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Madison elementary art teacher posts students’ anti-Walker cartoons

By   /   September 20, 2013  /   268 Comments

By Ryan Ekvall | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON — Some kindergartners, first-graders and second-graders in Madison public schools are apparently preparing for futures in either political cartooning or time on a psychiatrist’s couch.

Kati Walsh, an elementary art teacher at the Madison Metropolitan School District in July posted some of her students’ drawings of Gov. Scott Walker  in jail. Walsh suggests her young Rembrandts’ ideas for their sketches popped up out of thin air.

“One student said something to the effect of ‘Scott Walker wants to close all the public schools’… So the rest of the class started drawing their own cartoons and they turned very political. They have very strong feelings about Scott Walker,” the teacher wrote on her blog.

This young student at a Madison, Wis. school drew Gov. Walker behind bars.

This young student at a Madison, Wis. school drew Gov. Scott Walker behind bars.

This student drew Gov. Scott Walker behind bars and, says the student’s teacher, the governor being fitted with an orange  jumpsuit.

“The cartoons started getting a little inappropriate so at this point, we stopped drawing and discussed what a political cartoon was,” she wrote.

If the drawings weren’t appropriate, why did the art teacher publish them on her blog? It turns out these weren’t the inappropriate drawings.

“I did not publish the inappropriate cartoons that depicted any harm coming to Walker,” Walsh told Wisconsin Reporter in an email. “I made them throw them away and we talked about how when you disagree with someone, it’s OK to disagree with them respectfully.”

Walsh said she published the drawings because she thought it was “an amazing teaching moment.”

She said she initially thought the picture of what appeared to be orange engulfing Walker’s head represented the governor set on fire, but after talking to the student, the art teacher said she learned the orange was supposed to depict a prison jumpsuit.

Walsh said she talked with parents about the drawings and how the class of 5-, 6- and 7 year-olds came to draw political cartoons in the classroom that day. She says the parents were excited and supportive.

Walsh has been politically active since Wisconsin’s controversial public-sector collective bargaining reforms, known as Act 10, were unveiled in 2011, according to a Wisconsin State Journal article. She signed the recall petition in the 2012 campaign against Walker, gathered signatures for the recall and participated in the strikes at the state Capitol and in Chicago — a show of solidarity with the striking Chicago Teachers Union.

Walsh also spoke out against the failed Madison Preparatory Academy charter school proposal to close the educational achievement gap in Madison. That effort failed to pass the Madison school board in late 2011 after a teachers’ union campaign to kill it.

“Children are much smarter then you give them credit for,” she told Wisconsin Reporter. “These children who are now growing up having protested at the Capitol with their parents and are going to union meetings and political meetings with their parents. They are listening and they have their own strong opinions about what is going on in our state right now.”

The art teacher in her blog insists she didn’t tell her kindergarten and first-grade students to draw cartoons depicting Walker in jail. She explains on her blog.

Walsh wrote:

“*Disclaimer: For those of you who don’t know me very well, I just want to make it clear that I did not talk about MY personal opinion of Scott Walker with these kids. I made it clear that it is important for everyone to feel comfortable expressing their own opinions through art. I did clearly state that I love our public schools and think it’s important for them to have a good public education. This should not be a controversial statement.”

“Many of the kids also have permission from their parents to chat with me about political things after my contract time,” she told Wisconsin Reporter. “Sometimes kids just start talking about stuff with me and I tell them that if they want to have a conversation with me about politics, they need to get permission from their parents and it needs to be after my contract time.”

It shows. Several of her tweets are images of teacher evaluations where her students wrote in the comments section “Walker sucks!”

Walsh asked that Wisconsin Reporter’s story not be used for publication. “You do not have permission to publish anything about me, my classroom or my blog before I see it first,” she wrote, apparently not grasping the concept of a free press. By the way, it is Wisconsin Reporter’s policy not to show sources stories before publication.

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M.D. Kittle is national First Amendment reporter at Watchdog.org. Contact him at mkittle@watchdog.org.

  • Chris

    “Children have their own strong opinions” about what is going on politically? Seriously? Children this age have your beliefs and their parents beliefs they have heard that they can regurgitate. She wouldn’t think this was so smart if the drawings didn’t reflect her own views.

  • Badgerlvr

    This teacher needs to be pulled from the classroom.

    When a student made the following comment regarding the closing of public schools, the teacher should have corrected the student. Scott Walker does NOT want to close public schools.

  • Matt Lepperd

    Walsh, you are full of crap and pretty much anyone outside the walls of MadisonLand would have you fired on the spot. You’re job is not to manipulate, it is to educate…Does your school have a curriculum?
    Why not follow it?

  • Jeffrey Fiess

    This teacher should be fired on the spot. Personal political views do NOT belong in the classroom. Teachers like this are why our country is falling behind in education. They would rather indoctrinate than teach!

  • Dan JS

    Libtard teachers need to go!

  • Jeff Bach

    That teacher needs to be thrown out of the Wisconsin educational system…

  • Not Surprised

    Ha, really doesn’t surprise me. I personally know this teacher, doesn’t talk about her personal opinions? B.S. I was always biting my tongue when she started talking because I didn’t want politics to get in the way. Now that I know she is doing this B.S. with children, I have lost all respect for her. I agree she shouldn’t be allowed to teach children until she can actually learn to keep her opinions to herself! Teachers should NEVER have conversations about politics with their students, even after “contract time”. Not appropriate ever!

  • plankbob

    For a hate-spewing Knotzi, Lepperd urging anyone “not to manipulate” is too precious. By the way, Matt, it’s “your.” Does your basement have a dictionary?

  • Paul Hanson

    I guess then kids don’t watch the TV or get on the internet. It’s too bad you don’t understand the effects walker and those examples of human trash who support him have had on our state As well as these children do. Of course your probably one of those UW Bastards who moved here and diminishes the quality of living for all of us.

  • Heather Daly Bronnson

    Would this have been done if the class “spontaneously” started drawing 0bama in jail? OMG, no…that teacher would have had CPS in for that kid! By the way, I would have a HUGE problem with that (and I’m not a BO fan), and I have a huge problem with this. Stop using our kids for your political crap.

  • James Lo Tempio

    5 6 7 years old get on the internet to research politics in my house all the time. In fact there is a 6 year old sitting next to me researching Obamacare and how it will effect him….

    Thankfully your opinion of the children wasn’t biased….shit head.


    Ms Kati Walsh…Being somebody YOU don’t like is NOT a crime!!!

  • Not Surprised

    I realize I didn’t make it clear, I personally know her, not as a teacher, but as someone that was once a friend in the same social circles, so I know what she is like outside of the classroom, not as a teacher to my child!

  • SturJen

    “One student said something to the effect of ‘Scott Walker wants to close all the public schools’… GEE, where in the world would a kid get such hideous misinformation? HMMMM?? Perhaps from the TEACHER HERSELF!

    Memo to ALL Teachers: QUIT BLOODY WHINING!! At least you HAVE health insurance! At least you HAVE a retirement pension! At least you HAVE a job! Asking you to pay into that is not the end of the flipping world! GET THE EFF OVER IT!! YOUR PETTY A$$ WHINING IS PATHETIC!

