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Susana Martinez responds to “una Tejana” ad: “It’s inappropriate … They’re talking about me as a person instead of where I stand”

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Earlier this week, the campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Diane Denish ran this ad from Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Brian Colón calling Republican gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez “una Tejana.”

It’s a reference to Martinez being born in El Paso and in the ad, Colón also says that Martinez is “bought and paid for by a Texas billionaire” and that Denish is “from New Mexico and of New Mexico.”

Today (Oct. 9), Martinez talked to Capitol Report New Mexico about the ad while making a campaign appearance in Santa Fe:

Here’s the ad:

In the Albquerque Journal, University of New Mexico political science professor Christine Sierra said,

“They’re trying to portray (Martinez) as a Tejana, which means ‘outsider’ to New Mexicans.” The implication is that “she carries with her a different political culture, and … that she would not have New Mexico’s interest at heart.” 

The Denish campaign says Martinez “is on the side of powerful, out-of-state corporations who will take advantage of New Mexico families and pollute our land and water.” Martinez has received $450,000 in campaign donations from a Houston land developer and his wife.

You can read the entire article here as well as a Journal editorial here that called the ad “insidious and distasteful.”

Martinez has lived in New Mexico since 1986.

Colón himself was born in New York before moving to New Mexico as an infant.

The man Martinez or Denish will succeed — Bill Richardson — was born in California raised on the East Coast before starting his political career in New Mexico.


Rob formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • pat

    No matter what Martinez says she is a Tejana. Look at who are donating to her campaign. Her donors are prominent Texas business people and corporations.

    She does not care about New Mexico and our culture.

  • andy

    Despicable. Is that all this guy has to offer?

    So, by his logic Martinez can not govern New Mexico because she was born in El Paso.

    I don’t think New Mexico needs divisive phonies like Brian Colon or Denish. All they want is their own aggrandizement while citizens need real leadership. People who will represent ALL New Mexicans and will advocate and act in the interest of our economy and well-being.

    I don’t know if Martinez will do that, but I’m going to vote to give her a chance.

  • John Chavez

    You really have to laugh at the silliness of the Denish ads.

    Denish/Colon think in terms of Bill Richardson. His terms were the rule of the man rather than the rule of law. As a DA, Ms. Martinez understands that she can not be above the law.

    Denish/Colon don’t understand the rule of law. The economy, the air, the water, the taxes of NM, corporate behavior will be governed by law; not by Richardson and how much and whom was donated to his various campaign funds and to himself.

    It will take a while of the corruption to shake out, but Ms. Martinez will attacked the problem and attacked hard.

    Denish/Colon and Gary King, will do nothing to rid the state of corruption.