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UPDATED: Navajo Nation Endorses Heinrich After Endorsing Wilson, Or Do They?

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In a quick turnaround, the Navajo Nation Council endorsed Martin Heinrich for U.S. Senate only days after sending his opponent, Heather Wilson, a letter saying they supported her.  According to news reports, the same tribal council that told Wilson on October 17 the nation was in dire need of her leadership sent Heinrich a letter giving him their support in the upcoming election.

Our reporting on the Council’s apparently now-reversed endorsement of Wilson is linked here.  Here is the Los Alamos Daily Post’s reporting on the Navajo endorsement of Wilson published last week.

Political turmoil is nothing new to the politics of the Navajo Nation, which generally endorses only Democrats.  So far, the Navajo Nation Council has issued no endorsement in the Presidential election.

UPDATE:  This turnaround remains a bit of a mystery.  We’re trying to get our hands on the actual letter that is reported as being signed and sent by the Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council to Heinrich that would contradict his previous letter to Wilson.  Wilson’s campaign is continuing to run ads in the Navajo language quoting the Navajo Nation Council’s strong endorsement of her.  Heinrich’s campaign announcement about his endorsement is quoting a delegate and not the Speaker or President of the Navajo Nation and he hasn’t posted a copy of the purported endorsement on his website, unlike Wilson who posted the Navajo letter immediately on her website..  We’ll post updates when we know more about this curious situation.

SECOND UPDATE:  Still trying to see the actual letter of Navajo endorsement of Heinrich.  In the meantime, the Navajo Nation Council endorsement of Wilson can be viewed at this link.

THIRD UPDATE:  Still no letter to Heinrich giving him the Navajo Nation endorsement.  But we do have the resolution that was introduced a day before the Navajo Nation Council sent their letter endorsing Wilson.  The resolution was introduced by Ralph Begaye, the brother of embattled NM State Rep. Ray Begaye.  This is the individual the Heinrich campaign has been quoting in their news releases.  Here’s the proposed resolution, courtesy of reporter Jenny Kane of the Farmington Daily Times.  That paper has reported that the resolution passed.

FINAL WORD:  Please see our full report getting to the bottom of this.


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