rapidly, most families had several kids, and we all gain when productive adults produce. Today, however, the middle class can’t afford kids, the rich don’t want kids, and we wind up with only the dregs of society breeding a dozen of them by eight different fathers (none of whom provide support). This insanity can be ended immediately by conditioning welfare to voluntary sterility. If you hit hard times and cannot support yourself, society (gov’t) can offer to pay your bills, but you must have your tubes tied or have a vasectomy. This is common sense reality – if you can’t support yourself and need the government to do it, you cannot support a child and definitely can’t afford a dozen of them.

    Where this will face opposition is from the racial hustlers who will claim a color-blind law is “racist” and from developers who can’t build new homes, apartments, etc. without new people. Unfortunately, these are perhaps two of the most powerful special interests in existence.

  • LFord

    > JBrenes: I live in the “mountains” of North Carolina (southwest corner of the “Smoky Mountains”) and I can assure you, I pay property taxes (plenty)! Where did you get this notion that there are no property taxes in the “mountains?” Where are these “mountains?”

  • Stan D Mute

    Move where? Please name the state without property taxes.

    Property taxes are PROOF that we have no real “property rights” and that GOVERNMENT is sovereign over citizens. This is the OPPOSITE of what the US Constitution guarantees. The government ALLOWS you to “own” your home only as long as you make rent payments.

    I have the original US Government Land Patents for some land my family once owned. They guarantee that the land and everything within it is my sovereign domain. Based on those Patents, there could be no property tax. But, like the 10th Amendment guaranteeing the States’ sovereignty, the federal monstrosity has usurped and corrupted what my ancestors fought, bled, and died to give me.

  • Stan D Mute

    He can’t even move to the mountains (Andes) in South America, he is still required to pay taxes so some four hundred pound beast can spit out a dozen babies on his dime.

  • The taxes are awful up North. Y”all should think about moving down South where it is much cheaper.

  • Much lower here in Va and house prices are lower also. I have a 2 story house in a nice neighborhood and my taxes are about 1500 dollars a year.

  • Robert

    that’s great – the people are getting tired of taxes crippling their ability to live while useless government “leaders” give our money away to countries who hate us and welfare recipients sending their food stuff overseas. gotta love this stupidity and the people must rise up by the tens of millions and hundreds of millions even and force out the miscreants who seek their own power and not to represent the people.

  • Mike

    Bottom line is, there will always be taxes. Federal, State and local governments must operate to serve, protect, and prosecute. This is done by obtaining taxes. If you live in a gated community your taxes will be higher than a mobile home park. It’s just the way it is. If you don’t like it move to Canada or Europe and pay 35-42% of your monthly income to taxes and at the end of the year expect to pay out more. But you’ll have free standardized health care and education. OR, you can pay 10-25% taxes (depending on your income level), have competing health care (for the time being, you get what you pay for) and have universities that are internationally accredited because they offer the highest level of education (once again, you get what you pay for).

    What I find absolutely appalling, is this guy is paying his school tax in $1 bills while preaching this ridiculous, unprofessional speech, with five cell phone cameras swarming around like he is Miley Cyrus twerking; all while his young daughter is witness to his immaturity. To me he is teaching his daughter that education isn’t important and paying taxes is also equally less important. Way to raise a productive member of society!

  • Mike

    This isn’t the Middle East bud, you might want to check out Al Jazeera to post silly little rants like this…

  • nate

    Yeah! You’re not patriotic unless you pay taxes! Taxes are patriotic! Private property is the tool of the devil!

  • Nate

    Yeah Robert, fall in line like a good sheeple and quit going against the grain. Maybe some day you can be a good little robot like Mike. Dissent isn’t welcome here in Amerika.

  • BS

    All most all Goverments local and federal are out of control with spending and a big portion of taxes is about redistributing wealth. Sory politicians buying votes with wellfare programs

  • ericsol

    he should have give them pennies

  • etexpat

    He never said he wanted to pay $0 in taxes. The problem he has as do all tax PAYERS is the entitlement mentality of many that says gimme gimme gimme your money and I am not paying a dime. Illegals are the main culprits.

  • etexpat

    No a problem with paying taxes. It is the waste and fraud and greed by the taxing entities.

