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MoveOn.org tries to sideline tea party in government shutdown

By   /   September 30, 2013  /   News  /   75 Comments

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MONEY MAN: Left-wing financier George Soros helped launch MoveOn.org.


By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org

ALEXANDRIA — MoveOn.org is whipping up its followers to make the most of the congressional gridlock in Washington, D.C., and rustle up a few bucks.

“The (government) shutdown — while terrible for America — is a big opportunity to go on offense and send the tea party into permanent decline,” the liberal group declared in an email blast Sunday.

“Our plan is to start by putting targeted web ads on Facebook and other websites targeting the most vulnerable Republicans facing re-election next year,” the email stated.

Borrowing a phrase that Leon Trotsky made famous, MoveOn declares: “If we play our cards right, 2013 could become known as the year the tea party relegated itself to the dustbin of history.”

The strategy memo is accompanied by a plea for money.

“Time is of the essence — we need to raise $200,000 in the next 24 hours to power our rapid response campaigning and give us the ad budget we need to hold the Republicans accountable. Can you chip in $3 today?”

In addition to the tea party and tea-backed Republicans, MoveOn, which received early funding from billionaire George Soros, is putting a bulls-eye on the conservative Koch Brothers.

The email said MoveOn’s “rapid response” will include a campaign to “push PBS stations to air ‘Citizen Koch,’ the thus-far censored documentary exposing the Koch Brothers as the tea party’s 1 percent financiers.”

Tea partiers fired back, and blamed the administration’s insistence on implementing Obamacare while granting delays and waivers to big businesses and labor unions.

Amy Kremer, chairwoman of the national group, Tea Party Express, told Watchdog.org:

“The blame game is a good fundraiser, but the truth is that the Republican-controlled House has passed a Continuing Resolution two times now to keep the government running … and at deficit spending levels. You’re welcome, Barack Obama.

“Regardless, we would have ended up having legislation volley back and forth between the two chambers over the amount of spending, so the fact that Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have forced the conversation about Obamacare is a good thing. Unfortunately, the Democrats don’t want to have that conversation because there is nothing good about Obamacare.”

Mark Daughterty, chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation, said the gnashing of teeth over a government shutdown is overblown.

“The sun will rise on Oct. 1, the mail will be delivered, the U.S. military will operate, Social Security, Medicare, Homeland Security, will all be open for business to serve the American people.”

But, Daughterty added, “Americans are experiencing first-hand the toxic effects of Obamacare with double-digit health insurance premium increases, loss of full-time hours, loss of coverage, and loss of some doctors.  The tea party asks the U.S. Senate to help stop the Obamacare train wreck today.”

As for the tea movement itself, Rick Buchanan, vice chairman of the VTPP Federation, told Watchdog:

“We find it interesting how we have gone from a small fringe group of extremists to the largest force in the Republican Party. Move over, Rush Limbaugh.”

Danita Kilcullen, chairwoman of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale, the oldest tea group in Florida, noted, “It’s time for Saul Alinsky‘s ‘Rules for Radicals.’ Here they are telling us exactly what they plan to do and the tactics they will use. Can we fight their fire with our fire?”

Kenric Ward is a national reporter and Virginia Bureau Chief for Watchdog. Contact him at [email protected] or at (571) 319-9824. @Kenricward


Kenric Ward was a former San Antonio-based reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • madmilt

    Let them raise money from Soros and Soros alone.

  • Prospector69

    Well, considering Harry Rieds position of not moving any House bill with anything dealing with delay or defunding Obamacare, it is the Senate who will responsible for shutting down the government. Congress has a House and a Senate, both equal. If either refuses to move, neither can move.

  • lillymckim

    A feel another shellacking in 2014/16 is coming with an uprising that will make 2010 look small in comparison.
    They are just getting started.

    We The People have had enough.

  • WhocareAmerica

    Fuck off!!!!