  • SturJen

    Oh really?! Please enumerate – IN DETAIL – what damage this piece of legislation has done to schools. And please refrain from using ANYTHING put out by your Union. If they had their hand shoved any more up your a$$ you’d see their fingers out of your mouth. Stop being a puppet, stop whining about your luxe lifestyle while the rest of us are scraping with very little. It makes you look petty and pathetic.

  • Terri King

    Get real. I’ve taught k-5 in Sunday school for 28 years. My children all go to public school. It’s a chore to get them to tell me their first and last names, needless an address or birthday. Most of them can’t recite the pledge of allegiance, or tell me who the POTUS is. Politically savvy ?? What a joke! This teacher has obviously made her opinion of Scott Walker well known to her students. Even the 6&7 year olds wouldn’t be this opinionated, without some “help”; or at least not all of them. Parents “excited and supportive” ???? Stop drinking the kool-ade.

  • jrewing

    I have a strong opinion as well. I can sum it up in two words. You’re fired.

  • SturJen

    I feel for you. She sounds like a real ‘charm’ to be around. You know the type: She gets out her soapbox any time it suits her whim and cannot get the hint that she’s being a witch…even when everyone around her all of a sudden is checking their phones for any sort of sane human interaction.


    If the goal was to teach about political cartoons, there are much better topics that children could relate to. For example: The government trying to say what you can/can’t eat = New York trying to outlaw large size soft drinks. This is something they can easily understand. And less controversial!

  • Ranchergirl

    I would normally wonder about the assertion that the kids just came up with this stuff on their own, but this is in Madison, and a lot of people there are very politically active and talk with their kids about politics, so it’s not a stretch. I have neices and nephews there and they would all have strong opinions on state politics at that age. We want to build great thinkers, right? I don’t see a problem with letting kids begin some political discussion at this age. It’s not sacrosanct –it’s part of basic civics, which SHOULD be included in curriculum for this age group.

  • barb

    Funny how pro- Walker speeches were not allowed at an area Technical College. My son had to change his topic last year.

  • Charles Braley

    Are you attempting to make a point? When the facts arent on YOUR (spelled correctly) side, I guess criticizing someones spelling and name calling will do.
    Typical liberal reasoning….

  • Karen Berman

    a 5 year old is going to regurgitate what you teach them. period.

  • Karen Berman

    Be sure to direct them to only the sites that agree with their positions. We don’t want to them to know the truth, now do we?

  • Iota ofa Cracker

    I think it is obvious that she drew them herself but does not want to take the credit as they look like a 5 year old drew them.

  • puhiawa

    This ‘teacher’ is mentally ill.

  • AE Wirth

    I was a student at the indoctrination centers known as “City School” and “Malcolm Shabazz” in Madison Wisconsin as a young man. This is just more of the disgusting union thug behavior from Socialist teachers in the system. The teacher should be fired immediately. I am so happy to be free from this crap. Parents MUST demand school vouchers to save their children from these horrible people running the classrooms.

  • jewels

    Teachers should be teaching reading writing and arithmetic, not politics. Their political views should be kept out of OUR schools. Parents YOU pay their salaries, if it isn’t in their class books, they shouldn’t be commenting on their personal political views.

  • George

    Fire the so-called “teacher”, disband the union and end tenure.
    How long are we going to allow these radical leftists to pollute our children?

  • AE Wirth

    True, but sadly it is leftists who are writing many of the text books.

  • Paul Hanson

    First I don’t belong to a union (i hate them all most as much as i hate you people) , Second my point is that more than parents and teachers affect kids opinions. Third Kids are smarter than you morons give them credit for.
    And let me just say for the record I wish nothing but a painful death on each and every one of you, and your children.

  • Conservative NOT Racist

    Sure she didn’t tell these kids about Walker. That’s why FIVE YEAR OLD CHILDREN are drawing pictures of him in jail. What a lying sack of crap she is.

  • SameStuffDifferentDay

    Just imagine if some teacher did this with our dear leader obama. There would literally be Hell to pay. The Rev. Jesse Jackson the Rev. Al Sparpton would be organizing protests, marches, and screaming RACISM. The NAACP would be up in arms. This teacher would be crucified then fired. But, since it’s Scott Walker it’s ok.

  • Conservative NOT Racist

    It appears that you are one of those who feel they should have a job no matter what kind of crappy teacher or other worthless employee you are. What’s the matter Paully? Your boss not kissing your ass anymore just because you belong to a money sucking union? Grow up you pussy. You have ZERO facts to support your position, just regurgitated union pap for the imbeciles that still think they NEED a union to represent them. That might be because they aren’t actually capable of thinking for themselves, but a UNION isn’t what they need. They, like you, need a brain.

  • R K

    The problem Paul, is that your whats wrong with Wisconsin!!! When I see this Communist BS ( and that’s what it is) It makes me ashamed to admit that I was born there and that both my mother and father were also born in Wisconsin. I’m sure that your proud of the fact that the first american communist party originated in Wisconsin. I’m not……….and by the time we finish with the likes of you, and the other parasites you call your comrades, and take our school systems back from this type of indoctrination, the World and Wisconsin will be a better place.

  • The Masked Avatar

    Yet a clown is fired for wearing an Obama mask.

  • Robert Wood Bentley

    Well said to tell this union goon asshole to f**k off!

  • SturJen

    Today, their whining is ticking me off. As I put my noodles of my lunch of mac-n-cheese on the stove (a refreshing change from Ramen, but not by much) I am constantly reminded by some union stooge how ‘bad’ their life is? What’sa matter bunkie, you sushi for lunch less than fresh??? Or did you go all out and get the grilled mahi this time?

    I’m going to go stir my noodles, now.

  • bezel

    Affect, dumb ass

  • plankbob

    Another grammar-impaired, apostrophe-free Knotzi weighs in!

  • Robert Wood Bentley

    feeding leftist dogma and teaching hate for anybody who dares disagree with it is NOT basic civics. /sounds more like Hitler youth or Commie Russia’s Young Pioneers.”great thinkers”? that’s sick!

  • Robert Wood Bentley

    Maybe it’s you who’s the hate-spewing” Marxist! bet you manipulate yourself several times a day-don;t let Mommy catch you!

  • rosetta_stoned

    And let me just say for the record I wish nothing but a painful death on each and every one of you, and your children.

    Then why don’t you make your best move, boy.

  • Candice

    This shite has to stop. Keep YOUR politics out of OUR classrooms! Teach and if you can’t teach get out of the business.

  • charlie_peligro

    this is how the communist operate.

  • thevoiceofcommonsense

    what a retard typical useful idiot

  • guest

    What a lame reply. Do you think at all, or do you just vomit up this kind of discourse because it is what your sucking union has placed in your empty head?

  • guest

    Yeah, and we’re supposed to believe that you don’t belong to a union?? How do you get their bullsh*t indoctrination? Oh I get it, you get it “undercover.” And a painful death on my children? You are POS waste of human DNA, paully-boy.

  • KatherineBranwen

    You’re a typical Democrat. You believe the rest of the world is as dumb as you are, and therefore, your pathetic, indeed laughable, lies will go unnoticed.

    BTW, since you have demonstrated such extraordinary civility, let me just say for the record that such wishes often provide the same result as spitting into the wind.

