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Major polling organizations still shutting out Gary Johnson

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A new batch of presidential polls have come out this week and while the numbers vary according to each survey, they continue to have one thing in common: They don’t include Gary Johnson (or any other third-party candidate) by name when they ask voters whom they prefer to see in the White House.

The choice for respondents was strictly between Mitt Romney or Barack Obama in the Washington Post/ABC News poll released Monday (July 9) as well as in surveys conducted by other major polling organizations Reuters/IPSOS, JZ Analytics/Washington Times, and CNN/Opinion Research.

Image from www.citizensforgaryjohnson.com

Quinnipiac’s poll, released Wednesday, also didn’t ask about Johnson — although it did offer potential voters a choice of “someone else,” which received 3 percent in the national survey of 2,722 registered voters.

The polls come one week after Johnson’s running mate in the Libertarian Party, Judge Jim Gray of California, sent letters to the major polling firms asking them to include Johnson in their surveys.

“Voters everywhere are showing they have an appetite for a third-party candidate,” Gray said in the letter. “Unlike other non-major-party candidates, Gov. Johnson will likely be on the ballot in all 50 states. That fact alone justifies his inclusion in legitimate presidential polls.”

The letter appears to have made no impact, though.

For months, Johnson has talked about his “15 percent” strategy in which the former two-term governor of New Mexico hopes to reach the 15-percent mark among potential voters in nationally-recognized polls. By doing so, Johnson would qualify under the guidelines created by the Commission on Presidential Debates to appear on the stage with Obama and Romney in the three nationally-televised presidential debates held this fall.

The last third-party candidate to qualify was Ross Perot, when he appeared with then-President George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

“Obviously, it is impossible to qualify on the basis of polls when a candidate is not included in those polls,” Gray said in his letter.

Johnson’s name has appeared in a few statewide polls, where he has received up to 12 percent approval in his home state of New Mexico, 9 percent in Arizona and 7 percent in New Hampshire and Colorado.

In one national poll that included Johnson’s name, he received 2 percent in a survey conducted in May by Zogby. Days later, in a post on its website, Zogby said, “Rest assured, we will be including Gary Johnson as we move forward” but so far we have yet to see any new national polling numbers from the organization.

In other news, Johnson has qualified to receive more money in presidential matching funds. The Federal Election Committee announced last week that Johnson will get $130,059. That brings Johnson’s total for the election cycle to $230,059 from the FEC.



Rob formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

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    Thanks for the article. For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ http://​www.Libertarian-Internation​al.org ….

  • al bacon

    So we are expected to chose the lesser of two evils, much like the choice of hanging or being shot when we prefer to say neither!

  • Giovanni

    If they would just treat him like the others he would win.

  • Mary

    Here’s how they poll. I got a call for my poll vote. After the automated voice explained – “Please indicate how you are planning to vote for Preisdent. For Barak Obama press 1, for Mitt Romney press 2, for Other press 3.”

    I pressed 3, only to hear, “I’m sorry you have made an invalid selection. Please make your selection again.”

    Thinking they had not received my choice, once again I pressed 3 – only to get the same recorded, “. . . invalide selection.”

    The third time I was asked I made the same selection and they just hung up on me.

    Talk about skewing their poll results! I suppose if you don’t choose what they expect from party 1 or 2 – they just hang up and don’t count your selection. LOL.

  • Elizabeth

    It is a choice of the two evils, yet the lame stream media would like it to be tidy in a 2-party choice. Forget it. There is no discernable difference in the two candidates.

    This time I vote outside the established parties, because repeating the same behavior over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Third party vote for me.

  • Steve Brittenham

    I’ve had the same experience as Mary, twice. The automated poll will not accept option 3. He’s still got my vote.

  • http://Facebook.com deedee

    Sorry Gary I do not know you or have ever heard about you… But I do not want Obama to win and since it is so close I will vote for the Rep one and hope he puts out Obama!! we can not have three or more at the last call not when it is this close!!! campaign alot and maybe I can see who you really are ,,,Did not vote for Obama did not know or ever heard about him now Ron Paul son I know all about !!!

  • Rob

    Spread the message, so more people can hear about Gary & hopefully take the time to learn what he’s about.

    Part of the problem we suffer is that people can’t be asked to get educated about the politicians we are selecting to run our government & rules we all have to live by.