  • Patricia

    you are one weird man, shut the hell up, you and dirty harry need to leave, you are insignificant in the big plan, Your so called President is on his way out as well, many petitions are in place to impeach the traitor

  • MikeO

    BWAHAHAHA! Bring it, MoveOn! Everytime you try to have a rally event in our neck of the woods, you find at least three times as many Tea Party types there to counter rally. That has happened so often, you’ve kind of given up on the public events; it was too embarrassing.
    In fact, compare your local Tea Party meeting to the size of your normal GOP functional meetings and see which is bigger. The GOP socials are bigger, but then, when it comes down to WORKING meetings, the Tea Party meetings are larger. And we’re supposed to be fading away?

  • Al Dante

    What a joke. The real joke for these guys is, once America see’s just how horrific Obamcare is and the real f’n costs to their wallets, ALL dems will be in trouble in 2014 and Hill will have a battle on her hands in 2016. She is gonna get hers too.

  • Al Dante

    You are correct. It will be a shellacking of dems. Keep in mind the average tax payer working stiff has no idea what this freekin Obamacare will costs them but when they find out they will know one thing very clearly; No repubs voted for it.

  • “Who care(sic) America?” We all do and your lack of education is showing.

  • I agree, yet the anti-Republican strategy my have some effect in Republican districts like King(NY). I think the Republican leadership believes this to be an important base. They are not looking at the uprising in Colorado, Ohio and elsewhere.

  • bdaniel230

    Should be a good dust up. TEA party vs MoveOn.org, We the people vs George Soros. Americans vs disenfranchised Hungarian socialist. Since the Clintons made George Soros king of the derivatives, and Congress lately stifled his money raising efforts in derivatives there is little doubt why Move On is pushing against the TEA party. The TEA party Congressmen are the ones that stifled his derivatives.

  • Liz S

    MoveOn can spin it all they want!

    The fact is, like so many around the nation, my health care cost just tripled, thanks to the ACA/Obama-Care.

    In my book, the House and Ted Cruz are the few politicians actually spoke on my behalf.

    The Dems got us into this mess. So I don’t know just what kind of lies are you trying to spread, I just know they are not very good lies.

    Like typical Liberals, you only know how to blame your political opponents for the problems you created.

    Under Democrats, far far more jobs went overseas due to over-regulation (in California alone, 300,000 trucking related jobs are lost due to air pollution regulation). Actual inflation is 300% over 2008. We have the low and abnormal fed interest rates for years and the economical growth still can not keep up with population growth. That is because the Democrats are printing money faster than they can borrow it from China to pay for their Socialist Utopia entitlement programs.

    Meanwhile you are now living in a political system no better than the 1880’s, since the revocation of Posse Comitatus, and Habeus Corpus, not to mention your 1st, 2nd, 4th, and the 14th Amendment rights. All because the Democrats run government agencies are supposed to tracking down some foreign terrorists, they now need to spy on everyone of us.

    If you can call yourself an American, you ought to vote this monster you called Democrats out of the DC and all the local and state government.

  • OldmanRick

    Without the help and advice of Soros, Axelrod, Rahm, Valerie Jarrett, CAIR, MB, unions, and Saudis, the brat would be back working as a small community agitator, Harvard degree and all.

  • RealityBites

    The only problem here is that the Republicans are throwing a temper tantrum because they lost the healthcare debate in 08 when Obama was elected, when the ACA passed in 2010, and when Obama was reelected last year. You LOST!

    How come the ACA wasnt some big threat to America when Romney said it should be a model for the nation? Or when Heritage and the House GOP were pushing for it in the 90s? Obamacare is basically the conservative free market alternative to a single payer system. Its only a problem now that some Democrats actually supported it, like usual.

    These teabaggers are only appealing to the crazy old folks in their gerrymandered districts. 2010 was a kneejerk reaction to the recession. Americans overwhelmingly dont want what you are selling.

  • ohok

    Or it could work out great….. Obamacare is the plan the conservatives have been pushing for decades. A model for the nation according to your last presidential candidate.

