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State of Pay: Facts from the Wisconsin state payroll

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Take a look at some of the other data from Wisconsin Reporter’s analysis of state salaries.

• There were 37,099 full and part time Wisconsin state employees in 2010.

• The average state worker makes $44,100

• Twenty-one state employees took home $50,000 or more just in overtime last year. Thirty-three employees took home in excess of $44,000 — making more in overtime alone than the average employee earns.

•  Not surprisingly, elected officials take home a good deal more than their rank-and-file counterparts. Average total pay for elected officials was $95,192.85.

•  Almost 10,500 employees, or 3 out of 10 state workers, got some kind of extra pay last year, either overtime or compensatory pay.

•  The state hires what it calls limited-term employees. Some of these employees certainly are not “limited term” by any means. Some have been collecting a state paycheck for a half-century. The longest-serving limited-term employee still working in 2010 was hired in August 1951.

You can search the salary database of Wisconsin state employees by clicking here or clicking the button below. The links take you to a page where you can download an Excel spreadsheet of state worker salaries. 

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