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More than $10.5 million in stimulus funds were distributed to eight congressional districts in Iowa that do not exist, according to The data below outline each fake district, along with the jobs created and money received:

16th congressional district            5              $5,696,743

19th congressional district            0              $4,146,802

7th congressional district              31           $254,864

24th congressional district            2              $113,680

00 congressional district                1              $112,336

8th congressional district              0              $110,749

17th congressional district            0              $85,000

31st congressional district            0              $48,000

A Watchdog study revealed 440 non-existent congressional districts within the stimulus tracking web site, The full report can be found here and below:

Recovery’s Phantom Districts


Bill McMorris is an editor and investigative reporter at the national watchdog network. A print journalist by training, he has written for the Santa Barbara News-Press, National Review Online and Libertas magazine. While in Santa Barbara, Mr. McMorris produced a wide range of investigative work. His coverage of a November 2008 wildfire revealed that the city had lost nearly ten times more homes than the fire department initially told the public. He also investigated charges of power abuse against the city’s police chief, as well as pay increases at the District Attorney’s Office following a series of lay-offs. Mr. McMorris was educated at Cornell University where he studied government and history. When he is not reporting he is trying to pay for a wedding.