Video: Jon Stewart absolutely destroys Obamacare rollout

By   /   October 22, 2013  /   8 Comments

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  • Ann Elida Hodgkins

    yet we will be FINED if we don’t sign up..what’s wrong with this picture?

  • JimBob

    The only thing worse than the website not working… is the website working.

  • Ann Elida Hodgkins

    and where the hell does he think the 600 will come from? and has anyone even tried to use their insurance they paid 600 for? covers NOTHING you need

  • Drewdxbarry

    I’ll bet barry is dying for a smoke.

  • Drewdxbarry

    No “Jim Jones” brand grape juice option . . . . . yet.

  • Terri King

    His first comment about republicans causing the shutdown grates . . . . But his obamacare rant is right.

  • Jim809

    I usually like the things Jon Stewart criticizes.

  • Ali

    is there a version of this video that can be watched internationally? I cannot find any, and I’m dying to hear what he said!