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In his letter, David Rible invites the public to ask him questions.  The Watchdog thinks that’s a doggone good idea.  Here’s our Top 10 list of ones he should answer:

10.)  Does your definition of government waste include a public employee who gets two state paychecks – $49,000 for working plus $54,500 for being too disabled to work?

9.)   Why should the state pay $2 million or more in disability benefits to you – a worker who never really left the workforce?

8.)   As a reform-minded legislator, why have you failed to propose pension reforms that allow this type of double-dipping?

7.)  What, if anything, do you specifically plan to do about it in the future?

6.)  Or why should anyone take you seriously as a tax-fighter?

5.)  This year, you voted for a new state law that eliminates accidental disability retirement benefits – the same type you receive – for new members in the Public Employees’ Retirement System and the Teachers’ Pension and Annuity Fund.   Why not propose a similar reform for your own pension plan, the Police & Firemen’s Retirement System?

4.)  You have a job with a paycheck.  You dance, exercise and run five-kilometer races.  Aren’t you at least a little embarrassed about collecting disability checks from a state pension plan that faces fiscal calamity?

3.)  Do you plan to issue any more press releases about other public employees who are overcompensated or taking advantage of the system?

2.)  When you look in the mirror, do you see a hypocrite?

1.)  Or don’t you get it?

Better yet, read this New Jersey Watchdog investigation and ask Assemblyman Rible your own questions.


Mark Lagerkvist is New Jersey Watchdog's investigative reporter. He can be reached at mark@NJwatchdog.org.


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