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Susana and her sister featured in People magazine

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SISTERHOOD: Gov. Susana Martinez and her sister Lettie are profiled in People magazine.

SISTERHOOD: Gov. Susana Martinez and her sister Lettie are profiled in People magazine.

It’s well-known that in addition to her duties as New Mexico’s governor, Susana Martinez spends a good deal of her time tending to her sister, Lettie, who is developmentally disabled.

This week’s edition of People magazine offers a glimpse into their lives together, including pictures of the 54-year-old governor and the 56-year-old Lettie, who lives in Las Cruces.

The two-page article followed Susana and Lettie Martinez as they celebrated Lettie’s birthday last month:

On this June day, (Gov. Martinez) is in charge of making her sister’s birthday special. The two go shopping, to lunch and to a spa. Susana remembers Lettie’s being uncomfortable in public when they were kids. “Back then people stared a lot, and she used to hate it: ‘Why are they staring at me?’ Now people are a lot more informed.” Most people are interested in Lettie’s sister, who stops frequently to talk with constituents. When she does, Lettie steps away to pet a shelter kitten or eat ice cream while showing off her newly painted toenails. “I love red!” she says.  

Click here to read the entire article.

Update: Enrique Knell, spokesman for the governor, said that People magazine approached the governor’s office about doing the story earlier this year.

“One reason the governor decided to do the story was to shine a light on the thousands of people in New Mexico and the millions of people around the country who care for their loved ones with disabilities,” Knell said.

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  • John J

    Now this is what a politician should be putting family before anything else

  • http://www.gadaboutblogalot.com Chuck Ring

    A great story about a great caring governor with her priorities fixed in the right direction.


  • Lara Dale

    Susana Martinez Election Year Propaganda:

    Shame on you People Magazine! Your profile of Governor Susana Martinez neglects to mention the more than 6,600 New Mexico families on waiting lists – some more than 10 years – for services the governor and her sister receive.

    Governor Martinez cut funding for developmentally disabled services by $36 million without any public input to those depending on that care.

    Just last month, the governor abruptly stopped Medicaid payments to providers helping 33,000 behavioral health patients suffering from PTSD, suicidal tendencies and worse, without any notice.

    Under Governor Martinez, New Mexico has moved to last place for child-welfare and income equality while rising to first place in child hunger – 30% of children have a food scarcity – while she vetoed funding for food banks, women’s health clinics and after school programs.

    Why are you giving this woman credit for programs she is systematically destroying, and why didn’t you interview any of the thousands of people and families who are now scrambling to find a way to deal with the brutal aftermath of her vicious policies?

    Shame on you People Magazine!

    – See more at: http://newmexico.watchdog.org/19081/susana-and-her-sister-featured-in-people-magazine/comment-page-1/#comment-15157

  • WS Mom

    I wonder if her sister has Williams Syndrome.


  • WS Mom

    My life with Williams


    Beautiful Mystery


    Different Minds


    (This article was written before the discovery of the micro deletion of about 20 genes from one chromosome, which causes WS.

  • Lisa

    Are you kidding me? This is spin to distract attention from her latest political ploy in New Mexico, which has caused thousands of people with disabilities and their families, and the public servants who care for them, enormous suffering! And her politics and policies when she was the D.A. in Dona Ana County caused countless people with disabilities to be criminalized instead of getting the help they needed! She is the worst thing that ever happened to disabled people and she’s using her sister for political gain….it’s disgusting.

  • http://bing WS mom

    As a mom of s daughter with Williams Syndrome, my jaw dropped when i saw this picture. her sister DEFIANTLY has WS!!!!!! I am 100% positive. She has classic WS face. Hard to believe that no MD has diagnosed her as an adult. Someone needs to tell them!!!!!!

  • WS Mom

    The third WS Mom is a different person from the first & second WS Mom (that being me.)

    At any rate we agree on the diagnosis.