    Apparently, you ‘Dims’ aren’t satisfied with killing your own children, you want to kill ours as well.

  • guest

    Yes, exactly! See Training For Treason by Holly Swanson.

  • http://www.picsofcelebrities.net/blog/2012/05/08/voice-season-finale Cromulent

    I don’t have a problem with kids drawing this, as long as the kids who felt differently about Scott Walker were also allowed to draw something supportive. My 6th grade boy is going to give his very liberal Social Studies teacher (super nice guy btw) some heartburn this year.

  • Mad Dog

    Yep. Children aren’t stupid but this chick must think the rest of us are if she thinks we don’t know they drew exactly what she told them to draw.

  • Chester

    Like all leftists, she’s teaching kids to hate those who disagree with them.
    History shows us again and again, when given the opportunity, every
    leftist will fill the gulags to overflowing. She’s just doing her part to help
    continue the legacy, I see. Glad she’s not my child’s teacher.

  • guest

    Excuse me, but as long as we are correcting spelling, it is “shit,” not “shite.”

  • KN

    Candice is trying to make sure her comment doesn’t go to moderation. A lot of sites will not accept the correct spelling of course language so commentators get creative with their spelling.

  • Me

    ““You do not have permission to publish anything about me, my classroom or my blog before I see it first,”
    The writer stating afterwards that this teacher does not understand the concept of a free press is wrong. She DOES understand, she just does not think it applies if it will make leftists like her look bad.
    Am I the only one who finds the idea of 1st and 2nd graders being politically aware enough to be having after class discussions with this nitwit totally unbelievable? She is brainwashing her students, plain & simple.

  • ranchdancer

    I hope your kid is smart enough to know its parent is a complete (_O_) making a statement like “And let me just say for the record I wish nothing but a painful death on each and every one of you, and your children.” you sick mother flicker.

  • Me

    Just another cowardly leftist. Bet you would NEVER say something like that threat to anyones face. If you did it with me you would be picking your teeth up off the ground. One thing years of living has taught me about leftists like you is that you are all HUGE pussies.

  • another_engineer

    I’m assuming the DPA will be giving this insane liberal teacher a raise and a seat on the madison county board for her heroic brain washing efforts.

  • Derek Randstrom

    Paul Hanson, think about what you have wrote here. You claim that 5, 6 and 7 yr olds are mature enough to make their own decisions about politics. Do you have kids? If you did you would know that at that age they have absolutely no concept of politics or “union rights” for teachers. The only reason they would draw cartoons like this would be because a teacher encouraged them to do so. You are the moron here. Obviously uneducated, petty and mean. I hope the rest of your life goes better.

  • mrparker1

    With all the perverts that seem to infest public school teachers unions, this is no surprise. This is child abuse.
    These union teachers are still fighting to avoid paying their “fair share” into their pensions and health care. The country’s best paying part time job, 8 months a year.
    ‘HeyHey, HoHo, teachers’ unions got to go.” Yes, they do, after all, it’s for the kids.

  • C. Engs

    “And let me just say for the record I wish nothing but a painful death on each and every one of you, and your children.”

    All of my kids took martial arts and learned to shoot from a young age. One is now a US Marine. You are welcome to TRY and hurt me (especially) or them. I fully expect that the odds are that you will have more of a chance of dying in extreme pain.

  • Paul Hanson

    This is why i celebrate mass shootings, because those killed in them are just like all of you and deserve it.

  • Terri

    When a teacher advocates hate, it’s time to pull our kids out of their class. I find it so ironic that progressives/liberals trash-talk Rrepubs, advocate hate, and yet can’t come up with healthy facts or sound arguments to prove their points. Politics is the new religion. It has become politically correct to hate Repubs/Conservatives. As someone who just moved from Wisconsin, the political divide there has never been stronger. Now I see one of the reasons why.

  • urne

    one sided politics.

  • Victor Blowfeld

    Just awful. These POS’s are teaching our kids.

  • urne

    Grow up. Learn to reason. Something or someone is leading you around by that ring you have in your nose.
    Think and bring some logic into your life.

  • Terri

    Hiel Hitler!

  • Candice

    Excuse me but SHITE is another variation of the word.

    (context, Scottish, Northern England, vulgar) shit, trash, rubbish
    (context, Scottish, Northern England, pejorative) A foolish or deceitful person.verb (shites, shitting, shitted, shitted)

    To defecate.adjective

    (context, Scottish, Northern England, vulgar) bad, Bad, awful, shit.Etymology: From the (term, scyte), cognate with (term, shit).

    www . encyclo . co .uk / define / shite (remove spaces)

  • Hathery

    That’s ridiculous. I stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance in first grade, and did so because of my own opinions against making oaths of allegiance. My parents never once mentioned any sort of opinion on this subject. To say kids aren’t capable of independent political thoughts is ridiculous.

  • Candice

    KN thank you. That is correct and it also is a variation of the word.

  • Dylan Felts

    This one should not be teaching.

  • Hathery

    Once of my teachers in high school used to stop teaching 3/4 of the way through class because he had to watch Rush Limbaugh. Indoctrination goes many ways…

  • Libsuckbigtime

    She is lucky she isn’t teaching at my kids school. I’d teach that lefty hag a lesson or two.

  • Libsuckbigtime

    Can’t stand typo police.

  • Libsuckbigtime

    Parents can do as they please. You bet your fanny my kids have an opinion as they hear what I listen to and watch and our adult conversations. However, TEACHERS should shut their big fat pie holes.

  • Libsuckbigtime

    You realize you are insane, right?

  • Libsuckbigtime

    Next time you see her, slap her for all of us.

  • Libsuckbigtime

    Did he make you watch it???? Thought not! You are probably lying anyway… Libs…. you weren’t cool in the 60’s and even more obnoxious now.

  • Libsuckbigtime

    I smell a big ol pile of BS…

  • Libsuckbigtime

    Paul…. you replied to yourself. Hearing voices too??? I will celebrate when I read the obits that you finally did yourself in due to shame.

  • Vibora Volando

    Smart kids, or, brainwashed kids? Pretty clear they are drones. Not so surprising that this teacher would regard censorship of this matter her prerogative; 1st Amendment be damned. God only knows what other little gems she’s planting in her students.

  • Libsuckbigtime

    Libs….. weren’t cool in the 60’s and they still are not. In fact, they and their copy cat students are even more ridiculous today.

  • Paula

    No progressive liberal should be teaching anywhere…or hold a political office! They are scum and doing their best to pervert and destroy our country. If they get their way and become “collateral damage:… and I hope I’m around … to say… told you so!

  • Paula

    I’ve been in Wisconsin for 4 years…. there are a lot of liberals, that’s for sure. First thing I ask when meeting someone … you liberal or conservative? I honestly cannot stand being anywhere around a progressive liberal.

  • Paula

    These lefty loonies are rewriting history! They are changing the facts to suit their purposes.

  • another_engineer

    I call BS

  • Liz

    Oh yes, such human trash has 94% of the businesses happy with the direction this state is going. Your quality of living must be so bad with all these businesses growing and happy. What rock do you live under? Go to MN if you want a poorly run and destitute state. Goodbye!

  • Paula

    Odd, I never thought of it as misspelled… I thought of it as a “polite” way of saying shit! Oh excuse me, of spelling shit.