  • etexpat

    Most folks here act like this man wanted to pay no taxes. Wrong. He is protesting the outrages amount he is force to pay because of greed, waste and fraud. Everybody should pay taxes. And that includes the ‘poor’. They are the ones that suck up the benefits. Property taxes should be eliminated and a sales tax added to all and I mean ALL purchases. Everybody would share the burden and the ones who have the most to spend would pay the lion’s share.

  • Dan

    Simply declaire your bulding a church and live tax free.

  • Kristophe Schneider

    If we don’t like it, move to Canada? No I do believe if we don’t like it, we are permitted to protest what we believe are excesses of government. You do get, don’t you, that is a foundational tenet of our American system? He was very polite. His daughter was witness to a polite, respectful protest vice what we sometimes see with Tea Bagger and Occupy protests. I respect his right, and I wont demand he move out of the country. If the government were to decide to triple his taxes next year, your response: “if you don’t like it, then leave” makes no sense. Protest and casting your vote for the candidate you believe espouses your sense of fiscal discipline in fact the American way.

  • A non-ymous

    but, what happens when the people renting the apartment are Section 8?…who pays then?

  • A non-ymous

    or he could simply “bow down” to the almighty “government” and teach his child to be a slave to the system instead of actually having an opinion.

  • mustangvid

    Could someone please explain to me why businesses have to pay a school tax? There is no one living in a business, so no one goes to school=but businesses pay alot towards school taxes.

  • FedUp

    I never said that I didn’t want to pay property tax, only that I should have to pay school tax. I don’t really care what other people’s children do.

  • FedUp

    Saying that renters pay property tax is a real stretch. In this instance this guy had more than 7,000 dollars in school tax. I would be willing to be most of the surrounding areas do not regularly rent apartments that exceed 1000/month. That would mean that more than half a years worth of rent was going to taxes (not likely). Not to mention when the property is empty (no renter) the owner still pays taxes. School taxes are also based on the size of the property…renting a 1000 sq foot apartment with 3 kids is not going to put anywhere near the amount of money owning a 1 acre lot with a 1600sq foot home is going to incur. Therefore owing a large home with no kids pays in way more than a apartment renter with 1 or more kids.

  • FedUp

    It depends on where you live. Property taxes don’t fund maintaining roadways, vehicle registrations fees and tolls do. Normally police and FD are funded by county taxes (which are part of income taxes in MD). Property taxes fund utilities infrastructure (only partially as there is a quarterly bill), the bulk goes to public schools.

    Would I be fine funding my own police calls and fire calls? Sure, in essence I already do. I pay for a home security system monthly that monitors and alerts those organizations too. Police rarely if ever solve petty crime anymore (B&E, theft, etc.), hell half the time they don’t even come to your home to fill out a report, it is all done over the phone. Most home fires that are actually put out before a complete loss are done so by the homeowner. The likelihood of you getting any real benefit from the police or FD are very slim (not to mention most FD are volunteer now).

    So when you say I call the police and it is going to cost me XX to get my stuff back the truth is it already did (from taxes), and when my house did get broken into the police took more than an hour to respond, and then did nothing but leave me a property sheet to fill out and left. I got exactly nothing back except for what my insurance paid for.

  • Sahaja

    They are getting their future employees educated.

  • Pádraig Pearse

    Property taxes are the biggest joke of America. Land ownership should be a sacred thing. Instead, you simply rent land from the government.

  • East Bay Patriot

    But he would pay taxes no matter where he lives!

  • John

    This man is a hero. The property tax in PA is an antiquated and horrible. We have retired Seniors in this state losing houses that are paid for because they can not pay these unfair and antiquated school taxes, and they haven’t had kids using the school system for 30, 40, 50 years!!! I pay about the same amount here in PA, my house is paid for, I haven’t had kids in school for over 15 years, yet I’m forced into paying for the school system I have absolutely no use of. At the end of the video, I am one of those that retired at 50, yet I’m still forced to pay these illegal taxes.

  • John

    Okay sheeple man cow. You are what is wrong with this country, #idiot dunce. Guess you didn’t watch the video. It’s a school tax, just like this guy, I’m a victim of this stealing of money just as he stated here in PA. I have no kids in school, my kids didn’t even go to school in this state, but we moved her for a job, yet we are forced to pay an extortionist amount of money for the school system that we have no use of. This tax is based on how much your house is worth. It’s not based on how many kids you have in school, or if you have kids in school. It’s based solely on how much your house is worth. There are seniors who are losing their homes because on their fixed income they just can’t afford it anymore, they haven’t had kids in school for 30-40-50 years!