  • al bacon

    I don’t know that it is that people can not get educated about the politicians as much as it is billions of dollars being spent to give us a choice of only one of the two candidates so they have no way to be educated about other choices. We need to do things like post youtube videos on our facebook and twitter accounts in hope of people like Deedee will see them and see what Gary Johnson can do for us. No one is going out of their way to talk about Gary ending income taxes, cutting government down, balancing the budget next year, or the fact that he vetoed more “spam” that all 49 other governors while he was governor of New Mexico and left office, because of term limits, with a surplus in the state treasury. That is what we need in Washington.

  • Sean

    We will never convince people not to vote for the lesser of two evils. The funny thing is that in elections that matter most, when we think a free market candidate would most appeal to people because more people are engaged, that is when the “lesser of two evils” issue really gets a lot of AirPlay.

  • http://heavensacesinthehole.com MootsaGootsa

    Since the media is shutting Gary Johnson down I created a way to elect Gary Johnson president behind the scenes. Visit my web site by clicking my name and find the secret agenda to get the chosen ones to vote for Gary Johnson in the top eleven states.

  • greg

    Still waiting for the share button folks. Can’t get the message out beyond your website (and you all know you know have that many unique readers to your site).

  • Mary

    From experience it seems almost pointless to try to discuss politics with anyone who is predisposed to always voting the Republican or Democratic ticket. Some are drinking Fool-Aid so they don’t know any better, and some are just loathing the opposing party so much they won’t do any better as far as weighing the true issues.

    What I’ve focused on is getting young people who have never voted excited about making their voices heard. These people believing their vote does not count and it won’t make any difference. The American Revolution was started by a few who had a better idea – and these young people can and will in the long run make the changes we need. I’ve spent my time trying to bring this demographic to the polls – if I find 5, and those 5 find 5 . . . the power of their voice is magnified!

  • Glen

    It does not matter to me if he is on the ballot or not..I am not wasting my vote this year on the lesser of two evils just to get the same results we always have…war, tyranny, and infringement on our civil liberties. I will write Gary Johnson OVER EITHER of the other two candidates names if I have to.

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  • Linda

    Lesser of two evils? Not this time, folks. There is ONE, overriding evil in this race . . . the Obama agenda. Wise up. Save your ideological purity for a time when the country isn’t hanging by a thread.

  • Elizabeth

    You cannot be serious Linda! These two men are fundamentally one and the same with different party affiliations. My guess is you, like so many are sold on the rhetoric of Mitt Romney as our only salvation? LOL. Tell me – how is you get past all of the contradictions coming from his own mouth? How do you make peace with the fact that this was the father of gov’t healthcare, admittedly by his own confession, that Obamacare is just Romneycare plagerized and yet he vows to end it? He is a dyed in the wool politician who will say or do anything to get your vote. Anything flies as long as you vote for him. He has no stance on anything solid. Poetically no one has to make up any so called lies about the man – he’s done his damage all by himself. His only hope is to win the presidential race. He doesn’t care anything about America – if he did wouldn’t he keep his money in THIS country? If he really cared about “creating jobs,” shouldn’t he be doing that now rather than waiting to take office? Do you know what Mitt Romney will do if he wins or loses the election? Nothing. Stop campaigning. That’s about all. Oh and reinstate the tax breaks and advantages for himself and his Wallstreet buddies.

    Unlike Obama and Romney – let’s see it for what it is. Gary Johnson has had a REAL job, where he labored to earn his money, not sit around fat catting and preying on those less fortunate, nor has he kissed some butt for the most powerful to lob him into office – the man worked. Just like most of us have worked a real job for what we have. He has balanced a budget while in public office – unlike the other two who claim to have done it, but never have. The main difference here is – Johnson isn’t taking huge campaign donations to promote special interests in Washington just to be elected regardless of what happens to the common working man. A vote for Obama or Romney is a wasted vote for more of the same. Are you happy with things the way they are?

    Let me say it again – “Repeating the same behavior over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.” Frankly, I’m tired of this craziness. Time for something different, something that makes some sense.

