10 epic quotes reveal enormity of Obamcare’s disastrous rollout

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By Travis Perry and Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org

What is Obamacare?

We already know what politicians think it could be. Republicans believe the health law will soon bring about the apocalypse. Democrats, on the other hand, think the law will bring peace to the earth and begin a utopian state of peace and tranquility for all.

For right now, though, the law — represented by the online marketplaces set up by governments across the land — is pretty terrible. Well, at least that’s what a whole bunch of pundits and news outlets are saying.

Sure, the exchanges, powered by a central operated by the federal government, might make purchasing health insurance easier someday, but first they have to, you know, work. But they don’t. One buyer in Delaware, for example, tried purchasing coverage for 11 days straight before finally succeeding.

The project cost a mere $400 million, or just another drop in the bucket for the federal government.

Here are 10 epic quotes that reveal just how bad the Obamacare rollout has been:

1. Nick Gillespie, The Daily Beast: 

daily beast


2. Robert Gibbs, former Obama administration spokesman: 

3. Paul Ford, Bloomberg Business Week:

4. Insurance executive, New York Times: 

5. Merrill Matthews, Forbes:

6. Andrew Couts, Digital Trends:


7. Ezra Klein, Washington Post:
epic fail

8. Jan Crawford, CBS:


9. The Chicago Tribune: 


10. President Barack Obama: 

Obama glitches

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  • spysmasher

    Obama himself has more glitches than I think are acceptable.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    This should encourage an enormous backlash against Ds in 2014 except we have the GOP standing in the way of that happening.

  • DeathStrike1

    I found the one on a comedy central show (donot exactly remember which, either Colbert or Stewart) the best –

    This is like 1-800-flowers caught in surprise by valentines day crowd.


    The idiots who blindly reelected Obama and would sooner cut their jugulars than admit he’s a joke are very quiet these days….

  • Laura R. Charron

    The same people who contracted out this monumental fail of a website, will be the same people who decide the medical quality of life and death for many Americans. If that doesn’t chill you to the bone marrow….

  • mtngma

    Can’t wait till we get the govt back and get to go through all the Democrats medical secrets and scan their emails! LOL!

  • cookie

    Funny when you tell someone who loves obvomit, told you so. They get very mad. I had a person last night at a meeting, tell me that the health care was not run by the IRS. That is how stupid and or blind they are. Still they hold on to the warped way of thinking. Even now. That is how blind and stupid they are. Along with that, two people at the same table received packages from the Blue cross company. Their plan had been canceled as of a certain date. Their premium went up 500 and some dollars between he and his wife. The lib at the table said that was a good thing. Boy the firer works started then.

    Wait till the libs have to pay more money out of their pockets. Then the tune will change. I for one can not wait to see them change their tune when it cost them money.

    Obvomit is a lying POS, along with the others that could stop this disaster and did not. Yes, I am talking about the GOP rino’s