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You know that one guy who successfully signed up for Obamacare? He didn’t

By   /   October 4, 2013  /   News  /   122 Comments

Part 19 of 97 in the series Obamacare

By Eric Boehm | PA Independent

Chad Henderson was all over the news the past two days.


PANTS ON FIRE: Chad Henderson told multiple media outlets that he successfully enrolled in Obamacare.  But the poster boy for the new health care law is actually a former Obama campaign staffer, and he’s not enrolled in the system. (PHOTO: Facebook.com/wchadhenderson)

The 21-year-old student from Georgia was cited in multiple articles as being one of the few, the proud, the successful to signed up for insurance through a federal exchange.

On his Facebook page, Henderson bragged about being interviewed by “The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chattanooga Times Free Press, The Huffington Post, Enroll America, and Politico,” along with several local TV affiliates.

His story supposedly was  proof that for all their glitches and problems – and the ambivalence of young people – the new health insurance exchanges were working after all.

Except it seems like it was all a lie.

Peter Suderman, writing at Reason, claims to have uncovered the truth.

But in an exclusive phone interview this morning with Reason, Chad father’s Bill contradicted virtually every major detail of the story the media can’t get enough of,” Suderman writes. “What’s more, some of the details that Chad has released are also at odds with published rate schedules and how Obamacare officials say the enrollment system works.

Suderman tracked down Bill Henderson through Chad Henderson’s Facebook page.  And via the son’s LinkedIn account, he found this little nugget:

“He was a volunteer with President Obama’s campaign last year, and his LinkedIn page still lists him as an active volunteer with Organizing for Action, the former campaign organization which now advocates for the president’s legislative agenda.”

Chad Henderson didn’t really lie about his intentions.  He told several media outlets that he was sharing his story because he wanted the new health care law to succeed.  It just seems that no one at the posts – Washington and Huffington – decided to fact check his story.

The whole thing seems to have been set-up in advance.  As Sarah Kliff of the Washington Post notes, she was given Henderson’s contact information Tuesday morning just moments after writing a blog post “about the lack of information on Obamacare enrollees.”

Who passed Henderson’s contact information to Kliff? Enroll America, the pro-Obamacare nonprofit run by a former communications director for the Obama campaign.

Hmm, didn’t Henderson work for that same campaign? Surely, just a coincidence.

UPDATE: Kliff got Henderson on the phone again (he did not respond to a Facebook message from this reporter) and he admits that he did not complete the enrollment process, but argues that he was not lying when he said he did.  She does not appear to have asked about his connections to the Obama campaign and Enroll America.


Boehm is a reporter for Watchdog.org and can be reached at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter at @EricBoehm87

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  • JhoffaX


  • Scheri

    This is par for the course. It seems that anyone or anything attached to Obama is a lier or is lied about. SO-O-O sick of it.

  • Bjorn Thompson

    Are his lips moving? Then he’s lying.

  • mike

    He didn’t lie when he lied, come on he’s not a Republican they lie by telling the truth which is the worst kind of lie and it’s extra extreme and probably racist.

  • Bill T Smith

    This potus is like the obozzo n biden n holdder rice n hillary wonder what the obozzo offer him freedom from being a lyer

  • themtnman
  • jsw7533

    So it wasn’t a lie because his ‘intention’ was to help Obama? Yup, that pretty much sums up the mind-set of Obamabots the past few years…

  • Dazzengator

    On par with several who claim to have received care or in one case surgery after they were able to be covered for preexisting conditions thanks to the ACA. Umm, not !

  • bill boyd

    I hope you are being facetious about the Republicans, because they ARE branded as lying when they confront and tell the truth.

  • don

    it does not matter nothing sticks to his rump—why? because we let him get away with it

  • Right Wired

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your new Democratic Senator from Tennessee, ol’ Hanging Chad Henderson!

  • JimG

    Typical Liberal. Lying is okay because the cause is so important.

