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Supreme Court recount challenges mount in Waukesha

By   /   May 12, 2011  /   18 Comments

By Wisconsin Reporter
MADISON  —  Challenges are mounting as the Wisconsin Supreme Court recount draws to a conclusion.
Assistant State Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg requested a recount after she lost the April 5 election to incumbent David Prosser by about 7,000 votes, or 0.48 percent.
Waukesha County is the only county to be recounted and has received an extended May 26 deadline.

The Kloppenburg campaign has questioned the integrity of ballots in ballot bags with evidence of holes or tears.
As of noon Thursday, no ballot bag challenges were filed, and all tables were fully staffed Thursday morning by tabulators.
New Berlin and Menomonee Falls are the only major cities in Waukesha County that have not been counted. Prosser made large gains in New Berlin during the canvassing process.
Retired Waukesha County Circuit Judge Robert Mawdsley is overseeing the recount, after Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickloaus recused herself for committing an accounting error during the canvassing process. The error led to more than 14,000 votes being excluded from the City of Brookfield in Waukesha County.  

The error’s discovery led to a swing of more than 7,000 votes to Prosser and brought scrutiny to Waukesha County.


  • Brad

    This is just Kloppenburg’s voter disenfranchisement machine. The only way she can win is to throw out thousands of legitimate votes in conservative areas. That’s why Waukesha is the battlefield. After this tedious recount is over, Kloppenburg’s campaign will file suit, to get votes thrown out.

  • jwat

    Kloppenburg is just a sore loser. She and the unions lost this battle. Go Walker…..

  • Jeff Stone

    Kloppenburg makes me sick. This is absolutely pathetic … and I can’t describe how angry I’ll be if she is able to somehow mange to toss out thousands of legitimate votes through legal trickery.

  • Michael Monson

    I think your story is incorrect on one major issues. The canvass actually showed that the tally given to the media election night Brookfield’s count was missing and the day of canvass following the city was missing from total and added. That is what a canvass does is certify the totals from each ward.

    The GAB then did an investigation which verfied that the total’s added were correct. A simple question now is when the bags were originally sealed who sealed them and where is that person to answer that key issue. Problem is, Kloppenberg does not care nor ever has for legality of a situation only that she lost.

    Waukesha is the only county that should have been recounted and it should have been another county group coming in to recount with GAB watching. MM

  • It is sad to see the liberals go to such great extremes to try and push their ways. They claim there is voter fraud only when it suits their purposes. They should be happy for voter ID but they are not. They know it will be more difficult for them to promote more fraud at the polls.

  • Kate

    This is a typical. sore loser liberal tactic.

    I seem to recall MZZZZZZZZZZ Kloppenberg standing up ON election night and declaring herself the “WINNER” with a mere 200 or so votes separating the two candidates.

    When the error that the Brookfield votes had not been loaded into the Waukesha County data was discovered it was obvious that Justice Prosser had won by more than seven THOUSAND votes.

    It is obvious that the unions are driving this and costing the overburdened tax payers of Wisc. money we should not have to be spending on a frivolous recount.

    Just because someone has the “RIGHT” to do something doesn’t mean it is the “RIGHT” thing to do!

    Too bad we tax payers have no redress to recoup our losses either from Kloppenberg or the unions!

  • I find it hilariously funny that Joanne Kloppenwhatever, thought she won with 200 votes, however, 7000 wasn’t enough to prove to her that she lost.

    How disgusting government has gotten

  • Will Licht

    “Let’s make sure every vote counts!” Remember the famous battle cry from the 2000 Florida recount? Isn’t it ironic that in 2011, Liberals now want to find as many ways possible NOT to count every vote.

  • Bobbi

    I just wish for once, my vote would count with these people. I voted for Prosser and now the other side just keeps insisting on delaying things yet again. The Kloppenburg camp was the one who turned this whole election into a referendum on Walker (who I also voted for and still stand behind). Thanks to their “get out and vote” campaign, the voters again spoke but no – that is still not good enough for them. I just wish this state could get on with business without the opposition delaying everything, ignoring the voters who have now spoken twice! In four years, they can change the governorship again, the right way, through their votes and for now, with Prosser leading by 7,000 plus votes with little changes in any county thus far, they need to give it up and let the voters voices be heard! I am just sick of all this nonsense.

  • Tom

    If you think this is bad (and it is) wait till the 2012 election, that one will really be a joke, can you say Chicago Politics???

  • Don

    It is a shame the undereducated (Kloppenburg and Company) are so coniving that they act like children spoiled to their core!

  • Merton Man

    It is all about ideology. There are no rules, common-sense or value based thinking for liberals and democrats; it is about their value system which is based on some namby-pamby “its for the poor people, the babies, the children, the ones that need help, the ones that couldn’t make it without…… fill in the blank.

    To them, it is not about personal responsibility, logical thought, value based beliefs, self sacrifice and making a choice that you take the repercussons for.

    That is why they are trying to disinfranchise the most ardent opposition they have in the State of Wisconsin, Waukesha County.

  • BadgerBoy 56

    Pure Saul Alinsky. Pure “Rules For Radicals.” Ends justfy the means……any means! Their hope is that the other side wears out and eventually gives up. That can’t happen – these people need to be beaten and then beaten again, all the while exposing their tactics so more people catch on each passing day until a solid majority becomes disgusted with THEM. Stay strong people.

    And oh – pass voter ID, etc in the short run.

  • Sweeney

    WTF? What challenges are mounting? Are they still talking about the May 5th open bags from the city of Brookfield? In addition, “As of noon Thursday, no ballot bag challenges were filed”. Which Thursday, last week or this week? I ask again, what challenges are mounting?

    Wisconsin Reporter should be spanked for pulling stuff like you find on democraticunderground.com and truthout.org where they try to keep old news alive like it is just happening.

  • kay

    Talk about a poor loser, this bimpo is really begging.

  • SunnyJ

    This articles body and information is very dated, even though they keep changing the posting date of the article, nothing is new for almost 10 days. Not good. Decreases the credibility of this organization. Wisconsin Reporter, you’re better than this. Get it fixed now.

  • I’m from Wisconsin and find our recounts for state judge unconscionable. I consider optical reading of marked cards the best. They can be re-read and hand-counted if necessary. If the powers wanted to fix the system they could also develop a system to automatically read and stack the results in two piles, where they can be quickly reviewed and the guy with the biggest pile wins the recount.

    But we need more. Security of the ballots. If the state prints a million, only a million gets counted. And locked bags so they can’t be stuffed. And voter-ID (egads, I can hear the lefties scream). And ultimately a secure method of Internet voting.

    Jack Lohman


  • Doris

    Enough already. Make Kloppenburg pick up the tab. Let her put her money where her mouth is.