Your Guide to the Stimulus, District by (Phantom) District

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United States: 440 phantom districts

New Mexico Watchdog broke the story on Monday morning–the Obama Administration claimed to create jobs in congressional districts that did not exist. Those reporting errors, however, was not limited to New Mexico. A Watchdog study has found the stimulus has given $6.4 billion to 440 non-existent districts in all 50 states, D.C. and even four American territories. Click the links below to see what a Watchdog reporter has found in your state:

Alabama: 4 phantom districts

Alabama is the proud recipient of four new votes in congress, according to, the web site tasked with monitoring the $787 billion stimulus package. Read the full report Here.

Alaska: 13 phantom districts

Alaska has experience population growth since the 2000 census, but it surely has not surpassed Georgia, a state with 13 actual congressional districts. Read the full report Here.

American Samoa: 3 phantom districts

Either American Samoa has been awarded statehood or has some explaining to do. The tiny territory was given three congressional districts on top of the stimulus funds that it received, according to Read the full story Here.

Arizona: 14 phantom districts

Arizona experienced one of the most dramatic increases in’s database of non-existent congressional districts. The $84 million stimulus tracking site monitored funds distributed to 14 phantom districts. Read the full report Here.

Arkansas: 9 phantom districts

The administration is doing its best to help the south rise again. Arkansas’ 6th District received more than 360,000 from the stimulus package, according to That district, however, has not existed since 1963. Read the full report Here.

California: 9 phantom districts

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s public campaign for the stimulus has helped to create jobs in 9 congressional districts that do not exist, according to Read the full report Here.

Colorado: 10 phantom districts

While the districts may be fake, the money is not. District 00, for example, received over $10 million. Read the full report Here.

Connecticut: 8 phantom districts

What is most startling about the state’s 8 non-existent districts is that the most explosive job growth was found in the 42nd District. 25 jobs were created there, despite receiving 0 stimulus dollars. A rather odd development. Read the full story Here.

Delaware: 4 phantom districts

Delaware’s congressional representation has quintupled since the stimulus bill was enacted, according to, as $10 million dollars was pumped into 4 congressional districts that did not exist. Read the full report Here.

Florida: 6 phantom districts

The stimulus package created or saved more than 100 jobs in 6 Florida Districts that do not exist, according to Read the full story Here.

Georgia: 7 phantom districts

Millions of dollars in stimulus funds have been disbursed among 7 congressional districts in Georgia that do not exist, according to Read the full story Here.

Guam: 6 phantom districts

The congressional districts are, of course, not real, but the money sent to each of the six is. The stimulus package presented the territory with nearly $221 million. Read the full story Here.

Hawaii: 4 phantom districts

The tiny island, which maintains two congressional districts, saw money pumped into areas seemingly out of the blue. District 15 alone received $40 million in funds. It is unclear where exactly that district is located.. Read the full report Here.

Idaho: 10 phantom districts

Residents of Idaho’s 5th District would have seen the benefit of $1.2 million, had they actually existed. Read the full story Here.

Illinois: 6 phantom districts

Federal stimulus dollars were used to help laid off congressional districts in Illinois, according to In fact, nearly $500,000 was directed towards the 20th District, which lost its job following the 2000 census. Read the full report Here.

Indiana: 5 phantom districts

The 18th District, for example, was given $2.2 million. Indiana’s population would have to double, in order to have 18 districts. Read the full report Here.

Iowa: 5 phantom districts

More than $10.5 million in stimulus funds were distributed to eight congressional districts in Iowa that do not exist, according to Read the full story Here.

Kansas Watchdog: 10 phantom districts

According to, the Stimulus has created or saved 5,934.8 or5,940.37 jobs in Kansas including 10 in the 9th Congressional district, nine jobs in the 8th District and three in the 6th district and two in the 14th. The 00, 99th, 5th, 76th, 68th and 36th districts saw no job creation. Of course Kansas only has four Congressional districts. Read the full story Here.

Kentucky: 9 phantom districts

Evidently the federal government has fond memories of Kentucky’s 7th District. According to, the district received more than $31 million from the stimulus package, despite being eliminated in the 1990 census. Read the full report Here.

Louisiana: 8 phantom districts

Louisiana’s 8th Congressional District would be happy to see that is reporting more than 300 jon gains through the stimulus package, if only the district hadn’t been consolidated in 1990. Read the full report Here.

Maine: 3 phantom districts

Maine more than doubled its number of congressional districts, adding three more to its existings two.  Read the full report Here.

Maryland: 15 phantom districts

The stimulus package distributed millions of dollars to 15 Maryland congressional districts that do not exist, according to The state has only 8 districts. Read the full report Here.

Massachusetts: 6 phantom districts

According to, the state is slated to receive six new districts. Or they are just fake. Read the full story Here.

Michigan: 10 phantom districts lists 10 new districts to the Great Lake State’s phalanx of 15 U.S. House seats. Read the full report Here.