  • Smith Greg

    1,000,000 bucks says this guy is GAY.

  • blazemac

    This is hilarious!

  • LoneRanger1952

    I have been around this old world for a long time and let me tell you one that that is the truth: all politicians lie – some more than others, but recently it appears that the democrats and left-wing nut jobs have made lying a daily part of their lives. Sad that we have come down to this since America use to be a great nation.

  • KnightTime

    I’m shocked I tell you. SHOCKED.

  • justbecause

    I am sure he is a Gator Fan! GO DAWGS

  • cmoak1955yahoocom

    He resembles the Dem liberal drug using Colorado Phd candidate who murdered all those people in the theater.

  • William

    Some one should smack the … out of that little punk and as far as the government, that is how it has been for the last 5 years. They lie and we bend over and take it.

  • Averagewhitemale

    This reminds me of during the Iraq war when the guy was on camera saying that “the Americans aren’t here” and they were actually in the background.

  • ke hall

    what a scum bag!!!!!!!!

  • kman66

    Obama is a straight faced liar.

  • jsmith

    I heard he’s gay.

  • RaisingHellinTwentyTwelve

    Wow – no way – not an Obama lover…another liar – what a bunch of frauds – the whole lot of them……..it’s a lie dude…….what a joke

  • Sammie Jo

    Bagdhad Bob, that’s jay carney’s job now. lol

  • RaisingHellinTwentyTwelve

    gay as a 3 dollar bill

  • Sammie Jo

    and what possible difference could that make?

  • James Azanza

    This will be remembered by historians as the age of lies. And Obama and the Democrats will have that around their necks for a long, long time. While all politicians find it convenient to tweak things here and there, never before has such a major piece of legislation been passed by so much lying , bribing and misinformation. Witholding funds for this plan until it gets cleared up is the responsible thing to do. It is the Democrats who refuse to do this, refusing to allow funding for EVERYTHING else to go through, not the Republicans. Wake up.

  • Obamaisalier

    Hi sailor! Want to play puppets with me?


    The guy looks like a sock puppet !!


    C’mon now !.. cut him a break.. he’s only paraphrasing Slick Willy…”It all depends on what the definition of signin’ up is !!!”


    …and remember the Liberal/Socialist DemocRAT mantras…
    “..never waste a good crisis ..” &
    “..the end justifies the means …”

  • Martin Robbins

    Except for the fact that here and the link on Fox News is the only place this will play and those that are supporting the President don’t know and probably wouldn’t care if they did.

  • Dpenn

    Wow, that does not surprise me. The new health care law is designed to destroy our country

  • Centurian2010

    Ugggh. Maybe his urge to go to all lengths to support obama?

  • Don

    another Obama lie

  • SouthernPatriot55

    Another liberal jackass…

  • Sammie Jo

    It still doesn’t make any difference, not all gays are liberals, I know quite a few who are conservative.
    However, this kid is a prime example of why they should have never lowered the voting age to 18, I know he’s 21 now, but he was allowed to vote in the last election.
    I think the voting age should be raised to 25, except for military, if you’re old enough to be in the military, you should be able to vote.

  • iknow

    I have the answer, spoke to the Md exchange today.
    I have an

    1- buy direct
    2- buy from exchange
    now after the price difference 327$ exchange vs 125$ direct a month basic same plans…why would any person use the exchange?

    the answer is is you get a subsidy.

    So if I make no $$ I get a 327 plan subsidy by fellow
    MD citizens.but not be able to get the carefirst 125$ plan which would cover me better and make citizens pay less.

  • time2wakeup

    Latest poll shows 2-out-of-3 Americans would prefer a double root canal rather than sign up for Obamascare.

  • Godisalljust

    If you are willing to kill innocent babies in the womb as your number one acheivment, whats a little lie to that? There is no morality among democrats!!

  • NotUndecided

    Wow, so the ONLY younger person to have signed up for ACA was lying. And nobody else his age either wanted to or succeeded at doing it? Well then that does prove there’s a problem. If that’s what is being reported here. Is that what the article is implying?