  • Navy Vet

    I remember an incident in the late 60s to bad she wasn’t in that group at Kent State.

  • Sharon Mason

    Get a life Paul! You mean being fiscal responsibility affected your quality of life!

  • Sharon Mason

    Wow I hope you don’t own a gun!

  • Robin

    Teachers shouldn’t indoctrinate at any age, K through advanced degrees. This teacher is truly disrespectful; using her position inappropriately. Our children and schools deserve better. Very sad…..
    Where are the administrators?

  • EricStoner

    There are few places these screwballs can sell their insanity unquestioned. Bet they go home and giggle about their brilliant subversion of the country that feeds and protects them. What rats.

  • RedSoloCup

    Union or no union, she needs to be fired.

  • pdigaudio

    Five, six and seven year olds don’t care about this, but they can be brainwashed to spew back what hate-filled adults have said in their presence and told them to say.

  • RedSoloCup

    Here’s her Twitter page… let her have it!


  • RedSoloCup

    “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

  • RedSoloCup

    Teachers Unions have a way of warping the brain.

  • RedSoloCup

    Rather have him as a teacher than Kati Walsh.

  • RedSoloCup

    Union busters like Scott Walker are heroes.

  • strayaway

    Madistan probably has as many Obama bumper stickers per capita as any place in the Country. As a state capitol and university town, many parents have government or university jobs. It is possible that these kids get their indoctrination at the dinner table.” “I did not publish the inappropriate cartoons that depicted any harm coming to Walker,” Walsh told Wisconsin Reporter in an email. “I made them throw them away and we talked about how when you disagree with someone, it’s OK to disagree with them respectfully.”” I wonder what would have happened to kids who depicted harm coming to President Obama in this classroom.

  • chicagorefugee

    Well done! Textbook example of “othering” – must be that New Tone Civility we heard so much about. The Party of Tolerance strikes again!

  • chicagorefugee

    More Leftist love for children? Gee, been hearing a lot of death wishes towards children from the party of compassion & inclusion lately, haven’t we?

  • MrRight1

    Did this “teacher” get fake Dr’s excuses to go destroy the state capitol? as long as they confess to the fraud, i.e. getting paid for teaching while they were not teaching. They should expect to be fired. Politics in the classroom is wrong. This is an example of how children become racists. Their adult role models teach them to be.

  • MrRight1

    Teaching to Hate, Teaching to be a racist, teaching to be stupid. Teaching to hurt others for no reason. This is not what teachers are paid to do.

  • Linda

    I’m still stuck on the extravagent lifestyle of a teacher! Really???

  • Mom to Many

    Dear SturJen,
    I missed my lunch today because someone’s child needed me. I arrived home from my teaching job after 8 again, and had beets out of a can for dinner. Don’t criticize what you don’t understand please.

  • another_engineer

    Madison is roughly 70% government jobs.. this is not a secret. The place needs to be nuked.

  • sniffles09

    political indoctrination of children sounds like the third reich to me.
    that lady has some serious issues and needs to be removed from being around children.

  • Mom to Many

    Kati, Thank you for keeping the bar high for children, and teaching them to argue a point ( based on the Common Core State Standards) based on evidence. I wish my boys had been in your art class, because they certainly could comprehend the lesson, run with the opportunity, and produce a political cartoon that was reasonable and respectful, even when they were 6. In my house, we discuss current local, state, and world events, and we do not all share the same opinions and values.

  • Linda

    SORRY, extravagant my teachers fault!!!



  • another_engineer

    I hope your kid balances your checkbook and not you, cause you are quite looney.

  • S de Vere

    She has political discussions with 5-7 year-old students ? And those kids have incredibly wise opinions, I guess….

  • Resa Forseth Wagner-Pittman

    That must mean you had a job, then.

    I’d quit complaining about your long days.

  • Mom to Many

    I wasn’t complaining. Just stating a fact.

  • Chris

    I had a lot of trouble believing that her students didn’t know her political beliefs.

  • ramv36

    If you feel that way, why don’t you recall Walker? OH WAIT……

    Now you know how anti-Obama folks feel, watching people you consider idiots voting in someone you strongly disagree with ideologically.

  • ssquared

    Kati Walsh….another MTI SLUT!

  • ramv36

    Sounds tough. Just know that if it gets too much for you, there are literally 15-20 people just as qualified as you standing in line, waiting for you to stumble and leave your position so they can take it, and they’re probably willing to be paid less.
    Employment is one hell of a buyers market these days.

  • AlCashier

    what a complete LIAR that teacher is. no kindergarden-2nd Grader is going to know a man in jail wears an orange jumpsuit OR who Scott Walker IS. that “teacher” needs to be FIRED and slapped with a fine —and incarceration. IMMEDIATELY. hopefully she meets up with a few enraged parents TOO.

  • AlCashier

    next we will be finding out “teacher” degenerate Kati Walsh is a PEDOPHILE.

  • Stephanie Soucek

    My cousin’s school just got new I-pads for all the students in her grade (high school) in Kenosha….many of the schools are doing just fine–in fact now that they’ve been able to bid out for insurance instead of using the monopoly by the union they can get better insurance rates and save money that way.

  • suerobb

    Me too!

  • suerobb


  • suerobb

    You must have some really weird kids. I am surprised they know how to read at such a young age much less use a computer to do research. Most kids graduating from NYC schools can’t even read. LOL
    Five year olds do not understand government or medical terms they would find under Obamacare. I bet Pelosi can’t understand Obamacare LOL

  • MarxistMayhem

    First we eliminate the teachers union, so we can then eliminate the anti-America communist from teaching our kids.

  • Chris

    Is it possible for a 5, 6, or 7 year old to have a well reasoned and researched position on a political issue? Sure. Is it far more likely that what they express is regurgitation of what they hear from teachers, patents, friends, the internet and media? Of course!

  • KikiEm

    Gov. Walker’s Security need to take possession of the discarded “cartoons.” His security needs to know the names of the families who advocate harm to Gov. Walker or his family. 5-6-and 7 year old youngsters don’t have the intellectual maturity to conjure up voluntary images of Governor Walker behind bars in an orange prison jumpsuit. That image can only be planted in such a young mind by adult manipulation. (parents, teachers or both) The cartoons that were trashed had to be a portrayal of violence towards Scott Walker (and perhaps his family) The teacher should be interviewed by Gov. Walker’s security to determine how much the teacher influenced the drawings and to ascertain which parents are suggesting serious harm (perhaps lethal) on Scott Walker. This is very serious. We’ve all seen the disturbing signs, directed toward Conservative politicians, that Liberals carry at their protest rallies……such as gun fire, blood splatterings, decapitations, guillotines, nooses. This is exactly how 5, 6 and 7 year olds come up with their polluted (or violent) cartoons.

  • Chris

    Reread what I wrote. I did not say that kids are incapable of independent political thought. Is a 5, 6 or7 year old capable of developing well reasoned political beliefs supported by research into all sides of a story? Yes. Is it far more likely that their opinions are regurgitation of what they hear from teachers, friends, media and parents? Of course.

  • Glitter Somerset

    Oh, please. I was a teacher for 27 years and the only timesI arrived home after 8 was after some school function. I doubt you were doing lesson plans or grading. This was just some one off thing.

