Drumline: Obamacare to co-opt high school marching bands next

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SING ALONG: Oregon's Obamacare health exchange plans to ask high school bands to sing its health care anthem.

SING ALONG: Oregon’s Obamacare health exchange plans to ask high school bands to sing its health care anthem.

By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog

The Oregon agency behind Obamacare-promoting, taxpayer-funded ads that have garnered national attention for their hipster and trippy vibes defended the spots Wednesday.

And next up? The agency will be looking for high school marching bands to play the pro-Affordable Care Act anthem in a contest aimed at bringing more attention to the government-funded health care exchange.

The ads have grabbed much criticism for their lack of detail about the Affordable Care Act.

“We’ve heard the criticism that those ads don’t tell people enough what Cover Oregon is,” said Amy Fauver, senior marketing manager at health exchange agency Cover Oregon, during a media briefing.

She argues the ads are driving people to the Cover Oregon website and that people are calling for more information. Fauver said the agency saw a record number of calls (500) to the call center in Salem and hits to the website Monday.

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That’s about $3 million on ads to send people elsewhere for information. Fauver did refer to three more detailed ads that explain you can still be covered if you have a pre-existing condition, how to use the system and financial help that’s available for those in need.

Not everyone hates the ads. Time Magazine put Oregon at the top of its list of “best government-funded Obamacare Ads.”

But even Fauver admits they can do better. She said Cover Oregon’s next step is to work with community outreach partners around the state to convince people to sign up for the health care program.

Oh, and more ads. This time they’ll be in Spanish and once again performed by a local musician.

And remember that “Live Long in Oregon” song you likely can’t get out of your head unless you’re muting the TV? Well, Cover Oregon plans to hold a contest among high school marching bands, asking them to play the Obamacare anthem.

The winning marching band gets an all expenses paid trip to Eugene to perform at the Oregon vs. Oregon State “Civil War” pre-game football celebration on Nov. 29. Bands can pick any one of the Obamacare songs to play and must send it in by Nov. 1 then viewers can vote on their favorite on You Tube from Nov. 4-13.

More details about how bands can participate can be found at Cover Oregon’s website here.

Need-to-know info from the briefing:

  • Enrollment in the exchange opens Oct. 1, but the more important date is Dec. 15, when people must sign up by to receive insurance coverage starting Jan. 1
  • There is no cap on how many people can enroll or be eligible for tax credits
  • Be on alert for possible fraud. It doesn’t cost to enroll in the program and Cover Oregon officials won’t call you for personal information. There haven’t been cases of fraud yet but just know this in case someone calls asking for a fee for Cover Oregon.
  • For more information visit Cover Oregon or call 1-855-COVEROR

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Shelby formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • TapestryGarden

    How much HEALTHCARE could be provided by those millions of dollars wasted on stupid ads. Why not spend millions staffing clinics for low income or uninsured people instead of millions to ad agencies and bureaucrats? People need healthcare not a bunch of visual blight.

  • MEMO to Amy Fauver: Professor Marvel’s Flea Circus & Magic Show will no doubt be willing to offer a special rate on your next ad campaign. Just Google him.

    Eric Dubin
    Citizens For Transparent Government

  • TLB

    Marching bands now? I can’t help but think just how ridiculous this sounds. If this is the civic engagement to promote the new health-care policy, this is a sad state of affairs. However, I’m sure that the proponents see it otherwise.

  • CommonSense033

    I dare a band to play The Internationale instead and send that in. Or the Soviet anthem.

  • mrparker1

    How about marching bands singing the national anthem in praise of W for getting us through the terrible days of 9/11.

  • The Truth

    Hitler had the exact same plans to use schools to spread Nazi propaganda. Heil Hussein!!

  • Constitution Warrior
  • beth

    What a scam. The bankruptcy care act triples the premiums on people that work with a mandatory tax so that Obama’s non-working base can get the program for free.

  • Tosheba

    It is true; liberal democRATS are very dangerous people with no shame and proud of their abject self absorbed narcissism. No wonder space aliens HOVER and do NOT land on this planet. No intelligent life on this rock.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    Wait… the (un)Affordable Care Act has an ANTHEM??!! Are you kidding me? Well, Mr. President, we have an anthem too, it’s the National Anthem, and it’s far more meaningful than whatever silly tripe your weenie musicians might have trumped up for Obama-I-Don’t-Care.

  • abinico

    Doctors are the third leading cause of death – and I’m supposed to sign up for that!

  • Eileen Kuch

    So did Lenin, Stalin, and their successors in the former USSR use the same plans to use school bands to spread Bolshevik Communist propaganda; and, look how successful that was for 70 years.

  • Truman Golden

    Obama is only a mouthpiece for the zionist jews who have enslaved this country.