  • llolol

    Whole lot of wishful thinking here in the tiny fact free conservative echo chamber.

  • bill

    Ohok.. ya need to get your talking points refreshed. The one’s you spout are way too tired and have been found to be baseless.

  • bill

    RB. Please, please oh please show me the documentation where the Heritage Foundation PUSHED for the ACA? Typical liberal rant that has zero context of reality. True, the HF FLOATED the concept and quickly retracted their stance. Sorta like me trying on a new suit and according to you, I’ve bought the sucker! What mindless babble ya spout!

  • manstrom

    Move on.org will be the one in the dust bin! They are in the sewer right now!! Like we are afraid of them? LOL!! Just wait til the dust clears in 2014 and 2016, they will be wondering if it was a Mack truck or a Sherman Tank that ran over them.

  • manstrom

    As opposed to your empty headed communist headquarters?

  • Roy Mallmann

    When Obamacare fails who are they going to blame for it? I think just letting it happen will be all of the proof anybody needs. If it was so great, why is everybody getting exemptions including all of the unions that pushed it. It is full of SEIU pork and it was designed by their leaders to make sure that union healthcare workers are required. Read the law and see for yourself. It will collapse under its own weight.

  • Frantz F.

    Shouldn’t you be happy for this – that those evil men who want health coverage for every American, will be run out of town? Why should this be the reason to shut down the government, anyway?

  • Brent Hawkins

    The funny thing here is, everyone except the dems openly voices how bad obamacare is and how much obama has bankrupted this country. I just read an article about the DNC being over $18 million in dept buying obama his second term. I guess its not just obama, its the WHOLE dnc that doesn’t know how to balance a budget. I’d like to see what Felonius Monk has to say about THAT!!!

  • Peter

    I am sad to admit that the left knows how to gain their objectives. In Wisconsin, when they didn’t get their way, they immediately collected signatures and put those that offended them on the ballot. They are at it again. The Tea Party, in order to be successful, must employ the same tactics. We should collecting signatures and putting sitting Democrats on the ballot next year. The should be forced to defend the votes they have made this fall. Obamacare is rightly unpopular. We should use this opportunity to remove as many of those who voted for it as we can. We should not be satisfied with challenging only those who are up for re-election.

  • william russell

    THe move on org does not understand the average american worker. You can try to destroy the tea party as you tear them down(consisting of the average american) you just make us all stronger in our desire to get rid of democrats and rhino republicans and bring back the usa to was it was once in the world before obama got elected. By november 2014, interest rates will back up to 7 or 8 percent, housing will take a dive, inflation will be back to 10 percent and we will have such a deep recession that the american voter will say enough is a enough and will trow out all the democrats just like happen with carter. The time is coming so move on come after us but with every ad you run just makes us more determine to win.

  • humanist

    You stupid fucking morons will burn in hell

  • manstrom

    Actually, because I believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ is the living Son of God, I will be in heaven with Him. Oh, by the way, nice clean comment. I feel sorry for you.

  • Furnishmerchant

    Republican Party Manual for Growth
    Cpt. 1: How to grow a national party into a regional party.
    Cpt. 2: How to grow a regional party into a confederacy.
    Cpt. 3: How to grow a confederacy into a third world state.

  • Looey

    They don’t give a rat’s rectum about health care for every American. The only thing they care about is control, and Obama wants to bring America down as he thinks it is too high and mighty. After what the prime minister of Israel said today at the UN, I would take him any day over that wussy Obama. He even comes off Air Force One looking like a girl. I’m not sure he isn’t. The only people he knows to wage war on are the American people. He doesn’t have the guts to take on any of the really bad guys.

  • sha44ss

    They WANT it to fail… someone….Maybe ‘Killary’ will come and save the day with
    New Improved SINGLE PAYER system and then we will be totally Socialized!

  • Susannah

    You should get better informed. There is adequate information on the web and elsewhere about the new Healthcare act. The Tea Party Republicans are going to pay for the government shut down big-time. We the people are sick of the right wing blather which puts ideology above the interests of the people.

