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Gary Johnson: Obama “as militaristic” as George W Bush and Romney “has not one molecule of brain” UPDATE: Johnson at 6% vs. Obama and Romney in NM

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With little more than three weeks to go until Election Day, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson has amped up his rhetoric on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, stressing his differences between the two — particularly in regards to what Johnson says is excessive US military force and defense spending.

“I’m the only candidate who doesn’t want to bomb Iran,” Johnson said earlier this week (Oct. 10) when the former two-term governor of New Mexico addressed an enthusiastic group of supporters at his alma mater, the University of New Mexico.

Gary Johnson speaking at University of New Mexico, 10/13/12

Speaking without notes for just under a half-hour, Johnson blasted Obama from the left and Romney from the right but saved his most passionate rhetoric for cutting the defense budget by 43 percent and calling for an end to US foreign interventions.

“[If] we bomb Iran, we’re going to find ourselves with another hundred million enemies to this country that we wouldn’t otherwise have,” Johnson said.

Neither Obama nor Romney has said they want to bomb Iran in response to the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions but the Obama and Romney campaigns have tangled over the more appropriate actions to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Iranian officials say their country has no plans to make an atomic bomb but leaders in Israel insist the Iranians are lying.

“How about the notion of trading with Iran,” Johnson — wearing a t-shirt with a peace sign under a sportcoat — asked the crowd, criticizing the Obama administration’s support of current economic sanctions there and Romney’s call for taking a tougher line. “Were we going to bomb China when they were developing a nuclear weapon or do we engage in trade with China and I refuse to accept that China is a threat, given that we are intertwined from a trade standpoint.”

In interviews, Johnson has denied being an isolationist, saying that he is a “non-interventionist” who believes US military forays are counter-productive. In his speech Oct. 10, Johnson was more strident.

“You know what the root of all evil is,” Johnson continued. “The root of all evil are politicians who beat their chests and in the name of electing me or re-electing me, we’re going to take on the war on terror. And in that name, we end up killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians in these countries where we militarily intervene. Our service men and women come back in body bags or with their limbs blown off and at the root of all that are politicians. We need to stop our military interventions.”

Speaking of Obama, Johnson likened the president’s prose to violin music but says “the words don’t match up to the reality at all.”

And he blasted Romney, who supports completing a high-tech fence to enhance border security, saying that stance indicates Romney “has not one molecule of brain.”

“Building a fence across the border would be an incredible waste of time and money,” Johnson said.

No Libertarian Party candidate has ever received more than 1.1 percent of the vote in a presidential election (and that happened back in 1972) and Johnson has filed a lawsuit after being denied a spot at the podium with Obama and Romney in the presidential debates for not polling at least 15 percent in five nationally-recognized polling organizations.

Johnson has polled as high as 6 percent nationally in a poll conducted Sept. 21 by Reason/Rupe. A CNN/ORC survey released September 10 had Johnson at 4 percent and a September 23 Zogby/JZ Analytics poll had Johnson at 2 percent nationally. Update 10/14: An Albuquerque Journal poll released Oct. 14 showed Johnson receiving 6 percent of the vote in New Mexico, with Obama at 49 percent and Romney at 39.

Traditionally, third-party candidates often see their poll numbers go down as the presidential election draws near — especially if the race between the Republican and Democrat is considered to be close.

“What’s more of a wasted vote than voting for somebody you don’t believe in?” Johnson asked as he ended his speech Monday night.


Johnson reiterated his comments about Obama and Romney in an interview at the liberal website Salon on Saturday (Oct. 13), repeating the “molecule” remark about Romney and saying Obama “is as militaristic as President Bush, as militaristic a president as we have ever had.”

And on Friday (Oct. 12), Johnson appeared on MSNBC with Chuck Todd, saying that polls in states like Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada show he takes as many votes from Obama as he does from Romney.

Also on Friday, the Johnson campaign learned it earned a spot on the ballot in Pennsylvania, putting the Libertarian Party candidate’s name on 48 states and the District of Columbia. Johnson is fighting to get on the ballot in Michigan and Oklahoma.

You can watch the entire University of New Mexico speech by Johnson here:



Rob formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Bill Hilbert

    Well, is that not interesting. His use of and avocation of pot has addled his brain.

    If his wife was still alive, I bet she could tell a story or two about this guy. The Libertarian Party will never get anywhere when they choose individuals like Gary.

  • Eric Nelson

    Gary Johnson deserves more airtime in the mainstream media.