  • Glitter Somerset

    Didn’t a couple of dumba(s)s liberals just call for the death of NRA’s and another woman’s children? I believed they have been relieved of their duties. It looks like, Paul, that when backed in a corner, you start calling for the deaths of children. Klassy.

  • Glitter Somerset

    this guy is nothing but a troll or an imbecile. No sane person makes comments like this.


    1st consider the source . If you haven’t lived in Madison you miss out on the experience of living with educated ( out of a book) .You have to be educated or act like you are to fit in .You would find out soon you don’t want to fit in . Teachers there have been protected , received all they tell the unions they want and don’t fool with us ..so no one never did . Dum Dum Doyle was their buddy . Then comes along a normal Gov . Changes things as they should be and never should have gotten there in the 1st place . Now there is a bunch of wieners who can’t handle it . So this teacher uses young kids to vent her frustrations and thinks she is cute . May be teaching to bully ? Needing attention . Get a job hanging fenders on a assembly line making cars .

  • Glitter Somerset

    That’s funny, because my son’s government “teacher” used to play John Stewart videos to the class. Thank the lord she could not indoctrinate my son.

  • porchhound

    I understand completely. He has broken the stranglehold of the teacher’s unions on the government’s budget. There is NO SYMPATHY for Wisconsin teachers after watching them during their take-over of the capital. They did more damage to themselves than Walker did. When the good citizens of Wisconsin fund out how much they were making and how little they were contributing to their own benefits package it was OVER! Now if being a member of a teacher’s union is so great WHY are the MAJORITY of teachers now leaving these unions since it has become voluntary?

  • Chuck Jones

    Paul, if that is your real name. (I will find out) Consider yourself reported to Homeland Security as a threat to public safety and a possible home grown terrorist. I will ensure that you are placed on a watch list. Be careful of what you say.

  • Bobbi

    Listen to yourselves, all of you commenters. No wonder common ground and compromise is a thing of the past. Where did civility go in this country? Where did the good politician go (on either side of the aisle)? I am ashamed to be an American right now – due to the far left’s and the far right’s my way or the highway attitudes. Do I think a 5 year old knows enough about politics to draw such cartoons without parental or teacher influence – no I certainly don’t but trashing each other like this is not good.

  • oleinwi

    Wonder what would happen if a child had drawn a picture of Obama in jail! Yeah, we know how THAT would play out. God help us, sounds crazy, but old Joe McCarthy was right all along….Read a book by W. Cleon Skousen called The Naked Communist, all this has been planned since the 30’s and 40’s by the Socialist and Communist parties in America. Skousen was a 30 year FBI veteran who infiltrated those organizations. His book was printed in 1961, and it is prophetic…

  • FBSport

    In your liberal dreams. To ‘watch’ Rush Limbaugh indicates a TV show and although Rush briefly had a TV show, it was on at night, not during the school day. Unless you were in some ‘special’ night school with your teacher?

  • oleinwi

    You are so full of crap my friend. Doyle openly stated he was about to lay off 10,000 State employee’s to deal with the incredible debt we had during that last election cycle. Instead, Walker got rid of the moronic unions from State Gov’t and State employees are getting raises! I can attest to that personally. So, spell out these “effects” you moronic liberals always spout off, what specifically are you talking about? It is you Madison liberals that were destroying our state with debt, which was one of the highest in the nation, we lost 150,000 jobs under Doyle and the democrats and since Walker got in, we have gained 60,000 plus jobs! Our quality of living is much higher now than under Doyle and the dems EVER was! Walker has lowered both property taxes AND income tax, no Democrat Gov. in WI history EVER did that!!!! Oh, those pesky facts you retarded liberals hate.

  • renojmc

    You don’t get it. This dirtbag teacher deserves to be trashed. And fired.

  • FBSport

    A 5 year old regurgitates whatever he’s been told. Just like a 20-30-40-50-60 year old union dolt. Neither one has their brain engaged to the extent they actually think rationally for themselves. Kati Walsh is proof positive – what a dimwit!

  • oleinwi

    Oh spare me you lying teacher! My sister taught in WI for 32 years, she retired at 56 will FULL pension, who else on earth gets to do that!! NO ONE. Oh, and every summer OFF all those years. The ONLY time teachers stay past 3:30PM is if there are parent teacher conferences or a they are sports coaches. You aren’t fooling anyone, we all see how the teachers bug out when the bell rings, no one is buying your crying ANYMORE!

  • oleinwi

    Thank God, a teacher willing to tell the truth! I appreciate what teachers do, I truly do, but I hate when they cry about having a job they get to retire from earlier than almost anyone else with a full pension and have every summer off. My sister taught grade school for 32 years in WI, so I know about what I speak. Thank you for your service and being honest.

  • Liz

    Yes. It sounds like she is creating the next generation of “bullies”.

  • oleinwi

    And from a WI state worker that works hard for the taxpayer, thank GOD the unions are gone! Now, the State can operate more like a business and reward quality employees over crappy ones. Before, no matter how good a job you did, EVERYONE got a measly 1% after like 5 years of union negotiating, including the slackers. Everything was seniority based, which is BS too. Under the Dems and Doyle, we got pay cuts in the form of furloughs and were threatened with mass lay offs. That was better than under Walker? PUH-LEEZ!

  • oleinwi

    And the truth will set you free!!!

  • I_Vote

    You should be ashamed, not of being an American but for ignoring your thought processes. Civility is a shared responsibility, a two way street.
    A bitter clinging, astroturfing, radical, preys upon old people and children, hostage taking, racist, woman-hating, selfish, stupid
    Conservative Woman

  • oleinwi

    Wow, the tolerance of the left heard from! Is this what those “Coexist” bumper stickers mean? You want my children to suffer a painful death? Nice. I would never wish that on your children or family, no matter how much I dislike who and what you are. I’ll pray for you if you are filled with so much hate you want our children to die a painful death. You are the reason for the 2nd amendment, so we can protect ourselves from people like you that do want to hurt us and our children, just because you don’t agree with our freedom of speech….

  • Chantecler

    Seriously? You mean like eliminating the huge deficit left in place by his predecessor, improving the business climate so companies would actually move here and offer jobs, getting teachers and other public employees to pay their fair share of health and pension costs, and actually communicating honestly citizens? I guess I’m just human trash then according to your twisted logic. BTW, kids form “strong opinions” on what they have been brainwashed with in the public schools, and this has been going on for more years than you can count. Wait . . . more years than a normal person can count.

  • Grandma Kris

    Wonder what would’ve happened if it was Obama behind those bars??
    Walker balanced the budget for WI. I am proud to live here in this state.
    We have good values…..at least in most parts of the state!

  • oleinwi

    Oh puh-leez, spare me!

  • mr.sunshine

    You know the about kids is they can be brutally honest. not mean but honest.

  • TLB

    5 6 7 yr olds getting online to research politics….lol…what a tool!

  • savage24

    Years ago when I lived in Wisconsin the words Madison and Moscow were synonymous, I guess that hasn’t changed to this day.

  • StatEco

    Way to pollute the young minds, Kati Walsh. Low level of US education at the bottom of global platform and you know why.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Children do childish things because they’re children. Adult liberals have no excuse.