  • Ssuannah

    You are a hateful misinformed person. We have people like you–small-minded, racist bigots–to thank for this government shut-down. Your sick web of Tea-Party patriarchs are the real traitors. Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave. The land of the free has been perverted by a bunch of stupid men (and their clueless followers, like you) who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. Shame on you.

  • Susannah

    You are sickening–sexist, racist, war-mongering, stupidly misinformed…thank god you are a dying breed.

  • Susannah

    Bullshit. If your health care insurance rates have been raised too high, you will have a government subsidy/tax break to help you pay your costs. The health care act is to serve the entire population of our country. As for socialist utopia’s–I doubt you even know what that is. (Please take an American History class.) Ditto the fancy Latin terms you are trotting out incorrectly, showing both your ignorance and prejudicial analysis of the way our government functions. It is people like you we have to blame for this stale-mate and government shut-down–your old ideas, racism and prejudice–not to mention your complete misreading of the Democratic party–may make you feel superior but your reasoning shows that you just don’t get it..

  • Liz S

    All venom and no substances, Can not counter with any point but all dismissive and holier than thou stances.

    you think you can just dress people down and all your lies are validated?
    I am not sure what classes you took, but your professors must be from Communist Cuba. And yes their version of American History completely agrees with yours.

    And I used to be a Liberal, and I know your type all too well.

    By the way, if you even know the laws Liberals passed, I can not get subsidy if I own property or have money in the bank. You are so wrong and presumptive, yet so full of yourself, you just made the clown of the day on this forum.


    Which do we prefer 10+ years at two pointless wars? Funded on our credit card called the national debt. Or 10+ years of healthcare for Americans principally self funded, only partially funded by government support? Resulting in reduced costs due in large part by moving needed primary care from ER to alternate locations. Let’s all appreciate that the majority of America has spoken. That said, there is no basis of fact to the fears driving to abandon ACA without any effort to find the “real” flaws, all programs will have flaws. Let’s all work together for the American people. What a concept! Forgive me, I might have missed the conversion of America to “The United States of The Tea Party” our political process allow modifications am improvements, but not only on the week before CR and raising the Debt Ceiling. One more point, ACA is LAW supported by the majority. Don’t defuned it find ways to make it better. In the end your efforts and the result will help people. That is why we pay your salaries.

  • ObviousMan

    C’mon we all know the Koch Bros and Tea Party agenda is to TAKE OVER STATE GOVERNMENTS and undo state laws (Michigan, Florida, Ohio, and now North Carolina) and OBSTRUCT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS. It’s an ‘end around’ strategy as it will be a long time before Republicans ever get the White House and Senate again.

  • ObviousMan

    Help me understand why average working people vote for Republicans when all they do is funnel wealth upstream while destroying the middle class and sending our kids to die in meaningless wars??


    Thank you for asking that question. I find it easier to answer than why to support them. I am unable to fine one reason at this time to be a Tea Party Republican. I have friend that are life long republicans that are seriously consider leaving due to the influence of this group.

    Here is my feelings on this time, historically. Our founding father build this nation to leave this type of rule and thinking. The religious right hidden with patriotic ultra conservatism, their way or the highway. No basis of fact just singe minded thinking.

    Have they ever thought about the concept we use for the Iran war. In the end it was pushed by a war mongering Vice President. Who benefited more than Halliburton?

    I have always tried to listen to differing perspectives to help make decisions for myself. They eat the same Kool aid, I have not heard a new thought sense our president was elected the first time. It is almost “Racist” like, I just don’t want to believe that in 2013 some have still not evolved.

    Our nation needs too work toward a strong three party system. We do not ever want any one party to control everything. It used to be the two parties compromised to achieve really thoughtful outcomes. It is impossible to debate a topic when their is no room to discuss. What happened to statesmanship. We are living in the year 2013’s version of the Church of England and the aristocratic rule. God save the Queen!



