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Critic’s poll: GOP’s Terry in trouble with Republicans

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Joe Jordan|Nebraska Watchdog

OMAHA—When businessman Dan Frei decided to take on a fellow Republican—and not just any Republican, but Congressman Lee Terry—Frei was going on more than a gut feeling that he could win.

Dan Frei

Dan Frei

Congressman Lee Terry

Congressman Lee Terry

Two weeks before he announced he was running, Frei took a poll; guess what, he liked the numbers.

According to the October 21 survey released to Nebraska Watchdog by Frei’s campaign, more than half of the 2nd district voters questioned said they would back an anybody-but-Terry Republican in next May’s GOP primary.

The poll conducted by Chase Marketing, owned by one of Frei’s local consultant’s Scott Petersen— former Chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party— didn’t pit Terry directly against Frei.

Instead it asked those who identified themselves as Republicans or independents considered likely to vote in the primary: Would you support a Republican challenger against Terry?

  • 52 percent—Yes.
  • 15 percent—No.
  • 33 percent—Undecided.

When the poll asked those same Republicans and independents to grade Terry’s performance, the eight-term incumbent’s unfavorable rating was 39 percent, 38 percent gave him a favorable rating.

The poll, with a 3.68 margin of error, surveyed 1,370 voters: 576 Republicans, 521 Democrats and 273 independents.

When all 1,370 were asked if Democrat Pete Festersen “can” defeat Terry—it didn’t ask who they would vote for—the numbers were good news for Festersen.

  • 52 percent—Yes.
  • 20 percent—No.
  • 28 percent—Undecided.

A spokesman for Terry tells Nebraska Watchdog that the congressman’s office has no comment on the poll.

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.