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Will Rep. Terry’s budget vote bring more tea to the party?

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Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Any day now—he says “soon”—tea partier Chip Maxwell will put up or shut up for Congress.

Rep. Lee Terry

Rep. Lee Terry

And as Nebraska Watchdog has noted, one way or another, Maxwell’s decision will be a game changer.

Dan Frei

Dan Frei

If he runs he’ll join Dan Frei in the GOP’s May primary, with both trying to send Republican Congressman Lee Terry packing.

But both would arguably split the anti-Terry vote and all but guarantee Terry’s name on the November ballot. However, if Maxwell stays home Frei—assuming no other Republican gets in—gets a clean, one-on-one, shot at Terry.

Frei has pounced on Terry’s recent $85 billion budget vote, saying he would have voted “NO” that the bill was a “cynical parlor trick…loaded with taxes disguised as fees.”

Terry defends his decision arguing, among other things, it cuts the deficit, strengthens Medicare and is just what his constituents want.

“They are tired of the gridlock, tired of the demagoguery and tired of politicians in Washington using the issues as ammunition to stall progress,” said Terry.

But the bill has also been attacked by Veterans of Foreign Wars for cutting retirement benefits for military retirees by $6 billion over 10 years; something Terry is likely to hear loud and clear from voters in the 2nd Congressional District’s veteran-loaded Sarpy County.

So is Terry’s vote Maxwell’s last straw—again we should know “soon.”

But if Maxwell doesn’t run, why not? His somewhat surprising answer in an on-camera interview (see video above) with Nebraska Watchdog.

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