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Are furloughed park employees trying to pick a fight on Facebook?

By   /   October 2, 2013  /   News  /   14 Comments

Part 25 of 51 in the series Shutdown 2013

By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog

KNOXVILLE — Federal employees with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park want you to know the park’s official Facebook page will remain inactive until the government shutdown is resolved.

What’s unclear, however, is just why officials at the park, where Tennessee meets North Carolina, made the announcement at al. They haven’t bothered to update the official Facebook page since March 2012.

All the announcement did was prompt people to launch an attach on tea partyers.

“Blame the tea party,” Facebook user Linda Waddles complained in the accompanying thread.

Facebook user Colin Gardiner had a more colorful response.

FACEBOOK POST: An announcement by the employees with the Great Smokey Mountains National Park that its Facebook page was inactive prompted Facebook users to attack the Tea Party. The official page, though, has remained inactive for a year and a half.

FACEBOOK POST: An announcement by the employees with the Great Smokey Mountains National Park that its Facebook page was inactive prompted Facebook users to attack the Tea Party. The official page, though, has remained inactive for a year and a half.

Republicans need to grow up and stop throwing their toys out of the pram. As for the Tea Party, how can any sane Americans vote for such a bunch of Nazis!”

Several other posts raged against the tea party with their own verbal pitchforks, almost like a lynch mob.

Facebook user Geri McKinney, however, deviated from many of the other posters.

“If the last post to the page was March 15, 2012….a year and a half ago….and whoever does the posts is a paid employee….apparently they weren’t doing their job…..and this post is just to make a political statement.”

Also chiming in was Facebook user Rick Byrd.

“Like it REALLY requires someone from the GOVERNMENT to be on staff to keep a FACEBOOK page OPEN….It’s not like someone has to sit there and monitor that page all day.”

Given the circumstances, did parks’ personnel take to the parks’ official Facebook page to pick a fight and rile people’s emotions?

Tennessee Watchdog can’t get an answer to that one. No parks personnel were available to talk Wednesday because of the federal government shutdown. The same was true of the federal Department of the Interior, which oversees the park’s operations.

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Chris formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

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    Hey, useful idiots have to work once in a while too.

  • renewed4life

    Don’t ya love post-active people. Try being pre-active, before there is a problem.

  • ericsol

    It Harry and the DEM that are causing the shutdown and Odummy

  • Coupon Master

    and after they made a simple announcement.. here you are , the lame stream media , bought and paid for, intentionally trying to start flame wars on a currently unmoderated page.. way to go scums….

  • Coupon Master

    BTW,, why hasnt bohner allowed votes on several bills including ones from his own party??

  • Que

    Stop being a patron there and make sure everyone knows why.

  • PhylBoyse

    coupon master – don’t know where you are getting your information – but Boehner HAS allowed votes – the House has voted and passed 19 bills since the shutdown and scumbama, rectal, peon and the rest of the dumocraps are REFUSING to pass or sign anything. they say they “WILL NOT” negotiate = so where did you get your info?????

  • disqus_rkWEtCYUS0

    Chris Butler…what’s with all the typos and bad grammar? ! You lost me at line 7.

  • jfekendall

    Spellcheck is your friend.

  • Nancy Baker

    Hey! At their visitor’s center, this park brags about being the only one that is “self-sustaining”, operating without charging an admission, free and open to the public etc.

  • Marcus127

    If they have not updated the page since back in 2012….that shows you how incompetent Park Service folks can be. They got their paycheck the whole time but could not update or cancel the page?

    The longer this stuff goes on and the more asinine the Park Service acts….the worse it gets for them and their image. If we give them a ration of shit everytime we see them….perhaps even the Park Rangers will see the light and start speaking out about the reasons they are doing what they are.

    Surely, some of them are good folks who know this campaign of harming the American People for purely partisan political reasons is just plain wrong.

    I swear the Park Service should start wearing Brown Shirts and Jack Boots the way they are carrying on.

  • jay

    i love how easily they attach the tea party…bunch of idiots…their people are causing the shutdown, hurting americans just to get what they want…they and i mean THEY are the nazis…and i for one wish ever lousy lefty would go live in russia or cuba and china and see how much they love communism then…stupid idiots, gutter trash whine all the time and hardly work.

  • Unc Remus

    Q: What is the difference between a US Gov Employee and A Crack Ho? A: A Crack Ho works for a living.

  • Coupon Master

    wrong again… even bohner says he is not allowing votes on the bills he does not support