Minnesota: 11 phantom districts

The North Star state, of course, has a total of eight congressional districts. You’d never know it by logging on to the federal clearinghouse for all things stimulus. The summary page for tracking where the stimulus money is going lists Minnesota as having a total of 19 congressional districts. Altogether, the eleven extra congressional districts posted received more than $7 million in stimulus spending, creating or saving about 50 jobs. Read the full story Here.

Mississippi: 6 phantom districts

The stimulus provided nearly $1 million to the 5th District, which was eliminated following the 2000 census. Read the full report Here.

Missouri: 6 phantom districts

Social security is younger than one retired district in Missouri that received more than $600,000 in stimulus money, according to Read the full report Here.

Montana: 13 phantoms districts

According to, thirteen different congressional districts in the state reported receiving stimulus funds as of September 30. Montana has only one federal congressional district. The majority of state spending and jobs listed on the site are in the congressional district marked “00.” Read the full report Here.

Nebraska: 12 phantom districts

Nebraska’s three congressional districts better make room for the stimulus. According to, the state has 12 other congressional districts that were until this point unknown. Read the full report Here.

Nevada: 4 phantom districts

In a state with only 3 congressional districts, one would think that it would be simple keeping track of where the money is going. This, however, did not prove to be the case in Nevada. Read the full report Here.

New Hampshire Watchdog: 4 phantom districts

According to the summary of stimulus jobs “created or saved” in New Hampshire, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has created 3.2 jobs in the 6th District, zero jobs in the 4th District, and two jobs in the 27th District. New Hampshire, of course, only has two Congressional Districts. Read the full story Here.

New Jersey: 18 phantom districts

Millions of stimulus dollars were distributed to 18 Garden State districts that do not exist, the most of any state. Read the full report Here.

New Mexico Watchdog: 10 phantom districts

Other fictional New Mexico Congressional Districts receiving stimulus money were NM 40 (no jobs for $7.96 million), NM 4 (10 jobs created/saved for $4.72 million), NM 13 (5 jobs created for $3.3 million), NM 16 (no jobs for $517,980), NM 9 (no jobs for $100,000), NM 6 (1 job created/saved for $63,199) and the 25th Congressional District that received a mere $6,819. Read the full story Here.

New York: 11 phantom districts

Normally Congressional District 00 is a title suited for states with one at-large congressional district, think Alaska., the web site tasked with monitoring the stimulus bill, seems to think that New York, with its 29 congressional districts, should share in the action. Read the full story Here.

North Carolina: 6 phantom districts

North Carolina has distributed more than $5.7 million in federal stimulus money to six congressional districts that do not exist. Read the full report Here.

North Dakota: 12 phantom districts

More than $2 million was given to the 99th District of North Dakota, a state which has only one congressional district. In order to qualify for 99 districts, North Dakota would have to have a population of about 60 million people, almost 24 million more people than California. Read more from this story Here.

Northern Mariana Islands: 5 phantom districts

The tiny territory was given five seats in congress, along with $44 million in stimulus funds. Read the full story Here.

Ohio Watchdog: 10 phantom districts

Congressional District 00 and 99 were two of ten new congressional districts listed as receiving federal stimulus dollars this year. Eight of those districts received money but did not create any jobs. Read the full story Here.

Oklahoma: 9 phantom districts

Oklahoma spent more than $1 million for every job it created in these phantom districts, according to Read the full story HereU.

Oregon: 9 phantom districts

Oregon’s District 00 took home more than $3.4 million in stimulus funds. Read the full report Here.

Pennsylvania: 5 phantom districts

All told, $12.6 million was distributed to five districts, which do not exist. Read the full report Here.

Puerto Rico:  11 Phantom Districts lists millions of dollars being awarded to “congressional districts” bearing such distinctions as District 00, 99 and simply “congressional district.” It is obvious that the isle to our south has no congressional districts, but it is not clear what geographic entities, if any, the districts refer to.

Rhode Island: 3 phantom districts

Residents in Rhode Island’s 86th district saw nearly 60 new jobs develop in their community with the help of more than $10 million in stimulus funds, according to At least they would be, if they actually existed. Read the full story Here.

South Carolina: 7 phantom districts

Stimulus hopes to avoid economic collapse in district that has not existed since the Great Depression. $27 million. Read the full story Here.

South Dakota: 9 phantom districts

$280 million in stimulus funds are locked in a district that has not been seen since the 1980 census. Read the full report Here.

Tennessee: 7 phantom districts

Phantom district with $40 million in funds unable to produce one job. Phantom District with $40,000 produces 3. Read the full story Here.

Texas: 7 phantom districts

The stimulus package sent more than $14.7 million to seven congressional districts in Texas that do not exist, according to Read the full story Here.

Utah: 4 phantom districts

Two well-funded phantom districts, a very surprising result. Read the full story Here.

Vermont: 7 phantom districts

Vermont has only one district, District 00. And that district received just under $75 million–nearly $320 million less than District 1, a district that has not existed since 1930. Read the full story Here.

Virginia: 12 phantom districts

Virginia’s 12th District may have been written off at the start of the Civil War, but it must carry some sentimental value in Old Dominion–it received more than $2 million, according to Update to come.