  • therain

    I guess they are still bitter over their EPIC loss in the recall.

    There’s a reason we don’t want unions protecting those who should be fired.

  • therain

    saint paulie-boy, I guess you are still bitter over the EPIC loss you suffered in the recall. Yes, a recall that was voted down by people in your state who DO know the effects.

  • therain

    dear mom to many (by many men?) – Let me get the violins out and tuned up. I’m not quite believing your story.

  • Jim Johnson

    Stir your dollar noodles as you surf the web on your laptop and fast internet connection. You’re full of shit.

  • iowapam

    yea right.

  • James Lo Tempio

    I’m sorry, sarcasm doesn’t text well, or did you guys REALLY think I meant it? SMH

  • James Lo Tempio

    Thank you!

  • James Lo Tempio

    sentences end with a period douche bag. Go correct your kids homework or something positive.

  • James Lo Tempio

    you should be surprised, it was sarcasm fool.

  • James Lo Tempio

    You took that seriously, who’s the tool?

  • James Lo Tempio

    I never wish, I make wishes come true. Life’s too short for threats.

  • James Lo Tempio

    Whats your address paul, lets celebrate together.

  • G

    Heck ill call a spade a spade. She is a liar.

  • Jimmy Gulley

    Child abuce of the worst kind!!!

  • Horatio Bunce

    Yes , I believe he is nothing but a troll trying to get a rise out of people .

  • DWB

    You are such a RETARD! How to people acquire such a level of IGNORANCE and still manage to make a living?…oh, that’s right…the political pay-back, Union Thugs you kiss ass to probably provide that. Your day’s coming bud. Keep mouthing and you’ll meet someone that will provide you with an eduction.

  • Mark James

    Ask them what they think of Obama destroying any future they might have! Have them draw that picture! Oh wait….you are a libtard and have Obama juice all over your face!

  • Neil Shearman

    A picture where Walker is clearly on fire and the teacher says these are non-violent. She is deranged. She should be fired. Keep her far away from all children.

  • George Gaither

    Sick, why would a young student be thinking about any thing political? She told them what to draw.

  • Suzon Gordon

    One never knows how children will react. in the 1968 Presidential election both Nixon and Humphrey were criticized in our [white] household tho both adults voted for Humphrey. So, when the first grade straw poll was taken our still-5-year-old decided Wallace would be a better choice since we never said anything bad about him. Actually, we never said anything at all about him due to his attitudes about race. Said 5 y/o did not know about that. Her [black] teacher informed us, wondering. So, we knew she was listening. We assured the teacher it had nothing to do with [her] race.

  • mcbee555

    Our public school taxes at work! This is “education” 2013 style. It’s hard to believe that young people actually encumber their lives with hefty college debt, in order to command a children’s classroom in a public school…..and “creatively” indoctrinate them with the same sort of indoctrination they received in order to secure their sheepskins.
    Governor Walker may not respond to such demonization, but I doubt that such-type school teachers want to take on Gov. Christie of NJ!

  • gwedem5995

    These kids are learning this garbage from someone. Shame

  • ricoliv

    Congratulations! You completely missed the ironic tone of his post.

  • SamIamHis

    I was so glad to learn how brilliant Ms. Walsh is that she doesn’t even know what a free press is. I guess it only counts if it is children spouting and drawing what they have learned in her class so she can post it on her blog. Shame on parents for the influence they have allowed and for teaching their children that civil disobedience is the right thing in order to protect your little corner of the political spectrum.

  • SamIamHis

    Dear Mom to Many, Please don’t think that you have been treated worse than the rest of the working folks in this state, all of whom have taken a hit with this economic downturn. If you have done just as you said then your have joined the ranks of the real working class. Most people have never enjoyed the protections and automatic raises and increase in benefits that have been afforded public sector workers. I appreciate that you work hard – for nine months out of the year – but please, don’t whine. Buck up like the rest of the workers in Wisconsin. Be thankful for beets if that is your pleasure.

  • ricoliv

    What a gracious ending to your post! You have just reaffirmed my disbelief in the tolerance and maturity of progressives.

  • jlfonz1

    uhh..it appears her politically activist students don’t stop with jailing and torturing Scott Walker. Apparently they are Anti-war, pro-obamacare, 99%ers, gun control advocates, anti voter ID and more. It appears she has been indoctrinating her students for about two years now based on these photos of artwork she tweeted. I hope someone can grab this evidence before it disappears. http://twitpic.com/photos/WIartteacher?page=1

  • jlfonz1

    Wisconsinites had been referring to it as Madistan the last couple of years.

  • jlfonz1

    You go girl. btw..you missed homophobe

  • jlfonz1

    I am definitely against what she did and what she stands for (unions) but what you said is way out of line even as speculative conjecture. Just call her what she is, a communist with a strong vein or anarchy.

  • nonofyourbus

    Paul, really?
    I can see your public education taught you many things. Being narrow minded for one. If you could open your eyes and see beyond Dane county….

  • 1dahliagirl

    I couldn’t agree more . Teachers called in sick & some received false doctor’s sick notes . There were teachers that took their whole class to demonstrate at the Capitol . What kind of example were they setting?
    The Capitol had bullets scattered around entrances, businesses in Madison had windows broken , owners & their customers intimidated; state senators received death threats , their tires slashed ,& , nails peppered their driveways.
    The Capitol cost $225,000 to repair & police overtime topped 5 million dollars.
    I live in Tennessee , &, this debacle made our papers every day.

  • NotfooledbyRhetoric


  • J. Mier

    Indoctrination of our children starts at the very beginning. Politics should not be around kids in grade school. If they “want” to talk politics, keep it at home and out of the schools.

  • OldDave

    Madison, City of the Perpetually Offended. Classic example of how they demonstrate the tolerance they accuse the opposition of not having. I moved out of that city long ago and have never regretted it. Political basket case of the upper mid-west.
    If you understand the freedom and liberty the US Constitution stands for then stay well away. The people there are from a different planet.

  • Not Surprised

    I would love to after reading this article, but my husband and I cut ties with her awhile ago….after the Walker fiasco started we REALLY couldn’t take listening to her anymore!

  • Mom to Many

    Again, I am not complaining, so save your violins. My children are from the same father.
    The “many” I refer to are the thousands of children I have taught over the years.
    Why would you all be so angry that I work long and hard….your tax dollars are getting many hours on the clock. You should be thrilled!

  • Mom to Many

    Please familiarize yourself with the Common Core State Standards. I was once able to leave at a reasonable time also, but that is no longer the reality of the public school teacher. Also, I only collect 9 month pay for 9 months work. I do not get paid in summer, nor am I able to collect unemployment. I do stay past contract for hours every night and I do work weekends. I will not retire at 56 because I did not start teaching until I was 34. For clarity, again, I am not complaining. I am stating facts. Please drive by my school. Sennett Middle…..Madison, WI. You WILL see my car because I am at work.

  • Mom to Many

    I am a teacher in 2013. Things have changed. I am 52 years old, and have to put in far more hours than I ever had to 10 years ago. You are fortunate to have worked a reasonable day. I am at school doing lesson plans that align to the Common Core State Standards. Why don’t you look them up on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website. Because I teach 3 grades in a multi-age school, I need to teach to meet the CCSS for all three grade levels at the same time, and need to keep data to prove that I am doing this. Our report cards are also broken down by the standards. Please do not assume that the face of education has not changed. My mom is a retired teacher, and is absolutely astounded by the complexities of the teaching profession today.