    Here where I live, the school system has so much money that there was a piece of property for sale, and when the township said they would never, never, be able to build a school on the property, the school system bought the property anyway! For 2 million dollars!!!! Yeah, tell me this tax is fair, you moro n.

  • John


  • Walter Cronkite

    another whiny douchenozzel looking for his 15 minutes of “Youtube” fame….

  • Walter Cronkite

    Renters do pay and given the fact they earn NOTHING on their investment, much less the fact that they are “communal” livers, I think the current system is quite fair.
    I have owned and rented….for way more than a $1000 per month.

  • John

    Dolts on here are arguing about property taxes. This is NOT a property tax. That is a separate tax bill here in PA. This is a school tax, that is forced upon us here in PA. This guy does not use the school system, so he should pay NO school taxes. I pay almost the same amount for in school taxes here in PA. I have NO kids in the school system, they are 30 and 31. I didn’t even live in PA when they were going to school, but am forced to pay for the schools and it’s based on nothing but how much your house is worth! If you don’t pay this unfair and antiquated tax, they take your home!!! Wake up you clown cows, like he said you NEVER own your home! I’ve been preaching that for decades, it’s all a scam!

    Whats so hard for you clowns to understand. PA Seniors are losing houses because of this tax, they haven’t had kids in schools for 30-40 years!!!

  • SoTxJoe

    He pays $600 a month for a part a socialist government entity charged with indoctrinating our children that is just as fiscally mismanaged as every other part of government.

  • Mike

    Go ahead, waste your time protesting. It’s the equivalent of a child throwing a fit. If you are that immature to state, “you’re not patriotic unless you pay taxes”, or “he could simply bow down”, and to imply the Tea Party is like the occupy movement. The Tea Party are individuals standing up and making statements, not shouting with all their buddies at a park and ruining said park in the process (all the while costing more money for the government…your taxes idiot!). There is a huge difference! And I call it maturity.

    I also believe that this idiot could have avoided this situation by doing his “homework” on the area prior to buying his house. But since he didn’t, it’s the governments’ fault and the government should do something about it. Or it’s the governments’ fault that the homeless are homeless, tax payers should pay for it then. It’s the governments’ fault that people don’t have jobs so they should pay them and not ask for drug tests, or limit how much or how long they can receive the benefit. …Wait for it…., I’ve got one more! It’s the governments fault that taxes raise. No, it’s because of immature individuals that don’t pay their taxes, continue to ride unemployment, or have babies like it’s a fashion statement!

    I don’t know about you, but I pay my taxes, on two houses because I made that mistake of not researching my area prior to purchase. Maybe I should protest and pay my mortgage with dimes and throw it on YouTube! Oh, wait! Even better, why don’t I just foreclose? Everyone else did! NO! It’s my mistake and I will fix it!

    Keep crying guys! There are no tears here. You can be internet tough guys all you want, but everyone knows the truth about you.

  • Joe S.

    What the Hell! It is American money, you can pay it in any bills ,coins .I would think there is a suite pending. and refusal to accept would be termination. thank you .

  • scooter_biggs

    We do through taxes.

  • scooter_biggs

    The big point of this is you are being forced to pay this tax, at gunpoint. If you think you actually OWN your house, just miss paying your property tax bill and see what happens. Property ownership should mean just that. Government at all levels has become an overgrown monster.

  • scooter_biggs

    This begs the question then: Why do you stay? Would it not be better to move to a state which has no school/property tax?

  • scooter_biggs

    For now, until all the liberal parasites follow the money South. You would be astounded at all the Illinois and California license plates you see around the South now. Unfortunately, most of them are too stupid to recognize the (D) as the common denominator and will turn around and vote for the very same cancer they previously fled.

  • Kristophe Schneider

    I still respect and support his decision to peaceably protest.

  • HowsTheHope

    Property tax is the biggest scam ever forced upon the American public for just that reason. Here in Illinois it is out of control.

  • Ultracon

    By God! We need to take this same approach with the IRS every April!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    What a dumb question.

  • John

    Another moron sheep who just goes along with his head down. Dumb and stupid isn’t anyway to go through life clown cow.

