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Gary Johnson wades into the gun control debate

By   /   February 7, 2013  /   No Comments

Gary Johnson, New Mexico Watchdog photo

Gary Johnson, New Mexico Watchdog photo

As we reported last week, 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson announced he’s getting back into the political arena through his Our America Intiative.

And earlier this week, Johnson posted an opinion piece where he gave his take on the gun control debate on the conservative website The Daily Caller:

It became OK to let the government put us on “no-fly” lists, to grope us at airports, and to be notified if we happen to move too much money around. Privacy? Well, that’s pretty much gone. And as laid out in a memo that surfaced in recent days, it even became OK for the government to assassinate American citizens who that same government had labeled as terrorists.

Today, in the wake of more horrific attacks — this time in the form of senseless shootings at schools and a movie theater — the politicians are once again rushing to protect us with more laws and more executive mandates. And once again, their “protections,” if adopted, will come at the expense of our rights and freedoms. That, sadly, is what government does.

We’ve seen this movie before. Violence and tragedy at the hands of gun-toting criminals begets a rush to make it harder for non-criminals to buy, sell, or even own a firearm. That pesky Second Amendment — the one about keeping and bearing arms — gets dismissed with claims that it doesn’t really mean what it says, and that the Founders never envisioned high-capacity magazines.

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Rob formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Gabriel

    Mr. Johnson, I encorage you to run for state senate as a libetarian. You are well known in your state and I imagine, well liked for the tremendous job as governor. Getting your name out there, wouldnt be difficult for New Mexico. Once you are senator, you can position yourself to get national media recognition, and try a nother run for president.

  • Jeremy

    I agree, run for senate. That’ll boost your profile nationally.

  • Sherry Heim

    U.S. Senate, Gary. We need you in D.C. and we need for your voice to be heard. We need for you to be in a position to gain the media coverage you have earned and deserve.

  • Kenneth Windsor

    I am from New Mexico and Gary knows what he is talking about. We lived it. We fixed it together with his lead. I know what he can do and if people will let him debate next time I think he stands a chance. Its time for citizens to find a real leader like we did back when we elected Reagan, I think Gary is our best chance at fixing a broken America