    And he is representative of all younger people – right?

  • Godisalljust

    He should get the NOBEL PEACE OF CRAP PRIZE for good intentions!!

  • Bzer

    I think voting should be for land owners, they have the most to lose. The people with their hands out have everything to gain from those that work and own land.

  • DeeDee1213

    amazing how the liars all seem to find one another, they know where their FLOCK is, and gravitate towards each other. Just more proof that those who are associated with the King Barack are all birds of a feather and full of Lies one right after another (its all they KNOW) !

  • trac ingr

    Are we saying that the Obama machine would lie to support their illegal initiatives


  • steve

    Someone attached to oBama lying.
    Wow whodathunkit it.

    You can tell oBama is lying when his lips are moving.

  • BQRealityBites

    Liberal logic: “He admits he DID NOT complete the enrollment process, but argues that he was not lying when he said he did”? In a nutshell people – there is your typical liberal!

  • Sixteanine

    Liberal Democrat youngster. Typical. Now you’re a famous ********.

  • emu huron

    The entire Obama candidacy and presidency have been nothing but smoke and mirrors and deception. This further example is not surprising.

  • Except that it’s not just “recently….”

  • Sharon Tomalavage

    I agree!! We should run to those polls. This is the only way Obama and his cronies will stop getting away with it.

  • Sharon Tomalavage

    Truer words were never spoken.

  • Bobtail362

    Smoke and mirrors to camouflage the coming train wreck. PT Barnum would be proud of Obama.

  • Bobtail362

    I guess it depend on what your definition of “complete’ is.

  • Mary Carpenter

    I believe that all the real truths will eventually come out about Obamacare. It has to. In this social media-driven world, there’s not much that can be hidden for long. Obamacare will be what it is, and I think that is a big giant BUST, but it’s flaws will become all too clear soon. Difficulty signing up is just the first problem. I saw on a TV show this PM that an agency that deals with online data collection thinks the number of people who (as of today) have successfully signed up for OCare is in the “low thousands”. That’s not very many. As Shakespeare said – “The truth will out”!

  • rain tan

    This charade ends when the bills come

  • Joe Milot

    ” he admits that he did not complete the enrollment process, but argues that he was not lying when he said he did.” how the hell is that not lying???
    do they really believe the stupid shit that they say…? I mean liberals..that is…

  • snowmaggedoned

    Benghazi Jay……….

  • fableraye

    Henderson states he wasn’t lying, why does it seem he did?

  • Frank Castle

    Another LYING LIBERAL.. all they seem able to do!

  • iveeri335

    This guy even looks like a Douche.

  • harleyxx

    Another worthless POS lying libtard.

  • J Mach

    The lies that are being accepted throughout this administration and contaminating misguided people who cannot admit they made a mistake is stunning. Such lies that are provided by the left wing media and especially when they do not perform due diligence should be punishable . I have never seen so much BS from an administration and their trained seals in the media. They will pay any price to continue their fraud. In the process they will destroy themselves and they all seem willing to do so for a cause most reasonable people would simply walk away .

  • pochemunyet

    Those doubles are the worst. Been there a few times.

  • pochemunyet

    Meaning he needs insurance more than others might…

  • pochemunyet

    Excellent idea.

  • Rodney

    I am an insurance agent and I finished my training a month ago. There were two parts to the training, the educational part which was given by the company I am contracted with and the ‘identity proofing’ which, as an agent I go to the CMS website to do. The educational material I finished on September 7th. The instructions say to wait 48 hours and then go to the CMS website for the identity part. Once this second part is done they are to assign me a number so I can help people enroll and get paid. Well, here we are, a month later and I have yet to be able to even log into the site let alone get the number. Now remember, we were told that we would be able to log in after 48 hours and we were told this over a month ago. I have called them and spoke with them on 3 different occasions. I was to receive two emails that I have never received, which were suppose to reset my password. I was told this morning that they are working on it and agents from last Friday were still waiting for the email. So then, today, I receive this email:

    Hello ****** ******
    Thank you for your inquiry. Part II of agent and broker
    registration process for the Federally-facilitated Marketplaces (FFM) has
    officially launched. In Part II, agents
    and brokers who wish to serve in the Individual Marketplace may now complete
    identity proofing on the CMS Enterprise Portal: https://portal.cms.gov/
    Please note:
    Prior to completing Part II of the registration process,
    agents and brokers need to have completed Part I—the training/testing that is
    available at https://Marketplace.MedicareLearningNetworkLMS.com.
    After completion of Part I, agents and brokers should
    allow 48 business hours for their training/testing results to be transmitted to
    the CMS Enterprise Portal where Part II occurs.
    Please ensure that you allow sufficient time for your training/testing
    results to reach the CMS Enterprise Portal, or you will get an error message
    when you try to complete Part II.
    Instructions from earlier CMS webinars may be useful as
    agents and brokers complete the registration process. Those instructions, and other information,
    may be found on our webpage: http://www.cms.gov/CCIIO/programs-and-initiatives/health-insurance-marketplaces/a-b-resources.html. (See especially http://www.cms.gov/CCIIO/Programs-and-Initiatives/Health-Insurance-Marketplaces/Downloads/agent-broker-registration-webinar.pdf)
    Thank you for contacting the FFM Producer and Assister
    Help Desk. If you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact
    us again via email at [email protected].
    Thank you,
    FFM Producer and Assister Help Desk Staff
    Important: Do not change the subject line while replying.

    So, my point? Well let me say this. I can log into 3 different company websites and quote you each of their plans under bamacare. I can even sell them through these private company websites. However, if someone asks me about subsidies, I have to tell them I don’t have the ability to tell them if they qualify for one because I can’t get a number to even help them and the only way to find out what kind of subsidy (insert, the government stealing money from others to pay for others), you might, if any, get. Private sector? had their *&^% together and were ready. Government?? Ah, not so much!

  • makoman

    Typical. Lying. Liberal. Turd.

  • Former Marine

    Lies lies lies… This whole administration is based on lies.. Lies to the Freedom loving American people.

  • R C

    The liberal mindset – lying is good as long as it serves the common good. Reminiscent of a frightening past and … chilling.

  • Mike Oxford

    Looks like we have a new type of “hanging chad” ..lol

  • PeacefulMan

    Liberals are retarded and don’t have brain..

  • Yo Momma

    In the post mortem that will define Obungle after the 2014 elections and the twilight if his failed legacy the press will likely turn on him and consume his political corpse to re-energize their appetite of why we MUST elect Shrilary to effect the proper encumbrance upon those who deign to excel in spite of federal benefactors

  • Eddie Casares

    typical pro=obama reporter during their civic duty to spread false narratives on how wonderful his Obamacare program is for us Little People. Obama wants to take care of the Little People who do not know what to do with ourselves and would be lost forever without the President.

  • Socal

    This is a classic example of what happens when “journalists” are overcome by political ideology. Kudos to this young fellas father!

  • DeLandian

    But they lie to help you out…you dont know enough to help yourself so the little fishy metro sexual boy tells an innocent little lie just to help make people more at ease with the unraveling and ultimate intrusion into our lives..Send this hebitch to Afghanistan to sniff out IED’s buried in the road by hand and do it NOW.

  • Carin

    Awwww!! I forgot all about Bagdad Bob! That was hysterically funny to watch (him) back in the day. I wonder if he ever received asylum (?) Unfortunately, this far left liberal kid’s willingness to lie to many media outlets isn’t funny. He clearly views himself as being smarter than the rest of us who view O-care as harmful. He knows O-care is good for us and he’s going to help us come around by lieing about his possitive experience. Well, it does fit the script: He’s a low-level (fill in the blank) who acted on his own. The sick thing is, if this kid’s lies where brought to Obama’s attention, he’d probably give him an atta-boy.