  • rgeiken

    I looked around and didn’t see what the actual value of the property he is being taxed on is. I guess most people would like to know the school tax on a $50,000 or $100,000 assessed valuation so they could make a comparison to taxes in their own location. Another article with no real information in it. I wonder why they left this information out since it is so important to know to make any comment on.

  • Avonel

    This reminds me of what I did in the 70s; taking nickels, dimes & quarters to pay a smaller tax bill…because the clerk’s office returned my check THREE times, saying it was not rec’d on time. They spent postage for this small amount. Finally, with unrolled change in a briefcase, I took it to the office to pay the bill. The employee told me I had to take it to the bank to get it counted. My question to her was “This is legal tender to pay my tax bill and it is your obligation to receive it now.” The supervisor came out and asked “this is the principal or the
    matter, isn’t it” Yes, i replied.
    They accepted the money,.


  • rwee2000

    Property taxes pay for the STREETS in your town, the fuel tax goes to the state and federal government.

  • rwee2000

    But YOU already got your education that was paid for by other people who paid property taxes. Think of it as paying other back for what they did for you.

  • Yeah you are right Scooter, in Va here we are voting a lot of Democrats in office because of the people from out west and up north living in Northern Virginia. They really don’t seem to be smart enough to see that they ruined their states and continue to vote for the same type dumba$$es here.

  • Jane

    You buy some land, build a house, pay property taxes and then you lose your job. You can’t pay your property tax so the government takes your house and sells it to someone they can make money off of. Income is the only thing that should be taxed. Property tax was started back in the day when people used their land to make money.

  • jane

    Yes there will always be taxes, but they should only be on income. You can spend years building and improving your land and then lose it because you have no job or become disabled and can’t work.

    When property values go up, often the land becomes worth more than the house. Poor people are forced to move because they can’t afford the taxes. Government is happy because old house is plowed down, condo is built and taxes increase. You can’t force people out with income tax.

  • Joe

    They are using their land to generate income. Many moons ago the government gave people land for free if they would grow food. They took the raw land, built a home, grew food. Payed income tax on their profits and property tax on the land. Then the drought came, the crops failed and there was no income. The government took the now much improved land and gave it to someone else. Raw land is worthless to the government, the land needs worker ants for the government to prosper. Most people no longer use their land to generate income. Property tax is outdated. YES we should all pay income tax and sales tax to pay for the government schools. We should not be taxed when we don’t have income. We should not be taxed on what we have already bought and paid for. Get rid of property tax and many more people will be able to afford homes. That would be good for the economy.

  • George

    It’s not important. The point is the government owns your land. Lose your income, lose your house. Maybe a nice relative leaves you 200,000.00 and you want to go buy a house. Wait, you can’t do that you only make 30 grand a year and you can’t possibly afford the taxes on a house like that, year after year for the rest of your life.

  • Pninah

    A renter does not pay school taxes because the owner of the apartment pays the tax and it is included in the rent.

  • rgeiken

    My taxes on a $125,000 patio home is about $1700 a year. Make that a $500,000 home, and the property tax is about $6800 a year, so you can see valuation does make a difference. I can afford the $1700, but would have a more difficult time affording the $6800. In parts of Scottsdale most of the homes are $500,000 or more and if the price level is due to appreciation, then the owner is in a quandary. I’m sure the Taxes in Pennsylvania are higher than they are in Arizona, and part of that is likely due to the politicians we have and the fact that they pay attention to home owners. I will agree with you that taxes in general are too high, but that comes from years of politicians and their supporters living high on the average taxpayer’s dime. The high taxes didn’t happen by accident or an act of the almighty. They were instituted by politicians that are trying to preserve control. Look at overseas elections where the politician who is behind in the poles may look for some way provide an extra larder to the voters for their support. That is the way it has always been, and the way it will always be.

  • Lyle P Smith

    ? A tax whether it is direct,or indirect is still a tax!

  • papabear101

    If you go to sales tax then when there are problems like a down turn in the eco. school funding will be the first thing cut by the law makers. We had that happen here in Id and the school have still not recovered from the loss of funding.

  • fightinggranny

    Jackie, I’m with you. In SE PA our taxes are Local, County and school.
    It is absolutely pathetic that the school taxes are 3x’s the Local and County combined. Go to your school board meetings and listen to these people who believe the taxpayer should fund everything. Our family privately schooled our children, nothing was offset by the school district, they just collected the money. 44 yrs we’ve owned our home and we are being forced into the same situation as you. As I ask at the SB meetings, how much is enough? How many years? We are forced to accept responsibility for other peoples choices.