  • patsybm

    totally disagree with your thoughts

  • disqus_9daguP5ys4

    Ssuannah looks to be the hateful misinformed person, stoops to name calling and presents no facts…

  • aunti obama

    Soros may be able to buy the politicians and move on.org,but he cannot buy the good folks …Any one with eyes can see what a pathetic little,whiny, person the president truly is..

  • peggy

    This is the guy we need to fear.

  • Deb French

    I’m not for ya or agin ya but what does your belief in Jesus have to do with politics? NOTHING!

  • Poor Bob

    My wife and I pay 1472.00 a month for HMO health insurance a month, Add it up, it takes all of our income just to be covered and we don’t qualify for any subsidies because we own our home. We also are in the Lower of the poverty level for income so if any of you uneducated uninformed moochers who live off the government had to pay this much for health insurance you wouldn’t even be eating. (ps) Health insurance in 2009 was a PPO that cost us 792.00 a month, 2010 went up to 1100.00, 2011 went up to 1248.00, 2012 went up to 1329.00 and 2013 went up to the 1472.00 and we have HMO since 2011. Not due to our age or our health. I am not a believer of this Administration foe we have lost all faith in our government!!

  • Guest

    Since Soros is so rich, if he goes to the doctor he gets treated, since I am on SS if I have a problem and go to the doctor, they will just lay me down give me a white sheet, and an injection. May God have mercy on the United States, not all of US have turned our backs on God.
    Not to be childish, but, boy is that man, Soros, ugly.

  • coast40 .

    Yes, but what will your costs be with the new plan? Your blame is misplaced, it should be aimed at insurance companies, who will be the ones that benefit most.

  • coast40 .

    No, Koch brothers vs. Soros. Wake up! Neither side has the interests of Americans at heart.

  • coast40 .

    “Obamacare is rightly unpopular. ” That’s not what the polls say. Where do you get your information? From partisan groups?

  • coast40 .

    Soros=Koch brothers. Demon spawn from different mothers.

  • manstrom

    Apparently you cannot read very well. Look at the dumb comment to which I replied and read it slowly. Read it out loud if you must but try not to verbalize the filth. He said I will burn in hell and I simply told him why that is untrue.

  • bdaniel230

    Really? And when did the Koch brothers becpme the sole support for the TEA party? It is still and always the TEA party that has the peoples hearts and minds. A majority of people don’t want and have never wanted ObamaCare and it is being shoved down our throats. According to the Obamacare Website my coverage goes up between 50 and 100 percent depending on the level of coverage I require. My employer won’t give us the numbers for the next year because they don’t have them yet from the carriers. The people don’t want government shutdown but Harry Reid won’t sign anything that will put the government back in operation unless it is complete capitualtion. That is compromise? Obama yanks Harry’s strings and Soros yanks Obama’s. And the rest of the world is gleeful over it. They are rejoicing because misery loves company. Why should we not have the same problems with health care that they experience. They won’t have anywhere to send their people when they can’t wait any longer.
    Your argument is astoundingly stupid.

  • bdaniel230

    Again the self-righteous left stands against the majority. Temper tantrum? What is Harry Reid yelling the Republicans are killing children when he is the one that wouldn’t sign the appropriation that would have opened the NIH? He and Obama are as hypocritical as your yourself are, and you are as insulting as you are stupid.

  • bdaniel230

    Government subsidies only for the lowest tier policies. And if you own your own home or your employer offers coverage the subsidy is not offered.

  • bdaniel230

    Obama has set the rates by his administration. The insurance companies are going to make much more by the Obamacare plan than they would otherwise, and subsidies are not there is you are on a pension plan that offers medical coverate, even if you take the Obamacare plan, which only subsidizes the lowest policies. If you want coverage that the typical BCBS plan offers the subsidies are not there.

  • bdaniel230

    Because you have no basis in reality and your argument is a logical fallacy? The destruction of the middle class is being accomplished by Obama and his detremental restrictions on manufacturing in this country. HIs tyrannical behavior against business profits and against businesses, other than his artifically proped up businesses, achieving any level of success when he has declared them all anathema to the socialist ideals he spews.