    Unfortunately, the DemoCons and RepubliCrats have hundreds of millions of dollars and the media will do whatever it takes to get as much of that action as possible.

  • Ivan Fitzgerald

    Why Gary Johnson isn’t in the presidential debates puzzles me. He is qualified and rational.

  • Jeff Thomas

    Gary is right on so many issues…end foreign interventions, RIGHT.

    Reduce business regulation, RIGHT

    Restore the government to its constitutional role, RIGHT.

    The list goes on and on…..

    I’m voting Johnson

  • Linda

    I used to admit that I voted for this guy twice. ‘Believe this will be the last time for THAT. What a crackpot!

  • Landon Adrian

    Bill Hilbert, you are just about as ignorant as the politicians you help elect. How about you step up for your rights and stop building up the nanny-government you clearly enjoy so much.

  • http://www.servicemaster.com Sam

    Gov. Johnson is polling at 10.6% in Ohio as of 10.2.12. (no Rep. presidential candidate has won the presidential election without winning Ohio) We have not seen record of Gov. Johnson’s standing in New Mexico since August 2012 in consideration he is being omitted by many of the polling agencies? In the event none of the candidates earn 270 electoral votes, the 2012 president will be decided by the House of Representatives. The Libertarian Party’s July 2012 poll, which omitted Mr. Romney as a choice, resulted in Mr. Obama 48% Gov. Johnson 28%.

  • Alex

    Gary, you seriously sound a lot like the liberals. No one is saying that we’re going to bomb Iran. Mitt Romney has said that he won’t take the military option off the table and it is something that we will lose. However, we will not gain a lot of new enemies if we invade Iran. Face it, your ideas are wacky. The majority of Americans don’t want legalized drugs, same-sex marriage, or unsecured borders. By saying that Romney has “not one molecule of brain” you have stooped down to the level of the liberal losers ruining this country. You should have switched over to the Democrat party instead. Your ideas are more in line with their way of thinking.

  • http://mccoolportraits.com/mccoolcomments.htm Colleen McCool

    Republocrats have forsaken the American Dream! AKA the oligarchy seeks to destroy our united spirit for self-government and have openly grown an authoritarian dictatorship in the land of the free. They blow hot air through their megaphones’ corporate media. They deserve the bird, give them the two middle fingers bird of peace everywhere you see them and vote accordingly.

    What a sad state of affairs, when the Founders’ philosophy is left out of our debates and polls. A declaration is an affirmation. Independence means self-government. They could have called The Declaration of Independence, The Affirmation of Self-Government! Aha! The Founders were libertarian.

    Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray are the only choice to Save the American Dream: Self-Government, freedom from big government tyranny and oppression. And to Restore Justice, the guardian of Liberty! The people believe in self-government and self-medication.

    I declare, as did the Founders, the libertarian philosophy is what defines a true patriot. True patriots are libertarian. You might be. Take this 10 question quiz. http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz

  • Nan

    Bill Hilbert- In Johnson’s 8 years as governor of a border state, he turned a deficit into a $1 billion surplus. He understands small business as he started a small business, built the company up to 1,000 employees, and sold it (while he was Governor), ensuring that no one lost their job. His Vice Presidential Candidate, Judge Jim Gray has experience with how ineffective America’s War on drugs has been. Portugal legalized all drugs ten years ago and their abuse problems decreased 50%. There have been ZERO deaths attributed to pot in the US, compared to 75,000 deaths per year by alcohol. Legalize it, tax it, remove the criminal element, regulate like beer and wine, and save millions in law enforcement costs. The D & R parties have spent millions to try to keep Johnson off ballots, and have refused to participate in debates with him because they don’t want Americans to hear what Johnson has to say, as he is the only candidate making sense. They’d rather have mainstream media count how many times Biden laughed during the debate, than to talk about the solutions Johnson has proposed.

  • Bill Hilbert

    Nan: Too bad your facts are actually non facts.

    Landon: You are unbelievable, you sound like Biden spouting out falsehoods without any knowledge of the truth

  • Libertarian4Johnson

    @Bill Hilbert

    Sooo you think because he wants to legalize a drug that over 50% of Americans think should be legal his brain is addled?

    Also, just because you don’t believe what Nan said doesn’t make it any less true. Portugal decriminalized all drugs and focused on treating addiction, educating youths, and regulating drugs crossing their borders. The facts speak for themselves http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Portugal

    Prohibition never works, history has proven this over and over and over we’re are just too stupid to learn from history.

