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Red tsunami hits Nevada

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MAKING HISTORY: Republicans won historic victories in the midterm elections, controlling both houses of the Legislature and governor’s office for the first time since 1929.

By Michael Chamberlain | WatchdogWire.com

Republicans won historic victories in Nevada last week, achieving a level of power in state government they have not enjoyed in at peast 85 years.

A lack of enthusiasm on the part of Democrats helped turn many blue districts, and state offices, red in the midterm elections.

The GOP took the majority in the Nevada State Senate for the first time in six years and won the majority in the State Assembly for the first time since 1985. Combined with Gov. Brian Sandoval’s landslide victory, Republicans control the governorship and both houses of the Legislature for the first time since 1929.

Republicans flipped 10 seats in the State Assembly, turning a 27-15 disadvantage into a 25-17 majority. The GOP defeated an incumbent Democratic state senator, while holding all of its own seats, to take an 11-10 majority in the Senate.

In addition to the wins in the Legislature, Republicans won all six constitutional offices — governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer and controller. Sandoval was the only incumbent eligible to run for re-election.

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Michael Chamberlain is a Las Vegas-based writer, blogger, political commentator and new media enthusiast. He has been a contributor to a number of blogs and online news services that cover state, local and national policy topics. Michael is the Communications Director for the Clark County Republican Party, currently blogs at cleanupnv.com, which covers Nevada and national issues, and is the principal in a social media and public relations firm. Find him on Twitter: @michaelpchamber