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Gary Johnson scores at 5.3% nationally against Obama and Romney

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Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson is preferred by 5.3 percent of likely voters in the upcoming presidential race, according to a national poll released by JZ Analytics released Friday (July 13).

It’s just the second time in recent months that the former two-term New Mexico governor has been included in a national survey with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Back in May, Johnson received just a little more than 2 percent in a JZ Analytics/Washington Times poll so the Friday polls shows Johnson more than doubling that number.

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party presidential candidate

“That’s a big deal,” Johnson said by telephone to Capitol Report New Mexico on Saturday. “We’re at 5 [percent] today, we could get to 7 tomorrow because people will check it out.”

Here’s how the question was put to 893 likely voters across the country between July 10-13:

If the election for president were held today, for whom would you vote?

Frequency Percent
Democrat Barack Obama 389 43.6%
Republican Mitt Romney 340 38.0%
Libertarian Gary Johnson 47 5.3%
Not sure 117 13.1%
Total 893 100.0%

JZ Analytics also asked the question leaving out Johnson’s name and here were the results:

Frequency Percent
Democrat Barack Obama 401 44.9%
Republican Mitt Romney 376 42.1%
Not sure 117 13.1%
Total 893 100.0%

Leaving Johnson’s name off helps Romney in this poll, with the likely Republican nominee going from 5.6 points behind Obama to 2.8 points behind.

Johnson has had considerable trouble getting major polling organizations to include his name in their surveys. As we reported earlier this week, a batch of new presidential polls came out in the past few days but ignored Johnson.

But the release of the JZ Analytics polls Friday and Johnson’s respectable showing in it had the Libertarian Party candidate optimistic.

“It’s all good, from our vantage point a lot more money is coming in,” Johnson said Saturday from Las Vegas where he was making a campaign stop at a libertarian-leaning meeting called Freedom Fest. “If people get the notion that I could win, that could be a game-changer. We’re not there yet, I’m not saying that, but these numbers are encouraging.”

Will other pollsters start including Johnson’s in their surveys?

“You would think so,” Johnson said Saturday.

Well-known pollster John Zogby merged his company with IBOPE two years ago and on May 16 on the firm’s website, it promised to readers, “Rest assured, we will be including Gary Johnson as we move forward.” As far as we know, IBOPE/Zogby.com has not released a national presidential survey since that posting.


Rob formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • http://NewMexicowatchdog Phil Mccanless

    It seems strange that they would leave out the candidate with the most executive experience. Governor Johnson is expected to be on the ballot in all fifty states, so it only seems fair that he should be included in the polls.

  • http://www.garyjohnson2012.com Libertarian Voter

    I agree with Phil Mccanless. Gary Johnson does have the most executive experience and not only that but he also does have a far more successful record than Romney and Obama combined. And he make the most sense and deserves to win.


    yeah, i’m not sure why Gov. Johnson has been excluded from the polls and ignored by the media. Is he that much of a threat?…I certainly hope so. GaryJohnson2012.com !

  • Political Cynic

    I find it utterly fascinating that immediately after one poll showed Mr. Johnson at 9 percent the major media shut him out as did the pollsters. I also find it fascinating that with virtually NO news coverage from major media outlets Mr. Johnson has still managed to double his numbers to over 5 percent (a number that 20 years ago would have put him IN the Presidential debates)

    So I have to ask myself-what are the corporate owned major media so afraid of? And if they are NOT afraid of him, why their obvious silence on Mr. Johnson? Could it POSSIBLY be that if they engaged in fair and balanced coverage, they are afraid it might result in someone other than a candidate who is bought and paid for by Wall Street and the media’s corporate overlords winning this election?

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  • Tod Nguyen

    Republicans are afraid he’ll take votes away from Romney. Democrats are afraid he CAN beat Obama. Keeping Johnson out of the debates prevents him from asking the questions regular folks wants to hear.

  • Kevin D.

    This is fantastic news. The Libertarian’s highest vote total was 1.1% to date. If Gary Johnson can finish at 5.3% yes a lot of people would view that as disappointing but I personally would consider it a huge step foward. As in 5 times the previous high for a Libertarian, step foward. If one of or two of these things happen I fully believe that Gary Johnson could see double digits to an out right 20% of the vote. First an outright defeat of Ron Paul at the RNC to Mitt Romney followed by a Ron Paul endorsement of Gary Johnson. Second Gary Johnson gets to 15% in the polls and qualifies for the National Debates. One of the easiest ways we can help him achieve this is to call the polling companies and request that they include Gov. Gary Johnson in their polls for the POTUS.

    Call these people and tell them we need Gary Johnson in the polls

    -GALLUP: 202-715-3030, 404-525-9930, 949-474-7900, or 312-357-0199

    -RASMUSSEN: 732-776-9777

    -MASON-DIXON: 202-548-2680

    -MARQUETTE: 414-288-7445 or 608-263-2022

    -QUINNIPIAC: 203-582-5201

    -SURVEY USA: 800-786-8000

    Gallup claims that they have started including Gary Johnson as of July, 6th but I was unable to find any actual evidence of this.

  • GMan

    Anyone voting for any third party candidate this time, does NOT understand the danger of Barack Obama. I absolutely understand why you don’t want Romney, I do. But another 4 years of Obama, a true Marxist, cannot happen. It CANNOT happen to our nation. You may not like Romney (I ain’t thrilled, believe me), but Obama is so far Leftist we cannot take him in a 2nd term without his being subject to any more elections. His gloves will come off and he’ll make Hugo Chavez proud and Thomas Jefferson roll.

  • KP


    Actually, anyone voting for Romney in the belief that there will magically be some major difference in direction of this country, does NOT understand the dangers of our two party system. The two parties are two sides of one coin, and you just think they are different. They are both big deficit spenders, corporatists, and global war-mongers. You are just fooled by the rhetoric.

    Thomas Jefferson indeed. You don’t even know what he stood for if you think Romney is a viable alternative.

  • http://NewMexicowatchdog Phil Mccanless

    I will NOT under any circumstances waste my vote on the Obama/Romney ticket. Both Obama and Lighter skinned Obama support the patriot act, N.D.A.A., corporate bailouts, marijuana prohibition and illegal wars. Neither deserve to be president. Johnson/Gray 2012!

  • GMan

    Anyone that says there is no difference between Obama and Romney is 100% incorrect.

    Obama is a Marxist.

    Romney is not a Marxist.

    Then we can talk about other things, but there’s a distinguishing factor that is beyond major. Then we move forward by pushing on Romney and doing other things that don’t include him, but the NUMBER ONE thing that has to happen for this nation to begin to come back and not fall off a cliff is, without question……….

    #1) Remove Barack Obama

    That MUST happen, period. No question, it MUST happen.

  • http://NewMexicowatchdog Phil Mccanless

    Mitt Romney supports the patriot act, the federal income tax, N.D.A.A., marijuana prohibition, illegal wars and corporate bailouts. I am just shocked that anyone thinks that Romney would ever be even my second choice. Both Obama and Romney are statists and establishmentarians and neither deserve to be president! I would stay home and drink if Gary wasn’t on the ballot.

  • T Jefferson


    Clearly you are a dedicated viewer of Faux News…

    You so excellently substantiated your case that Romeny is different from Obama- “Obama is a Marxist. Romney is not a Marxist.”

    Truly that is such a well-structured and air-tight argument, I am sure that Bill O’Reilly would be proud.

  • GMan

    TJefferson……………and I continued after I made those two Marxist statements.

    First order of business, remove the Marxist. Then work on other things with the replacement and others in government, but the Marxist must go first and foremost.