  • al bacon

    I think it may not be the lesser of two evils as much as continuing the same insanity that got us into this position in the first by electing one of two billionaires who are taking billions of dollars from campaign contributors who want something in return for their investment. If their plans for the country are so good, why not compare them with the plans Gary Johnson has to do things like eliminate income and corporate taxes, balance the budget in 2013, downsize the federal government and return more power to the people on a state level, as was the original intention of our forefathers, Ask yourself why billionaires are spending money to elect or re-elect Obama or Romney and why Gary Johnson is not getting some of that money for his campaign? Gary Johnson was only one of 4 governors who left office with a budget surplus but can either other candidate say that? What about the fact that he vetoed more pet projects than all 50 other governors combined?

    Any ideological agenda is on the part of those business men donating Billions to try to keep the country as it is, for sale to the highest bidder, or those candidates accepting those billions who are trying to keep Gary Johnson out of contention by not debating with him. If we vote either republican or democrat to be the next president, nothing will really change and it will be business as usual and all the rest of us can repeat the saying from the end of the story Atlas Shrugged, “Brother, you asked for it!”

  • Elizabeth

    Well said Al. You are so right. I’m voting for Johnson, there is just no other choice taht makes any sense whatsoever for me.

    If we want to really change things – we have to take big money out of elections and out of congress.

    Abraham Lincoln was the most popular President born in a log cabin – born poor, and a working man. Another among the top 10 favorites – Dwight Eisenhower – grew up poor as a working man. Do you think we could ever elect someone like this now? Not hardly a chance. We have too much Wallstreet and Big Business and special interest funding campaigns. 8 of the last elections have been won by the biggest campaign spenders. What does that say about our elections process?

  • Matt

    Can some of you at least pretend to listen to either ideology the 2 major parties stand for in our 2 party system which has been in place for almost the ENTIRETY of our country’s history. The media focuses for the most part on what is actually relevant. Plus, if you compared Gary Johnson’s platform to Romney’s, you would see they stand for the same ideals in almost everything. Johnson has a zero chance to win the presidency and will not even be on the ballot in every state. Gary Johnson balanced a budget? States aren’t allowed to do deficit spending like the federal government. I would also remind you to pay attention what Johnson is saying about social security and medicaid and medicare which are funded by taxes and some of the most popular government programs. You end taxes you end those programs, which is one of the things Johnson says he would do and somehow that would spur a hiring surge. That surge will not happen when businesses are making record profits while unemployment goes up. Give the “job creators” more money and they have even less of a reason to hire people. Maybe take a look at this:


  • Ann

    Mitt Romney with a platform? Yeah, sure. Mitt Romney is for whatever and against whatever you want him to say to get your vote. The only platform Mitt is committed to is his own agenda.

    Mitt reminds me of a used car salesman that everyone warns never to buy a car from . . . then one day you do, and as you drive away the transmission goes out and you later discover he stuffed the transmission with sawdust just so he could sell it and make a buck.

    Go ahead, vote for him if you like, your perogative, but you can’t sell me any part of the flim flam man or his opponent the tin can man. Both have essentially the same ideology – one wants to robin hood the rich and give it to the poor, while the other wants to rob the poor and save it for the rich. Here’s the thing – working people don’t want a hand out or a hand job, they want a decent job with a fair wage.

    But you do as you like and if Mitt should win we can all ask you for the next four years when you are whining, “How’s Mitt Witt been working out for you?”

  • al bacon

    The problem is that the two party system has been in effect from the beginning of the country and from the moment the second president, Adams, appointed cabinet positions for the incoming president, the system has been corrupted. Johnson can have a balanced budget by getting rid of those federal programs that duplicate programs on a state level, for one thing, and if you do a search online for grants you will see thousands of ways the government is giving away money it has taken in by taxation and then gives away to those who apply for a grant. It is true that states need a balanced budget at the end of each year but also that only 4 governors went further and ended the year with a surplus and Gary Johnson was one of those. some Job creators may have less reason to hire less workers but there will be others who see more people with more money in their paychecks and who will hire workers to get some of that money. Perhaps Johnson can not do all that he wants were he to be president but the other candidates will continue our present course and we can see that has not worked so there is no real reason to expect any change or improvement. Programs such as medicade and medicare will be handled on a state level rather than by a federal government so may actually provide better coverage but we will never know unless we try to make those changes to a system that is now out of control.

  • SKuta

    America is desperate for true patriots, not citizens who throw away liberty for a winning ticket! DOWN with DUOPOLY! Gary Johnson 2012 LIVE FREE

    October 23rd, 8 pm Central