  • xcapeil

    And I read today that half the births in the US are now covered by Medicaid.

  • JamVee

    I wouldn’t mind the property taxes so much if they would stop building schools that look like the Taj-Mahal, and cost damn near as much too! It doesn’t improve the quality of the kid’s education, it just drives up the tax rates.

  • tryingtopickaname

    Why should he? That requires leaving friends, family, work, doctors with whom there is an established history, etc., along with the physical costs of selling. moving, and buying. The point is these taxes are onerous and redundant…I also live in PA and I pay a head tax ( simply for breathing ), wage tax, city income tax, state income tax, federal income tax, stormwater tax ( not to be confused with water bill), school tax, city sales tax. The police instruct us to ‘take back the streets’ by standing on street corners and ‘scaring’ away the drug dealers and thugs who shoot their victims in broad daylight…but don’t respond when you call 911. I don’t own the sidewalk in front of my house, yet I’m responsible for its maintenance and fined if I don’ maintain city property. If the sewer or water main needs repairs on the city street adjacent to my property, I have to pay for that ( we are talking over $10,000 ). Get behind in any of these and you’re swatted with liens and sheriff’s sales…the POINT is that the taxes are onerous and egregious and people are losing property that THEY own over overly burdensome taxes.

  • MicheleOhio

    Property taxes aren’t just for schools. You chose to home school your children, others can’t or won’t do that. You may end up needing a mechanic, or doctor, or home care aide sometime in your seemingly unappreciative, isolated life. And, if you do, why don’t you feel you should contribute to the betterment of society? You, Mr. Fernandes seem selfish. I don’t think the school system spends our tax dollars wisely, however.

  • carl

    I have no children and have been paying school taxes for about 45 years. I cannot tell you how much I resent this. I think its unconstitutional. Renters could and do have 8 children and pay no school taxes, but because I own a home and have no kids I should pay for their kids. There ought to be a law, this is criminal.

  • LeighLeigh

    I am a renter. I DO NOT PAY PROPERTY TAXES. The landowner pays them from his money he makes off this property that I live in…..You folks can say renters pay property tax, but WE DON”T…..I am all for property taxes going away. Without them I could afford to actually purchase a home. The only reason why I don’t purchase a home in Houston, TX is that the property taxes are so high, and they rise each year, that they pretty much eat up all the equity you build up in your home…..prices are severely inflated in Houston proper, run by Democrats, who run S H IT TY government and S H I T TY schools……People who send kids to private schools and home school should be exempt in paying property taxes.

  • dixiecrimson

    Not if he went to private school. And paying others back? Most public school systems are garbage. My children will never set foot in a public school.

  • You all….he’s making a statement. All we do is throw money at schools and nothing changes. Money is not the issue, government intrusion is the problem…that is what he is getting at. Money does not solve education issues…smart education does. If you pay off your home, it is not yours completely as you think it is. The government still owns your property….you may not owe the bank anymore, but stop paying your property taxes and the gooberment comes right on in and can take it from you.

  • Mikeinlv

    Someone who owns a house valued at $300K might pay $12K in property taxes, while someone else might pay $6k in property taxes on a house worth $150K. So, what does the $300K homeowner get for twice the tax that the $150K homeowner does not? Seems like price discrimination. I’ve never understood taxes based on value of personal property. Can someone explain?

  • Charlotta Jones

    Why should schools levy property taxes? Especially with the rubbish they are teaching our children now? He is homeschooling his children, he is NOT a drain on the state, so why should he be paying for other people’s children?

  • Charlotta Jones

    I agree. And the new common core is crap. Homeschool or private schooling is the answer.

  • Tiredofoldpolitics

    Not in Pennsylvania. This man is from Easton, PA and this is ALL for the school.

  • J August

    So, is being selfish a criminal act, then? Who’s anyone to say, least of all government? Seems you would have all of us worshiping at the alter of big government.

  • J August

    Another neo-statist who worships at the alter of big government.

  • J August

    Yes, Pat, please name that mystical, magical place with unicorns and rainbows where no one pays property taxes.