  • doc12345

    I hope he bought coverage for “Flammable Trouser Syndrome”, because it appears his pants are on fire.

  • joesmith7789

    Everyone that struggled to sign up and failed to sign up easily as this kid claimed he did need to file a class action lawsuit for all the hardships they incurred based on the false claims he made

  • Bill Morgan

    These people have no shame and no decency. They will continue supporting Obummer in his campaign to destroy America and will never admit that they have been misled and deceived.

  • Jovi Albano

    Still better than obamacare.

  • American Boy

    I think there are more than a few liars right here in this column, saying how disgusted they are with this gay narcissist in the whitehouse, when in fact, they voted for it. And just hoping nobody ever finds out.

  • Nascarpit08

    Is this scum bag’s tuition being paid by our tax dollars? I’m wonder if Bill Henderson has a job with insurance. If so why is this kid signing up for O’CARE when he can be on his parents insurance. Oh wait….SILLY ME….this was all pretend….for the name of i”CARE!

  • kstalba

    What do you expect from Obama and his Goons!

  • asa_canaway

    What?! Are you kidding? And actually do like the Founding Fathers had actually intended?! That’s just freaking ludicrous. What are you, some sort of Federalist Papers kook?!

  • Mikael Anthony

    Another person who doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. He ought to make someone a good partner.

  • Mikael Anthony

    Romans 1:32

    32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

  • Nascarpit08

    You must be on a wishful thinking……Witch-hunt. You’re sounding like you voted for Obama….

  • bpupnorth

    you are absolutely right, Martin!

  • kadster

    While we still can, and while voting still actually means something.

  • RTARK62

    In the picture, which one is he, they look like twins.

  • Sammie Jo

    There ya go! lmao

  • Sammie Jo

    If you do that, then you would have to exempt renters from paying taxes, can’t make someone pay taxes for something they have no say in.
    Now, if you refine that to if you are on welfare for more than 2 years, you don’t get to vote, I’m good with that.

  • my42centsw0rth

    too late

  • Baggy

    Seem like Republicans and conservatives are the infidels…It’s
    OK to lie to them to get what the true believers want.

  • my42centsw0rth

    Because of ACA my doctor has quit taking new medicare patients and there’s no telling whaat he will have to do wi this odumba care. He’s my rheumatologist.

  • my42centsw0rth

    I used to love Captain Kangaroo!!!!

  • smitty

    He was a whacko from UC Riverside, depository of crackheads and welfare recipients…and I’m just counting the student population…nevermind the swarms of losers wandering around on foot in the city!

  • Bang Stick

    Call it what it is!…….Communist P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A

  • gcf1965

    Hmmm, I didn’t do what I told a bunch of peopel I did, but I wasn’t lying. Just ow does that work?

  • TIMedWork

    The very principle of taqiyah: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taqiyah

  • TIMedWork

    My doctor decided to retire, rather than cooperate with the insane regulations of Obamacare.

  • TIMedWork

    The entire point of lowering the voting age to 18, was because of the Selective Service Draft: if they’re old enough to be drafted and die, then they’re old enough to vote for the people who will send them to their deaths. When the draft was eliminated, the voting age should have reverted to at least 21; although Obama’s Science Advisor wrote a book claiming that the human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25-26. So obviously, if Obama followed his own advice, he would know that the majority of his supporters do not have fully developed brains.

  • TIMedWork

    Careful. Taxation without representation can become a revolutionary idea. And I am sure that the 40-50-% of the population that owns land, does not want to also carry the tax burden to administer to their votes and resultant outcomes.

  • TIMedWork

    In Washington State, the last estimate that I saw indicated that 60% of the state is renting from the other 40%. Hence, the ide of ‘investment property’; the tenant pays the mortgage while the owner reaps the profit from the sale, many years down the road. Since serfdom is long gone, under Bzer’s proposal, the represented would also be the only citizens taxed; and something tells me they wouldn’t be too happy about that arrangement.

