Video: Guest of NM state rep suffers eye injury during Occupy protest in Santa Fe

By   /   January 28, 2012  /   News  /   2 Comments

By Rob Nikolewski | New Mexico Watchdog

SANTA FE — Occupy protesters came under fire at the Roundhouse on Thursday (Jan. 26) after a handful of them burst into a dinner for state legislators at the Eldorado Hotel on Wednesday night, shouting political slogans, trying to rope off the diners with crime scene tape and throwing protest material that ended up hitting the female guest of state Rep. Bill Rehm (R-Albuquerque) in the eye, possibly causing some damage.

The protesters were angry that a number of New Mexico lawmakers — some Democrats but mostly Republicans — were taking part in the dinner, which was hosted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative organization that calls for smaller government but is targeted by many on the left as a tool of corporate America.

Rep. Bill Rehm (R-Albuquerque)

According to lawmakers who attended the dinner, a protest was held outside the hotel prior to the dinner, with the demonstrators loudly insisting that the legislators skip the dinner. About 70 people were in a private room at the Old House Restaurant at the Eldorado when, according to lawmakers interviewed by Capitol Report New Mexico, about five or six protesters burst in, shouting and grabbing yellow police tape “as if this was a crime scene, I guess,” one legislator said and then started throwing 5 x 8 cards — “they were fake invitations of some sort,” one witness said — and one of the cards struck Rep. Rehm’s guest in the eye.Witnesses say the woman throwing the card was “in her late 20s, a slender, white female” and was hustled out of the room by Rep. Dennis Kintigh (R-Roswell), who is a former FBI agent.

Update: There’s some video of the incident on YouTube. (Hat tip to Steve Terrell.) The photographer got there a bit late but you can see a little bit of what happenend, including a woman being hustled away saying, “ALEC killed indigenous people!”


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  • Guillermo

    Another loss for the Occupy people. It’s unfortunate that a group like this has to resort to illegal and often times violent encounters with the public. Even though the public may concur with the basic premise of the Occupy protesters, it is acts like this that cause the public to disdain all that they do under the guise of “peaceful” disagreement. The leaders of these violent and illegal protests are nothing but common criminals who are hiding behind the legitimate concerns of the activists. I hope the woman who threw the cards is arrested and prosecuted, and ordered to provide full reimbursement of medical expenses for the injured woman. New Mexico residents deserve better than this.

  • debrarae

    I am ‘livid’ with ‘fury’ that the police did ‘not’ arrest the Occupy thugs for what they did! This so reminds of Occupy DC, where the dispatcher kept hanging up on the terrified people in that ‘protest’.

    There is no excuse for the ‘inaction’ of either the DC or the NM police departments! In my opinion, we have millions of unemployed Americans who can do the Police department’s job better! Get rid of the activist cops, who think that they can pick and choose who does and doesn’t get justice and replace them NOW!