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IL still looking for target date on concealed-carry permits

By   /   October 8, 2013  /   News  /   17 Comments

By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog

SPRINGFIELD — The wait keeps getting longer for Illinois residents who want to carry a gun.

OFF TARGET: Illinois’ concealed-carry permits keep falling behind schedule.

In July, Illinois finally became the 50th state to allow people to carry concealed weapons. But it will be January before the Illinois State Police will accept concealed-carry applications; April before anyone gets a permit.

“The Illinois State Police originally told us (applications would be accepted) Jan. 1, now they’ve backed it up to around Jan. 10 because they’re not ready,” Ron Darnall, owner of Darnall’s Gun Range outside of Bloomington, said Monday. “We understand now, instead of March, it’s going to be April before the first cards are sent out.”

Darnall is among the hundreds of firearms instructors authorized by the Illinois State Police to teach residents about the state’s new law.

“There are 900 instructors and 500 curriculums,” said state Rep. Brandon Phelps, the Democrat author of the concealed-carry law. “I am excited about how the State Police are handling this.”

Phelps said fingerprints will be the biggest factor in determining eligibility.

“If (the State Police) have to manually check each set of fingerprints, they’re going to have to check each name,” Phelps said.

The State Police are pushing people to submit fingerprints electronically.

State Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said, “Obviously electronic fingerprints are going to be a little more efficient,” but Bond didn’t want to “speculate” on how long any part of the process will take.

It will be months before anyone carry a pistol in Illinois. Bond and Darnall say gun owners should use the time to get the required 18 hours of training.

“They just give us an outline of what they want us to teach,” Darnall said. “So, each (curriculum) us going to vary a little bit.”

Bond said the variances will give instructors “flexibility” in teaching concealed carry.

Darnall some details are pending, including how many times someone can take — and fail — either the written or shooting test.

But Darnall insists he won’t let people fail incessantly.

“We’re not going to issue a card to someone that we don’t feel comfortable with,” Darnall said.

Contact Benjamin Yount at [email protected] and find him on Twitter @BenYount.


Ben formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Bob

    Illinois is always last, in this and pensions,:)

  • csiebert

    but first in crime and murder.

  • michaelwloos

    Taking my second 8 hr class on October 27th, then fingerprinting (electronic) and then? Wait…wait…wait…


  • Madfoxx

    I call BS, how long does it take to process fingerprints? If a crime is involved it takes about four hours for the national database to process and try to get a match. This is just another delaying tactic

  • Festerhawg

    To be honest. Unless the law had a specific enactment date, new laws do not go into effect until January 1st the next year that they were passed. So January would be right on time.

  • helplessinil

    just wait, they’re not done yet. the plan all along was to make it difficult, time consuming, expensive and to keep delaying this. You would think that the money this will generate would be a welcomed thing to the IL pension funds.

  • Steve Lobber

    “It will be months before anyone carry a pistol in Illinois. Bond and Darnall say gun owners should use the time to get the required 18 hours of training.”

    The State requires 16, not 18 hours of training.

  • BeeKaaay

    No surprise, the leftwingwackos wrote this law to be as horrible as possible, so the Illinois State Police are going to have a huge mess on their hands.

    Look. They’re currently processing FOID cards at 3 months + when law says 30 days. They’re swamped with FOID card applications. But wait, now add in instructor applications, and instructor curriculum applications, and then FCCL applications later……

    The first permit will be issued around 2016…..

  • Adrenaline Junkies

    Just like the ACA..Where is Todd Vandermyde

  • dini

    Lets not forget corruption in the top 3 of Illinois’ worst virtues

  • Molly B.

    ISP says they are still on schedule for Jan. 5 to begin accepting applications

  • smelltest

    It’s already spent, “what does it matter?”

  • smelltest

    Bet they shut down the federal parks or recreation areas in less than 24 hours with open carry enforcement.

  • Boni Biggun

    Technically, because the USAcorp is an occupied & captured banker cartel zone. We don’t need ANY PERMIT OR PERMISSION from illegitimate satanists! Get ready for war here in USAcorp, because THEY are!

  • David

    You may want to wait on fingerprinting. It has a shelf life.

  • michaelwloos

    Thanks… I’ll check into that!

  • Sewer_Urchin

    Perhaps they should consider sub-contracting the application process to the same experts that designed the online healthcare exchanges? That debacle only set the taxpayers back about $630MIL. Surely Illinois could find someone to bungle this for a measly $100MIL or so?