  • Guest
  • Peter Cabrel
  • Peter Cabrel

    The argument as to whether
    or not the Tenant actually “pays” rent is non sequitur.
    Though the Tenant might not “write a check to the local taxing authority for their share of property taxes, BUT the tenant contributes
    to property tax in the same light that retail customers pay “road taxes”, “fuel
    taxes”, “union fees”, “healthcare costs”, etc., that comprise “OVERHEAD” whenever they purchase good or services.
    It is a fundamental principle of business for the business owner to pass it’s OVERHEAD
    COSTS ONTO THE CONSUMER in the way of higher costs.

  • Peter Cabrel
  • Peter Cabrel

    Washington D.C. (DISTRICT OF CORUPTION).

  • Peter Cabrel


    Stay up there and out there (left coast) and cleanup your own

  • Peter Cabrel

    How often do you use the State Courts? The State Penitentiary?
    Nevertheless, http://WWW.FAIRTAX.ORG

  • Peter Cabrel
  • Peter Cabrel

    WHY should parents be forced to pay SCHOOL TAXES “AND” SCHOOL TUITION? The Education per diem should follow the student, not the school. IF competition is good for the Health Insurance industry then, so too, is competition good for the Education Industry.
    Education is just one more of the MANY areas where Government and the Private Sector need to build partnerships. Local and State Government should collect retail taxes and pay the Education Per Diem to the accredited School of the Student’s choosing. Regardless if it is Home Schooling, Parochial Schools, private Academies or the antiquated Government Owned, Property Taxpayer funded UNION CONTROLLED “Public Schools.”

  • Peter Cabrel


  • Peter Cabrel

    The Framers did not envision the United States Government to be a CHAIRITY!
    Charity is separate from Government for a reason. When it is forced it is not charity. IT IS TAKING!

  • Peter Cabrel

    THIS IS TRUER THAN YOU OR OTHERS MIGHT REALIZE. IF you think not, just grow loblolly Pines on your property and when you get ready to harvest them, see how many branches of government and NUTCASES want to intrude upon your business practices.
    FYI, do you recall the “TREE-HUGGERS? Ever wonder what became of them?
    Well, after those leftwing-lugnut KOOKAID GUZZLERS finally figured out that TREES ARE THE ULTIMATE RENEWABLE RESOURCE, they slithered down from our trees and became O.W.S. (OCCUPY WALLSTREET) PISS ANTS, BLOGGERS, ETC.

  • Peter Cabrel
  • VLJ2890

    You are also in a state without income taxes, like Florida, thus your property taxes, paid by the landlord, must pay for things that in other states are paid by income taxes.

  • Peter Cabrel

    Do you use the State Courts? Or the State Penitentiary? You pay for them!
    In addition to changing the method of tax revenue collection from Income tax and Property tax to a http://WWW.FAIRTAX.ORG, PA taxpayers need to have a conversation with their Legislature to reprioritize its spending. And limit spending to ONLY THOSE SERVIICES THAT ARE “BASIC AND COMMON” TO ALL OF PA’S CONSTITUIENTS. YET SERVICES THAT ARE NOT COMMERICALLY AVAILABLE OR PRUDENT FOR THE AVERAGE PA TAXPAYERS TO ACQUIRE BY THEIR OWN MEANS.
    IF the Amish can live comfortably without government provided services, then so can the rest of us.

  • carl

    so your telling me because I do not use most other agency’s that I pay taxes for, this is just another one. I wonder if you have children. So you think its just fine that I help pay for everyone elses children. Wonder also if your a liberal, they are just fine,fine, fine with other people paying their way. Simply, if one does not have children at all, or children that are no longer in school, they should not have to pay School taxes, simply not right.

  • rwee2000

    Even IF he went to private school there was a spot for him in public school. I’m for vouchers, you should get to pick what school your child goes too, and IF YOUR child gets kicked out because of behavior then it would be up to the parents to home school or find another school for them to go too.

  • MicheleOhio

    I’m not into big govt at all. I think children’s basic education is a better thing for society in general to help though. I’m for cutting many of the other benefits gov’t provides… free lunches, etc. If a child comes to school a few times without a lunch, a social service agency needs to be involved and find out why this parent can’t/won’t provide their child a lunch. I don’t think Mr Fernandes should pay for a child’s lunch… a parent should. But, I think children should all should be given the opportunity for a basic education, even if their parents can’t pay for that. That benefits all society.

