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Polls say Heinrich in lead for Senate seat, Roll Call shifts race to “lean Democratic”

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After a Rasmussen Reports poll last week showed Democrat Martin Heinrich with a 7-point lead on Republican Heather Wilson, the Capitol Hill publication Roll Call has moved the New Mexico race from “toss up” into the “leans Democratic” category.

“The New Mexico Senate race appears to be moving in Democrats’ direction,” Roll Call reported on Wednesday (Aug. 29).

The race is far from over and in the last fundraising cycle, Wilson had a slight lead on Heinrich so the Wilson camp has plenty of money to keep generating ads between now and Election Day. However, earlier this week, Politico reported that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is rolling back its investments in two battleground states, including New Mexico.

Politico cited a source saying the NRSC is canceling its ads in New Mexico “where Democrat Martin Heinrich appears to be pulling ahead of Republican Heather Wilson” in part — according to the source — because it wants to spend more money on a GOP candidate in a tighter than expected Senate race in North Dakota.

The Wilson-Heinrich race has been a bitter one, with outside groups (such as the US Chamber of Commerce on the right and the Sierra Club on the left) putting out negative ads and the Heinrich and Wilson campaigns issuing news releases on a daily basis blasting one another.

Last week Wilson helped introduce Mitt Romney when he made a campaign stop in Hobbs. We caught up with Wilson and asked her if the negative ads might be turning off voters on both sides:


Hat tip to Matt Reichbach for pointing out the Roll Call story.


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    Interesting. Heinrich is not good for New Mexico. He has voted for all that a good American is against. Someone who sleeps in his office is not one that I would respect.