  • bdaniel230

    Better being in the TEA party than a drone to a tyrant. Better being able to decide where one can place his trust than to be tied to an anchor of socialism.

  • bdaniel230

    Ugly in body because he has no honor and no soul. He betrayed his people repeatedly and he is more than willing to betray this country, he has only made his fortune on our capitalism.

  • bdaniel230

    Partially funded by the government? How can you even keep a straight face in the wake of a 1.6 trillion dollar increase in the debt due to Obamacare? And they want another trillion or two just to finance the debt for the next six months.

  • Charles Temm

    from your lips to God’s ears

  • Charles Temm

    Where does the money for the subsidies come from? The general Treasury and a small part from the actual premiums paid by the forced enrollment act.

    ObamaCare to not be just another Medicare disaster has to have lots of healthy young folk enroll to offset those who will be using it who are already sick, those already sick won’t be using it as insurance in case they are sick but b/c they already are (that means automatic plan costs in no way recoverable through premiums)

    ObamaCare simply has to have lots of young folks enrolling who are willing to pay those premiums versus paying the fines. Economic reality says most won’t b/c it’s cheaper to pay the fines and enroll when they get sick and not b4.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch and if the annual budget deficits since the 60s should have taught us that. You’re borrowing from the young to pay off political supporters now and that will not end well for anyone.

  • Charles Temm

    how does a program self fund when it says no one can be turned away and that it’s cheaper NOT to enroll until you are actually sick?

    ObamaCare is even worse than Medicare for being fiscally self supporting supporting

  • Deb French

    My sincere apologies…

  • Oleander

    Boy, they get upset when they are faced with reality. I know….its hard to swallow reality when you are used to pablum. It’ll be ok.

  • Oleander


  • manstrom

    Mine too, Deb. For my tone I apologise. I was wrong to say that to you in that way. Apology accepted! 🙂

  • Mike

    Lets give it a few months and YOU’LL see, that Obama care was an incidious act.

  • Mike

    Nope we are still here and in your face you witch….

  • Nicholai Bush

    Upset that the liberals made the gambit?


    No response on two wars on a credit card?

    Not unusual.

    1.6 Trillion is an a bit extreme. The reality is $716 billion is coming from medicare. Not taken away, replaced, not paid twice. The difference will be payments from particapants, US taxpayers. BTW, you should do everyone a favor and explain that the funding is over a 10 period. Not today and most of it is already being paid out in medicare.

  • Poor Bob

    We are not entitled to ACA because we are small business owners

  • madmags

    One only has to look at the uninformed level of stupidity below from people who do not seem to have the ability to THINK or process information to form an informed opinion based on facts to see why the US is in decline as a world power…largely do to the very people you keep putting in office. Here is a suggestion, why don’t you actually take the time to look at the records of the people you are putting in office and see what they are doing for you, look at the votes on bills, watch CSPAN and see what they are really saying and doing while in session, maybe then you may get a clue, but that may take too much thought and/or effort….much easier just to repeat talking points you have heard and never took the time to verify….easier to be stupid and led around like sheep. But at the end of the day get it straight as to who are the ones taking things from you and laughing all the way to the bank. This temper tantrum just cost us $10B a day by the party worried about deficits, and who back entitlement reform….which means cuts in SS,disability, medicare, all of those things the below seem to be worried about…ENTITLEMENTS include a lot more than WELFARE it also includes the very programs the uneducated backers of the right LOVE! WAKE UP!!!!! On the other hand I would love to see these programs overhauled so they make sense, but that is not what is happening they are just being cut in random fashion which saves nothing nor fixes the problem. But to fix something would take putting on ones thinking caps and doing some actual work vice grandstanding, I do not see that happening.

  • Up yours

    Fuck George Soros and fuck moveon

  • Jinx

    Remember this is a man who worked WITH the Nazis against his fellow Jews!!!! Nuf said