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Adair bids adieu

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Big news in the Roundhouse.

Steve Terrell of the Santa Fe New Mexican reports that one of the most outspoken conservatives in the state Senate, Rod Adair of Roswell, has decided to withdraw from his race against fellow Republican Bill Burt:

Sen. Rod Adair (R-Roswell)

“For the first time in my lifetime we have a governor truly committed to change—to real reform—for our state. Because Susana Martinez blocked the Democrats’ radically partisan gerrymander, the voters finally have a say in redistricting. As a result, we have the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to free the state from more than 80 years of Democrat domination in the legislature. Freeing New Mexico from that yoke would benefit our state for generations to come, in every area of our lives. We could finally reform our tax system, attract industry and medical care professionals, reform our educational system and lay the groundwork for job growth and economic vitality. Now is the time to help effect change from the ground up.

“Just as was the case in the redistricting negotiations, it’s clear to me that I can have a greater impact trying to help create a Republican majority, rather than trying to be a part of it. It’s an easy choice to make,” Adair stated.

Adair has spent 16 years in the legislature and in addition to his conservative positions, Adair has also been an ardent supporter of greater transparency in government.

Due to redistricting, Burt was moved from Senate District 40 over to Adair’s District 33.

With Adair gone, Burt gets to skip the Republican primary race and move on to the general election in November, where he will meet Democrat Stephanie Dubois.

Adair is now the ninth member of the Senate to decide not to run for re-election. Nine out of 42 members. That’s 21.4 percent.

You can read Adair’s complete statement by clicking here.


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