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Gary Johnson’s appearance on The Colbert Report

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Gary Johnson got some national attention Monday (April 2) when he appeared on a favorite program of young lefties, The Colbert Report, urging potential voters to take a serious look at his bid to become the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party.

Telling comedian and host Stephen Colbert that libertarian ideals are “not so kooky anymore,” the former New Mexico governor quoted a recent poll saying that 82 percent of voters would consider a third-party candidate for president and laid out his strategy to reach 15 percent approval in national polls so that he could earn a spot on the podium with Barack Obama and the eventual Republican nominee in the nationally-televised presidential debates this fall.

You can see the 5-minute interview here:

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  • malperdido

    I am surprised there aren’t any comments from GJ admirers here. Perhaps because Colbert generally has conservatives on to make fun of them by pretending to agree with them in an ‘over the top’ fashion. You have to admire him for his doggedness, anyway. He may have other things in mind as well, because unless he is completely out of his mind he must know there is no way in hell he will get anywhere this year. Perhaps, like Reagan, he is putting his name out there for subsequent elections.

  • r

    Gary Johnson is has my vote, Republican.

    Executive experience and doesn’t flail on issues and keeps informed and engaged.

    “But, but, but…”

    Gary Johnson is the answer for US President in 2012.

    Please vote.