UPDATE: More States Reporting Mystery Congressional Districts

By   /   November 16, 2009  /   7 Comments

New Mexico Watchdog reported earlier in the day that the Obama Administration claimed to create jobs in congressional districts that did not exist.

That reporting error, however, was not limited to New Mexico. Reports are pouring in from everywhere. State watchdogs across the country have found what appear to be phantom congressional districts within Recovery.gov’s statistics. Click the links below to see what a Watchdog reporter has found in your state:

Kansas Watchdog: 4

According to Recovery.org, the Stimulus has created or saved 5,934.8 or5,940.37 jobs in Kansas including 10 in the 9th Congressional district, nine jobs in the 8th District and three in the 6th district and two in the 14th. The 00, 99th, 5th, 76th, 68th and 36th districts saw no job creation. Of course Kansas only has four Congressional districts. Read the full story Here.

Minnesota: 11

The North Star state, of course, has a total of eight congressional districts. You’d never know it by logging on to the federal clearinghouse for all things stimulus. The summary page for tracking where the stimulus money is going lists Minnesota as having a total of 19 congressional districts. Altogether, the eleven extra congressional districts posted received more than $7 million in stimulus spending, creating or saving about 50 jobs. Read the full story Here.

New Hampshire Watchdog: 3

According to the summary of stimulus jobs “created or saved” in New Hampshire, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has created 3.2 jobs in the 6th District, zero jobs in the 4th District, and two jobs in the 27th District. New Hampshire, of course, only has two Congressional Districts. Read the full story Here.

New Mexico Watchdog: 10

Other fictional New Mexico Congressional Districts receiving stimulus money were NM 40 (no jobs for $7.96 million), NM 4 (10 jobs created/saved for $4.72 million), NM 13 (5 jobs created for $3.3 million), NM 16 (no jobs for $517,980), NM 9 (no jobs for $100,000), NM 6 (1 job created/saved for $63,199) and the 25th Congressional District that received a mere $6,819. Read the full story Here.

Ohio Watchdog: 10

Congressional District 00 and 99 were two of ten new congressional districts listed as receiving federal stimulus dollars this year. Eight of those districts received money but did not create any jobs. Read the full story Here.

West Virginia Watchdog: 8

Over a billion dollars has come to West Virginia thanks to the Recovery Act. $2,387,321 of that total is going towards eight fictional Congressional districts: the 54th, 9th, 4th, 6th, 12th, 13th, and 00. Read the full story Here.

Watchdog.org will keep you posted as further reports come in…


Bill formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.