    Or maybe you have some other problem with Johnson? I can link you to the “facts” all day.. Just because someone isn’t following the herd doesn’t make them crazy.. Think outside the box a little my friend.

  • Karen in KS

    One remark I do disagree with is that we should turn a blind eye to China, and keep them a friend and business partner. While the largest corporations make a killing from the slave labor conditions in China, and Americans get cheaper products, we must not turn a deaf ear to their own people who are looking for asylum, and telling us, after defecting from their communist tyranny, that their government is planning to sink US, through the economic strategies they employ.

  • http://thefoolishnessofgod.blogspot.com/ Dan

    I used to be a hard-line neocon Republican, but gradually, piece by piece, that ideology fell apart for me. I found it harder and harder to justify the things the Republican party was doing. Now, after witnessing my own family member’s struggle with drug addictions, I have come to realize that criminal penalties for drugs do more harm than good. These people need medical and psychological help – not jail time and criminal records – which only contribute to the cycle that holds them down. Our law enforcement resources are overwhelmingly tied up in fighting drug use. If we free up those resources, maybe the cops would have time to go after violent criminals and those who violate property. Maybe you might actually get your stolen bike back!

  • George Whitfield

    Gary Johnson is a breath of fresh air in this stale Presidential election campaign. He is a clear choice to restore America to peace, prosperity and liberty. Live free, vote free.

  • Bill Hilbert

    Libertarian4Johnson: Folks like you can go on all day and still cannot grasp the facts around you. I really don’t care what they do in another country. The USA is in deep hurt and all you can do is cite websites. Good for you! Nan and you are of the same cut, you live in a world that the rest of us do don’t share.

    I wish you well……bye bye

  • Dustin


    I am speaking as an INBET-WEINER here so don’t criticize me Bill Hillbert. I think Gary Johnson would be the best choice for all Americans because his issues hit HARD inside of our OWN COUNTRY. What makes people think that we are helping other countries by americanizing them? How would you feel if I, being a stranger, walked into your home and told you the new rules for YOUR own house? What if I came in and I rearranged all of your furniture…..You wouldn’t like that. Gary Johnson is concerned for OUR country, and our relations with other countries that benefit our economy. If somebody thinks that waging war in Iran wouldn’t effect our relations with many other countries, THINK AGAIN. China is one of our major trade winds, Russia is one of the most dangerous military forces to reckon with, and sparking these conflicts will not only effect American, but their allies. Gary Johnson cares about our future. He looks to resolve problems by taking a different perspective of the problem. We are trying to change things by taking the same actions…with no results….you know the definition of crazy?? Doing the same thing, over and over, looking for different results.

    You’re crazy if you don’t want to try something new.

  • Libratarian4Johnson

    @Bill Hilbert..

    I just gave you facts sir, I cited my facts for you so you could see where I got those facts from. But if you wanna talk about facts of why are country is “deep hurt” I can oblige you there too. On a side note we live in a REPUBLIC not a democracy so your point about “a world the rest of us don’t share” is mute. I’m sure you’re all about silencing anyone who doesn’t share your political outlook because you think they’re aren’t as smart as you but fortunately, for now, that’s not how things work. And since you’ve kindly added no facts or cited any of your comments you sir are the one that “obviously” can’t grasp the facts around you!

    I have a high disdain for fools like you who run with the herd and look down on anyone not doing the same. This country wouldn’t even exist if not for people who went against the herd. You’re a fool Bill Hilbert, try having an intelligent debate sometime instead of automatically dismissing someone who doesn’t fall in line with “the rest of us”. You never know you might learn something.

  • Dustin Thomlinson

    Also Bill. For you to reconstruct your pituitary gland, and brain process would be strikingly hard, for the age that you are. I understand that you can’t grasp the concept of change, but it must be done for our own sanity. Future generations will become more and more aware of our BIGGEST problems in govt and change will finally weasel it’s way in. In mean time, the only hope for people in the GJ boat are people like Gary who can stand up and say the truth to a mass of listeners. It’s not right that elects can’t take a spot on debates if they are legally running for Pres. It’s the bright side of politics that strays away from the mass media….mass media is here to hide the REALLY wrong things at the top of the pyramid.

  • Patti Jo Edwards

    Obama is guilty of war crimes (bombing weddings and funerals, torture, Assassinations). He should not be allowed to hold office. Romney (stock fraud, off shore accounts, perjury) should not be allowed to run until he is cleared. Gary Johnson may end up President by default. We voted for Gary Johnson.