  • TIMedWork

    He didn’t complete the enrollment. But he did complete his mission.

  • TIMedWork

    Many in Chicago’s gay community do question the ‘straight’ part.

  • Sammie Jo

    Included in your rental price is the property taxes, so really, renters do pay taxes, it’s been so long since I rented, I forgot about that.

  • Sammie Jo

    So you’re saying Obama is really under 25 years old? LOL
    I thought they lowered the voting age long after they dropped the draft? Wasn’t it just a few years ago that 18 year olds could vote?

  • loveamerica

    I wish CNN and others would offer more articles like this
    and be more objective in making sure both points of view are equally represented.
    We as informed Americans have ability to decide on our own without being force
    fed a news organizations ideology and I fear that journalism is all but gone in
    modern America. I feel the same way about our schools and places of higher learning when most
    teachers are so unwilling to just teach our children and choose to indoctrinate
    their ideology in the classrooms instead of teaching kids a curriculum that
    offers them an opportunity to succeed in
    a very competitive job market. We all need to think for ourselves and stop
    letting journalist and editors interpret the news and current events for us,
    they need to report facts and not inject speculation as fact

  • TIMedWork

    The 18 year old vote was introduced during the Vietnam war, when so many 18 year olds were being shipped off to die, for the sake of politics and arrogant self interests. Many now see that we have Obamacare to satisfy that need to abuse the younger citizen for the sake of political power and control. However, it was only Obama that made so many promises that appealed to the 18 year old than any significant number of them decided to use the power of their vote. Now, many of them have been seriously disillusioned by the fact that none of the promises he made have, or will ever be been fulfilled. The most blatant of whish was “If I can’t fix this economy in 2-3 years, then it will be a one term proposition”.

    Now as 100’s of thousands leave college with no shred of a Hope for a job, with no Change in sight, many wish that He was, in fact, a one term proposition. Among the 18 to 30 years olds, the common cynicism is the awareness that when He speaks, a lie is the greatest likelihood.

  • Sammie Jo

    I guess I never paid attention to when 18 year olds could vote, didn’t really notice it until a few years ago when the school rounded up all the 18 year olds and bused them to the voting booth so they could vote for a $2million football field for a town with only 425 kids in the school from K-12.

    The 26th amendment to the U. S. Constitution, which lowered the voting age to 18 years, was proposed by Congress on March 23, 1971 and was ratified on June 30, 1971.
    vietnam war ended feb 3 1973

  • James39103

    And this is a story because?????

  • Vee_Kay

    Wouldn’t this oficially be PROPAGANDA? Lies propagated by the governmant to put the government in a good light….

  • jay

    Its a story James because we are sick and tires of obama and all those idiots that are lying for him and just screwing up this country. Lazy little p rick

  • Steve Di Sano


  • Mr. K

    This so perfectly represents the snot-nosed, pompous, arrogant little college kiddie LIARS who support Obama and his flawed idealogy. These “green” neophyte LIARS are at the very root of Obama’s deception. No wonder our LAWLESS White House occupant is continually fondling these reprobates across our nation in college campus settings. Beneath contempt.

  • kerijay

    Obamacare has nothing to do with health care it’s all about government control of our lives. Can you say communism as all his mentors were communist.

  • Freebish

    Shouldn’t Obama and his minions be held accountable for this kid of stuff? We hear it all the time. Also the 30,000 “navigators” who are supposed to help people sign up for Obamacare have had only 20 hours of training, have no insurance licenses and have no criminal background checks! Then we hear that many of them are former ACORN operatives. ACORN is, of course the corrupt, though organization, which even included felons, in which Obama,, himself, once served as a community organizer. BO needs to be impeached!

  • Freebish

    Sorry. In the previous post, “though” was supposed to be “thug”.

  • topcat_99

    What if they gave a Health Care Plan, and nobody came?