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Gary Johnson at his alma mater: ‘Government doesn’t have the answers’

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gary johnson campus tourGary Johnson returned to the town where he grew up and to the university he graduated from on Monday night (April 8).

The former two-term governor of New Mexico and 2012 Libertarian Party candidate for president spoke at the University of New Mexico’s main campus in Albuquerque, espousing his political gospel of smaller government and greater personal freedom.

From the school newspaper, The Daily Lobo:

“Money for me has always represented one thing, which is freedom,” Johnson said. “The government doesn’t have the answers. The government ends up being more of a problem than of a solution.”

… Johnson proposed that the federal government should have an annual audit of expenses to make sure that every dollar it spends goes to the right place.

Johnson said he wants to dissolve the departments of homeland security and of education because they are inefficient. He also said he wants to slash military funding.

“We need to stop with our military interventions,” he said. “That seems to be our answer for everything. We don’t have a department of defense; we have a department of offense. We’re killing innocent civilians in other countries and we’re wondering why the world doesn’t like us.”

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Johnson was accompanied by Jim Gray, the plain-speaking retired California judge who was Johnson’s running mate last fall.

“The ‘War on Drugs’ is the biggest failed policy in the history of the United States of America, second only to slavery,” Gray told the audience.

Johnson and Gray are wrapping up their “Our America Initiative” speaking tour of nine college campuses across the country. There are two stops left: The University of Utah in Salt Lake City on Thursday (April 11) and George Washington University in Washington D.C. on April 29.


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  • Oaken Truncheon

    Hmm… doesn’t that “We the people” thing make us the government?

    So, who, exactly, besides himself of course, does the big Johnson think does have the answers, if we don’t? And, is that anybody we should actually trust? ‘Cause, you know, the problem with stuff belonging to everybody is that nobody, except those who have a proprietary attitude towards everything, is much willing to take responsibility for it most of the time.