Washington: 9 phantom districts

Citizens and taxpayers in Washington’s 39th Congressional District would be outraged to know that over $300,000 in federal stimulus funds were spent without a single job being created. They would be if Washington had a 39th District, which it doesn’t. Read the full report Here.

Washington D.C.: 12 phantom districts

The web site lists billions of dollars being poured into 12 “congressional districts” in the Beltway. Read the full report Here.

West Virginia Watchdog: 8 phantom districts

Over a billion dollars has come to West Virginia thanks to the Recovery Act. $2,387,321 of that total is going towards eight fictional Congressional districts: the 54th, 9th, 4th, 6th, 12th, 13th, and 00. Read the full story Here.

Wisconsin: 6 phantom districts

The federal site also claims another $2,209,169 sent to six districts that don’t exist: the 00th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 39th, and 55th congressional districts. Read the full report Here.

Wyoming: 6 phantom districts

The stimulus sent 400 million more dollars to a non-existent district than to its actual one. Read the full story Here.


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  • Havelock Vetinari has a link for reporting waste, fraud and abuse online. You can use it to report as a fraudulent website.

  • Duke

    As the politicians promised, there will be no waiting under Obamacare; they’ll simply schedule our doctor visits, procedures and surgeries in these same phantom districts. Problem solved.
    Now onto slowing the rise of the oceans!

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  • Ellen K

    If this had happened under a Republican president , the media would be howling for blood and justifiably so. Why the silence? Why isn’t this the headline on every newspaper in the nation? Or it the White House control of AP and MacLatchkey so complete that even egregiously unethical behavior is hidden? And have you noticed that almost every time one of these announcements rises, Obama is out of the country? It can’t be a coincidence.

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  • Concerned

    How in the HELL can this happen????? Government toooo big????

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  • Barbara Hawkins

    I do not understand how this country that has been here for 200+years, can continue to operate in RED,and never get out of the MESS we are in. I am a 75 yr.old Senior Citizen, and living on Soc. Sec. and 3 little retirement checks.
    I retired from work this past June, and would still be working if I had not been having health problems. I am one of thousands of citizens of this wonderful country, who feel like Pres. Obama and all of the Government Officials have lied to us. They all will get a COLA raise on Jan 1. Several of them are millionaires and have the best Medical Ins. in the country. This Stimulus/ Phantom,is just another of several GOOF UPS, we have had in the last 20+ years. We the Seniorsof this country will not get a Cola and will be cut in our Medicare benefits if this Gigantic Health Plan that the House has so graciously presented. We the tax payers are paying for the First Lady to have 22 staff members at a salary of $1,591,200 per yr. Isn’t 1 staff member enough? Besides all of the other wasteful programs that the GOVERNMENT executes and and tries to carry out. Notice, that I said, TRIES. We are paying 500 Million dollars a day on our DEBT. That is mind boggling, they certainly do accounting like they did when I went to school.

    I think it is time to clean house, and every elected Official in the Gov. should not be re-elected when their terms are up. From the Pres. on down. We need to have a clean slate.

  • uh, why weren’t you watching the billions wasted in the wars?


  • Elaine

    Amazing! How many millions of dollars were spent to create a few jobs in districts that don’t exist? Where in the h___ did this money go???

    Oh by the way. Ed Pound says he still stands by the “jobs saved/created” figure of over 640,000.

    Are the American people as dumb as he and Obama think? They are if they let these outrageous clowns keep their jobs.

  • Bruce Gilpin

    If you guys are using Recovery.Org you are using a private web site that is not affiliated the Federal Government. It contains a link to which is the official site. Recovery.Org is a page on a private web site called Onvia which maintains a private database of recovery projects. The official breaks spending down by state but not by congressional district. This is very sloppy work on your part. If you have an integrity you will remove this article. And get your watchdog some glasses.

  • Adam

    It happens because this site only has data as accurate as the recipients that send it. The Federal Govt is not keeping track of every single dollar. The reports at are built from the reports that the individual recipients send it. The recipients are sending in bad data, which makes have bad data.

    Go download the raw data and look at it. I’ve found many errors in the recipient reports, and there also seems to be some issue with how they are compiled. For instance, in the Ohio report for the last quarter, there is data for other states in there. How did that get there? I think that may be a source of some of the phantom districts. Another source is just flat out bad data, there is one district Reported as 00, many of them reported as ZZ.

    Disctrict 00 was reported by “INVENIO THERAPEUTICS INC”. None of the districts that are above 18 (number of districts in Ohio) are actually from Ohio, they are data that has no explanation for being in there,and shouldn’t be (I found one from “LOS VEGAS, NV” (it is incorrect in the data).

    I think this watchdog article needs to be researched much better, unless I am completely missing something.

  • Wylene McCook

    Those in positions to do something about this mess we are in talk, talk, talk.
    But no one is doing anything about it. Why not? Are the lawmakers just going to sit there and take it, or are they going to get off their duffs and stop it ?
    Something has to be done now, or there isn’t going to be a USA.

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