  • MicheleOhio

    I’m not into big govt at all. I think children’s basic education is a better thing for society in general to help though. I’m for cutting many of the other benefits gov’t provides… free lunches, etc. If a child comes to school a few times without a lunch, a social service agency needs to be involved and find out why this parent can’t/won’t provide their child a lunch. I don’t think Mr Fernandes should pay for a child’s lunch… a parent should. But, I think children should all should be given the opportunity for a basic education, even if their parents can’t pay for that. I think that benefits all society. I’m also against the gov’t policing the schools, making mandates for how a teacher should teach. I think there needs to be a basic “teach this subject/section of history, etc”, but not micro-managing HOW a teacher does it, or HOW a student does on a test, etc. let each school have it’s own style. I’d also like to see children not all put in a box. Some children are meant to be hands-on… teach them to read and write, basic science/history/gym etc., but get them onto their trade, perhaps in late middle school, before their love for learning becomes a chore because they’re a square peg trying to be forced in a round hole.

  • wbliss

    I think everyone needs to switch to more efficient private schools, homeschooling and online schhools in situations like this. Maybe they get message then? My daughter was homeschooled grades k-12. Lots recources nowdays. 99 percentile on SAT for everything except math. So we had her take college level math at local college. She sets the curve. My 3 sons similarly well ahead of public school. She graduates magna cum laude and voted #1 overall student of her class by proffs. Socialization- well they made her councelor of the dorm building since she was so wise and personable. She did all kinds of things such as optimist soccer in the community for socialization. Wake up people. Take a stand.

  • Tom

    I don’t have kids, and never will have kids. So why should I have to pay for a school system I will never use?

  • idiocracyrules

    This guy reminds me of JOB Bluth. Thinking is not his strong point…I guess he thinks protesting in a stupid way is. I can’t believe that the tax collector offered to go to the bank with him to have the money counted. The could of course have counted the bills though Fernandez said they could not. I imagine they had no place to keep that many ones and so made the bank offer.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    How about if and when the taxes can’t get paid due to a lost job or medical reason. What does the renter lose if he doesn’t pay his rent/ school tax versus what a home owner can lose if the school tax is not paid? The home owner could have been paying on his mortgage for 20 years and have 100 k in equity and loose it all over a few thousands dollars of taxes if he/she can not produce it in a set amount of time. A renter simply gets evicted and at most loses his security deposit of one – two months rent.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    You think the system is quite fair? Why should people who don’t have children and there by do not and will not use the school system be paying school taxes for 40 -50 years and at the same time the illegal immigrant who is being paid under the table and the welfare slugs that have 5,6,7 10 kids not paying taxes are all in the public school system for free. Why is it as one of my obligation in order to be a home owner I have to pay to educate other peoples kids who pay $0 in taxes both income tax and property tax and you call that quite fair?

    Ridiculous idiotic thinking.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    How about people who don’t have kids?

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    I suppose in your mind you are paying business tax and capital gains taxes on the apartment property as well along with paying workmens comp for the apartments employees and the other taxes and fees, insurances and permits to operate. If you seen these dollar amounts collectively rather than simply seeing a monthly renters fee you would have a coronary to see the fees and taxes associated with a business just to create your own job.

    Many people I have known or talked to are finding it or at least contemplating closing their business and going back to being an employee where they can work a 40 hr week and be done and collect a pay check, it is a whole lot less stressful than having to work the 60 -80 – 100 hrs a week only to see all your efforts disappear in the form of taxes, fees and insurances.

    Even people like doctors who make loads of money are contemplating closing their private practice due to taxes, fees and insurance premiums that continually grow while their take home pay shrinks.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    To say that a renter pays property taxes is like saying purchasing a car is paying the property taxes where the car was made. When you purchase a product or a service that is exactly what your money is going to the product or the service. As a renter, if the landlord doesn’t pay the property tax at the apartment, what does the renter lose? are their wages garnished if the landlord don’t pay the property tax? Is the renters apartment foreclosed upon and forced to leave? (in most cases no) but if they do what does the Renter lose? and how does it effect the renters credit history if the landlord doesn’t pay the property tax? Does the renter have to go to court when the property tax is not paid?

