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You paid for it: The Illinois Capitol’s $700,000 doors

By   /   September 5, 2013  /   8 Comments

By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois spared no (taxpayer) expense to renovate its state capitol.

But the most glaring (and gleaming) expenditure literally smacks you in the face when you get to the statehouse steps. Benjamin Yount has more about Illinois’ new state capitol doors.




Ben formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Joyce

    I think this money should come out of whoever allowed this money to be spent on the doors. We are tax payers and this is not how our dollars should be spent. I did call the governor’s office this morning and the man who spoke with me said it was not my (Illinois) tax dollars it was money from the Federal government so it was not my tax dollars. Well, I informed him that not only am I a Illinois tax payer, but that Illinois just happens to be in the USA and my tax dollars do go to the Federal government as well. Any way in searching the internet I found an article that says the money indeed come Illinois. I called him back and he said he had told me wrong. I did go down a list and complained to all of the reps and senators that I had numbers for to complain about this. This is stupid and uncalled for. They need to stop with the foolishness.

  • smelltest

    Well, if they erected these doors in Chicago they’d have to be totally bullet proof – so the democrats can claim a $500,000 savings and have it verified by the IRS.

  • brt

    A man’s home is his castle. Welcome home Mike Madigan!!!!! You forgot the crocodile infested mote, but it is what is in Illinois….

  • joe blo

    Don’t care,. Doors don’t kill people,. billions are spent on killing folk!

  • Randle

    Obama worked here, and now look at it. I blame him. He should be telling his former DEMONcrat colleges that this is wroNG!

  • Tom

    Oh, it must have been Obama’s fault, everything that happens is! Was Obama the Governor of Illinois?

  • Tom

    They said it could ONLY be used for construction, nothing else. So, if they could only use it on construction for this building what else would they use it on?

  • Rick

    The democrats will find a way to spin this story. “But we saved you MONEY because we bought them at a discount price!!!!”