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Nebraska poll: Tea party, Obama have something in common

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By Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

A recent poll shows President Barack Obama and Nebraska’s tea party crowd have something in common, and it’s not a good thing.

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President Obama and the tea party crowd in Nebraska have something in common, according to a recent statewide poll

The survey, done for a labor union, finds that only 30 percent of Nebraskans have a favorable view of President Obama.

The same rail-union poll says only 32 percent have a favorable view of the tea party.

The tea party folks are not as viewed as unfavorably as President Obama. While 44 percent of Nebraskans have an unfavorable opinion of what the polls calls the “Tea Party Movement,” Obama has a 64 percent unfavorable rating.

Other interesting numbers in the poll are the favorability ratings for the state’s two Republican U.S. senators, who don’t do nearly as well as they did when they were running for office.

Elected in 2012 with 58 percent of the vote over former U.S. Bob Kerrey, U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer now sports a 51 percent favorable rating.

U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse, elected in November with 65 percent of the vote over Democrat Dave Domina, is carrying a 52 percent favorable rating.

There is one potentially redeeming factor for Fischer and Sasse: The poll did not drill down to likely voters.

The only statewide elected official holding his own in the poll is Gov. Pete Ricketts.

Ricketts defeated Democrat Chuck Hassebrook 58-39 in November. According to the poll, Ricketts has a 57 percent favorable rating.

The poll of 600 Nebraskans was done in early February and has a 4 percent margin of error.

It was commissioned by SMART Transportation Division’s Nebraska Legislative Board, which is involved in legislation regarding rail-crew train size in Nebraska.

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