    Renters are paying for a service being someone fronting money for shelter because the renter cannot afford to front 10’s to 100’s of thousands of dollars to by shelter for them self. Much like people who lease cars, They want to have a new car but cannot afford or cannot finance 40K loan so they lease a car, this way they have a new car without the debt to income ratio being hit so hard.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    That be the case, the cost of my education in the 70’s has been “PAID IN FULL” since about 1990, yet 23 years later I’m stilling paying for it and will continue to pay for until I die. So because other people paid for my education from the 70’s which was likely around 1000 – 1200 per year becomes my responsibility to pay back for the next 50 years of my working career because someone helped to pay for my 12 years in a public school, not to mention my father whos taxes paid for my education before, during and 4-5 decades after I was in school.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    Wow, never seize to be amazed. “there was a spot for him”, so because the government mandates that ever child must go to some kind of a school constitutes and justifies the government taxes everyone whether they have children or not. “There was a spot for him” not because the parents chose how and where to educate their child. There was a spot for him” so the Government can justify imposing a tax on everyone regardless to whether they use it or not or intend to use some other method such as home schooling or private schooling, thereby they are paying double fees to educate their children because they pay school taxes for a “spot” in the public school system they are not using as they are paying a private school. Surely with your likely public school education that you can understand that matter cannot occupy 2 different “spots” at the same time, but taxes can. In America it is not uncommon to be double taxed for many things. such an example is your money is taxed when it is earned = known as income tax, then you take the remaining money you earned after the government took their “fair share” and when you spend that remaining money it is taxed again by a government = known as sales tax. The same money was taxed multiple times. Taxed when you earned it and taxed when you spent it.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    Here in NC, not on;y do I have to pay property tax for my home, but I have to pay property tax every year to own a car. property tax to own a boat, even a 4 wheeler, we pay yearly property tax. Such as a car. When you buy a car and register it in NC, you pay a sales tax for the car and also you pay a property tax each year for as long as the car is in your possession plus you pay the yearly inspection fee and the yearly registration fee.
    If you own something with a gas engine but is not licensed then it has to be declared on your home property tax assessment that includes things like trailers. Lawn tractors and gardening items such as weed eater, power washers are exempt. In other words if it can be registered for road use but is not registered then it must be declared on home property tax form.

    I can understand paying a sales tax for something such as a car upon purchasing it, but to pay a tax just because you continue to own it is ridiculous. furthermore things like car sales tax. A car is purchased one time when it is brand new. But if that car is sold every year to a new owner for 20 years, sales tax is collect 20 times on the same item.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    So someone who has lived say 60 years in a home and is a homestead being said property has been in the family for centuries should move because some liberal jack wade with some authority shows up in 2013 and says pay whatever tax I impose on you or lose your homestead worth 100’s of thousands of dollars.

    Why should thousands of residents leave or move because a few select liberal / democrat idiots conjure a bogus tax to impose on everyone and call it fair and legal. All the while the peole are taking steps to defeat these ridiculous taxes, in the meantime while they are fighting to lower or get rid of this school tax, people mostly elderly are losing their homes that are paid free and clear by way of no mortgage loan attached to the property. Once they lose their home to the government, and then it is decided in a year or 5 years that the law is in some way unfair or unconstitutional, they do not and will not get their home ownership restored nor will they be compensated for what the government took from them.

  • Tim

    I never went to public school a day in my life. Of course, that was largely my parents’ choice as I had no say about that in grade and secondary school. But K-Bachelor of Science was all in private school. My parents should get a refund.

  • skyguyt88

    I used to agree with that.
    My parents sent me to private schools, each affiliated with a church. You get those that would whine about tax dollars funding Bible classes, chatechism, whatever you want to call it. I was unconcerned about the possible entanglement, though I know others would screech worse than if their own daughter chose to have an abortion. Until it occurred to me that when an imam wanted to open a madrassa school in the nearest big city and take our tax dollars to educate/indoctrinate, I’d probably feel abused as a taxpayer to see my money used for that.
    So this Education Per Diem or voucher concept is good in theory, but difficult to put into practice.

  • Irish916

    School property tax is a joke. Taxation with zero representation. Half a dozen, non-elected officials from a local school board are empowered to make financial decisions that could price you out of your own home! I don’t care which political party you choose to call your base, it’s WRONG! Funding state education should be the resposibility of every tax payer in the state. Not just the select few who elect to own homes! Pass HB/SB 76 NOW!!

  • Irish916

    Because you recognize a full functioning society requires it. Who do you think is going to drive the bus for you? Change your diaper when you get old? Who are your policeman, bank tellers and burger flippers?! You rely on the product of your school system more than you realize. I just ask you to look past the end of your nose!