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Thanks to Obamacare, ‘hosurance’ is a thing

By   /   November 13, 2013  /   No Comments

By Dustin Hurst |

America, “hosurance” is a thing.

We’re not certain of the exact definition of the new phrase, but it sounds scandalous.

“OMG, he’s hot!” the ad, a product of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI), reads. “Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control.”

Like, totally.

The ad comes from the same group, CCHI, that brought America “brosurance,” the pro-Obamacare ad that featured three dudes on doing a keg stand.

Here’s a look at CCHI’s latest offering:



Obamacare relies heavily on younger, healthier Americans signing up for insurance to help offset the costs of older, sicker citizens.

Twitter users didn’t take too kindly to the ad.


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