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New Mexico reaction to Paul Ryan as VP, Wilson says he’s bold, “even if I don’t always agree with him”

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Mitt Romney’s selection of congressman Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential pick generated enthusiastic support from most New Mexico Republicans on Saturday (Aug. 11) but the reaction of GOP Senate candidate Heather Wilson was a bit muted.

Wilson sent this statement to Capitol Report New Mexico:

Heather Wilson

“Paul Ryan and I served together and I have always found him to be decent, honest and smart. I admire his willingness to put forth bold ideas on the biggest issues facing our nation, even if I don’t always agree with him. I look forward to seeing Gov. Romney’s plan to address these very important issues.”

The line about “don’t always agree with him” probably refers to Wilson’s vote in 2007 against a budget resolution in the House of Representatives sponsored by Ryan and her statement to Associated Press last month, “I have some concerns about Congressman Ryan‘s approach,” concerning Ryan’s call to reform Medicare.

Wilson is facing off against Martin Heinrich in a tough and expensive race for US Senate in New Mexico.

Heinrich’s spokeswoman Whitney Potter released a statement Saturday saying in part, “The Paul Ryan budget is an extreme proposal that would end Medicare as we know it, increase health care costs for seniors, and devastate New Mexico’s national labs.”

We’ll see how the Ryan selection affects that race, both from the perspective of liberals, who call him drastic, and fiscal conservatives, who think Ryan is taking a realistic look at controlling entitlement spending.

Here’s other reaction to Romney’s selection from across New Mexico.

From Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Monty Newman:

“Representative Ryan is a strong pick for the next Vice President of America. He is a strong conservative who brings great energy and in-depth knowledge of the federal budget. Paul Ryan understands that our out-of-control debt is slowing job creation and that it is time to put America back to work. With his commitment to balancing the budget and his pro-economic growth approach, he is exactly the type of leader we need.”


Javier M. Gonzales, Chairman, Democratic Party of New Mexico:

“Tax cuts for the rich, loopholes for huge corporations, the end of Medicare and Social Security, a return to Bush’s economic policies, harsh anti-woman ideology – if Mitt Romney wanted a running mate who reflected his values and beliefs, he couldn’t have made a better choice. If he wanted to make the right choice for this country, he couldn’t be more off-base.”


Steve Pearce, Republican congressman, District 2 in New Mexico:

“Paul Ryan has been a consistent conservative voice in the US House of Representatives. Unlike President Obama and Washington Democrats, Congressman Ryan has put forward bold, concrete ideas to balance our nation’s budget and get our economy working again. As New Mexican families continue to struggle in this Obama economy, I know they want to hear about solutions and not personal attacks.”


Rob formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Tuco Ramirez

    It sounds to me like Heather is promulgating the leftist, false narrative about Paul Ryan’s budget plan, without actually saying so. More courage from the queen of RINOs.

    Wilson also acts as though Romney has not said anything about what he would do with the federal budget. Perhaps she needs to do some reading, before she opens both sides of her mouth.

    What should get the attention of the Republicans is that she appears to be sniping at the Republican ticket while half-way posing as a Republican, and thereby hoping to attract independents and Democrats all the while benefitting from the largess from the national Republican Party.

    She is a poor choice for the Republican Party of New Mexico. It is sad that the Republicans can’t do any better. Of course, Heinrich would be an even more pathetic senator for New Mexico. He is an empty-suit with an empty brain, a lot like Udall in that respect.

    I’d like to see Gonzales provide one example that substantiates his assertions about Paul Ryan and Romney. Gonzales is a cretin who merely reiterates what the national Democrats tell him to say.

  • Native American

    Typical Democrap reaction ! They see the end ( we hope ) of freeloading ,food stamps,free housing ,freed medical Hopefully ( A drug scan before freebies are given out ,welfare ,, ability to work ?? Too many lazy ,drunks ,dopers getting welfare benefits !! Producing welfare check babies !! ( bastards )

  • Post American

    Uh so you folks whine about welfare and abortion and food stamps, yet you are probably against Obama’s No Co Pay for Contraception Mandate! Moron

  • http://www.medicarenewmexico.com/ Medicare New Mexico

    What are the some concerns, Is those medicare concerns?