  • nochickenlady

    more indoctrination. Get your kids out of public schools.

  • nochickenlady

    most teachers are dedicated to their students. Some, however, are dedicated to their union.

  • nochickenlady

    Pelosi would not be a good example, we already KNOW she doesn’t understand it.

  • Wishmich

    You have the option of taking that 9 months and stretching it out over 12 months. Why the heck SHOULD you get unemployment?

  • Wishmich

    Yeah, right. Why were you in school at 10 p.m.? Liar.

  • CapitalG

    Crazy liberal teacher indoctrinating children. What a bunch of BS that it was some grassroots thing started by the students. This woman needs to be charged with child abuse.

  • Pete

    Paul, you can’t be serious, either you posted this to get a rise out of people or you are an idiot..me thinks the latter..

  • Lisa Wiese

    OMG, are you kidding?? This bitch is why parents hate public schools..All these children are bitching about Mr. Walker, when more parents re-elected him than not! Nasty teachers like this are why parents are trying to break the unions! You rotten Nazi loveing union teachers, I have been fighting you for 25 years, you don’t even have the brain power of the lowest level 7th grader, and if parents would pay attention to what you are doing to their kids, you could not even get a job at Jack-In-The-Box! You know it, and we know it too!! The Union protects the dumbest of the dumb, the lowest of the low, and the most USELESS of them all!! And they could give a rat’s ass if your kid fails or your state goes tits up, as long as they get more money than they deserve or earn! They can’t loose their jobs, because no one else would hire them, and they know it.

  • John

    You work 8 hours a day for 9 months and get paid VERY well. It sickens most of us working class that you then think you need to cushion your income further by taking away jobs from many young people and persons needing work during the summer months. Save us your whining. Do you actually know how many people are AGAINST you?

  • John

    I’ll tell you about long days Mom. 8-9 hours at your pay rate is NOT long! Suck it up!

  • John

    Paul – The MAJORITY of Wisconsin is against you. We proved it in your frivolous recall, we’ll prove it over and over again. You are very well paid and with the open records in Wisconsin, we can prove it. Tell us what you make? salary and benefits. If your really paid that bad and things are that dire, we’ll jump in your boat and ad our tears to your river. My challenge to you. $70,000 plus bennies? More?

  • John

    My kids go to school in Waupaca. If you stand outside after the kids leave and then the teachers bell sounds, there is basically a bull rush to there vehicles. The ones that do stay get PAID on top of their salary for extra curricular activities. Don’t let anyone fool you that they are not paid for that and they do it for the good of the kids. BS. It’s NOT true.

  • John

    No noodles for you union Jim. Not on the taxpayer salary you live on. We know who you are. Were watching YOU!

  • John

    Damn Paul, I couldn’t have said it better! Good going…

  • John

    I think Pauly is one of those that go to the capital each day and sing like shit. Paul, if you really want to get the nations attention, why don’t you and your unionist friends at the rotunda go to the 3rd floor and take a leap of faith? Front and center Wisconsin State Journal baby!

  • John

    Or maybe we hope he does own a gun and turns it on himself.

  • John

    Count me in. I’ll bring the beer.

  • John

    Double for me!

  • John

    Katie Walsh is a real PIECE of artwork herself! Your making teachers look even worse in Wisconsin Voters and the countries eyes than they already do. I think your teacher buds should tell you to shut the hell up and do your job! If that was my kid in your classroom, I would be in jail and fined for slapping that smirk off your face!

  • John

    Learn how to cook Mom, as you are so full of SH#T it smells way up here in the north country. If you worked until 8, then your a Shi##y teacher as now teachers actually get a few hours off each day to do their grading and lesson plans.

  • Dorine McKinnon

    The one that she claims is Gov Walker being fitted with an orange jumpsuit really looks more like the Gov is ablaze… so how inappropriate did they get and do you believe there was no coaching by this activist teacher?

  • Play the victim hahaha

    I’m a teacher and have been for 24 years. If you get home at 8 pm its a couple times a year, or you coach and get paid for it, or you went to a school board meeting voluntarily. I make $63,000 per year and have 12 sick days, 4 emergency days and 2 personal days to miss work, which is 185 days per year. Don’t play the victim, Mom to Many, because what you are really showing is your lack of understanding for the majority of people who make much less and wok much harder. I’m not saying I’m overpaid, because I don’t believe I am, but all you’re doing is preaching propaganda.

  • Karen

    This is disgusting and NOT teaching – she needs to be fired!

  • Paula Michelson Silvius

    you knew the hours were long when you decided to be a teacher… save the whinning!

  • Paula Michelson Silvius

    Every job changes! You do not think factory jobs or restaurant workers jobs change? Of course they do! If we don’t like it we find a new one.

  • Paula Michelson Silvius

    You knew what the job was when you decided to take it…. if you don’t like it, find another.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Helen-McCaffrey/100000351372804 Helen McCaffrey

    5 and 6 year olds have strong opinions about Happy Meals not the governors of their state. She should be moved to seniors in HS or fired.

  • LeAnn Addleman

    Just like those who are against Scott Walker and his policies to be insulting and vulgar. Must be a product of the public, government run, government funded education system.

  • LeAnn Addleman

    And too bad the kids of tomorrow will be worse off than the kids of yesterday.

  • LeAnn Addleman

    I know that’s a lie!!! Your pay is averaged so you get a check all year round. I drive a school bus and I get the summer off, at less than half of what I get paid through the school year. You try living on $120 a week for 3 months.
    You’re at work and you are on the computer making comments on this thread? Seriously?

  • LeAnn Addleman

    In all honesty, our tax dollars are getting dumbed-down kids who can’t read or write, the majority of them. Kids who don’t know how to act and are encouraged to misbehave and disobey the rules. Kids who, when or if they graduate, won’t be able to function in society, find a job, or even go to college unless they take remedial classes in order to be able to handle the college courses. Before you say our “tax dollars are getting many hours on the clock”, you better think about the results from your “many hours on the clock”. The common core state standards will get even worse results than the previous “outcomes based education” and “no child left behind”. They were failures and so will the new “common core”.

  • ILmom

    Thank Obama & his goons for Common Core & your state who decided to go along with it.

  • ILmom

    Again I say Obama & his goons are to blame. Schools are so desperate for money that they signed on before really understanding the ramifications of Common Core! Stop the madness, stop Common Core & let teachers teach!

  • ILmom

    From reading how angry you all are the only thing I can say to you is…. Be thankful you aren’t from IL. Talk about a screwed up mess! All Americans should wake up to the fact that we are losing freedoms everyday. We need to stand together if we want to fix this country. There are very few politicians that are interested in more than preserving their own jobs. I am very depressed about the future of this country for my 4 kids who are in their late 20’s to the age of 16. I’m not even sure that I want grandchildren. Someone tell me why I should have hope & please do it in a non-partisan way. Also please don’t tell me that every generation has moments like this… we are driving off of a fiscal cliff and there isn’t a safety net large enough to catch us. What will our story be?

