Here’s how much it cost to buy a house near a good D.C. Public School

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It’s no secret that the cost of living in D.C. is among the highest in the country. But now thanks to the city’s Chief Financial Officers blog, District Measured, we know exactly how much it cost to afford to buy a home near a good public school — around $800,000.

That’s the average cost of a three-bedroom home in the zones of D.C.’s top scoring elementary schools, where 80 percent or more of students score proficient or advanced in reading.

If you want to live at a school where 60 to 80 percent of students scored proficient or above in reading, you’ll have to spend about $600,000. Some three bedroom homes can be as high as $1 million.

D.C. has the highest ranked school choice laws, with over 44 percent of students enrolled in a public charter school. And while schools in wealthy neighborhoods often rank high in graduation rates and test scores, over all the cities public schools graduation rate remains below the national average at 58 percent.

You can go to District, Measured to see the complete list of rankings.


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