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You will not believe the latest pro-Obamacare advertisement featuring a keg stand

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By Dustin Hurst | Colorado Watchdog

Two leftist groups in Colorado have highlighted the one major benefit of Obamacare for college kids: when you‘re done drinking yourself silly, you’ll have health coverage when you end up in the emergency room of your local hospital.

Progress Now Colorado and Consumer Health Initiative released this stunning ad this week and it’s generating plenty of internet buzz:



The term’s much catchier than the full name of the law, formally known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That’s a mouthful, so brosurance it is.

The groups told media outlets Tuesday that they need to reach out to young people to entice them to sign up for health care.

“We were really focused on getting the word out to…young adults, families, women, and minority groups,” says Adam Fox, director of strategic engagement for CCHI told Mother Jones. “We were trying to connect with young adults, and we thought, ‘What are things that might connect with college-age folks?'”

Watchdog.org’s own Katie Watson wrote earlier this month why young folks are so necessary to Obamacare.

While the tongue-in-cheek ad might seem funny to a wide audience, keep in mind that alcohol kills more than 25,000 Americans each year — you know, exactly what the health reform is supposedly trying to prevent. According to the National Institute of Health, an average of 1,825 college kids die annually from drinking, while another 600,000 are injured due to booze.

Another 24,000, the institute says, are victims of sexual assault or date rape because of drinking.

But yeah, this is totally funny, bros.

For whatever it’s worth, the ad earned plenty of scorn on Twitter. Here are just a few takes from the social media network:







Totally cool, bro.

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