  • kenvandoren

    On Common Core, the added complexities are not only unnecessary, but harmful. They seem to be designed to frustrate students and teachers, making both hate the institutions. Good by to the few independent-minded teachers who remain, as they will lose their sanity if they stay. Not to mention that the tests include “psychometrics,” aka brainwashing, and the mandated data base is a threat to privacy and liberty. DOWN WITH COMMON CORE! In NY the disaster was apparent after one year, and many teachers and administrators are pushing for repeal. Better idea for WI: DO NOT IMPLEMENT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!! We STILL have local control!

  • racefish

    I think she’s personally had a hand in steering the kids in this direction since Walker put limitations on the teacher’s union.

  • Ava

    Please spare us

  • Daisy May

    I really wish teachers would teach, and leave their political opinions at home. Children that age do not need to get involved in politics. What is this lady going to tell them next? Her views on abortion. Her religious preference. Why doesn’t she just teach them about her sexual preferance, and her views on same sex marriage? Some things do not need to be brought up in school.

  • Norman Dostal

    wow-she needs to be fired! most americans hate unions because they simply got greedy and arent needed anymore-we dont need teachers brainwashing kids! only parents get to do that!

  • Norman Dostal

    wrong-the unions are corrupt and greedy-they need to be dismantled-stupid union stooge

  • Norman Dostal


  • Norman Dostal

    boo hoo-you get three months off and full medical and a pension-you go to hell

  • Norman Dostal

    cops and firemen get that fat deal too :-)

  • Norman Dostal

    Paul, this isnt about third graders, who are 8 years old, dumdum

  • Norman Dostal

    Katherine, come on, dumdum, majority of democrats are also against unions-dont be so general-makes you look dumb

  • Norman Dostal

    and your aboriton crack is especially moronic considering republicans get just as many abortions as any other group-idiot-please abort if you get knocked up-we dont need to pass down stupid

  • Norman Dostal

    wrong of course-many textbooks are written in conservative states-and talk about revisionism!!

  • Norman Dostal

    come on, deuchebag, plenty of democrats hate unions too

  • Norman Dostal

    thats why youre moronic and limited-we learn from those whom we disagree with most-(ps im not a democrat)

  • Paula

    And you are a liberal idiot! Figures someone like you would show up and be stupid.

    PS you’re still ill mannered even if you aren’t a dem.

  • ewrzjc

    Thank god we have a psychic posting; AND, maybe it was a school function or maybe she is a coach after school. Just because u did not stay late does not prove that some of the other millions of teachers don’t.

  • ewrzjc

    Making a statement of fact is not crying.

  • ewrzjc

    Hurray! The new adult fun thing in WI is to beat up on teachers and accuse them of whining just because they stated a fact.

  • ewrzjc

    Thank Walker.

  • ewrzjc

    That is wonderful that all of us can find a job we love 100% instead of 90%. BTW , she did NOT say she doesn’t like her job. Pay attention.

  • ewrzjc

    50% of teachers quit teaching within 5 years. I have worked with several very intelligent, hard working ex-teachers over 40 years.

  • ewrzjc

    Full pension: others who get it: private company high level managers, the military, firefighters, cops, etc That is equal to many MILLIONS who can retire at full pension @ 55. Get a clue???

  • ewrzjc

    I wish u were my grandchild’s Teacher. My wife was a teacher so I know a few things about the lives of teachers who are dedicated to the kids; as opposed to some folks whose great joy in life is beating up on others for their position in life. Thank you for your service; the 2 most important jobs are parents and teachers.

  • ewrzjc

    Another psychic who can see thru school walls and knows that not one teacher ever took work home?

  • ewrzjc

    She DID NOT say she doesn’t like it; get reading glasses.

  • ewrzjc

    Making a statement of fact is not whining. I can see where Rove and the 1% have been very successful in convincing some of the middle class that they need to beat up on public sector workers. Here is a clue folks: 95% of the increase in income since the GOP economic crash of 07/08 has gone to 400 of the richest people in America. I f all u guys are whining about not making as much as a teacher, think about the incredible concentration of wealth that happened during the Bush administration tax cuts: MOSTLY FOR THE VERY WEALTHY. Clue #2: the system is rigged against u, and in favor of the super rich = thank the GOP. Or, get a teaching job after devoting 5 to 7 years of your life to college.

  • ewrzjc

    Never knew there were so many gullible dumb people in WI til reading this whipping column. How sad; WI used to be a leader; now Walker can’t even get his WI is open for Business program off the ground. Adios to progress=Scott.

  • Jim Johnson

    No union. Dont need one. But they’re good for people with less marketable skills than me.

  • jakespar

    Please explain why one when of those “wealthy” WI business owners starts a highly successful Charter School in Milwaukee–St. Marcus–he has hurdles put in the way. He wants to buy an empty MPS property to expand the educational opportunities to more parents and children who don’t have time to wait for MPS to “turn it around”. Every day matters to those looking for alternatives. You seem so set in your ideology that more money will solve the problem(the sale of the building would provide some public education funds). Your good intentions have not helped the educational system for 25-40 years. That’s 2 generations and now parents are not able to help their kids succeed in school because they don’t have the skills. Teachers do have it harder these days and instead of discussing the whao-is-me, let’s support good ideas regardless if a wealthy businessman provided them!

  • ewrzjc

    “Teachers do have it harder these days and instead of discussing the whao-is-me, let’s support good ideas regardless if a wealthy businessman provided them!”
    Since my only ideology is pragmatism, I agree with your quote noted here re support good ideas 100%. I never said i was against charter schools or St. Marcus. I have no idea where u got those ideas from?? Some charters are great and some are lousy; just like public schools. Look up Kaplan charter schools; I love them, and kids are dieing to get into them.

  • ewrzjc

    ” improving the business climate so companies would actually move here and offer jobs” lmao: Scott Walker’s Wi is open for Business” was a monumental FLOP. EVERY State bordering WI added higher % of jobs than WI since the crash. Walker is a HUGE economic failure for the middle class; great for the super wealthy of WI. U GUYS DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT U R GETTING SCREWED.

  • ewrzjc

    Is it possible that most of the adult whippers posting on this blog have a well reasoned and researched position on a political issue? Obviously not; most are victims of the Rove trap of go for the negative emotive response . Scarey.

  • JuneUSA

    This madness has to stop. Our children are being indoctrinated and if parents don’t realize it, they will have no say what their children do. Read your history, what is happening was exactly what happened before Hitler came to power. The things going on in this country cannot be accepted. The politicians are the worst that we hear, but what is going on that we don’t know about is what will bring our country down if it is not stopped now. Parents, step up and educate your kids about what is right and what is wrong. Americans do not tear each other apart even if they don’t like someone. Teach them to be decent to everyone.

  • Hardy

    I know many who know her and she actually is.

  • Wow, I’m not shocked!

    I knew this girl personally for years (not professionally) and this seems like typical behavior from her. She is a very irrational individual. Conservative or Liberal,this woman has some serious mental health problems, and that is a fact from knowing and interacting with her in the same social circles for years. She has an awful temper and an inability to relate to anything outside of her own opinion. She should really be ashamed for acting in such an unprofessional manner. Grow up, Kati.


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