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Ohio Liberty Council asks AG to investigate Occupy group

By   /   May 7, 2012  /   News  /   1 Comment

By Maggie Thurber | Ohio Watchdog

Following a failed terrorist attack in Cleveland by individuals associated with the Occupy Cleveland group, the Ohio Liberty Council is asking for a full investigation of the Occupy Wall Street movement by media and law enforcement officials throughout the state, including the Ohio Attorney General.

Ohio Liberty Council’s purpose is to unite conservative grassroots organizations for greater effectiveness in the state and nation, They represent more than 75 liberty-minded groups across Ohio, including many tea party groups.
In a news release announcing the request, Tom Zawistowski, president of the Council said,
“The evidence is clear that the Cleveland terrorists were active members of the Occupy Movement in Cleveland. A movement that, in April, held ‘training camps’ for activists in Ohio at which media reports indicate attendees were trained to ‘create havoc and disruptions’ and to ‘create gridlock’. Our organization provided documentation to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine in April indicating that it was likely that the Occupy Movement would be orchestrating violence in Ohio before this year’s elections, including plans to attack TEA Party groups throughout Ohio.
We believe that the Occupy Movement is being funded by the UAW and the SEIU and is being managed by groups like Progress Ohio. These groups may be encouraging this type of criminal activity by the type of people they are recruiting and the training they are providing.  Reports indicate that their goal is to create civil unrest and to intimidate citizens and groups who oppose their big government agenda. The media and our law enforcement agencies have been way behind the curve on this activity and they need to start taking this threat seriously before someone gets killed.”
Included with the news release was a post from NoisyRoom.net reportedly detailing what attendees at an OWS training session learned:
Inside one of the training workshops, attendees report that OWS is “specifically instructed to go to any and all Tea Party gatherings, rallies, etc., to be confrontational and create havoc and disruption.”
They are being trained to recruit and enlarge their numbers in their assigned geographic locations, to use the correct messaging, to incite any opponents, engage in confrontation, employ tactics to evade police blockades and create gridlock.
OWS workshops are extremely organized and clearly well funded. Each workshop had a trainer, DVD’s, handouts and a training manual.
They included other materials reporting on the 99% Spring, an effort led by unions and self-described Democratic/Progressive/social justice organizations, encouraging individuals to “rise up” and prepare “for sustained non-violent direct action.”
As of the time of publication, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office had not responded to a request to comment.