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Kloppenburg concedes Supreme Court race

By   /   May 31, 2011  /   No Comments

By Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON — Assistant State Attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg will not appeal a recount of her Supreme Court race against incumbent Justice David Prosser.

Kloppenburg conceded the race Tuesday morning.

“David Prosser has won the election, and I have congratulated him,” the Associated Press quoted Kloppenburg as saying during a news conference in Madison. “I will not be requesting judicial review of the results of the recount.”

In the initial election results, Kloppenburg claimed a narrow, 200-vote victory in the April general election, but that was wiped out when Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said she failed to report 14,000 votes from the city of Brookfield. That gave Prosser a 7,316-vote victory, but Kloppenburg filed for a statewide recount.

The official results of the recount this past week gave Prosser a 7,316-vote victory.

Prosser on Tuesday said Kloppenburg’s concession was “very gracious.” He will begin his next 10-year term in August.

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