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Obamacare cheaper for older men, pricier for everyone else in VA, research finds

By   /   September 6, 2013  /   News  /   4 Comments

By Kathryn Watson | Watchdog.org, Virginia Bureau

Anticipated premium rate increase for men in Virginia

Anticipated premium rate increase for men in Virginia

ALEXANDRIA—It pays to be an older guy under Obamacare. But it sure sucks to be a younger one — or, a woman of any age, for that matter.

One group of Virginians who pay for their own health insurance will probably have more affordable monthly premium rates under the so-named Affordable Care Act — 64-year-old men. Everyone else in the Old Dominion — younger men and all women — will pay between 3- and 67-percent higher premium rates, according to data compiled by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research in New York.

And while the average 64-year-old man can hope to see a 19-percent dip in his monthly rates, the average 27-year-old man might want to cut down on gas and grocery expenses to cover his estimated 67-percent increase in costs.

“It’s called the Affordable Care Act, right?” Avik Roy, a senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute, said in an interview with Watchdog.org. “… Is the law living up to that promise? That’s arguably the most important aspect of Obamacare.”

Well, that’s what Roy and his colleagues are trying to find out — and they’re putting their findings on an interactive map.

They’re looking at what men and women ages 27, 40 and 64 who pay for their own health insurance will pay once the law is in full swing.

At 27, young adults are no longer eligible for health insurance under their parents’ plans; at 40, a person is somewhere in the ballpark of half of life expectancy; and at 64, a person is just one year shy of being eligible for Medicare.

The institute’s researchers are looking solely at those who buy their own health insurance — not those who receive or will receive help from their employer or a government exchange.

Roy and his colleagues still are waiting on 37 states to report information from insurance carriers to finish their project.

Anticipated premium increase for women in Virginia

Anticipated premium increase for women in Virginia

But, for those states that already have, like Virginia, the news isn’t good. Across the 13 states and the District of Columbia analyzed so far, rates will rise on average by 24 percent.

Maybe the term ‘Obamacare’ will be more accurate after all.

— Kathryn Watson is an investigative reporter with Watchdog.org’s Virginia Bureau, and can be reached at katie@watchdogvirignia.org.


Kathryn formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Prospector69

    Well at least some group is not getting totally shafted, only partly shafted. And more importantly, this is the good news about Obamacare! It will get worse in the future! Oh me, what should we do? Simple!
    1. Defund Obamacare
    2. Repeal it.
    3. Fire everyone who voted for it, they didn’t do their job to read it (little lone understand it) before voting.
    4. Fire the people who supported/sponsored it. ie heads of unions, AARP, lobby groups. They didn’t understand it either and therefore didn’t act in the best interest of their group
    5. Fire the designer and his/her staff. If for nothing else, for being stupid!
    No lynch mobs, please.

  • DoBelieveThe Hype

    Where are these prices coming from? I am a 52 yr old female, I pay $933 per month for myself and 13 year old daughter. That price includes a $5,000 annual deductible! So for my $933 per month, I get a free annual physical for myself and daughter, free mammogram and free immunizations. Everything else I pay for out of pocket including prescriptions because it goes towards my deductible… I can’t wait until Oct 1st to sign up! It appears my monthly premium will decrease by about 50%! Don’t believe all this negative hype the Republicans are spreading! They have employer sponsored health insurance!


    Im 23 and have no health problems while being self employed and under Obama care im going to loose everything I have worked to build because I truly cant afford the increase in health premiums for me and my wife we currently pay 245 a month on my wife’s plan but there getting to drop me because I can be covered on the obamacare but looking at obamacare its going to cost me 340 a month just for my self and my wife is going to still cost 75 for a increase of 170 for the month which is not feasible in our budget !

  • racistbasterd

    yea, ok defund Obamacare, Next we can defund Medicare, Medicade and Welfare. Ohh, how bout we just go ahead with Agenda21 and start the de-populating the world by 95%. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!