VIDEO: Oregon goes even more hipster with latest Obamacare ad

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LIVE LONG: Latest Obamacare ad in Oregon goes above and beyond hipster.

LIVE LONG: Latest Obamacare ad in Oregon goes above and beyond hipster.

By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog

You might not have thought it possible, but Oregon’s latest Obamacare ad is even more hipster than the last.

And, unfortunately for those interested in learning more about the complex health reform law and what it means for them, this ad delivers absolutely no information on the topic.

Cover Oregon, the state agency set up to administer the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Oregon, released its latest TV ad last week and, well, it speaks for itself.

This is just the latest in a months-long ad campaign heading to the opening of enrollment in the health exchange program in October. Cover Oregon, the state agency set up in Oregon to implement Obamacare, has awarded a $9.9 million contract to North, Inc., a Portland advertising agency, to spread the word. The TV ads total about $3.2 million. The second phase of this will be in October when enrollment opens and officials work on getting people into the program, according to a press release.

The first two ads, featuring local musicians singing the “Long Live Oregonians” anthem, garnered national attention. The Washington Post called it “the most twee Obamacare marketplace.”

While the latest hipster ad is likely to garner the most attention, the health agency has released informative posts outlining how interested parties find out more about Obamacare. One ad is nothing more than scrolling text on a screen, complemented by a voice-over:

“These ads begin to tell the story of how Cover Oregon will help more Oregonians access health insurance,” Howard “Rocky” King, executive director for Cover Oregon, said in a press release. “With the ability to choose from a wide range of plans and get financial help, Oregonians will finally get the health coverage they need and deserve.”

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  • Eric

    Where is the line drawn where PR professionals feel compelled to barf at
    the depths to which their industry dives? Excuse me. I have to go to
    the bathroom…

    Eric Dubin, Managing Editor,

  • RedSoloCup

    Cover Oregon “covering” up a trainwreck?

  • seemorejustice

    $3.2 million for that?! Better hope there are death panels! I think I’m going to need one.

  • Straight88

    Obama machine spending your tax dollars to program the lemmings.
    2014 is coming ,vote or shut up!

  • Blargette

    Funny. Long live Oregonians – – as long as you are not sick or old. Then the pressure is on to legally off yourself.

  • Marbran

    Ads started rolling here in Maryland, too, and I have to say they are definitely targeted to a certain demographic.

  • tom cook

    Seems to me that the general population in Oregon qualifies for death panels, soon.

  • ary

    and is it safe to assume TAXPAYERS’ $$ are paying for these ads?
    Obama should be ashamed, but has no shame when it comes to what HE WANTS!
    Obamacare is not a Hollywood movie and he has no right continually taking over ALL Media, propagandizing American TAXPAYERS and illegal aliens who want benefits “free”. In signing up those who cannot speak passing English, he propagandizes and enslaves many “vulnerable adults”– who do NOT know what they’re signing up fo–, via multi-million $$ ads and 1:1 contacts with paid “employees” who talk these people into purchasing his wallet-emptying TAXATION program he’s calling affordable health care.
    WE cannot trust Obama or any of his czars, based on the corruption they’ve already proven they’re willing to instigate or be a party to, to be head of a “national” insurance “company” called “government”– whose evident purpose, from their actions, is to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND our taxpayer $$, without LIMITS. That’s from Obama’s mouth — they will not accept a “debt limit”
    Which is really Obama and Reid saying: we take your money but what business of yours is it how much we take.
    YOU (citizens) cannot make us! You can’t make us STOP OR LIMIT SPENDING! If you try, we’ll make you suffer, we’ll hit your pocket/wallet by another method. Basically, they imply to CITIZENS — YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE!
    Folks, it’s all about MONEY with Obama, and the Supreme Court AGREED!
    THE legislation is about TAXING US Citizens and giving “benefits” to both citizens AND ILLEGAL ALIENS.
    Nothing from the “government” “little shop of horrors” president/Congress is free! TAXPAYERS pay for it ALL, AND there are always STRINGS attached — many in this case, for intrusive, data collecting so that the NSA, CIA, and “health” authorities can share your information with governments and people all across the world.
    Wake up! Obama is the biggest threat to AMERICAN national security we have, in my opinion; another opinion: Snowden can’t hold a candle to the amount and depth of Obama’s treachery in selling out America and American CITIZENS!

  • Steve Harmon

    I am so embarrassed, I live here. Although, I’ve sequestered myself in the coast range for the past 28 years with my arsenal, only venturing out long enough to make a good living in Portland that has, finally, allowed me to stash enough money to afford a nice retirement. At 59 1/2 I bid adieu to the loonies. In the woods I’ll stay.