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Susana still strong in polling — 64% approval rating

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It’s a new year but the poll numbers for Republican Gov. Susana Martinez are still strong.

In a poll released Thursday (Feb. 7) and conducted for Colorado College, Gov. Martinez received an approval rating of 64 percent (32 percent strongly approved and 32 percent somewhat approved) and a disapproval rating of 25 percent (12 percent somewhat disapproving and 13 percent strongly disapproving).

The poll of 400 voters concentrated on conservation issues but also asked respondents in five different western states how they thought their respective governors were doing:

susana poll numbers

Photo courtesy of the Governor's Office

Photo courtesy of the Governor’s Office

Last year in the same poll, Martinez had a 61 percent approval rating.

The first-term governor who has announced she’ll run for re-election in the fall of 2014 has polled over 60 percent in a string of surveys in the past year.

Last September, Martinez racked up a 69 percent approval rating in an Albuquerque Journal poll and in April of 2012 she received a 60 percent approval rating in a survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports .

Here are the details of this year’s Colorado College survey of conservation issues:

Colo College Poll by


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